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Good morning. Thank you for...

bringing your concerns to our attention, the leasing agent you are referring to stop working for our company on 4/29/2016 and we apologize for her lack of sensitivity and professionalism.  Let's address each complaint separately: 1) Your complaint: "Called several times and they did not pick up. Took time off on Monday 4/25 to come to the office and pick up keys to view properties". Our office is really busy, majority of the time there are multiple phone calls coming in and when all the lines are being used, it will be impossible to answer everybody.  We manage close to 1700 apartments and we try our best to answer the phones and get back to everybody but unfortunately we may not be able to do so.  We do not show units personally and everyone has to come into our office to pick up the keys to view the units and the instructions are listed in our website, so that interested parties can view our procedures.  2) Your complaint: "Viewed three properties and as we were attempting to drop off the keys there was a current tenant with a complaint in. She was being stalked and had to leave her apartment and was requesting to break the lease in order to protect her safety. The young blonde woman's response to her very sensitive situation said look I'm gone as of Friday so you'll have to take it up with the manager when she's in tomorrow. Was so insensitive that the tenants mother was livid and asked for the receptionist to be sensitive and at least say she understands. That should have been a red flag for me however they manage most of the properties in midtown and we're looking for a place. From what our understanding is of the situation with the resident you are referring to, she was not being stalked, in fact the other resident she was accusing of stalking her happened to be drunk the night of the incident and was walking throughout the building singing the [redacted] banging on walls & just beingobnoxious, no one else in the building placed a complaint against the tenant nor did they file a police report against him.  We reached out to the problematic resident and advised him that it is not acceptable behavior to go around the building drunk & singing aloud.  He might be filing a complaint against her for defamation of character as he was not stalking her, he was just drunk that night. Before the complaining resident came into our office she had left messages for three people in our office requesting to be let out of her lease because she felt unsafe, we advised her that we needed to receive authorization from the owner before we could approve it and requested her to bring her police report so that we could forward it to the owner.  This kind of situations are never easy for anyone, the leasing agent should have been more sensitive to her and unfortunately that did not happen.  Please know we were trying to assist her and the owner did in fact agreed to release her of her obligation to fulfill her lease agreement and she has since moved out of the unit.  3) Your complaint: "After deciding my gf and I applied that same night for a property two doors down from the office. We did not hear back for two days. Left several voicemails and emailed. My gf again left work early to go down to the office and she was told very publicly that they had called me and confirmed that the person that picked up was [redacted] and the person said they never applied. No one ever called me. She then ran my gf credit on the spot and said she was denied anyway because she owed $300 to a previous tenant serval years back. Again no sensitivity to her privacy as people were in the office and flat out lied about calling me. I came in today 4/28 because according to the receptionist she ran my credit, which upset me. I came in they said they never ran it and again very publicly with others in the office said it didn't even matter because my gf was denied anyway. I said It did matter because we waited and never got a call and now I only had two days to find a place. Again no sensitivity. I felt humiliated." According to the records left by the previous leasing agent, the phone number provided in the online application was incorrect and therefore she ended up calling the wrong person thinking she was reaching [redacted] and the person who answered the phone told her he was not interested in an apartment in Sacramento and hanged up on her so she could not discuss it with him any further or know it was the wrong person. A couple of days later the co-applicant came into our office and after straighten out that the phone number was incorrect, she told the co-applicant that she will process the applications right away and after running the co-applicant credit, her credit report showed she has an apartment collection and per our company policies, that is an immediate denial. The leasing agent gave the co-applicant a copy of her credit report for her review and the co-applicant asked to go over it as she sat in the front office with other people around & did not ask to discuss it in private. Since the co-applicant did not request to discuss it in private, the leasing agent proceeded to go over the reasons for the denial.  The leasing agent reimbursed both of their application fees at that time, since they were paid with a credit card, the reimbursement will show up on their credit card statement, it generally takes up to 10 business days for the refund. Our apologies for the inconvenience and frustration and if you do not see the application credit refund in your credit card statement by 5/15/2016, please let us know and we will contact [redacted] immediately to follow up and get resolution. Sincerely. [redacted]

Good afternoon.The application fee was refunded and Miss [redacted] has been notified it will take 3 to 4 business days for the funds to be reversed back to her account, I asked her to contact me if you doesn't see the reversal by next Friday 1/12.  A denial letter will be mailed out to the address...

she provided in her application with a copy of the credit report and the reason why the application was denied.Thank you.[redacted]General Manager

Good morning Mr. [redacted].Nielsen Property Managers Inc. does not have any contractual obligation to disclose any information related to our resident to you or anyone associated with your agency, as you are not on the lease agreement. Our resident has not authorized us to disclose any information...

either, therefore it is against rules and regulations for us to provide you with any information.  We understand your frustration but please understand we have rules to follow. Best regards,[redacted]General ManagerNielsen Property Managers Inc.

Good morning.We checked Mr. [redacted] file and there is no indication in his move in paperwork that the window was not in working condition when he moved in on October 2014.  Our maintenance department advised that the window problem was not reported to our company until November 5th 2015,...

they immediately sent a work order to [redacted]s to go and assess the window situation, they advised that the window was fixed, an invoice was sent to our office and we paid them for the service.  Mr. [redacted] contacted us on 3/4/16 to report that the window was still not working and notified us that [redacted]s did not fix the window in November of 2015.  Our maintenance department hired another company, [redacted]s to go and assess the window and we requested them to complete the work by 3/7/16.  Unfortunately, they advised that something came up and they could not get to it by that date and confirmed that they fixed the window on 3/16/2016.  [redacted] at [redacted]s was at the property yesterday afternoon and fixed the window, he advised that the window it's a [redacted] model and that the parts have worn out but that he replaced them and the window is now working fine, that there was no need to replace the window as only the opening mechanism was worn out.  We rely in the expert opinion of the vendors that are hired to complete the work and that is the reason why the window was not replaced and only fixed.   If the window does not work properly, please notify us and we will send a different vendor to assess it.  Thank you and have a nice day.[redacted]General Manager

Good afternoon.When you reported the issue you gave our maintenance team permission to enter, that is why they went out and fixed it without setting an appointment with you.  Attached is a copy of the work order.  You also left me a voice message indicating you granted us permission to enter.  Our apologies if this was not the case.Have a nice day.[redacted]

The permission to enter was weeks before  the issue was scouted nor was any call returned from my voicemail.  And I had istructed the maintenence person to schedule a date where I would be present due to the untimely resolution of this issue but your company.

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