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Dollar Rent A Car

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This has been forward to our Claims Department for review.Thank you for your patience.

The numbers we place on a vehicle reflect all available rebates and incentives. These include rebates that can be exchanged for special APR's. They include rebates for financing with Ford Credit. How the consumer structures the money is up to them. These transactions have many ways to reach a bottom...

line. We are happy to break down each and every one with the consumer. We will not refund monies the consumer elected to use in a different fashion. IE....Use the special APR in lieu of rebate. You do not get both.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:It is complete nonsense from beginning to end. NO ONE has contacted me by Any means from Dollar in the last two weeks since the loss. Not by my email, not by the phone number of the lost phone, not by the number of the business owner of the lost phone. They took all my information four times when I called to let them know where the phone was left. This is in addition to the rental contract information. Again, my phone was a Samsung S6 in a black rubber protective case. Contact me if you found it.

To whom it may concern,If there are any lost artifacts left in rental vehicles, the renter is solely responsible for their belonging and getting all belongings out of the rental vehicle before return. As with every rental car company nationwide, the rental car company is not responsible for your belongings. We try are hardest to get a hold of the renter as soon as we find any lost artifacts, but again, the renter is solely responsible for their belongings, not the rental car company. We as a company, do have a lost and found and we keep all found artifacts for up to sixty days. We have attempted to email the renter three separate times, and have included a picture to the previous response of the five cell phones we have found in rental cars. Please feel free to have the renter reach out to us and we will gladly do our best to help recover the item they have lost.--James K. G[redacted] IIArea Manager

Dear Sir or Ms., On 9/23/15 I spoke with Ms. [redacted] concerning the problem she was having with the rental car. Based on the information she conveyed to me I advised her to get someone to jump start the vehicle and to look for something that was left on in the vehicle because from experience we...

know that batteries in cars to not discharge without something being left on. She did not want to hear it and just wanted us to bring her another car but being that she was almost 500 miles away from our location that is just very hard to do and certainly not the first course of action when it is as simple as a door being ajar or a dome light being left on in the car. During that conversation I advised her that switching to a different car in Anchorage was an option but if it was a problem with leaving something on and not a problem with the mechanics of the car she would be responsible for paying for a drop fee on leaving the car there. our conversation that day was approximately 15 minutes and she hung up on us. The next day she called and said she got it jump started and it seemed to be running fine, but that the person who jump started it told her that there was some corrosion on the battery and that could have caused the problem. I advised her that all vehicles do get corrosion on top of the battery over time but it takes a lot to cause any problems and it would not have caused the battery to discharge, she admitted that there was a good chance that something was left on but was unsure what. We advised her to stop and have the top of the battery cleaned if she was worried about it and to keep any receipts if she had to pay anything and we would take if off her rental charges. She agreed to try to stop and have that done. She called us the next day and said she had stopped at a [redacted] store and had them clean the battery and that they had tested the battery and said the battery was bad and could fail if it got colder than 32 degrees. I advised her that in the last fifteen years it would be a first if the battery just failed in a car of ours that was just 12 months old and that they are trying to get a sale, but if she still worried about it to go ahead and replace the battery and keep any receipts so we could reimburse her or take it off her bill. She understood and said she would probably do that. When she returned we had notes in the contract concerning reimbursing her etc. but she did not present any receipts or ask any reimbursement. We looked at the car the next morning and it did appear someone had cleaned the battery but it was the original battery so was not replaced. The vehicle appeared to work fine. We did take it to get tested and they said the battery was 100% and had zero issues, so as it turns out our advice and our experience with issues on cars was absolutely correct. It is easy to just want someone to ship you out another car 500 miles away because you are worried that the problem would occur again, but when the issue is minor and most likely that something was left on it the car it cannot be justified to spend $1,000.00 or more to make someone feel better, and as it turned out it was obviously exactly as we determined.  We understand that there was some inconvenience to the customer and would agree to take one day off of her rental to compensate for any time spent on it, even though there was no mechanical issue with the car and the problems were caused by either a door being left open or something being left on in the car. I did talk to Ms. [redacted] twice for a total of about thirty minutes, so I do not know what she is referring to when she says "I spent hours on the phone with this manager" . We will discount her contract by the one day, which comes to $44.67 plus tax, for the purpose of customer satisfaction. Thank You, sorry for the problems incurred.

Review: After Returning from a vacation in Virginia we received a 931.15 dollar bill for Tolls and Administration fees. Even though our vacation was in Virginia they charged us for tolls in Maryland, New York and New Jersey. By where the tolls where and time we would have had to drive 15 hrs a day and around 1000 miles per day. When we contacted them that the tolls must have been an error they told us it could not be an error and we would have to prove it to them that they where not our tolls or we would be charged automatically on our credit card. We can not see how they could not see the obvious error as they reported we put a total of 1000 miles on the car between July 5 and 19th yet to get these tolls we would have had to drive 15 hrs per day at 1000 miles per day. We have sent them copies of Purchase receipts showing us in Virginia for large periods of time each day. WE also have sent them copies of our weeks pass to [redacted]. We have informed them of a witness that places us in Williamsburg at midnight on the first day and not New York.Desired Settlement: We require that they cancel all charges to our [redacted] prior to the charges being applied on August 15th. We require a written apology and we would hope that they would reimburse us for the approximately 15 hours time spent full filling there request for proof. We normally bill out at $100 per hour but I am sure they could come up with an acceptable amount. Our greatest concern is that we not be billed for these fake charges



The consumer contacted the and stated they have not heard from the company.

At this time, I have not been contacted by Dollar Rent A Car regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: Good Day, I, [redacted] had rented a vehicle from Dollar Rent A Car located at [redacted] (Airport) between the 9/18/2014 to 9/22/2014. During my trip to New York I was bother by the [redacted] ( [redacted]) and Parking Security regarding the expired tags from said rental business above. My rental information was...R/A: [redacted] and Vehicle Number: [redacted]; LIC#: [redacted]. I made the complaint upon arrival of returned vehicle to both the drop off location at the Airport where the car was left and made the complaint to 'supposed' supervisor the Dollar Rent A Car facility in the arrival facility.

My complaint was regarding the few hours of harassment I received in New York by authority whom was threatening to give me more than just a ticket because of the STICKER being EXPIRED since MARCH 31st, 2014. I, too have a copy of the ticket with numbers [redacted] next to BAR CODE and Insp# [redacted]. I advised the supervisor that I should not pay for a trip that wasn't very pleasant during the harassment form upper authority. This form of inconvenience for a customer is unacceptable. This form of Contributory Negligence from Dollar Rent Car facility and operation location is also unacceptable.

The matter was addressed to the supervisor as explained above and I was told the matter will be resolved. So I left the facility along with the vehicle already parked at the 'DROP - OFF' location of the Airport and took the cab home.

I am now receiving calls from DOLLAR RENT A CAR about the car still being out, as if I still have it. I hope this is not some form of retaliation to earn what was supposedly "waived" (my entire rental charge) and addressed upon arrival when the car was released by me the customer on 9/22/2014.

I wish not to be charged a for services not fulfilled and neglected by Dollar Rent A Car in Norfolk ,Virginia.Desired Settlement: Refund in FULL based on negligence.

I returned a car rental on 15 December 2012 to Dollar Rental Car at 1030 PM, at the time it was due back. There was a representative there who told me to just drop the key in the drop box, but he did not check the car in at the time it was returned. He said they would send the receipt in the mail; they did not. I discovered they charged me for an extra day when I turned the car in on time; I was charged when the next representative came in to work that next morning at 0530 a.m. and then claimed this is the time I turned the car in. I called the corporate office to explain to them about the matter and told them that I would like my refund of $19.75 back.That representative told me to produce receipts when I purchased gas as proof that this was the time I turned the car in. However, this is theft because you don't charge people when you want to, you charge them at the time of a transaction and provide them with a receipt. This they did not do which results in bad business actions and fraud of ripping customers off. That rental itenerary# is [redacted]

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