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D.R. Horton

1910 SW Plaza Shop Ln, Ankeny, Iowa, United States, 50023-7080

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Classic Builders built my home in 2016. They did not properly grade around the foundation, and I have not been able to get them to complete the work.
Soon after moving into my home, I contacted Classic Builders regarding improper grading around my home's foundation. Building codes require grading to pitch away from the home a minimum of 6" in the first 10'. They came out to review the issue and said they would have their landscaping contractor come make the needed repairs. They did not come out in the fall of 2017. Over the winter, I contacted them several times regarding this issue and was told I would be put on the repair list for the spring of 2018. I asked to be at the top of the list. Spring came and went without repairs. Over the course of the next year, I contacted them several additional times to get the grading fixed. I have always been assured by them that it would be taken care of. Since I first contacted them, I have dealt with 4 or 5 different people in their organization, including the vice president. But I still have not gotten the repairs completed. My yard is a mess, and I have been unable to complete any landscaping of my own because the grading must be completed first. They tell me they cannot control when the landscaping contractor comes over, but I think that is ridiculous. In my opinion, they should tell the landscaper they will not pay any of their invoices until my work is complete. I have been waiting over 2 years for repairs. I want my repairs done immediately. The work will only take 1-2 days at the most. For the past 2 years, I have had to deal with water ponding in my yard and against my foundation in some areas. It makes it hard to *** through puddles, and I could end up getting water in my basement.

Desired Outcome

Proper grading performed according to building codes. Also, codes require proper topsoil to be put down prior to installing sod. Most of my yard does not have proper topsoil. I want good topsoil installed, sprinkler heads raised/changed for proper operation after adding soil, and new sod installed.

D.R. Horton Response • Jul 26, 2019

We are reviewing your complaint and working with Evergreene to come to a resolution and timeline. You will be contacted no later than 8/2 with any additional information.

Customer Response • Aug 06, 2019

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Once again, we have not been contacted by Evergreene Landscaping to complete our work. They were supposed to contact us by Aug 2 and it is Aug 6. Classic Builders and Evergreene do not keep their word.

D.R. Horton Response • Aug 20, 2019

We are still working with Evergreene to resolve this.

Customer Response • Aug 21, 2019

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Classic Builders is working with us now. But work has not been completed yet.

Warranty Issues, no response from them.
I have sent multiple emails, made phone calls for warranty issues. I moved into a brand new house and there are issues that still haven't been resolved. I have numerous neighbors that are having the same issues. They lied that they didnt now any of this was going on right to our faces when I have the email proof! Most of all our homes are sinking along side our homes because they took all of the top soil off. I paid a lot of money for my homes and I expect it to be done correctly. Don't return phones calls or emails. Their excuse well we went thru a big change in our warranty and we are trying to get things resolved. My god this has been going on since November. I am sure that people are going to start to contact their attorneys at this point.
Their carpet installer was suppose to be at my house on 5-25 and then he calls and says I cant make it I don't have the carpet seamier, are you kidding me!! Then they don't even have the professionalism to call. They are suppose to power wash my house and windows and nothing done yet and they can't tell me when that will be. They just keep pushing us off so that we just give up! Well that is not going to happen with me. The quality of the homes are not good, cheap carpet, cheap everything. I WONT recommend anyone to buy a Classic Home.

Desired Outcome

I want all the issues resolved ASAP not just for me but all my neighbors that are having the same issue. I want a DATE in writing!! I want some consumption for all my time wasted on this!!!

D.R. Horton Response • Jun 18, 2018

From our records we are aware of two outstanding issues, one is the carpet stretch. Its unfortunately but yes the carpet installer was a no show and than unfortunately he went on vacation. He will be back this week and warranty will contact you to set up a time for him to come back. We were very upset to hear that the subcontractor didn't show up, we don't want homeowners taking off work to have these items completed and then the sub is a no show. We apologize for that. I am unaware of any unanswered emails or phone calls. Both client care and warranty looked through their emails and they answered all of them.

The sinking lawns and exterior items were unable to be handled until the spring/summer and with the amount of rain we have been getting have been difficult to get scheduled, but we are still working on getting them fixed. As I a writing this it's downpouring rain so I can't give you an exact date on the lawn.

We will contact you this week on the carpet reschedule. I encourage the other homeowners in your neighborhood to reach out to Classic if they are having issues.

The sinking in the lawns is not caused by top soil removal but the ground settling after construction. Top soil is not a factor but general settling of homes. This is common for new construction especially in neighborhoods that the entire neighborhood is new.

Customer Response • Jun 20, 2018

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I will accept Classic's response when all the exterior things have been taken care off. Its not just the trees and commons areas. They (***) told me that I'm on the list to get my house and drive powered washed in the spring and here it is summer time and NOTHING. They are all talk and no response!!

Customer Response • Jul 19, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I will never buy from CLASSIC and I will tell others no to buy either

D.R. Horton Response • Jul 26, 2018

Allison- again I am sorry you feel this way. We will continue to work on the warranty and HOA issues in your development.

Thank you

We have had nothing but communication and quality issues with our custom home that Classic Builders built for us. The quality of the home does not meet the standards that would be expected from a new build and they don't seem to care about the poor quality, they just blame it on using new subcontractors rather than taking any responsibility. It is still their responsibility to ensure the quality is up to par. We began the build process in November 2016 and moved into our home in March 2017. We are currently trying to work through our one year warranty items and they have made promises on several items and then are not following through (we started the one year warranty process in October so we wouldn't be dealing with it now that we have a newborn). The specific items that are concerning us at this point would be the external siding and the drywall. For the siding, the west side of our house was warped from when it was first installed and this was brought up prior to the final walk through and also put on the final punch list. However, it took over 5 months to get it "fixed". They did reframe the side to remove the warp; however, the siding they used to replace some pieces broken in the process didn't match the original color (which I understand happens but it likely wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't waited 5 months). The side of the house now looks like a puzzle piece of mismatched colors and this is the first part of the house you see when you pull up to the property. We were promised they would replace the siding on the entire side of the house but now they are saying they will not.
For the drywall, we have extremely crooked ceiling lines in our house. We emailed Jenny at Classic regarding how crooked the ceiling was prior to the completion of the taping/mudding process so that the issue could be addressed before it was too late. They never addressed these items and now we are stuck with extremely poor quality that is very visible to the eye when you walk into these rooms. They told us the fix would be worse than it currently is and that mistakes happen. We understand that; however, when you are told about an issue during the process, there is no excuse. And when we started to contact the builders about the issues we were told that the issues would be forwarded to the superintendent, who apparently didn't do anything. After we had sent problems a few times we were told that they have a quality control person that comes in at the end and that they don't need us to email them.
In addition, they advertise on their website that their houses are sealed tight; however, we have a serious mouse/cricket problem. Yes, our house is in the country, but that doesn't mean a new construction should have this many mice. When we contacted their warranty department about this, he told us that that is not covered by the warranty.
There are numerous other poor quality issues, such as the chipped and scratched granite before we even moved in and the terrible grouting on the fireplace. We told Classic we would deal with these but we can't accept the siding or drywall as is.

Desired Outcome

Finish the job and compensation

D.R. Horton Response • May 23, 2018

Classic Builders does care about the quality of our work and the standards of our subcontractors. We hold our subcontractors to a high standard and will discontinue their services if they fall below. Subcontractors make mistakes as do superintendents, we are dealing with imperfect people and products. We do our best to take care of these issues.

Unfortunately the time you started your one year was also a transition time between our warranty coordinators so we admit things took longer than we would have anticipated. During this time our client care and warranty coordinator communicated with you on a weekly basis. Unfortunately there was some no shows from a subcontractor and we understand the burden this places on the homeowners and we apologized.

As a NAHB standard it's not required to replace the entire wall of vinyl siding when there is one section that is replaced. The damaged siding is replaced, but not an entire side. We have never replaced an entire side of siding when only part is damaged. Also, it was never promised that all the siding was replaced. I understand this isn't the desired outcome, but we can't replace all the siding on one side, we only replace what is damaged.

I apologize for the ceiling, there is nothing I can do to go back and fix this issue. The solution now would be too damaging and would make more issues that what is currently there.

It's common for new construction to have mice, we recommend putting out traps and that usually takes care of the problem. Some homeowners have to get pest control especially when you live on a farm. Mice are burrowing animals and can fit into a pencil size space.

As of 5/23, all of the one year items have been completed.

We have to have our ceiling/ closet removed to fix the improper HVAC, we have faulty trim and doors don't shut, a gas leak, numerous problems
Custom home - closed in August 2017. We have made several requests to have issues resolved- a cabinet piece that needs replaced( we have had the piece for about 3 months), we have hard wood flooring that is bowing, the trim was installed in 95 degree temperatures in July with no AC on- now there are cracks in the trim, 2 doors will not shut. One is the door from the garage that blows open continuously. ( code violation). We had a gas leak early after moving in and had to be evacuated. Unfortunately, this is has been nothing but one disappointment after the last!

Desired Outcome

I want all the trim fixed, doors fixed, flooring repaired. The basement drywall issue will be a major inconvenience for the family. A monetary compensation for our multiple inconvenience would be appreciated

D.R. Horton Response

Contact Name and Title: *** VicePresident
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
The homeowner met with our warranty manager, the week after this complaint was made. The issues with the HVAC and flooring the homeowner contacted these companies direct and we were not notified that issues existed on these two items until after this complaint was made and the warranty specialist met with the homeowner. Unfortunately since Classic Builder's was unaware of any issues, we weren't able to seek a resolution or offer a fix. Also, we were not aware of the other issues until after the complaint was made.

The issues and resolutions to each complaint are listed below:
1) Cabinet door that needs replaced: when the warranty manager met with the homeowner, the homeowner stated the door didn't need to be replaced and that is was fine. So the warranty manager took the door back to the office.
2) The trim separating- this was explained at the meeting as well. The trim needs to go through all four seasons, it will move with the seasons. This is a homeowner reponsibility.
3) Doors not closing- warranty manager adjusted these, this is completed.
4) HVAC- HVAC company is coming to the house this Wednesday and drywall will be repaired as well.
5) The flooring company is talking to the homeowners direct, the hardwood is at their home and the installers are working with the homeowners to set up a time to install the new hardwood.

All of the items on this list is either completed or will be completed within a week. Again we were unaware of the issues until after the complaint was made. We encourage the homeowners to email the warranty specialist when issues arise.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In regards the cabinet door, that is an issue that they were completely aware of as they were the ones who initiated ordering the replacement. We decided upon opening the replacement that the new piece wasn't any better than was originally installed- so yes, we opted to not replace it.

The trim should not have to "season" if installed properly the first time. I have built 2 other homes before and I have NEVER had to let it season and caulk the gaps. It is poor workmanship! The vent in the bathroom floor will need to be moved from behind the door and under the trim- this is not done yet, nor do we have a timeframe this will happen. When this happens, all or portions of the flooring will need to be replaced.

The drywallers still need to come out and hang the drywall in the basement and closet where the HVAC was replaced yesterday. They did not return yesterday.

D.R. Horton Response • Jan 03, 2018

Thanks for emailing me this. There are only 2 issues yet to be resolved. The drywall that was replaced needs to be painted and we are going to replace some base shoe after the HVAC was fixed. Our warranty specialist is going to contact the homeowner this week to scheduled both of these. The items previously listed have been taken care of.

Customer Response • Jan 04, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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