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This car is not the complainant's but his boyfriend[redacted]. [redacted] has been a customer of ours for several years. Over a month ago [redacted] stopped in to see why his check engine light was on. We did a quick code scan and advised him that he had a [redacted] and a [redacted], system lean bank 1 & 2. [redacted]...

was asked whether the car was running rough or having any driveability symptoms, he said no. He asked what was wrong and told him that further diagnosis would be required. He asked whether this was dangerous or whether he would get stranded. I told him no.Fast forward, I get a call that his car stalled and that we was bringing his car in. I scanned the car for codes, and it had [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] (O2 heater circuit malfunction, Bank 1 Sensor 1), [redacted] (O2 sensor slow response bank 2). So it had additional codes. I took it for a road test and long term fuel trims were above 22% (indicating a lean condition). But since both Oxygen sensors were faulty that information could be faulty. I called [redacted] and told him that his upstream oxygen sensors would need to be replaced. That would take car of [redacted] and [redacted]. I also told him that it should take care of the lean codes too. He gave authorization to replace the oxygen sensors. And after replacement of the upstream oxygen sensors, I road tested the car and observed the fuel trim levels. They were lower but still too high, long term fuel trim was averaging 12-14%. I did a visual inspection to see if there were any obvious vacuum leaks and none were found. I called the customer and told him that the oxygen sensor codes were taken care of but that further diagnosis would be required to find out what was the cause of the lean condition. I advised him that there would be an additional diagnostic charge of $120 (not $190 as Mr. [redacted] claims). The reason for the additional charge was because after having spent 15 minutes looking for any obvious vacuum leaks I knew this was going to be a time consuming diagnosis. [redacted] was upset and I tried to explain to him why the additional charge and also how the subsequent repair would also be additional but his boyfriend Mr. [redacted] started screaming at him and berating him while I was on the phone with him. We ended our conversation so they could discuss this matter.Later that night I received a voicemail from [redacted] requesting that I install his old parts back in. I called him the next morning and told him that I would accommodate his wish and that as soon as the kid that cleans up the shop comes in I would have him retrieve his old parts and we would install them and that there would be no charge to him. Within minutes I receive another call from [redacted] asking to just leave the new parts in and that he would pick up the car later.[redacted] and Mr. [redacted] came in the afternoon to pickup their car and Mr. [redacted] immediately proceeded to yell and threaten to sue me. He also said he was taking it to [redacted] to have them fix the mistakes we made. I asked why didn't he just let us install his old parts back in and he (Mr. [redacted]) said that he didn't trust that we wouldn't damage his car further.I gave [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] the opportunity to reinstall his old parts and it would not have cost them anything. They are not due a refund because we did resolve faults [redacted] and [redacted] and I gave them an opportunity to give their car back in the exact same condition as it came in.If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at [redacted].

It would be impossible for [redacted] to ascertain that the oxygen sensors did not need replacing because the codes for that repair were cleared and since the customer declined our offer to reinstall his old parts it could never be determined.Like I stated before, there were four codes and two of them were resolved by replacing the upstream oxygen sensors. The remaining codes were related to a lean condition that required further investigation. Customer was charged for the work that was performed.

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