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• Feb 26, 2021

The copyright of my YA novel is Yearning for the Unattainable is 2019. I have no complaints about the produced product - my frustration is due to never receiving what I ordered from their BOOK PROMOTION PRODUCTS. I spent $894.00 on 9/12/19 - and have never received what I bought and paid for! I ordered the Professional Level Book Presentation Kit for $295.00 and a Book Trailer for $599.00. It's not that I haven't tried to contact Dorrance - I have numerous times! I have requested them to call me - all my calls were ignored. At first they made promises but after while I could never speak to anyone that would help me with this outstanding matter. I was never provided with a list of the 300 media outlets that they were supposed to contact - according to my contract. Nor who the twenty-five printed review copies were sent to - according to my contract. I did receive a wonderful review from Kirkus through Dorrance but when I didn't see my review on Kirkus' website I called them and was told that Dorrance had not requested it to be. Well, I did. And they were nice enough to put my review on their site. I never saw evidence of the the ads totally $200.00 in Google based on keywords for my Work. When I requested which twenty-five book retailers and ten libraries they notified in my area about my book's availability I was denied once again of this information. Again - stated in my contract. I asked which twenty wholesalers, distributors, jobbers, and major book chains had been contacted - never responded. Again - according to my contract. I was told Ingram and Baker & Taylor would be offered my Work. Again - I received no answer. I did receive 100 postcards of my Work, however, the weight of the paper was as thin as a sheet of paper not the normal stock paper for postcards - when I complained I was told those were complimentary. I have called, left messages, wrote emails and been promised only to be disappointed over and over!
I have asked for a full refund of the $894 I spent and have never ever received it! I want and need answers and my money returned!
L.L. Eadie author of Yearning for the Unattainable

• Feb 16, 2021

Gross Incompetence
In a Beginning Writer's Facebook group a writer was complaining about her Dorrance Publishing experience, and I looked at the free Kindle sample. In the first HUNDRED WORDS the 'professional editor' missed 'Conway inhabited merely three hundred people', 'all houses are positioned near the town square that held' (tense change) and the misused phrase 'set point'. We're not even on the SECOND PAGE. If 'scam' isn't appropriate, would 'grossly incompetent' be?

We were surprised to receive this complaint of errors in her finished book, as Ms [redacted] ( [redacted] in our records) has not expressed any dissatisfaction directly with us since receiving her printed book We go to great lengths to make sure the printed book is exactly how the author wishes it to appear In this case, MsJordan reviewed sets of page proofs before approving the final version We would not send a book to print without the author's final approval The materials that she approved for printing were exactly how the final book appearedHowever, in the effort to satisfy the author, we will agree to make changes to the printed book at no charge to herHer author services representative, Michael K***, has already reached out to her to facilitate this processSincerely,Jessica S [redacted] Author Services Director

We are sorry to hear that Ms [redacted] believes she was "scammed", as that was certainly not the case Ms [redacted] signed a contract with us in October for publishing services The total cost of the contract was $2,025.00, however we had made arrangements with Ms [redacted] to pay in installments.Ms [redacted] had made a down payment of $and we had begun work on the book The process was proceeding normally and we were acting in accordance with the terms of the contract, when Ms [redacted] notified us in December that she wished to cancel the contract At this request, we sent her the necessary paperwork to end the contract She signed and returned this paperwork, which included an acknowledgement that no refund would be given Per the terms of the contract, should the author chose to end the contract, any money previously paid is forfeited We had begun work on the project and spent money on behalf of the project While she was not refunded the $down payment, the remaining balance of $1,was forgiven.RoseDog and Dorrance Publishing has acted in accordance with the terms of our contract with Ms***, and it was Ms [redacted] who chose to end the contract, signing paperwork acknowledging that this was her decision and that she was forfeiting the down paymentJessica S [redacted] Author Services Director

In the first place, just because the correct number of pictures were included, doesn't mean that the RIGHT ones wereIn fact, three of the illustrations that I fought so hard to get were left out altogether Also, the book is supposed to be set up so that there is an illustration followed by text on the facing pageThere were two instances where two pictures were on facing pagesIf my contact had looked at it more closely, she would have seen these mistakes.I am willing to work with Dorrance to get my book published but all of this back and forth with correction sheets has got to stopI have cobbled together a copy of what the book should look like from the three separate "final" proofs they sent meI can send that to them but, other than that, I need assurances that no more of these very obvious mistakes will be made Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] ***

We are sorry to hear that Mr [redacted] feels that he has had a difficult time getting the W-form from us We have both mailed and emailed the form to him multiple timesIt was emailed on 10/13/and 11/21/and also sent through the U.SPostal Service 10/17/and 11/22/ As Mr*** states that he returned a form, it does sound like at least one of those reached him We have not yet received the completed form from him, and as his complaint doesn't specify when that was sent we are uncertain whether it is reasonable to expect that may still arrive We will certainly let Mr [redacted] know if we do receive it In the meantime, we'd be happy to put another copy in the mail for him.I am sorry to hear of his difficulties in communication Our records do show multiple attempts by MrK [redacted] to return his calls however he received no answer and no voicemail was set up

Hello this is [redacted] , I have read on my computer that Dorrance publishing was supposed to send a refund back to me a month ago thanks to you guysHowever I have received nothing at all I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Mr [redacted] 's refund is being credited to the Visa card with which original payment was made

We would be happy to discuss this issue further if she is not satisfied with our response, however, she has not provided any indication of why our response was not adequate or what her further questions may be We believe we provided the factual information which was requested in the original complaint If she can provide specific additional questions, we'd be happy to answer them

I apologize for the late response. We responded directly to the client on February 7th, right after receiving your email and had intended to send you a copy of that response. Here it is:"We received a notification from the BBB that you did not receive you earnings statement. These... statements were emailed on January 31st. Sometimes, because they are sent in bulk, they can be flagged by spam filters. I have attached a copy for you. Please let us know if you have any questions."We have not had any further reply from the client.

[redacted] spoke with [redacted] on Monday, May 11th, and [redacted] indicated that he was still interested in our services We are sending him a proposal for his review

We had a contract with [redacted] ***'s mother, [redacted] ***, for the publication of her book, " [redacted] Ages through 6" [redacted] did inform us in that her mother was deceased and that she was taking over the account.Per [redacted] ***'s contract, earnings on qualifying sales of the book are to be paid each January 31st and July 31st for sales paid by the previous October 31st and April 30th, respectively.From to today, no money has been issued to Ms*** The only earnings activity during that time is $accrued in January However, if an author has elected paper check rather than direct deposit, we require a $minimum Therefore, the $was held until $has accrued.We hope this information answers Ms***s questions Please let us know if additional information is needed.Sincerely, [redacted] Author Services Director

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] ***

While we certainly acknowledge that the loss of computer data which caused the initial delay was not Mr [redacted] 's fault, we have been attempting for many months now to move forward with this project We have made every attempt to rectify the problem and have made Mr [redacted] a generous offer of compensation for the inconvenience It is our desire and intention to fulfill the terms of this contract and produce a finished book for Mr [redacted]

I amrejecting the business response because it needs further clarificationsThefollowing wordage would be acceptable: We fully acknowledge that Mr [redacted] retains all rights to his copyrightedmanuscript; and Dorrance Publishing and it’s employees (including [redacted] ) havenot and never will, use or distribute Mr [redacted] s manuscript in an unauthorizedway The manuscript never left Dorrance Publishing and no one fromoutside of Dorrance has read, reviewed, or copied Mr***’s manuscript Mr [redacted] is indeed our employee Themanuscript was never "missing" as Mr [redacted] states We providedour standard statement of confidentiality and when Mr [redacted] was not satisfiedwith that, we revised it to his liking.We apologize that we were not able to respond to Mr [redacted] as quickly as hewould have liked, but this short delay in communication in no way indicatesthat Dorrance has violated Mr [redacted] ***'s copyright or performed inappropriatelyin any way.Regards, [redacted] ***

We are sorry that this author no longer wants to proceed with the signed contract We did already inform him that we would agree to end the contract and refund his moneyHowever, there is some processing time involved with this The manuscript was sent back on January 12th and the refund check will be issued by the end of this weekWe are certainly not a fraud and we successfully publish books for hundreds of authors each year While we regret that he does not want to proceed with his publication, we are in the process of terminating the contract and refunding his money

Mr [redacted] has been contacted by our Senior Publishing Services Consultant [redacted] *** She has provided him with a Statement of Confidentiality signed by our company president, and assure him that Mr [redacted] and Ms [redacted] are indeed employees of Dorrance Publishing We certainly would not share or distribute any manuscript which is submitted to us.We consider this complaint to be resolved, as we have complied with the desired resolution requested by Mr [redacted] in his complaint and we continue to be in contact with him regarding the possible publication of his manuscript.Sincerely, [redacted] Author Services Director

Our Author Services Manager spoke with Ms [redacted] yesterday and discussed the exact order of the the pagesWe will be providing her with new page proofs for her review and approval reflecting this reordering

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