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Review: ESP was contacted about my compressor going out but was still under warranty stated on the original paperwork. The representative [redacted] that answered the phone told me its not under warranty and disconnect the call. I had 2 different companies come out and tell me it is under warranty but I could not get it handled at ESP that originally installed the unit. I tried again Oct 9,2014 the only thing. I received is [redacted]'s attitude. I tried again on Oct 10,2014 same attitude I ask [redacted] how much it was the labor to install a compressor under warranty she continued telling me I have no warranty. I ask her the amount of labor and she said she would have to send a technician out and that would be 86.00 to see what kind of unit was installed I said its the same unit that you have in my file. She states that there is no other way to find out, I was asking her if it could be found on the amana website she said no. I said lets get past that and tell me how much is labor she said 985.00. I said is that include everything she said hold on, she came back and said 1985.00 I asked why she added another 1000.00 on there she said it was not her it was the unit that caused the additional 1000.00. When her explanation had no real explanation I asked for a manager. A manager name [redacted] got on the the phone with as much attitude as [redacted] and said he the cost was 985. if under warranty but you have no warranty. I told him it was on my original paperwork and he did not believe me. He said it did not show that in my file. I said you should keep a copy of the same paperwork you give to customer at the rate you all are going you might someday find yourself in court and all paperwork should match. He said he was going to put in my file I refused services I told him you are lying you have not offered me services just attitude. So if you are going to put something in the file put you have no customer service. He said that he said ok.

I ask for the ceo info he gave me the number to [redacted] and she said he was in a "meeting". I think it is outrageous to treat the disabled in this manner and no air in the 90 plus degree temperature. What kind of people run this place. WE can spend approx 3800.00 for them to put in new unit or 985.00 a compressor that is still under warranty. I think at this point we have had to without air because of ESP Services, Inc so it should be warranty and 0.00 for labor it has been over 85 degrees in the house and sometimes hotter.Desired Settlement: I think due to the negligence of the people answering the phone and the manager that was just as bad we have been with out air since sept 17 this could have been resolved a long time ago if you had people in the office that cared as much about the customer during warranty as they do when the customer is giving them thousands of dollar for installation. The labor should be free. The compressor is under warranty.



\Ve have received your notice of response by [redacted]After reviewing her complaint that was subnritted on 10/10/2014 ID# [redacted]. I would like to address the complaints she has brought up.On July 11, 2005 we installed a complete ac!'heat system, the last time we were there was in August 17,2007. On Ck:tober 09,2014 we received a call from [redacted] wanting a price for a compressor replacement. The person in the office tried to give her the information on the price which could be $985.00 if under warranty or $1985.00 if unit was oui of warranty. We tried to explain that we needed to come out and check the unit to confirm that is v,cas the compressor, the cost would be $86.00. She became upset and didn't want to hear about the service. It is ESP'spolicy to check the unit out before any parts or services are performed to insure the proper repair is made. "tvfs. [redacted] called back ·wanted to talk to a manager, I tried to explain the policy's an that Christina was not rude but >vas trying to help her Vilith the problem. [redacted] did not or would not accept the cost for repair. I tried to explain to her she could use any HVAC contractor for the repair. After speaking to her I call the manufacture to find out if the unit carried a I0 year part warranty, which it does but not a labor warranty. In closing were sorry for her being without air since September 17, but she did not contact us until October 09. The cost of a warranty compressor that doesn't have labor is $985.00. This cost is labor, refrigerant, acquisition, disposal of the compressor.Should you have any other question, please feel free to call [email protected] [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


I dealt with [redacted] since Sept when my unit went out. She ask me the personal information and informed me there was no warranty on the unit and disconnected the call due to the fact I offered to fax my paperwork to her so she could see for herself. I called out another a/c repair company it was confirmed it was the compressor. I called ESP services about it being under warranty due to the fact the paperwork says the compressor has a ten year warranty. This started an ongoing issue with [redacted]. She said I no warranty. I needed to know if someone else could do warranty work she said no. So I contacted [redacted] since is was the manufacturer of the compressor. They referred me back to ESP to let confirming the unit was under warranty. I called ESP Services back tried to give them the another chance. I said lets get passed no warranty and let me know how much to fix a unit under warranty like the one in the file she came back and said 985.00 I asked is that was tax tittle and license or are there other fees. she put me on hold again and said 1985.00 I asked where did the thousand dollars come from she said it was the freon. At that point I ask her for a manager [redacted] got on the phone and I explained to him what had been going on and he said there paperwork shows no warranty I explained the paperwork in my hand shows the is a ten year warranty on compressor he said it went out in 2014. I said not according to the paperwork I am holding he said no one keeps paperwork for ten years I said I do it is key when going to litigation. He also said if its not in their file it still means no warranty. He said he was going to put that I REFUSED SERVICE I SAID I CANT REFUSE SOMETHING NEVER OFFERED PUT IN THE FILE ABOUT YOUR BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE HE SAID I WILL. It shows how ethical the manager [redacted] is he is willing to put lies in a customers file because he has no customer service to offer. The company ethics are questionable due to the fact the person the problem is with is addressing the complaint. I have left my information with [redacted] and [redacted] to have CEO get involved and I left him a voice mail so he could address this himself let the silence it speak for itself. A COMPANY BUILT ON LIES AND NO ETHICS !!!!!!

Company and all employees acted very professional.

Salesperson explained all cost,services,warranty,and included hardware,and time required for job completion. Schudule installation was for 8am, installers called prior to arrival, and they arrived on time. Installers were very knowledgeable. They did a very professional job with attention to detail. When the installation was completed, they reviewed operations, warranty,and contact information.

They cleaned up all the debris before leaving.

Would reccommend this company

ESP installed in 2011 November 3 CARRIER PERFORMANCE BOOST 8000 AC/Heat system at my home. Every year have been having problems and every year I have to make a service call to ESP. This year I had water coming from the AC vents in June. I had to call ESP again. Not even 6 months have gone, one of my units Heater is not working. I suspect these guys come in for a service call and cause other things so you have to call them back again. This is a racket. I do not trust ESP and their technicians. I recommend every one to stay away from this company.

Review: On August 17, 2012, ESP Services Inc of 3500 Pioneer parkway west, Arlington, Texas 76013 installed complete air condition system at my house at 6201 Canton trail, Ft. Worth, Texas


This system was supposed to have 10 years parts, and 1 one year labor warranty.

Shortiy after that I reported that the blower fan was making laud and grinding noises. A technician came and inspected the system and stated that the register vents was not adjusted properly and he adjusted them according to their manual and reprogram the thermostat.

Shortly after that I reported the same trouble. A new technician came and adjusted the blower fan to a lower speed.

On 71712014 I reported to them that the fan blower does not come on when the compressor is running and turned off the entire ac system.

On 7/9/2014 a technician came and inspected the Air condition unit and mentioned that the blower motor has ceased and needed to be replaced. I was charged and amount of $86 for his service call.

On 7/11/2014 another technician came and replaced the blower motor and tested the system to make sure that it was functioned properly. I was charged an amount of $ 216 for his service.Desired Settlement: I request that ESP refund a total amount of $ 302.00 to me since a replacement of the fan bower motor should have been done when I first reported the malfunction to them when the entire air

condition system was under warranty.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.



Attached you will find information that has been submitted to credit card company for stoppayment by [redacted] and also to Mr. Paul Wright, [redacted]'s advisor..tunount in dispute is $302 for lahor performed to replace a warranty part on JVlr. [redacted]' s air conditioning unit.\\-'ork ·was performed on 7!1112014 labor warranty had expired on 08il7/2013.Noise complaints 12-28-2012- 01-03-2013 were air noise thrn registers adjusted fan speed to compensate for noise.No other calls or complaints unit 07/09!20 14 ·when blower motor windings opened.



Dear Sir,

In reference to your latter dated 10/7/2014 which was in response to my complaint against ESP on 10/1/2014.

ESP stated in their letter dated 10/6/2014 that they adjusted the registers and the fan speed to compensate for the noise.

In their own words they admitted that there was a noise in the blower fan motor and they tried to work around the replacement of the blower motor by adjusting the registers and reducing the blower motor fan speed instead of replacing it.

They new that this will work for a short time after which the blower has to be replaced when the labor warranty expired.

Doing so will generate them more labor income and that is a case of customer deception which my attorney stated in the latter sent to them dated August 1st 2014.

I still insist of having ESP refund me an amount of $302.00 which was paid to them as a labor cost.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



[redacted] is using a play on words to justifY not paying a labor charge for his motor. As stated in our previous response noise complaints on 12-28-12 a.'ld 01-03-13 were air noise through registers and we adjusted registers and lowered fan speed to eliminate noise from register.No otber calls were made on this problem from 01-13-13rmtil 07-09-14 when motor stopped·working. No noise calls were reported to us for over 11/2 years.We feel all charges are justified.

The air conditioning company we used two years ago to replace an old unit went out of business and we were looking for a new A/C company to take care of our three units. Decided to try ESP after speaking to [redacted] the Service Mgr., on the phone, very helpful gent and extremely knowledgeable. His technician repaired a blown transformer after troubleshooting our failing unit, but it eventually need to be replaced.

ESP gave us a very competitive quote, but the best part was having Roger and his crew take out the old unit and install the new one. Very professional, personable, excellent customer service!

We had a dripping issue from a secondary drain line which required some creative troubleshooting due to builder install issues and Charles expertly took care of that annoyance for us.

Great company, fair pricing, excellent customer service and outstanding people. Glad we found them.

I have had ESP working on my Heating and Air for 3 years now. They always come out when they say are never late. Very kind and do a great job. I will tell all my friends and family about them and still do have them come out to my house.

I called ESP for a quote in June.[redacted] called by next day and from the moment my wife and I met him we felt confident he knew his business.There was no hard sell.He just laid it out in black and white so there were no misunderstandings.We agreed a price for a complete system.We had already had some other companies come by to try and repair and quote but felt unsure about them.

Once we gave [redacted] the go ahead his crew arrived a few days later and completed the installation in about 6 hrs. It was extremely hot (JULY) but they persevered.My wife just kept the ice water flowing.

I would highly recommend ESP as being very fair and honest. A few weeks after the installation we called to do a slight alteration and they were out next day.

Review: The A/C-Heating unit installed at my home 3 years ago was installed improperly. Within days of installation I had ESP technicians out here 2 days in a row to fix my unit. They were inexperienced and didn't know what was wrong. The original installers who looked homeless told me they were not licensed and that ESP pays them both $300 a day total for them to install heating and AC units. Soon after installation we came home and found a ton of water on my sons floor leaking through the ceiling. The water pan had run over and leaked into his bedroom. The technicians did not blow out the line during installation which resulted in the leak. They payed for a non licensed painter to come out and patch and paint the ceiling. He did a horrible job and took almost a week to do it. I can see the square he tape and bedded and it looks horrible. The A/C unit was throwing out a ton of dust so they replaced all my ducts thinking that would help but my house is a dusty disaster. We've had the unit freeze up and because I have received bad service from ESP I called Berkeys to do the repair. I paid over $300 to have the unit repaired and the coils cleaned on my NEW unit!! During this past winter we were freezing in the house for over a month. Couldn't figure out what was wrong. We called Bradley Air Conditioning and he came and spent about 5 minutes here and said that when the unit was installed the AUX HEAT wires were not wired correctly and we had been cold because the AUX HEAT wasn't working during this extremely cold weather. It was truly horrible. And.... 2 weeks ago our unit was not cooling. We called Bradley Air Conditioning again and he came out and said there was a Puron leak and he had to refill it. He doesn't know where the leak is though. This cost $275. I want this horrible unit out of my house. I do not want any ESP people to come to my home any more.Desired Settlement: I paid $4,000 for the unit and including interest on my credit card plus all the money we have put out dealing with this for the past 3 years I deserve a credit on my credit card and a refund of all costs to me for having to service this piece of junk. I have a child with severe allergies and his allergies are worse with this unit than with the original unit we had from 1989. An additional $1000 check is requested for repairs made by other companies.


MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS:First, let me thank you for the notice of complaint dated 5/7!14.We here at ESP Services take these type things very seriously and work diligently to resolve any complaints.After reviewing [redacted]'s complaint and the service history at this home, Iwould like to address the points which she brought up.ESP Services installed a Rheem heat pump system in this house 5/10/11. This system came with a 1year labor warranty and 10 year parts warranty from the manufacturer. It is important to note that we installed only the HVAC equipment and reused the existing ductwork from this home.2 %weeks later we returned to find the system frozen up. At this time we discovered a dirty filter and adjusted the refrigerant charge to the factory specs.1month following this service call we returned again to find the system frozen again and a completely dogged fi!ter again. Upon further inspection we found the air return chase was not sealed properly previous to our instal!. This allowed infiltration of dust into the chase which was subsequently caught in the filter (properly). In addition, insulation had fallen into this chase causing an additional airflow restriction. Combined, these 2 airflow restriction caused the evap coil to freeze up.As a result of the service can on 6/29/111, ESP dispatched a technician on 6130/11and 7/7/11 to recheck the operation of the system. Each of these trips we found the system working properly but recommended the duct chase be cleaned and sealed by a duct cleaning company.On 8/5/11 we were called out again due to the system not working. At this time we found the primary plumbing drain line was clogged. We cleared the drain line.Due to the drain line clogging, there was some water damage in the ceiling which ESP Services contracted to have repaired. It was in this complaint that we first heard of any issues with the ceiling repair.Subsequently, on 11/2/11 a lead technician and the service manager visited this home to review the performance of the HVAC system. Due to the dust issues ESP Services cleaned the evap coil & blower assembly and treated the system with an antimicrobial spray.Finally, we spoke with the homeowner on 12/3/11 to educate on the designed function of the heat pumps and back up heat during extreme cold weather.We do understand her frustration with the dust problem and water damage...this is not something anybody wants to experience. However, the problems were created due to a need for a new return air chase which was existing in this home.As far as the later refrigerant leak, Iwould hope that the HVAC company she is currently using has offered to do the appropriate repairs under the Rheem parts only warranty.While, it is unfortunate, we do understand her reluctance to have a service call by ESP Services but we stand 100% ready to come to her home and investigate the complaints and put together a satisfactory resolution to her HVAC issues.Again, thank you for the notice and the opportunity to grow as a better serviceprovider to the North Texas community.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.I have read the letter provided by Mr. Seward and do agree on all the point that he brought up. I am glad to see that he understands my reluctance to put in a service call by ESP Services on this matter. That is why I went straight to the We do have a refrigerant leak and the HVAC company that came out did not service the leak but just gave us some Puron so our unit would start working again. It was at a cost to us of $275. If Mr. Seward would agree to come find and fix the refrigerant leak at no cost to us and do a complete check on the unit to make sure it is operating at its top performance I would say this dispute would be settled. If he would offer a year of free repairs if needed that would even be better. Hopefully we wouldn't even need them. Please let us know.



MESSAGE:I have received the response you have received from ESP Services Inc. Even though I was initially reluctant to call ESP for services I needed provided, I did and I was glad.

I called [redacted] on July 11th letting him know I was having problems with my AC unit. He came out the next day with his technician [redacted]. We discussed all of my concerns and they were really listening to my needs and complaints. [redacted] promised me that we would make a plan together and they would follow through to make sure I was completely satisfied with the results. Even though there were a couple more small bumps in the road, Mr.

[redacted] and his team made sure that everything was taken care of as soon as possible and at no cost to my family. I was truly shocked that ESP was willing to make everything right at their cost. They actually went above and beyond and added a 4" media filter assembly at no charge to help with our future dust problems and provided us with a 1 year service warranty.

As [redacted] noted in his latest correspondence to you, I am sending you this letter with complete satisfaction. I look forward to working with ESP in the future to maintain my HVAC unit for years to come!


Review: They installed 2 A/C units and the upstairs unit has required a return visit every year. They agreed that the first flood damage was due to an improperly installed drip pan and took care of the issue. However... they have had to return every year to repair the unit. This year the unit flooded the attic and ruined the sheet rock. After their repairman came out, it was discovered that the previous repairman did not reinstall the emergency shut off that is designed to prevent this from happening. I spoke with the manager of the store and he kept saying this "was a maintenance issue". It is NOT a maintenance issue when the serviceman they sent out failed to reinstall the cutoff switch properly and ruined my ceiling. Also... it is not normal that a brand new A/C unit should have to be repaired EVERY year.Desired Settlement: Repair my ceiling sheet rock that was damaged because their technician did not reinstall the emergency cut off switch last year.


#airletter DIV, SPAN, P, TD, FONT { font-family: verdana, sans serif !important; font-size: 10pt !important; }


We have received your letter sent to the of Fort Worth dated


After reviewing your letter and the history on [redacted] I

would like to address the points you brought up.

As you noted, ESP Services installed a 3 ton Goodman heat pump system on 4/17/2007

and 7/10/2007. These systems came with a 1 year maintenance agreement and were

installed using your existing drain lines. Prior to these installs ESP Services had not been

to this address.

On 3/11/2008 ESP Services completed the second maintenance check on these systems

and offered at that time to renew the maintenance agreement, you declined renewal.

On 7/14/2008 you called ESP Services to report water leaking into the ceiling. During

this service call we discovered the drain pan had too much tall and needed to be adjusted.

We also found your primary drain line was backed up. We adjusted the drain pan and

cleared your drain line and the air conditioning equipment checked out fme.

Due to the improper angle of the drain pan installed by ESP Services we contracted to

repair the ceiling damage caused by the water leaking into your ceiling.

On 7/20/2009 and 6/13/2011 you called to report your system was not coming on. Upon

inspection we found your primary drain line was backed up. We cleared the drain line

and the air conditioning equipment checked out fine.

Finally, on 7/24/2012 you called to report that there was a leak in your ceiling which you

were inunediately blaming on ESP Services. linen you and I spoke I explained that a

backed up drain line is a maintenance item and we recommend ammal preventive

maintenance on your system but to determine the cause of the water leak we needed to

send a technician. Upon the technician's arrival, he found the primary drain line backed

up & a malfunctioning float switch. He cleared the drain line and written he gave you the

price to replace the float swiitch you asked him to leave your property.

While the technician was still at your home, we spoke and you continued to state that the

damage was caused by ESP Services while I tried again to explain the need for annual

maintenance to help prevent this type problem.

[redacted], I called you after the technician came to our office, immediately following

leaving your home, and further explained his findings. When we spoke, I offered to

return and install a new float switch and inquired about the damage to your home it was

at this time that you informed me you had already called a different company and would

send us the bill for repairs.

Subsequent you sent me an e-mail explaining the other company had determined the

drainage system in your home was the cause of the blocked primary drain [redacted],

these are the same drain lines that were existing in your home when ESP Services

installed your systems in 2007 and as such were not covered by any warranty by ESP


We want to thank you for the opportunity to serve your air conditioning and heating

needs for the past few years. Should you find yourself in need of our services in the

future please feel free to call.

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