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DMD Construction

1809 Ainslie Court SW Edmonton, AB T6W 2R8, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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• Mar 04, 2022

This guy is now operating under Grand Construction Limited in Edmonton and he has changes his phone number as well

• Dec 20, 2022

Please contact me I need to know more about him, I just give him a job 587 501 7562

Scott D is Fraud. DMD Construction is Fraud 5877857597
Scott David Dallaire of DMD construction is a scammer and a dubious building site supervisor. His DOB: 07-Feb-1985, Height 180cm Hair: Brown
My Gut cringe each time I remember all the warnings/advice I got from all his workers and numerous girlfriends he brought to my basement to work.
He is terrible and he will come up with many lies and faking illness for a job he promised and signed to deliver in 6 weeks but 31 weeks now and counting but not able to deliver even after getting full payment and many undertakings. Never ever near him... even his numerous girl friends came to me to warn me about him but because I was stock with him after giving him most of the building cost, I just had to feign ignorance and pray that he completed my basement, but he never did just as I was warned by numerous people.
, DMD Construction and I entered a contract in February 2021 for a new basement, I found him on kijiji.
One of the earlier reviews is very similar to mine because he just uses the same tactics with everyone until he is final nailed and maybe jailed for his dubious acts
Scott uses low estimate and his pre-paid contracting licensing as a bait to earn a contract, both are good for nothing because he will leave you high and dry by abandoning the work after taking 50% of the money in advance, Before the contract is signed he will be the most polite and respectful person on the earth and any work that you may ask him to include as a favor under the roof that's not a part of the contract he will gladly agree to do it for no extra charge, After the contract is signed any question you ask him he will reply with an intimidating tone and he will say that he will charge you for anything that's even a part of the contract. Scott hunts for his workers (Plumbers, Carpenters, Drywallers) on *** but he says he has licensed and bonded workers that are lined up and waiting to start the work. He pays his workers by cash but does not pay what was promised to the workers. Just a week after we started the work his carpenter came to our door and warned me about Scott that he did not pay him as promised and advised me to be careful about making payments to Scott. How I wish I had listened to the carpenter, plumber, his current and ex-girlfriends he scoped to work on his sites; The total cost of the basement development as per the contract was $26,000.00 his contract did not include date of completion of work and it was just drafted on a plain sheet of paper could not look any more unprofessional, I paid him $12,000 (with Proof) in total and the work he completed was to pull electrical and plumbing roughing and permits, for a simple basement plumbing work he had 3 different plumbers working, one trying to fix the previous plumbers messy job and for a mere balance of remaining he still had to complete mudding and taping, ceiling drywall texture, flooring, bathroom fixtures, doors, trims, painting, electrical fixtures and wet bar and after an incomplete drywall work. He normally uses the card of having a lawyer to threaten is clients for the full balance deposited to his lawyer’s trust in 72 hours to complete the remaining work, failing which he will abandon the work(SMS Proof).

He had promised to start the mudding and taping following week after he receives the pre-payment after drywall(SMS Proof), last payments was made on time but he disappeared with the money and additional 2200I gave him for proper sound proofing. Even the sound proofing he agreed with me initially to soundproof it properly. Scott did not give us his lawyer’s information first to discuss regarding this deposit of funds. He could not meet his own deadline, after the 72 hours has lapsed he sends a trust agreement for me to sign and the trust agreement did not include the date of completion of work, did not include HVAC permit that he never pulled but was part of “Applicable permit” as per the contract (Scott kept denying that a HVAC permit was not required), I was able to prove Scott that the HVAC permit was required by forwarding him the email that I received from the city's HVAC technical advisor and then he agreed that he was wrong and he was apologetic for not being up to date(SMS Proof). Through his trust agreement he wanted me to agree to a condition where I will have to refrain from posting any negative reviews about him or his company on any social media platforms or *** sites. His lawyer said that Scott will not agree to any trust agreement that does not include a clause of Nondisclosure or disparagement agreement(Posting negative reviews), after 1 month of negotiation between my lawyer and his lawyer I finally even agreed to not post any reviews on any social media or *** as well but the funds will be released through my lawyer to his lawyer which itself guarantees his payments. This guy does not care about breaching the contract or any complaints posted on ***, as he has mastered the art of earning a contract hook or crook. I sent him a final email after his lawyer stopped responding to my lawyer that I wanted to sort things out amicably and that I’m willing to agree to all his trust agreement conditions, he still did not respond to my email. Whatever the consequences are for his spurious and ultra sub-standard work, he simply does not care. He will keep finding ways to earn a contract and keep cheating people. Do all your research before you enter a contract, there are many reputed companies who will do a great job and will abide to contract and will take payments only after the completion of work at each stage. An absolute pathetic destructive experience is all I had after saving my hard-earned blood and sweat money all to lose it to this guy. Since he did not pull HVAC permit and the ceiling drywall has been closed now, we must now apply for HVAC permit and remove the closed ceiling drywalls for inspection, he has caused nothing but anguish and nightmare in our lives. In the era of social media a business can be run very effectively by promoting their company via social media, DMD construction does not have any social media account, but has an outdated *** account that has been inactive for a very long-time probably he has the fear of receiving his customers wrath of reviews for his ultra-sub standard work, Time and again Scott has proven that he was wrong and yet he had the audacity to breach a contract, I don’t understand on what basis he has been cheating people like this, how long can he go on like this? I have SOLID proofs for every accusation I have made on him and his company and finally, I will not let him walk away with my hard-earned money whatsoever, I have prepared to file a civil suit against Scott D. and His company DMD construction, I have gathered all proofs against him, I will be suing his a[censored].


He has also done same to us. Is there a way to contact you? Perhaps we can work together for filing lawsuits. BJ Pastor 780-913-3854

Hello, is there any way I can contact you? He has done similar things to us.

Worst company -Fraud
Please do not hire DMD Construction Inc in Edmonton Alberta, Read my BBB review, there are 3 terrible reviews and 2 complaints on this company and the owner Scott D just this year in 2021 alone.


DMD Construction Inc - Edmonton
Do not hire DMD Construction Inc in Edmonton Alberta, Please read my review posted on BBB site. It will be the biggest mistake you will ever be making, This company has 4 single star review in 2021 already, there are many more terrible stories and negative reviews about this company.


Worst company -Fraud
Do not hire DMD Construction Inc Edmonton, it will be your biggest mistake, read my BBB review and there are many others that have combined on this company, So far DMD Construction has received 4 One absolutely negative review in this yr and there are many more.

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Address: 1809 Ainslie Court SW Edmonton, AB T6W 2R8, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with DMD Construction, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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