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Poor company, with poor employees who are NOT professionalsThese employees, although they may be under "high stress" do not treat other people with respect, are rude, and belligerent

Review: Our car was towed from our apartment complex called [redacted]. The apartment complex gave us a monthly permit to place in our car until they were able to give us a permanent permit. The permanent was placed in the car for the last couple of weeks. We contacted the leasing office and they told us we needed a photo of violation to prove the permit was in the car. When we went down to the towing company, to resolve the situation the owner of the place name [redacted] was rude and disrespectful to us. When I asked him could he walk out with me to the car, so I could show him the permit, he told me absolutely not. He pointed at me through the window and told me he was no longer going to speak to me and when to address my boyfriend. Every time, my boyfriend tried to speak he would cut him off. Then he proceeded to curse at me and slammed his window. He was very unprofessional, disrespectful, and had poor customer service. Even when the apartment complex called him, the leasing consultant stated he was not very nice to her as while. Nothing was resolved. After the payment was made, when I went to the car the permit was on the passenger seat, because it blew off the dashboard. The permit is on neon pink paper and the size of birthday card. The permit was face up and can be clearly seen on the passenger seat. So when he got out the towing vehicle, you can still see it.The permit was discolored on the bottom from the heat showing that it was wedged in the dashboard. When we called back up to get the name of the owner of the towing company, the man on the phone was nasty and called us a liar. I have never ever experienced service such as this before. The underlying principle is about treating people with respect and fairness. He was not trying to work with us to resolve the issue. Neither my boyfriend nor I disrespected him or cursing at him, despite how frustrating the situation was, but yet he felt it was okay to mistreat us.Desired Settlement: I would like the towing company to change how they treat their customers. I understand that it is a difficult profession, but if you are in customer service and dealing with people some type of empathy and respect should be shown, especially if the patron is not giving you attitude and trying to resolve the situation.



October 7, 2013

Dear **. [redacted]:

The person that has filed thus complaint had her vehicle impounded because her parking permit was not visible from the exterior of the vehicle. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to place the p arking permit where it will be clearly visible both day and night.

We take pictures of the vehicle on the property before we hook it to the tow truck. Those pictures are sent to management with the violation for the impound. I have enclosed a picture of the front windshiel d as the vehicle was parked at [redacted].

It is not the responsibility of the tow truck driver to look for the permit inside the vehicle.

If they are using a resident jiemut or a temporary permit or a visitors permit; they must display it so that it can be read from the exterior of the front windshield. It does not matter that the permit was on her passenger seat as she says. At night, even if you attempt to look inside with a flashlight, you will not clearly see anything.

This woman had a very foul mouth. [redacted] tried to talk to her boyfriend instead, because she was using such profanity. While she was outside our office,, an employee of [redacted] called to speak to [redacted]. She told [redacted] that **. [redacted] had complained that [redacted] was being foul and cursing. While still on the phone with the [redacted] Representative, [redacted] opened the window and asked her why she was lying and why she did not tell the truth about who was using the profanity. The [redacted] Representative heard all of that conversation.

This woman was angry because she knew she was wrong. It was her not placing the permit in a proper way that caused her to have her vehicle impounded, She told lies about her permit and told lies about the cursing.

Unfortunately, people that get their vehicle impounded are usually more mad at themselves than anyone else and they take it out on. us. It is very difficult to remain calm and listen to people calling you names, but the only thing we can do is refuse to deal with the person that is being disrespectful.

If I knew that I had to have a visible parking permit displayed in my vehicle so that I would not get it impounded , I would have taped it to the dashboard or window, to make certain that it was seen. Not doing so, is cause for impounding. Thank you.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:The gentleman who wrote this letter was not even on the premises to even know what was happening. I did not have any interaction with him at all. I am the one who called the leasing office, because [redacted] was being uncooperative and rude towards us. He had a preconceived notion of who we were before we started speaking to him. I was upset that the car was towed at our residence, but never used foul language with him. He said he decided to deal with my boyfriend instead, but would not allow him to speak as well. He kept interrupting him. Now I understand that type of job is difficult, but what is the reason for slamming the window in our faces. [redacted] is unprofessional and has poor customer service. Honestly did not expect a miracle to happen that day, but I did not expect to be blatantly disrespected. I have never used this complaint system before, so ask yourself why would I go through all this trouble for a towed car. To show this business just because you have the authority to tow other people's property, doesn't give you the right to be rude and disrespectful. Yes at night it is hard to see, but if you have the responsibility of making sure the permit is not visible in the car before you tow it. I even asked [redacted] who by the way told me he was the owner of the establishment to walk with me to the car so I could show him the permit was on the seat. He said No! He showed no type of empathy but is saying I am lying about the permit. I never disputed the permit was not in dashboard, because it clearly blew off. I told [redacted] that and he would have known I wasn't lying about the permit if he acknowledged the problem and saw for himself. The permit is hot neon pink how could you miss that. The leasing office uses bright colors so it can't be missed. This complaint is not based on the fact that we had to pay, but how we were treated. And quite frankly I am disgusted that [redacted] had someone else write his feedback which shows him passing the buck and not owning up to his errors. When people get their car tow, it is an emotional time and a vulnerable time. All I ask is to treat people fairly and show some empathy. Stop lumping everyone in the same category and think everyone is unruly. It doesn't give you the authority to be rude to people.


Review: I just moved over to a new housing complex [redacted] TownHomes. One night my car was being towed, I jumped out of my bed and talked to the towed person. He advised me that he was towing my car because my plates were expired. I explained to him that I was experiencing hardship and that I was working with the MVA on getting things paid off. The man man told me that if I parked the car in the circle he would not tow my car since I was working on getting everything together. About a week and a half later my car was towed. Then I was told I could not tow out my car until I had valid tags for my car. I was also told that they charge a $80 per day the car is held there. My concern is that when I spoke with the tow man he said he will work with me and not tow my car. That is not the case. I called that night to talk to the manager. The manager was very rude and condescending. He called me a liar when I was explaining to him what one of his tow employee had hold me. The fact that they charge a fee for storage everyday is unethical. In addtion charge a fee on days when the MVA is closed when they require you to go to the MVA.Desired Settlement: For my car to be returned. I was told by their employee to park my car in the circle to prevent towing. I feel as that he should be held responsible misleading or misguiding me to believe everything was okay. I understand they have rules and the rules outline the expectation. But when I took the time out to talk to the business about my situation the tow guy was willing to help. Now, its a totally different story.

Review: My car was towed by Drive Towing because I parked

In a private parking space.. I called the company ,at 4:30pm they informed

Me the cost will be 125.00 dollar .. I said ok , the despatch person gave

Me the address to pick the car, and told me I would have to Wait tell 7pm to pick up

My vehicle .. I told him I need my car before then.. He replied by saying he just works there

He's just doing his job.. I figured no point so I said ok.. Waited tell 7pm .. Called back

The company .. He then told me sorry I could not get my car

Because there was nobody to meet me there and he could not give

Me a time.. At this time I called the none emergency 911 for the county

And they informed me the law states they have to be open 24 hr 7days

A week for retrieval of a towed car .. So I requested a police office at the

Towing company .. Once the police and me arrived .. The police called

The same despatch and he arrived with in 15 min ..

I still had to pay the towing and dint even get a sorry other

Then talk to the owner and he dint care...Desired Settlement: If you tow a car .. Make sure you have the staff and resource to

To allow the customer to retrieve there Vehical ..

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Description: Towing - Automotive

Address: 908 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, 20901


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