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Diversified Property Rental

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Below please find my response to the complaint you received from *** ***. Every two years, the City of Brainerd conducts comprehensive rental dwelling inspections including all aspects of apartment buildings, every apartment unit, fixtures, windows, etcof all rental units within the
city limits of BrainerdEvery apartment located at *** *** *** in Brainerd was inspected by City of Brainerd Rental Housing Inspector Jason *** in the spring of (just months ago)The units and building passed his detailed inspection and was provided a valid Rental Registration certificateAttached please find this Rental Registration that was awareded after the building and its units passed this required, semi-annual inspection*** *** vacated the apartment located at *** *** *** #in Brainerd MN on May 31, She had been living in the apartment with her adult son since August but opted to move out of the apartment in May (her son retained another roommate)*** has not been a party to the Lease Agreement for this property since May 31, which is also her documented move out date from the propertyWhen there is a change in roommates but the apartment continues to be occupied by one or more of the original lease holders, we do not provide a security deposit refund to the party that vacates the apartment. Matters of sharing/reimbursing the security deposit is left up to the roommates when an apartment is not completely vacated and full move-out protocol is not followedIn this case, ***'s adult son and his new roommate should have paid *** her half of the security depositDuring our conversation after *** received the letter detailing the security deposit information (late October 2017) which she requested since the new roommate never reimbursed her for her portion of the security deposit, she acknowledged that she should have had her son's new roommate reimburse her the half of the security deposit that she had paid but admitted she didn't want to ask them to pay her back at this time as they might get upset about it. When *** and her son rented the apartment together, they did contact us regarding some dripping from the bathroom fanWe investigated and determined it was not a roof or vent leak but that it was condensation due to warm inside/cold outsideWe asked that they increase usage of their bathroom exhaust fans to try to eliminate this minor drippingAt that time, there was no evidence of moisture damage to any of the windows in the apartmentAfter *** moved out in May and her son's new roommate moved in, unbeknownst to us, they covered all the windows with heavy blankets, securing the blankets directly to the sheetrock with a large quantity of thumb tacksHanging this heavy material and not allowing air flow around the windows caused significant moisture damage around the window casing, sheetrock and wood window ledges. *** is disputing the full security amount of $Our initial letter detailed that, in addition to the security deposit plus interest of $plus an added $was allocated to cover documented damage and cleaning to the apartment that her son and his roommate rentedI didn't charge carpet repairs (due to her son's cat clawing/fraying the carpet in several areas) nor did I charge for professional carpet cleaning which was the lease holders responsibility per the Pet Agreement that was signed (professional carpet cleaning)While some of the carpeted areas required replacement (that's why I didn't charge anything for the carpet - repairs or cleaning), we were able to professionally clean some of the carpeted areas back to move in condition (this was a charge not applied to their security deposit but that I paid directly which was approximately $150)Because I felt bad for *** due to the fact that she didn't get her portion of the security deposit paid to her by her son's new roommate, I agreed to forego the additional $that was due after all the damage and cleaning charges were applied to the security deposit. Additionally, I didn't charge for carpet cleaning/damage or screen repairs ($60)My manager and I spent hours cleaning the apartment including areas itemized on the Cleaning Checklist that were not cleaned: windows, window sills, bathrooms (tub/shower), toilets, vanity, sinks, floors, mirrors, all vertical blind panels, woodwork, doors, AC/heat unit, filter, ceiling fan/light fixtures (3), baseboard heaters, etc. Per my conversations with *** and the empathy I felt for her based on her not getting her half of the security deposit from her son's new roommate, I agreed to absorb the expenses and forego collecting the amount above the security deposit of $320.04. Again, *** has not lived in the apartment since May 31, nor has she been on the Lease AgreementDuring her the time she resided at *** *** *** #5, she was a great tenant and we appreciated having her as a tenantThe amended charges (less the $that was above the calculated security deposit amount) is as follows - Items charged against the security deposit included (photos attached): Prorated October rent (10/1-4/17) as they maintained possession during these days $Cleaning not completed per the cleaning checklist* *We had hours of cleaning but settled on half that amount as we were willing to be workable Replace damaged blinds in master bedroom bathroom Replace drip pans Replace damaged master bedroom oak door and lockset Replace dishwasher control panel TOTAL $ In addition, there have been no moisture issues since the tenants (***'s son and roommate) moved out the beginning of October and heavy blankets were removed from all of the windowsThe new tenants moved in November and have had no incidents of moisture issues to date

I am rejecting this response because:
I spoke to the Brainerd Rental Housing Inspector, Jason [redacted], who told me his inspections pretty much consist of checking the fire extinguishers expiration date and making sure the bathroon fans are functional.  The bathroom fans are functional but are not vented properly. I have pictures of the carpet when we moved in (August 2014) that show the carpet was already damaged. Nothing had been mentioned about the screen damage but I also have pictures of them showing they were already damaged.They spent 9 hours of cleaning things I told her I had cleaned after my son and his roommate moved out (I wanted it to be clean enough for at least a partial refund so my son and/or his roommate would pay me back). She said she wasn't aware that I had cleaned. She shows pictures of the "dirty kitchen cabinets" that have shelf liners I purposely left when I cleaned them. The "dirty bathroom cabinet" was already stained when we moved in. The pictures she shows of the frayed carpets

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Address: 1107 S 6th St, Brainerd, Minnesota, United States, 56401-4048


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