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DMV Express Movers and Handyman Services

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DMV Express Movers and Handyman Services Reviews (6)

Review: I hired DMV Movers to move my parents from [redacted] VA [redacted] to [redacted] VA (single family home). The truck was not big enough so items were left behind on the loading dock I had to contract with another company to move those items cost was $60 I also had hired a helper to help me pack he ended up having to help the movers as time was running out we only had the loading dock from 10-2 (rules of the hi-rise). I would like $40 back from DMV using my helper plus the $60 for having another company move items since DMV didn't bring a truck big enough.During the move they used a bedspread my Mother has had it for years and has matching curtains, shower curtain, headboard, towels, tissue holder etc. It was not returned I want $150 for a new bed set which is the price of a set at [redacted]Last Issue is I took out the glass shelves of my china hutch there is a piece on the front that the shelves need to lay into at this point my hutch is useless as I have four glass shelves I can't use. There are no replacement parts hutch was stopped being made in 2011. My original receipt from [redacted] for the purchase of the hutch is $899Desired Settlement: I am seeking a refund of $1249 to replace the hutch, bedspread and reimbursed for the additonal company I hired to move the remaining items and $40 of my handymans pay as he was moving items that DMV should have been doing.



December 3, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I filed an online complaint regarding DMV Express Movers and Handyman Services LLC . Attached please find original invoice for the move fee, various emails from me to DMV with no response and pictures of the china hutch that is my main dispute.

I appreciate your assistance as DMV is simply not responding to my concerns and issues.


Review: The said company was contracted to move an 8'slate pool table from my residence to my sons residence. When proceeding they broke 2 pieces of the 3 piece 3/4" slate table. I have given over 90 days to rectify the problem but they have not followed through .Desired Settlement: repair or replace with a comparable table

Review: I scheduled a move with DMV movers for September 27,2014, to commence between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm. At 12:30 I received a call stating that the movers could not arrive until 4 pm- which created an issue because I was scheduled to use the elevator in my apartment building from 2 to 5 pm. Oscar B[redacted] stated that he found a crew that could come at my scheduled time. The crew called at 2:30, stating that they could not come until 4 pm. I called Oscar and after saying that being 2 hours late was poor customer service he became agitated and cancelled the move. I have already paid a deposit and would like to ensure that my deposit is refunded in full. Mr. b[redacted] said that there was nothing wrong with the movers being 2 hours late and he would not discuss any discounts. As a result of this highly unprofessional behavior and unethical customer service, I have incurred additional financial costs, as well as being inconvenienced. This company's behavior was inappropriate and redress is warranted.Desired Settlement: Refund of deposit in full.

Review: On 7/28/14, this company was to assist with moving items from 2 bedroom apartment into another apartment. The scheduled time to start was 9:30am. At approximately 10:30am, I called the owner and left a message asking where the movers were and to call me for an update. He called back staying the original crew sent to help my roommate and I had been involved in a vehicle accident and he was too busy to call me while he dealt with that. He told me he would work on dispatching another crew and truck as soon as possible.

During our wait, my friends and I began moving boxes and light items from the apartment to the loading area because we were on a tight time schedule and wanted the movers to start right away when they showed up. Around 1pm a new crew arrived with a 12ft truck. When scheduling the move, I was explicit on how big the apartment to be moved was and approximately how many boxes we would have along with descriptions of all large furniture items--the truck that showed up was simply way too small for a 2 bedroom apartment. Additionally, I was explicit with the owner on the time schedule we had that day.

While waiting for the second crew to arrive, my friends and I had done most of the work for the movers by moving all but large furniture down to the loading area ourselves.

The two man crew was extremely slow and inefficient in their packing methods. It took them 1.5 hours to load the small truck with mostly small items. We left with the first load and arrived at the new apartment after 2pm which is usually when the new complex stops allowing moving trucks to enter the property, but we called ahead and got special permission to enter. We unloaded the truck and three furniture items were broken in the move. Picture evidence was taken and sent to company owner twice. Due to building rules on the time moving trucks have to be off the property and elevator usage limits, there was no time for the movers to return to move the remainder of our belongings (which were sitting out in the open in the loading dock all day at this point) and bring them to the new apartment. We sent the moving company away at this point. We had just enough time to rent our own moving truck and load the remainder of our belongings before the loading dock had to be closed.

The new building has limited availability on elevator reservations so our belongings had to sit on the street that evening, all day the next day and that evening. Wednesday (7/30/14) morning we finished moving ourselves.

In the end, we had to pay approximately $500 out of pocket for extra expenses we shouldn't have had to pay due to the company not fulfilling their services as promised. Contacting the owner has presenting many challenges and we feel like he is trying to sweep this matter under the rug.Desired Settlement: We would like the extra expenses we paid out of pocket (receipts have been kept) to be paid for.

We would like to be refunded the deposit paid at initial booking date.

We would like to be reimbursed for the cost of replacing the broken furniture.

Review: Did not pickup phone calls told us they will be there at 3 pm its 5 pm and they still havent come

Review: I was promised that the movers would wrap all my furntiure and be extra carefull with the walls and hardwood floors in my new home. I also paid for a three man team. On the day of the move, two men and a women showed up. The women could not assist in lifting up the heavy furniture. When the movers arrived at my new home, the first item they carried in was a gas grill. They placed the gas grill on my new hardwood floors and proceeded to DRAG it across the floor. My husband had to step in and assist them to carry the grill. The two man team had problems with every heavy item being carried up the stairs and dropped a dresser and put a foot long gash into the hardwood floor. After they hit and marked the walls repeatedly, by husband had to assist them in carrying the furniture up the stairs. I immediately contact Timothy B[redacted], but he did not return my phone calls. I finally got in contact with him, and he said he would send someone out to repair the damage. I informed him that the floors were under a warrenty, and that would be void if another company repaired any part. My husband and I decided that it would be easier if we took care of the repairs ourselved. Mr. B[redacted] agreed that we should be refunded for some of the cost of the move, since the mover did not wrap the furniture, could not carry the heavy items without the assistance from my husband, and damaged our floor and walls. I wanted one half cost back (about $230) but he would only agree to $125. I agreed to this only because I wanted to be done with Mr. B[redacted] and his company.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refuned half the cost of the move since the work was not preformed properly, damange was done, and a refund check was not sent to me as promised.

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