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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
So you guys are not claiming any ownership of this situation? I am pretty sure you will claim ownership of this Vehicle and the money that is paid to you for it*** transferred all interest to PenskeThis complaint is more about the frivolous nature in which I was sold an extended warranty by people who are still in your employ (*** ***)I was promised that the maintenance package would not expire until the end of the lease
*** ***

Mr. [redacted] was explained that he purchased his service contract from [redacted] Hyundai NOT Penske Hyundai and we have no control over what another dealer sold to a customer. Also Mr. [redacted] came in in October of 2015 and got an oil and filter change that we did pay for as a goodwill gesture because...

his service contract was expired and he was told at that time but he still did not want to believe it. Again if he wants to be mad he should take it up with [redacted] Hyundai. I am sorry he is unhappy but we did not sell him the car or the contract.
Eileen Lorentz

Penske Hyundai did not purchase the liabilities of [redacted] Hyundai only the assets. So yes we cannot and will not be able to correct their mistakes the email for Drewis [redacted]. They sold you the contract and the car. When Penske purchased [redacted] had to apply for a job with Penske he did not just continue to be employed, this is an entirely different dealership. I understand that might be confusing and I am sorry for that but we are not DrewHyundai.

Review: Drew Hyundai of La Mesa was not rotating my tires as their documentation stated, resulting in a very unpleasant timeline of events.

Upon dropping my car off for service on June 7, 2013; I specifically told my adviser, [redacted], to look at my tires to see if they needed to be replaced and if they did not need to be replaced then to proceed with the normal tire rotation. Not only was I more than willing to replace all four of my tires during this service visit, I was anticipating that I would have to replace them. [redacted] assured me they would be checked and he would telephone me if they needed to be replaced prior to doing so. I picked up my car the very next day and was surprised to see all four tires were marked in the green with the >6/32 box check marked. [redacted] stated that all four of my tires were still in the green and did not need to be replaced.

Less than 2,500 miles later I was driving my son and baby cousin to church, when my rear right tire exploded. The tire looked flat, I utilized the useless tire repair kit that came with my car and nothing changed. I then reached around to the inside of the tire to feel exposed wire, the tired had completely exploded. I called Drew Hyundai and the service department was closed, I had to then call a tow truck and get my car to the nearest tire repair store, Pep Boys.

I took my car back to Mr. [redacted] later on in the week and explained everything that happened, I was obviously upset about the entire situation. Upon Mr. [redacted] getting on his hands and knees to look at the inside of the remaining three tires, he was highly concerned and stated I needed to replace all three immediately; he was uncomfortable with me driving even 100 miles more on those remaining tires. Mr. [redacted] was very understanding, remorseful and attempted to mitigate any damages by doing an alignment free of charge. I replaced the reaming three tires and ordered a spare tire as I do not enjoy being stranded on the side of the road because my car did not come with a spare tire. The alignment noted minor adjustments were needed but those minor adjustments would not have contributed to the tires wear patterns; Mr. [redacted] agreed.

Within a day or two of driving my car with the new tires, it did not drive correctly, the tire light would come on randomly, the car did not feel like it was in alignment at all. I took my car immediately back to Drew Hyundai and they supposedly conduced another alignment. When speaking with Mr. [redacted] about the tire rotations and how I believed my tires were not being rotated and the scalloped wear patters suggested the same; he stated "I agree, I think your tire rotations were not being done or perhaps there were a few times when they missed rotating them." I picked up my car the following day and was told the alignment was fine but there was no documentation for me. Mr. [redacted] stated he would mail the paper work to me, I have yet to receive anything.

I sent Mr. [redacted] multiple emails regarding my documentation, the fact that my car was still not driving correctly and that the tire light was still illuminating. I have yet to receive a response from Mr. [redacted]. I then spoke with his manager, [redacted], whom was extremely argumentative, rude and unhelpful. She stated "you are lucky to have got 45,000 miles out of those tires most people only get 12,000, I am not sure if Hyundai buys them in bulk and gets cheap tires but you should consider yourself lucky." After talking in circles with [redacted] who clearly did not intend to be helpful in anyway, I merely asked her for my documentation as Mr. [redacted] stated he would mail to me. [redacted] confirmed my mailing address and stated she would place all my service documents in the mail, I received a package of documents which did not include the alleged second alignment (I strongly believe it was never done).

I do not consider myself lucky for the amount of miles I was able to drive on those tires, I do however, consider myself lucky that the tire explosion did not occur on the freeway with my child and baby cousin in the car. To be clear, I take my car to the dealer because I want the best service for my vehicle and I expect the documentation to be accurate; the entire point of tire rotations is to aid in the longevity of the tires, there is no "luck" involved. The documentation that I do have on my vehicle clearly states the tires were in the green on not only one instance but multiple. I have attempted to mitigate these damages with Drew by expressing my concerns to my service adviser ([redacted]), service manager ([redacted]), general manager ([redacted]) and Hyundai Motor America; while they all acknowledge a severe mistake was made, no one accepts accountability.Desired Settlement: When contacting Hyundai Motor America my desired outcome was as follows, reimbursement for the cost of towing and the spare tire kit. However, at this point, I feel like both visits on 6/7/13 & 8/9/13 should be reimbursed; due to lack of professionalism and ownership of their mistake.



the customer is at the dealership at this time and we addressing her concerns. It is being addressed general manager [redacted] and the service department.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution to be satisfactory.

[redacted] and [redacted] were fantastic with handling this issue and my concerns. They replaced a tire pressure sensor, rechecked the alignment, tire pressure and more; as of yesterday upon leaving the dealership my car drove perfectly. They went over and beyond by filling up my gas tank and even detailing my car! While my experience was not pleasant leading up to this visit, I am extremely happy with Drew and will continue to take my car for service there. [redacted] and [redacted] are remarkable, they made me feel extremely comfortable and satisfied; a special thank you to them both!!!

I consider this complaint resolved.

Kind Regards,

Review: I took my 06 Hyundai Tiberon in to have the door handle fixed on 7/11. They went into the engine for what reason I don't know and now I have a leek in my hose to my power steering pump I have never had to fill it up before it was taken in. I added a quart of oil 2 days before I took it in which I have a receipt for and the power steering fluid was fine now I have a leak. Also they washed my car with out my permission who are they to wash MY car!!!!!!Desired Settlement: I would like them to fix my car and also know what justification did they have to go into the engine dept for fixing a door handle? Also an apoliage for washing my car I like it dirty/fithy it is MY car and I have my reasons.



In response to Mr. [redacted]'s concerns; when Mr. [redacted] came in he had three lines written on his repair order, one for a free multi-point inspection, one for checking the left inner door handle and one stating that there were no open campaigns on his vehicle. We do a free multi-point inspection on all cars that come in, which by law includes checking tire pressures and we check all cars for open campaigns. Mr. [redacted] signed the repair order at the time of write up and it was explained to him. If you will see the attached repair order you will see that we told him he had a leaking power steering hose and a worn right front sway bar link as part of our multi-point inspection. Mr. [redacted] was called at 1:30 pm and [redacted] left him a message to go over the additional work the car needed which included the power steering hose. I do apologize that we washed Mr. [redacted]'s car, we wash every car as a normal practice.


Service Manager

Drew Hyundai



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

It was explained to me that I was signing for the repair estamate not giving them permition to go into the engine dept also what is an open campaign????? There is no address as to why my car never need power steering fluid before it when into the shop and now there is a leak!!!




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