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Dr. William A. Raineri D.D.S., P.C.

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We have had two daughters who have gone through traditional braces with no problem. However, our daughter who is currently going through invisalign braces has not been so lucky. This last visit in the beginning of August found us to have her impressions done again for her next set. Ok, fine. We were informed that it would take 3-4 weeks, they would call when they were finished and get my daughter's college address to mail them to her. That was 6 weeks ago today. I called to find out what was taking so long and was informed that they need to do the impressions again (since clearly they weren't done right in the first place). I was pretty irate to be honest, as we had explained that she was going to be at college and not back till November. On top of that, the woman I was speaking to, [redacted], said she called and left a message to call them. I never got that message, obviously as I was having to call them! AND she confirmed my cell number, which was clearly never called. I explained how inconvenient this was as she has a full course load this semester, only to get not an apology, but instead when I could bring her in. HELLO! I just got done saying she was at college with a full course load! After being completely frustrated, I hung up, called my daughter to try and figure out what day I could drive 2 hours to go get her, drive 1 1/2 hours back to Liverpool to have her impression done AGAIN (who's to say it'll be done right this time) drive her another 1 1/2 hours back to school so she can go right into her class and then I make the 2 hour drive back home. I called back only to find out they they take a hour and 15 minute lunch and couldn't recall till 1:15pm. I call, got a woman named Lori who said she would transfer me and did so to [redacted]. I started to explain the problem, to which apparently she knew about, cut me off and talked over me to say that she would make an appointment on Wednesday. Tthe only time my daughter has any time for this to happen was Tuesday, so we would need to go to the Baldwinsville location, only to be told that they don't do impressions there, only the Liverpool location and they are only open Monday and Wednesday's. I said there is no way as my daughter has classes from noon till 7pm both of those days. I then began to get very heated, talking over [redacted] as clearly they only cared about getting her in, no apologies no nothing only then to have her tell me she was going to hang up on me because I was being unreasonable and laughing about it. REALLY? So far, my daughter has been without her invisalign's for 6 weeks. They are supposed to be changed every two weeks. And they think I'm being unreasonable? We paid up front the whole amount so they can do whatever they please with no recourse? Who's going to pay us to drive back and forth to get her, our time off of work and her time from studying and homework? On top of that, when I said I was going to file a formal complaint, I was laughed at saying that there was no one to complain to! I said how convenient that they can have poor customer service and there is no recourse and she laughed again saying she was going to hang up on me. REALLY? Well, apparently they have forgotten the social media and the fact that I am contacting the It is totally unacceptable to be treated as if this isn't a terrible inconvenience due to THEIR error of someone not apparently knowing how to an impression right. They apparently don't give a crap about their patients as by the time this is all said and done, it'll be months before my daughter will have her trays bringing her to a stand still on her treatments. At this point, I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. [redacted] has been great, but he better get people who can do an impression correct the first time and some office people who do their job. Having people in customer service who can handle people being aggravated by problems they themselves have created is the only way a business can survive. It shouldn't have mattered that I was upset. They should have done everything in their power to accommodate us due to the unprofessionalism on their part by getting her impression right in the first place, then the lack of them calling. If this [redacted] did call, and got our answering machine (which wasn't the case since I never got the call), she should have called my cell that she had, and had I not answered that, should have called another day. That clearly wasn't done either. Then when I call only to find out that they made an erroneous mistake and wasn't even apologetic but then give me to another secretary to laugh and say she's going to hang up on me? This is one of the worst customer service group of woman I've ever encountered! [redacted] was quite smug and patronizing when told me that there was no one to file a formal complaint with. I'm hoping by coming to the, that she was wrong and will be held accountable for actions that should never be demonstrated by any business. My husband and I were talking about contacting our lawyer to see if there could be any recourse done by getting back half our money and taking her to a different orthodontist who has people who are working for them that know how to do their job, but the money and time that would be involved would put our daughter even further back in her braces treatments.

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Address: 4900 W Taft Rd, Liverpool, New York, United States, 13088-4812


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