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Dollar Rent-A-Car

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I was issued a rental car that was unreliable, and received extremely poor service when requesting accommodations for the car issues.
My family was traveling to Orlando because I was the Matron of Honor in a wedding. My husband and child, 9 months, were traveling with me. We rented an economy size car so we could safely travel to and from wedding activities with an infant; also so my husband could easily entertain himself and our son while I was with the Bride.
At the time of check-in I showed proof of insurance, and I was told my insurance information was "not needed". The attendant stated that my husband, [redacted], would need to come to the counter as he was to be the driver of the car. Once my husband returned I learned that we were charged a $50 fee for insurance DESPITE the fact that I had already presented PROOF of insurance to the attendant. Also, my husband was told by the attendant we HAD to upgrade to a mid-size vehicle because economy size could not accommodate more than 2 bags. My family and our belongings would have fit appropriately in an Economy size car. It was not the place of the attendant to force us to upgrade sizes and then charge us the additional rate.
Thursday evening after dinner the car had difficulty turning over - I checked to ensure we had not left any lights on in the vehicle. We continued to our resort, and did not have any other issues Thursday evening with the car. Friday morning, when we were leaving to go to the Disney Parks, we could not start the car and wound up having to use the public bus. I called Dollar on Friday to notify that the car wouldn't start and they said they'd only talk to [redacted] because he was the "driver". The purpose of my call was to notify Dollar of the car issues we were having and discuss ways the company would compensate us for these issues. I declined the option to jump the car because the resort staff would be available to assist with the jump MUCH quicker than waiting for Dollar to arrive at the resort. Because of the car issues I had to call a ride to the wedding festivities for that evening and my husband used the public bus for transportation Friday evening.
Saturday we had the resort staff bring a charger out and the car wouldn't jump/start. Because I was the Matron of Honor for a wedding, I was hurried to arrive at the site of the wedding, so I, again, was forced to use public transport to get to the wedding. I was 15 minutes late to the wedding; causing the event to start behind schedule. My husband called Dollar to swap cars and was advised to "turn the steering wheel" to try to start the car. We had already been turning the wheel when attempting to start the car earlier and had no success. This time, however, the car did start, although my husband had to pump the gas pedal to get it to fully turn over. After this every time we got in the car it took 2-4 tries to get the car to start.
Monday evening when we returned the car, I spoke to the manager at the Orlando International Airport and she initially said she'd give me 1 day off. I told the manager that 1 day off wasn't enough when it didn't work for 2 days, I was forced to upgrade against my wishes, was forced to pay insurance despite showing proof of insurance, I had a 9-month-old baby in the heat in an unreliable car, and I was late to a wedding as the matron of honor. The manager then said 2 days was the "best she can do at this time" and to call the customer service number. We were given $48 off...which was for the daily rate of an ECONOMY car which is what we reserved, but it was not what we were forced to pay for.
Upon returning home I called the 1-800 number for customer service to receive additional help, as directed by the manager at the airport office. The lady who answered the phone insisted that she "could not override the manager", and she "would not override the manager ", and there was "no one else for me to speak with". She stated that their corporation "does not escalate calls". When I asked to speak with a supervisor, the lady refused to transfer my call to anyone else and told me I would "have to call back".

When I reserved the car online, the estimate for the car was $64.11. They told me all the necessary details as what to do when I return the car. They specifically mentioned that the car's fuel must be filled up or they will charge a fuel charge of up to $8. The fuel also need to be filled at a gas station within 3 miles of the car rental. When I went to return the car on June 24th, I specifically went to a gas station within the 3 miles, it was actually just around the corner from the car rental. When I went to return the car, I proceeded to show my gas receipt to the employee who was checking in my return. He told me "No, I don't need to see it." I assumed he saw the fuel line and that it was full. Today, I went to see my credit card statement and they over charged me by $10. I called the corporation office and they told me that the specific Dollar Rental car in Warwick is privately owned and that the corporate office has nothing to do with this Dollar Rental. So, I called the privately owned Dollar Rental in Warwick and the girl said that I would have to call their Massachusetts corporate billing office and there is nothing she could do since it has already been billed. I called the billing office over 10 times and not a single call has been answered once. I couldn't even leave a message if I wanted to. I also called the private office and again, no one answers. I don't understand how they can run a business when there is no help whatsoever.

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Description: Auto Renting & Leasing

Address: 1000 Ted Johnson Pkwy, Greensboro, NC, 27409-9223


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