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33304 Chapman Ave, Orange, California, United States, 92869

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• Nov 14, 2023

A thief
The is a Scam please be careful 🌕 specially the guy named Kevin. This individual took me for $380. I'm on a fixed income and was just trying to do something special for my granddaughter. He took my money within minutes he texted me (Per my website we don't offer refunds) Then cancel the appointment. When I asked to reschedule I didn't here back till I texted him calling him a Thief. These are some of the texts he sent me.

So every business it doesn't offer refunds is a thief. Unbelievable enjoy your drama.

No, you knowingly took money for a service that you had no intentions of performing. And you did it by having me wire money to an account, which is considered wire fraud, that is a federal offense. It's not dram. it's a fact.

You can enjoy your drama
Remember, anybody can go online and write anything especially when they're mad if they don't wanna follow the rules thank you. Have a good day.

I help people every day every week every month every year hundreds

As I said, you are now blocked don't bother texting I will not receive it.

The part about him helping people every day evey week is rich, the majority of my family are 1st responders.
I'm going to do what ever it takes to put this man out of business.
If there's anyone that would like to help please feel free to leave comments. And maybe we group together. I've already filled reports with the appropriate law Aagencies.

• Aug 28, 2023

I paid him 385 dollars to (Kevin Richard Cruz with phone number: (949) 412-9494 and 8884057558 get licensed D.S.) and every time he fixed a time for driving lessons, he said that he would come for the lesson in ten days, but he didn't come at the deadline, and when I asked him for my money, he told me that I messaged you many times, but you You did not answer me. I am sorry when I see that he continues to scam people with this number of complainants and takes money from people without providing any services and no body stops his activities. I have earned this money with a lot of hard work and I am sure it will pay off badly. Maybe you have convincing answers for yourself and include them here, but these are only to convince yourself and attract other customers. You will see the answer to your bad work.

• Aug 28, 2023

Stay away from this company and this man. He has been rude and not showed up after five times making appointments. He took $380 of my money and unfortunately was through cash app and based on the trust that he was or still is in California coast guard . I have been trying to ger refund but at end he blocked my phone and I feel bad that he is doing it to others as well. I am very discouraged and feel bad about going with different driving school.

Scam Artist!!!!
ABSOLUTE SCAM ARTIST! He scammed us out of our money & now I'm seeing he keeps taking peoples money & changes his company name/phone numbers/email addresses/websites to get away. His name is Kevin Richard Cruz, his new company is CDL Expert @ & addresses he has on file are 503 Traverse Dr, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626 & 1211 W Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821 & 12087 Lopez Canyon Road, Sylmar, CA 91342. I have alerted the authorities & they are investigating him currently. STAY FAR AWAY, IT IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM!


I had a great experience with Kevin. He was very helpful. I’m a very nervous person and he was helpful when it came to calming me down. His knowledge made me feel safe and I feel I became a much better driver because of his help. I would definitely recommend him to others. I passed my driving test using his car. The free hours of driving really helped !

Drive Test Response • Jul 06, 2020

Thank you, I was happy to help ! I'm glad you enjoyed my Drive Test Car program. Great job on passing your DMV Driving Test. It really does help to take the Driving Test in the same car you have spent time warming up in and driving on the road. Stay safe and keep being a great driver !


Kevin C accepted our $250.00 and when we found out this was scams from posted feedback on *** and *** we immediately ask for our refund on the same day through text. KC replied was No Refund and called us DRAMA! We called our OC credit union and ***. This matter will be investigate be both my bank and ***.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

This adult called and was clearly informed on how the program worked ! They clearly agreed and enrolled. They set a time for the first pick-up, 1 week later. They then went online and found a strange comment on how it was a scam. They refused to believe all the other great reviews & my phone call to them again. They created drama ! They should have just waited the 1 week and had the Drive Time. They should have just finished and taken the Drive Time Car and passed the driving test ! They wanted a refund and I have a no refund policy !

I hired Kevin C operating under for behind the wheel driving training. My daughter is 15 1/2 years old. It took forever for him to show up for the first driving training after a couple of months after I paid him in full. He was irate with me on the phone and even hung up on me once and he was verbally abusive every time I talked to him. When he finally showed up Jan 11, 2020, her mother asked Mr. C where they would be going and he aggressively told her don't worry about it. He took my daughter out for a drive and he immediately made a stop at a convenience store and left my daughter in the car while he went in and got coffee and candy (skittles I believe). After that he took her up to an isolated place at the cliffs of Palos Verdes. He got out of the car and told her to get out. She said she was terrified and scared and didn't know what to do. He took her to the edge of the cliff and made her take pictures of him and then wanted to take pictures of her, she said no to that and had nowhere to turn in this isolated location. After 15-20 minutes they got back in the car and then finished the driving and came back home. He dropped her off and when she got in the house she broke down with panick. She was so scared and mortified at what took place. I contacted Kevin and requested my money back and he refused. He said his web site says no refunds. I contacted the police and they suggested I contact DMV, the and to take the matter up in the courts which I am doing. This school after researching on Yelp has hundreds of horror stories of this individual (included in the attached printouts of the Yelp search). I did a Google search on Kevin C driving school and it is horrifying what I discovered about him. This person should not be allowed to operate on behalf of the DMV. I can't find a license number for him nor does he have a business address. Please advise on what course of action to take against this individual. How scary this man is operating this business.
Mr. C behavior is aggressive and scary. He put my daughter in danger taking her out to a deserted cliff and made her get out. I don't see how my money would pay for her to take pictures of him at an isolated location on a steep cliff and sit in a car at a convenience store. This is child endangerment.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

This adult called and agreed to enroll his daughter. His daughter had her first day of 2.5 hours of driving. This was her first time driving a car ! She was the one who drove the car. She completed the 2.5 hours in a happy mood ! She came back home safe & happy ! I received a text message from him 2 months later and I told him I didn't appreciate his drama and wasn't going to entertain his over-exaggerated & outlandish claims brought to my attention in a text message 2 months later ! Yes, I may get out of the car to stretch my legs, use the bathroom and grab a coffee ! I'm in the car for 8 hours a day helping people. Yes, people like to get out of the car and stretch their legs in a very public place as well. The 2.5 hours of driving is a long time. They should have just finished the program and taken the Drive Time Car and passed the driving test ! They wanted a refund and I have a no refund policy !

My 2 sons finished their drivers training today. They stated how happy they were and how much they had learned from all the training ! One of my sons is on the autism spectrum. Kevin has a good understanding of special needs individuals and how to teach them. I drove with them before and after each lesson and can see the difference in their driving ability. Kevin has prepared my sons to drive safely .

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

Thank you, I was happy to help !

I called a company I found online for my daughters drivers education advertising a special for $99 for 6 hours of training and found that the information of this website was misleading. The man gave me a higher price on the phone and when I refused the offer and explained to him that this information was not on the website, he began texting me messages and offered lower prices, which still didn't match the advertisement. I again refused his offer after showing him what his website was selling and he rebutted by calling me back to tell me that I am the only one to get confused by his sale, and proceeded to call me an it before hanging up. Then soon after texting me provocative words like "25 yrs training *** just because I refused his offers. He continued to harass me over text message saying that I was the one with bad attitude when all I wanted was a clear and fair understanding of his advertisement sale versus actual prices.

I'm ***, I wanted to take my driving lessons so I could apply for a DMV license.
I got a call from Mr. Kevin R C regarding the driving lessons and said he would teach me.
Apparently He has his office going with the name - Orange County Drivers. So I hired him to take lessons from, for 3 days (6 hours) that would cost me $300, so basically $100 per day or $100 for 2 hours, which I anyways thought was a little expensive, but since he was going to give me a pick up service from Downtown LA and drop service to Artesia.
First day was on 9th April 2019. While dropping me home, he asked me to pay the whole amount of $300 at that time, but I offered to pay $100 for that day and I told him I would pay after every lesson. he refused and said I would have to pay the whole thing. So I gave him $200 and he said he would pick me up for my lesson the next day which was 10th April 2019.
10th April when I called him, he said he was busy the whole day and could not fit me in his schedule, and that he would call me the following day which was 11th April 2019. But he didnt call back.
So I called him again on 11th April 2019 to ask when would he be giving me my driving lessons, so he said its not possible this week, nor next week, and he asked me to call and check with him next weekend if he was free and since he has already got the money, now he is not even willing to give me a pick up and drop service and telling me that since im here for some more time, he will call me when he has time. I mean i've already paid for it, so why shouldn't I get the lessons now?
When I tried calling him back, he got really angry and started abusing me saying things like " *** you" and called me an "***"
I dont know what to do, could you please look into this matter? These are his business links.


Very bad experience with Kevin Cruz and he takes money cash or check and won't showup. Very rude with me and my kid. Never returns the call after the first class.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

This is a fake review ! Either I didn't show up or I did which is it ? Get your fake story straight.

Paid this man Kevin C 240.00 for 3 driving lessons for my granddaughter. He took her 1 time never called again and when we called him he would send us to voicemail. Finally after 6 weeks he answered didn't know who I was, said to refresh his memory. I asked for a refund he said he doesn't give refunds so I asked him to complete the services I paid for. He called me several nasty names and hung up on me. He called back 3 minutes later only to tell me he kept my granddaughter safe while she was with him for the 1 and only lesson he provided. I asked again for a refund and he refused and called me more nasty names. He took down his website today after I told him I was going to report him. He also took down his yelp account where there were several reviews for the same issue. He only takes cash and would not provide a receipt. Very unprofessional and a thief.


I met Kevin, he gave me my first driving lesson, asking me to pay 200 dollars in cash, He did not accepted card. Those were for 4 hour class. 1 class before my written test and 1 class after my written test. I took my first lesson and in the middle of the lesson he told me to wait, he went to his house and made me wait for 10 to 15 min. Later I called today to schedule my second class and he started yelling at me with bad words telling me he was busy and didn't even letting me talk back. Then he just blocked me on the phone, not even wanted to schedule or giving my money back. Very Rude and with very bad words.
Then he just keep calling me back, telling me to learn English and that I was supposed to know that he is calling and more bad words. Whats wrong with this guy.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

This adult drove for 2 hrs and we were near my house. I made a quick stop at my house to grab my wallet and use the bathroom as I had forgotten it when I left to go pick him up. When he called me at a later date to schedule his next Drive Time I was busy. I asked him to call the next day in the morning. He proceeded to call me 20 times straight after I hung up. I blocked his number and unblocked it the next day. I do not appreciate his drama !

Horrible!!! Wish I would have read reviews! Scheduled appt, had me wire transfer the payment as that’s all he takes for payment, never called or showed for appt had to call him which he replied he canceled. Would not work on reschedule date that would work for us and refused refund and rudely hung up on my teenage daughter. He could not render services On the date we had paid for and could not reschedule a day that would work for my daughter as she is a full time student and works. Refused refund!

Drive Test Response • Jan 11, 2018

This customer has an adult daughter ! She was communicated with ! She enjoyed my very cheap $60 price !
All schedules may be cancelled for weather conditions. There has to be an agreeable time to reschedule both ways. The adult daughter had plenty of time to reschedule but did not want to cooperate. I will not tolerate abusive behavior on the phone. Per my website, there is a no refund policy ! Thank you...

Customer Response • Jan 11, 2018

The only abuse was by you yelling at a young girl who didn’t know how to respond to your bullying and strong arming. You were contracted for a specific time and YOU DID NOT CALL OR SHOW UP!!!! She had to call YOU to find out where u were! If u cancel due to rain u should have NEVER scheduled her 36 hours before a huge storm, then reschedule her for another day that is supposed to have rain. You just wanted your money ASAP since this is your M.O. if anyone does the research on you will see. Reports filed here, on yelp, in court!! It’s hard to believe you would even want to continue what u are doing!! Your website does not say anywhere that we saw “no refunds” . Yes you’re price was very reasonable and you took advantage of a low income family paying for our daughters class, college and everything else. You refuse to refund when YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO PREFORM THE COURSE ON THE DAY CONTRACTED. NOR WERE YOU WILLING TO WORK WITH HER SCHEDULE when she told u she couldn’t do it the day u rescheduled her to. Again, anyone who reads your reviews will see this is how you do business and this was not just us. Then to reply to my message of me asking for my refund or since you could not preform the duties on the day you were contracted to do so “enjoy your DRAMA” ..... that’s how you treat and respond to customers?? You were clearly in the wrong and should have refunded my money, but again, reading all the reviews on you, I can’t say I’m supposed. I really hope the does a full investigation on you. 34 1star ratings on yelp alone should tell a person running a business, that’s not how you would want to conduct yourself if you were a true business person.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

This customer has an adult daughter ! She was communicated with ! She enjoyed my very cheap $60 price ! All schedules may be cancelled for weather conditions. There has to be an agreeable time to reschedule both ways. The adult daughter had plenty of time to reschedule but did not want to cooperate. I will not tolerate abusive behavior on the phone. Per my website, there is a no refund policy ! Thank you...

I paid and hired this company for my son's online drivers ed course. We purchased for 170.00 paid via Chase quick pay to a *** on September 2, 2017. He accepted payment and my son began his online course. No where does it state a time limit. As of last week, my son is no longer able to log on with the personalized password and Log in that the company gave him. We have made several phone calls and emails to company with no response. We have paid for a service that we are not getting. With the way this man spoke to me on the phone, I do not wish for my son to do any behind the wheel training with this company, which we paid for in that 170$

Drive Test Response • Jan 17, 2018

This DRAMATIC & OVER-EXAGGERATING customer was communicated with. Her son took more than 3 months to do a 3 day on-line course. She was told what was happening and what would be done about the on-line course glitch. She was very pushy ! I will not tolerate abuse on the phone. She was also told per the website their are no refunds ! I stick to my websites policy. Thank you. ***.

Customer Response • Jan 17, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

He never provided any warning or said a computer glitch on his part. No where does it state a time limit to finish the online course. If he would provide a way for my son to finish his online course all would be good. I have every message leading up to confrontation and a very rude message from ***. Let my son finish what we paid for.

Kevin R *** is a scammer! This guy requests that all lessons be paid for in advance in cash and then makes it impossible to schedule the last two lessons. After my daughters first lesson he said that we should call a couple of weeks before her exam and do the last two then so that everything is fresh. I tried to get the next two lessons scheduled and it took three days just to get in touch with Kevin. When I finally talked to him he said the earliest he could do would be January 4 which was 3.5 weeks away. He requested that I text him the day and date of our appointment that he just scheduled so he would have it. I did just as he asked and also asked that if he had a cancellation to let me know so that we could get done sooner. He said no to letting me know about the cancellation and also denied scheduling the next lesson. After I questioned the length of time for scheduling he called me and yelled at me and said that I had an oddball personality and that I was weird. He then hung up on me before calling back and doing the same all over again. He blocked my number so that I could not call or text him and he continued to call me and say that I love drama and what was my problem etc...... He then cancelled the Jan 4 appointment because I was questioning his practices. He is impossible to talk to, very unprofessional, and is a bully. He makes his first time clients give him a 5 star review while they are on their lesson. If you look at his reviews they almost all 5 star or 1 star because of his tactics. He is taking advantage of his position and having people write these reviews under duress. Kevin R *** is not to be trusted with your children or your money. Every complaint that he answers the customers are oddballs, have weird personalities or are just lying. All of the complaints are almost identical and his response to them is the same. Please do your research and do not trust this guy. Do not use Kevin R *** or his 20 plus years of experience. He is just a ripoff artist.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

I'm glad he trusted me and had his daughter take some Drive Time. He was so happy he wanted to schedule her next Drive Time soon, This adult was very pushy on scheduling Drive Time for his daughter. As my website states all times & dates are subject to change. I have a schedule to follow with many other people ! I do not appreciate his drama. He should of just finished the program and used the Drive Time Car and had his daughter pass her driving test.

He refused to give my son a second lesson. He told my son he would have to wait a month before his next appointment. When I asked for a refund he refused. He would not return phone calls to my son. So I lied a told him I needed to talk to someone about getting my son into a drivers training class and he called back within five minutes. As soon as he realized I fooled him he started to belittle me and yell at me telling me what a great guy he was and how he has been doing this for twenty years. DO NOT us his service he is a complete ripoff artist and con man.

Drive Test Response

This DMV licensed Driving School has been training students for more than 20 Yrs. All students are told to call back around a month later. Their second Driving lesson would be scheduled. This student was called back ! This unstable parent called with a lie ! Instead of being a concerned father and calling to schedule. He went with a lie ! A very bizzare personality. This Driving School will not put up with such drama ! All students can always finish their Driving School programs.

Drive Test Response • Jun 28, 2020

All students are told to call back around a month later. Their second Drive Time would be scheduled. They were called back ! This unstable parent called with a lie ! Instead of being a concerned father and calling to schedule. He went with a lie ! A very strange personality. I will not put up with such drama ! All people can finish their Drive Time programs and use the Drive Time car and take their driving tests.

I hired Kevin to train my 16 year old daughter over a month ago. They've had 2 lessons so far and she loved them. He explained that lesson 1 usually focuses on acclimating to the vehicle, road, and safe driving techniques. Lesson 2 usually focuses on parking. My daughter also had her first freeway drive (I was too nervous to take her). 70+ 5 star reviews and then like 2 that really slam Kevin. I asked him about those and it all makes sense now. He explained that some people wait until the last minute to get their behind the wheel training and then want to rush their appointments so they can take their test at DMV. Kevin will work with you, HOWEVER, he cannot and will not rush you through 6 hours of behind the wheel training so you can run to the DMV with little to no additional practice, and place an inexperienced and unsafe driver on the road. Kevin cares about making sure his clients are experienced, practiced and SAFE on the road for their sake and the sake of all of us that share the road. I, for one, appreciate that. As a parent, I highly recommend Kevin C' driving school. Your kids (including our beautiful daughters) are safe with him. Thank you Kevin. :-)

Kevin Cruz is unfit, unprofessional and inappropriate as a driving instructor. He insisted we pay cash, clearly to avoid paying government taxes, and then he shows up late, and by your second lesson turns into a lunatic so you get rid of him, and he tells you no refund. He handed my daughter his cell phone and insisted she leave a 5 star rating on Google, he even told her what to write. She was uncomfortable and did what he told her to do. After being an hour late never calling to let us know, he proceeds to first have my daughter drive to a car wash, then next stop for him to get coffee and food, then he proceeds to get into a screaming altercation on his cell phone while my poor daughter is trying to drive. I have found out many lawsuits, and numerous dba's over 9 of them in the last 3 years. He is horrible and and very unstable he should not be alone with your underage child. There is something wrong, We have also filed a claim with DMV and will be doing the same with the school district as he says he is the bus driver at my daughters high school, we will also be
Taking him to court for our refund, plus additional pain and suffering it caused my daughter who ran in the house hysterical after her driving lesson crying. How horrible.

Drive Test Response

This Driving School accepts all reviews & complaints when they are honest and right to the point. Deena Kanoff's lying & outrageous review & complaint is not accepted. As a lawyer she should know what the definition of the word scam is. This is the kind of person I'm dealing with. Her daughter's a great teenager to train and work with. Her honest review is appreciated ! This review was done at the end of her 2nd Driving Lesson 4 Hrs later ! This parent researched many Driving School websites & chose mine. I have been training Teens for more than 20 yrs. I train daily, weekly, monthly decade after decade. This mother & lawyer has a history of not abiding by The DMV & Driving School ruls & regulations she reads & signs ! She likes to say and do whatever she pleases. Her daughter finished her 30 hr on-line Drivers Ed course. She received her PINK certificate. She as her mother & lawyer read and signed the bottom portion of the certificate. This indicates she legalIy understands she needs to contact a Driving School and have her daughter take her first behind the wheel drivers training lesson ASAP not 6 months later. She then took her daughter to the DMV to pass her written test and receive her DMV Driving permit. She again as her mother & lawyer had to read and sign all the DMV paper work. She did and again did not care to follow the rules. Her daughter received her DMV Driving permit and she as her mother & lawyer read it and again did not care to follow the rules. She needed to have the DMV permit signed and validated by a Driving School ASAP ! This allows her daughter to use her DMV driving permit. Then she can drive with someone 25 or older with a valid CA. Drivers License to begin practicing her driving skills daily. She actually had her daughter wait 6 months to start her Driving School program. She let her daughter drive with her illegally before calling to start. I knew from the moment I met her she was going to be a problem. She tried to bully this Driving School into finishing her daughter ASAP so she could take her DMV driving test, because she had already waited 6 months. All teens under 18 per the Ca. DMV have to have their first driving lesson and then put in 60 hrs of driving practice during their first 6 months of their DMV permit time. Finish their driving school programs and only then can they take their first driving tests. I explained about driver safety, experience & the DMV time frame. She agreed and I trained her daughter. I learned that she has a twin sister. I offered to have her come next time & watch. She had her first 2 hr training. I left with no complaints and my legal Driving School contract that she read as a mother, lawyer and signed. Now 1 month later she had her second driving lesson. I was an hour late but she agreed to have her daughters Driving Lesson. This lesson was focused on all parking skills. On the way to my training site, I asked my student if it would be ok to take a few minutes to go through a drive through car wash. She agreed ! This is a little fun thing I notice all my teens enjoy. Plus keeps the training vehicle looking sparkling clean. We then proceeded to the training area. This is in a big empty parking lot next to a little coffee shop. I needed to stop and use the restroom before beginning the parking skills training. I came back with a to go coffee in hand. This all took a few minutes. I explained this to the Mother but she skewed her review and just pointed out a coffee stop. This is the kind of person I'm dealing with. After her daughters 2 plus hrs of training. I had her park by the curb. Her 2nd Driving Lesson was done. Would she mind if she posted a little review for my Driving School. She agreed ! Since she did not have her cell phone she used mine and happily logged into her own account with her own password ! She posted her own honest review and that was that ! 4 Hrs of training & her mother has petty complaints now, oh brother ! She signed my no refund contract policy ! This Driving School does not appreciate her drama causing behavior because I will not finish her daughter ASAP. She needs to have her daughter drive and gain experience. Like all teens in Ca. !

Customer Response

Kevin C comment is his typical style, he recites a lot of rules, berates the parent on what they Don't Know...fabricates the truth on what really happens, say' s the parent was an issue from the beginning of lesson 1, the same response he writes everywhere. He goes on and on about how I illegally allowed my daughter with he permit to drive with me...we waited 4 months from date of permit to enroll because my daughter had school priorities and did not want to start driving school, we never felt the need to rush anything. In fact we started with Kevin first lesson June 30 he was late of course never called to tell us he would be 25 minutes late...and explained her driving would be completed October 5 and we were fine with that...I hardly think that is rushing! He is unstable clearly. If in doubt go to Yelp, and Google I am just 1 parent out of many that have written the same complaints, and the same typical response is recited from Kevin C. I signed the paperwork solely to start the driving session standing on the street, asked for copies and he said he would copy and give me...he never did...he was more concerned about getting the cash up front requested in 2 calls prior to showing up late on first visit. The truth is my daughter never wanted to go on the 2 lesson, she was very upset, said he was horrible and I insisted we finish the program. Be the completion of the 2 lesson, she was crying, said he made her leave a 5 star rating made her pull the car over, and she just wanted to go home. I contacted him to give me a date to wrap up the 3 lesson so I could get rid of this unprofessional instructor, that's when he wrote a ridiculous response with Excuse me, you want what? To have me give you a date to complete? ASAP? Ok "ESQ" he's too ignorant to understand my cell phone puts my signature title on auto for clients. So although in his handwriting on my daughters permit he wrote October 5, in his rage he wrote back, ok October 24', call back after October 1 to schedule your appt. I mean is this for real. We have found a legitimate certified driving school, my daughter will be completed with all 3 sessions by September 7' she is already scheduled with her DMV appointment for her driving test September 9. Kevin even wrote he "was going to maybe be nice to us and get her completion done early by Septrmber 24, but then retorted into a rage and said it would now be after October 24. I think if you read all the complaints he is obviously not the person you want to deal with.

Customer Response

Be prepared to read a response from Kevin Cruz that will state that I allowed my daughter to drive with me illegally, and that I rushed him because I waited 6 months my daughter was not ready an by the way we started with Kevin June 30 for the first session, and he said the final 2 hour session would be October 5 and we were fine with that. Is that rushing? 4 months when all the other certified courses takes 6 weeks. He will also berate you as a parent, say that you are lying. In fact he gets so many negative reviews his response to my review looks like a paste and cut response he has used on other websites in response to complaints. Regardless, responsible parents will read between the lines and will veer away from involving themselves with this individual.

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Address: 33304 Chapman Ave, Orange, California, United States, 92869


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