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Review: I called [redacted] to set up a time for him to come and look at the house I live in and assess the electrical issues that might need to be fixed in October of 2013. We had several phone conversations about setting up an appointment for him to come to the house. During these conversations we discussed the issues that we were having and the appointment was for him to come look at the property and either do work or give a bid on what needed to be done. Never in these several conversations did he state that there would be a fee for him to come out and assess and give a bid for the work that needed to be done. On the day he arrived with an additional worker. He looked around at the 3 different breaker panels that we have in the home. That took about 30 minutes. He verbally told me what he thought needed to be done on the house and that he could come back the next week. I asked him what the cost involved with that would be and he said roughly $500 to $600. I told him that I did not have that kind of money right now but would have to talk to family and see if I could get a loan and would be able to get back with him in the next day to let him know and set up the appointment for the work. On this day again he never stated there would be a charge to come and give an assessment for the work and a bid. He left without giving me an invoice for that day. The next day he texted me and told me that he thought about it and did not think it was necessary to do the work and it would be a waste of my money (have in a text). He thought our lines in the house looked good and it was a [redacted] problem. Also, never stating that he would be sending me an invoice for the assessment. No work was done the day he came out! We did contact [redacted] and they did come out and remove our tower, fix things on their end and the electrical issues disappeared. I texted [redacted] to let him know that the work [redacted] did fixed the problem and thank him for pushing us to get [redacted] to do the work from their end. Again, no mention of a future invoice. 5 weeks later I received and invoice from him for $223 - this included driving miles to my house, 2 hours of work and a fee for the worker he brought out. Again, there was no work done that day! I called [redacted], he did not answer, so I left a message stating that I had received his invoice and had questions about the charges. Could he please call me back. He never called back. About a week later I received 2 ugly text messages demanding payment and telling me he would put a lien on the house if I did not pay by Dec. 20th 2013. I texted him back and said that I had left a message asking him to call me back about the invoice and I had never heard from him so I didn't understand this demand for payment and threat to put a "[redacted] lien" (his words) on my house. I also explained to him that I would not have any money until after the 1st of the year when I filled for my income taxes. Did not get a text or a phone call back from him trying to work this out. On Jan 7th, he looked up my parents information, I rent the home from them, and called leaving 2 very ugly voice mails and threatening them. I looked up the law related to the liens in Texas and found out that he has missed the deadlines for filing a lien in TX. Again, I DO NOT OWN THIS HOME. So, today, I get another very ugly text message with threats from him. I explained to him that I did not agree with the invoice and have asked him to call me to discuss it. It would not be an option for me to pay until I get my income tax return. He told me to send him a post dated check. I texted back and told him I could not do that because I did not know when the check would come in and considering the circumstances I do not feel comfortable paying, if I pay for the fact that he did no services with out it being a money order with a certified return receipt mail. I also outlined that I did not understand why I was being charged in the first place because there was no work done and that he never told me there was a charge for coming out, told me not to do the work and waste my money and then sent me a bill almost a month and a half later. His response back to me was "LOL!!!!" I am disgusted by the bullying tactics and level of harassment that I and my parents have both received. This is the most unprofessional contractor I have ever worked with.Desired Settlement: I think that I shouldn't be billed for services that were never rendered. I have had many different contractors over the years come out and give me assessments and bids for work that needs to be done. They have always made it clear and upfront if there would be any charge for that service. If I have had work done, I have always had an invoice given to me on the day they came out, even if they were coming back to do more work and at that point I have always signed a contract. I want the harassment of my self and my parents to stop immediately and I do not want to have to worry about a lien being placed on my parents home for work that was never done!!!!! I want a letter stating that no further action will be taken and an apology for the very unprofessionalism that has been exhibited.



I have been in business since 2001 with no complaints . [redacted] owes for an inspection we performed at her home . She has not paid us any money. We sent a certified letter of intent to file a lien on the property to protect our interest. [redacted] has not called me at any time about this issue , I have texted her several time and asked for payment( for the record ) . we charge for all service call , two electrician where sent to [redacted] house . My Business is at [redacted] an Hour away from Wimberley two hours round trip with no traffic . Please call me for any more details . Thank you [redacted] EM Electric [redacted]

Sent on: 2/7/2014 7:53:20 PM

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Description: Electricians

Address: 906 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90029-2812


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