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I refunded $back to Ms*** Credit card On October 9th, I emailed the receipts to her at the email address she gave the office

I am sorry I have not responded on this before our office has had the fluThe technician used reasonable care working on the rangeThere is a short behind the wall of the range that is secondary to the bake element was brokeThe element in the range is a new one and have not charged him for this
As of now we have not deposited the check for $** that was paid

On 9-1-17 we did check our the washing machine for Ms. [redacted].  At the time the technician told Ms. [redacted] it was the Control Board.  Was given a price, and we had to order the part.  The technician Asked Ms. [redacted] for a deposit.  She gave him a credit card to split the bill in...

half.  The credit card was charged @[redacted].  The technician did not return to her home until 9-8-17. During this time Ms. [redacted] had over a week to shop for new Washing machines.  If she had called and stated she wished to cancel that would have been OK.  We would have credited her back her deposit minus the Service Charge of $**.**.  Even when the technician showed up at her home with the part we still would have been able to cancel this order.  But the technician put the part on and we collected the balance due on the invoice.  I am in the repair Business not in the Business of selling Appliances, I do not know what the average cost of a new washer is.  They vary in prices due to cycles and what gadgets a person is looking for.  Therefore we do not pressure any person into a repair.  When the technician left their home on September 8, the washer was running fine, he put the washer through all cycles to make sure it was running properly. A week later we were called back out again and the technician found that the actulator was defective and replaced it.  Again when he presented her with a bill she paid it.  Again this was not a high pressure sell.  Ms. [redacted] keeps saying that she is due the $**.** service fee back.  We do not offer Free Service charge, we have not offered this for well over a year ago.  With price of gas and operating expenses we did away with this.  The Service Technician has been repairing Appliances for 52 years.  He takes pride in his work and his knowledge.  According to Ms. [redacted] I am suppose to repair washer with the parts and have no mark up on parts of Labor all of this for $[redacted].  We did a fair job on this washer.  I have not heard that the washer was not working properly.  Just that you feel you paid too much.  Again I must say, when told how much to repair washer all Ms. [redacted] had to say is I want to think about it and we would have collected the Service call of $**.**.  Therefore I do not feel a refund is in order for this call.

Dear Sir/Madam, I received the complaint dated 5-15-2015 the technician arrived at. the home on [redacted] The technician found that the dryer element needed replaced, when he looked for the lady of the home she was nowhere to be found, asked a gentleman that was at the home where was...

she, he stated she left, the technician was not told when she would be back. He waited and finally told them I cannot stay all day waiting for her to come home, Did they want the dryer repaired? The Man at the house called her on the phone and she stated that she did not want the dryer repaired that they would go out and purchase a new dryer. She gave the technician a credit card number on the phone. The Gentleman at the house told the technician just to put it together enough that they could get it · out of the house to tak.e to the dump, So he did. Yes he charged the Homeowner $90.00 Minimum labor, and yes when he called the office later that evening and spoke to the technician, I credited back the $90.00 and only charged the $69.00 for a service call. Mr. Peterson has caJled the office 10 times in a 24 hour span. He was not at the home and neither was his wife when all of the conversations took place. Most of the conversation was with the Gentleman at the home and he stated he was here visiting from Colorado, and a young Boy was at the home. I was threatened on the phone yesterday two times by Mr. Peterson. No person should be speak to the way he has spoke to me on the phone. If he had wanted the Dryer repaired the technician was prepared to do so at that time. Bot when the homeowner leaves the home with a Service technician in the house with no instructions on how to get in touch with her. it ls hard to communicate. So no I do not feel that the Petersons should get a $69.00 service call refunded to them, they were told what the repair was going to cast and choose not to have it repaired. Service charge is free only if we do the repair. The person left at the home told the Technician not to put the dryer back together because they were goiog to purchase another Dryer.
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I attached my rejection letter above as I was not sure I could type it in 30 minutes.  Please let me know if this does not suffice.Rejection of Frost Appliance LLC response to my complaintOctober 24, 2017To re: complaint assigned ID [redacted]I strongly refute Frost Appliance’s narration on what happened in my experiences with the repairman (Mr. H[redacted])  I called for repair because even though my washer was washing fine during the initial cycles, when the green light came on for the spin cycle the washer did not spin and eventually indicated that the cycle was complete.  The clothes remained in the washer tub very wet and obviously not spun.I explained this to the repairman when he came and he pulled off the face of the dial area of the machine.  After apparently examining the electronics he came in and sat down at the kitchen table with me and explained that the washer needed a new “electronic control panel” (cost $[redacted]).  I was told that the cost of labor plus the part would be $[redacted] (cost of control panel, labor, and service fee). I exclaimed that I could probably get a new washer for that and he inferred (I cannot recall his exact words) that I could not get a new washer for that.  He then put in a call to his “supplier” and reported to me that they only had one “electronic control panel” in stock and did I want him to order it or not.  I got the impression that it was “now or never” if I wanted the “only” one that was in stock.  He never told me or led me to believe that once I had him order the part that I could change my mind..  So, he ordered the part and came to the house and installed it about a week later.  When he left he indicated that the machine was fixed but never demonstrated that to me.  When I used the washer for the first time since he supposedly “fixed” it, the washer behaved in exactly the same way it had before he replaced the part.  The green light for the spin cycle would come on and it would not spin.I called Frost Appliance back and the repairman came out and this time looked up under the machine and said it needed a new “actuator” which he just “happened” to have on his truck.  I told him that since the first part he replaced obviously did nothing to fix the machine I did not think I should have to pay for that part.  He very brusquely told me “he was trying” and I inferred that he didn’t want any more questions.After he left and I had paid again to have the machine fixed when the second part was obviously what was needed and not the first very expensive part he put on I felt that I had been scammed or that the repairman was inept.   It was then that I decided to consult the and found only negative reviews for Frost Appliance.  I also found a complaint so similar to mine that obviously I was not the first customer to have a similar problem with Frost Appliance.I attached my entire rejection letter in the "Attachment space" above as I was not certain I could type it in 30 minutes allowed.  Please let me know if you can read the attached letter and if it will suffice.

Review: Double OO installed a concrete patio that is flaking apart after 3 years.

We had a 900 square foot patio installed, plus some other work, back in Sept/Oct of 09. The total [redacted] was $5465. This winter, the surface of the patio began flaking off in many places. It's now ugly to the point of emberassing, and [redacted] the feet. We made [redacted], owner of Double OO, aware of our complaint and he proposed a cosmetic resurfacing... to the tune of $3500. The internet research I've done, and the other contractors who came and looked at it, all point to an improper mix in the cement. For him to try and profit from a mistake by him and his crew is wrong. Desired Settlement: They can rip and replace, do the cosmetic resurfacing for free, or refund us. And if none of that happens, have the remove their endorsement of his business.



Business' Initial Response

At Double OO Construction we install 3 1/2 to 4 inches thick of concrete, 5 sack per yard, 3000 psi with rebar #3 and road base rock, compacted. Our warranty is good for one year, during which we are always open to addressing to our customers' concerns. Unfortunately, any unforeseeable conditions caused by weather to Mr. [redacted]'s patio occurred beyond the protection of our warranty, which has since then expired. Mr. [redacted] is welcome to contact us with any questions.

With best regards,

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Blaming the weather is a lie, and he knows it. This isn't weathering, this is poor workmanship. Giving out a 1 year warranty assures he'll never have to back up a warranty, that is all. At best, him and his crew messed up and the patio is flaking apart as a result. At worst, this is done intentionally so they can come back 3 years later and offer $3500 "solutions". I would love for someone with knowledge of cement to come inspect his work, tell me he did everything right.

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