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Prospective applicant lied on application as to what breed of dog they had When we noticed a pit bull/pit bull mix in the car I asked if that was the dog that would be moving in to the propertyThey replied yes and they were told we could not accept that type of breed They were
informed that pit bulls are not allowed and if they had put on their application that their dog was a pit bull/pit bull mix they would have been denied They did adamantly state that it is not a pit bull or a mix to which I requested they get a letter from a veterinarian stating the dog was not a pit bull/mixThey refused to provide me with this and stated I could pay for their dog's genetic testing if I'd like If they wanted to move into the home, the dog would not be allowed, they declined I have attached their application and their holding fee form which states that if they do not move in they will forfeit their holding fee This owner held this home for them for nearly a month and turned away countless other prospective tenants and this is why their holding fee will be forfeited They were dishonest on their application from the beginning
I have provided a copy of our advertising flyer; which was given to them and there were no "hidden" fees The pet fee of $and the $septic (which is what they are disputing) is on the flyer and was never hidden All charges were broken down with Ms*** when she called for the total mocost The only change made was to the City of Edgewood which now requires a $refundable utility deposit (we used to collect $for the city, so we told the prospective tenant to pay Edgewood instead of us) and they also now require a $application fthe city, not to us These charges were unbeknownst to us and part of setting up the utility Any utility company can request any amount of deposit or fee they deem necessary

Review: When I was about to sign my lease, I was informed of a $350 non-refundable carpet cleaning fee. I had already put a $450 holding fee on the new place and I was told I would lose it if I backed out of signing the lease so I reluctantly agreed at first. Then I began reading the lease. On page one, under the heading NONREFUNDABLE FEES, the lease clearly states that the carpet cleaning fee will be "chargeable at time of termination of tenancy." There was no manager on the premises that day so I told the person that I was working with that I would sign the lease but I would not sign the attached Accounting Checklist until somebody could justify to me the discrepancy. I signed the lease, left and proceeded to ask my questions to the manager via email. I was told that this is the way they handle the cleaning of the carpets and that I had ALREADY paid the fee. I made it clear in my response that none of the money I had given them was for the carpet cleaning fee. I was clear that unless they were able to show me in the paperwork that I signed where I am obligated to pay the fee now instead of when I terminate tenancy, I would not pay it now and I would expect to be charged for it when I notify them that I am planning to terminate tenancy, as the lease dictates. I was told that the fee had already been taken out of the money that I had given them and that if I didn't pay the difference, I would be charged a late charge for my rent as my payment had been applied to the fee first. Again, I responded saying that I had never signed the Accounting Checklist agreeing to the fee, I had never been given a receipt for having paid the fee and that I would not pay the fee early unless they could justify the discrepancy with the lease. I was told that I would need to hire an attorney if I wanted to continue fighting this. I do not have money for an attorney so I am writing this review as an extremely dissatisfied customer instead.Desired Settlement: I would be satisfied if I was refunded the $350 immediately and charged for it in a year when I terminate tenancy as the paperwork we both signed says I should.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/08/01) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Desig. Brkr

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

Tenant was given all move-in costs prior to moving in. This included a $350 non-refundable carpet cleaning fee. The lease states "tenant agrees to pay a non-refundable carpet cleaning fee of $350". Next sentence states "Said amount will be chargeable at time of termination of tenancy". It does not say said amount will be payable. Either way tenant knew the total move-in costs PRIOR to signing documents and did not dispute it at that time. Accounting checklists are not a legal document they are only FYI ; tenant did sign the lease. Tenant has been given a ledger-emailed to him and was given a receipt upon move-in.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2014/08/05) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I DID in fact dispute the charge before/ during signing. I was told that the only person who could answer my question was not working and I would have to email her, which I did later that day, with my questions/ concerns. I was also told that, if I backed out of signing the lease because I did not agree to paying this charge a year early, I would lose the $450 holding fee I had already paid with my application. By the company's own admission in their response to my complaint, they are forcing me to "pay" a fee now that I won't be "charged" for until the end of my lease.

I am extremely unsatisfied! STAY AWAY FROM DOUBLE Z!!! This company is scandalous in their pursuit to take advantage of of their customers.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2014/08/11) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The non-refundable carpet cleaning fee is indeed on the advertisement that was given to us when we viewed the home. Notification of this fee can be found 2/3'rds of the way down in a section that reads:


Pets: Negotiable

Subject To:

$250 Non-Refundable Pet Fee

$350 Non-Refundable Carpet Cleaning Fee


We disregarded this notification since we were not planning to have any pets on the premises. I was not informed that I would have to pay this fee at all (let alone a full year early) until the day I was signing the lease (after paying the $450 holding fee which we would have lost had we backed out of signing).

Regardless, whether we knew about the charge or not, I still have not ever seen any justification for this charge to be paid at the BEGINNING of the lease when the lease clearly says the fee will be "chargeable upon notification of termination of tenancy". Management at Double Z would rather play semantic word games saying, "you PAY the fee now...but you won't be CHARGED for it until the end of the lease".

These are slumlords, taking advantage of people with very limited resources and even more limited options.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 25, 2014/08/25) */

Tenant has been told many times and via this process what the lease states and that all move-in charges were disclosed to him upon move-in. This is the way we have always collected the carpet cleaning fee; to ensure tenants are aware that carpet cleaning is separate from deposits-fees are separate from deposits.

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Description: Property Management

Address: 14401 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, Washington, United States, 98444


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