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Review: We have a car payment we pay twice a month with them. When a payment is missed they use the gps attached to the car to shut the engine off. Causing us to become stuck wherever the car is when they shut it off. Also causing my child to be stuck alone at school because they shut it off with no warning and then dont answer the phone to resolve the issue. No where in the contract did I see any language that this is even a possibility and I'm pretty sure it's not even legal. I will be hiring an attorney and making a complaint with the attorney generals officeDesired Settlement: STOP turning the car off with no warning



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/10/02) */

[redacted] 10/20/14

I must say that I am very surprised to receive this letter of complaint.

We have been nothing short of patient and understanding regarding Mrs. [redacted]'s failed fulfillment of

the contract that we signed. [redacted] had gotten to the point were she was over 2 payments past due.

We always called and tried to collect a payment with almost no success or even a call back. It wasn't

until the vehicle was actually turned the car off for non payment per the agreement(please see attached

addendum) that we received a prompt call and a promise to "catch up" as soon as they could afford to

do so. We even went as far as trying to put them into a more affordable car, in order to avoid a

repossession and a total loss of her money. Apparently that effort on our part was not appreciated.

Thanks for your attention in this matter and please let me know if you need any additional information.



Review: Here is a copy of the letter they were mailed. They have never responded and used a installed GPS without my knowledge or contacting me and came to p/u the car.

Sept 8, 2014

EZ Buy Motors

Seattle, WA XXXXX

Seattle, WA XXXXX

To whom it may concern,

As per my conversation on Sept 2, 2014 @ 1500 with [redacted] I requested to return the 2000 Acura 3.2TL VIN [redacted]. I wanted my money back and was willing to accept $150 less for any documentation fee and choose another vehicle. As of today I still do not want this car. The reason I returned back with the car is because I feel I was lied to and misled by [redacted] He knew I had very little money and needed a reliable vehicle to drive between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. I told him I could not afford more than $50 per week as their placard read. I asked his associate who took me on a test drive many questions and was told many things that turned out to be lies. He said I was not able to take car off lot w/o buying to have a mechanic check, said their mechanic had fixed any/all problems and it was in excellent condition. I then spoke with [redacted] who said $5200 for car included everything. He said I needed $1500 down. I went and got the deposit

and returned. He then said I had to put an additional $500 down. He also did not reveal the total cost of the car upfront. He had me sign documents but the "Bill of Sale" document which was on top with a balance remaining of $4950.88 was different than the last document I was never shown but it was stapled to the back of the packet of documents showing a "WA Retail Installment sale Contract and Security Agreement Simple Finance Charge" with a remaining balance of$7150.73 which is a big difference than the Bill of Sale. That is why I came back immediately and wanted to return the car. He was very hostile and threatening to me. He said "Too bad you signed the car is yours" I said he had lied to me about the cost and payments at which time I was a bit loud but certainly not in a threatening manner and he told me to leave that the car was mine he wasn't taking back and had already been transferred into my name and the State had already been paid the Sales tax. Which to date is not correct as I called and went to the Vehicle Licensing Office. After he would not take the car back I took car immediately to [redacted] and was concerned from that point on. There are at least $3000 worth of repairs that are needed on this car at this time. I then went back and spoke with [redacted] and he said he would not take the car back or give me any reduction in cost. He said I could return and speak to the Owner. I then returned and spoke with the Owner [redacted]. He said he would not take the car back but would give me $800 credit. I still don't want the car. And I feel I was lied to and misled about the cost. You currently hold 2 $250 checks of mine. Please do not cash them. If you will not take this car back and return my 2 checks and $1500 less $150 documentation please re write the contract to $4950 less my deposit of $1500, less $800 credit and let me know what my bi-weekly payments will be. If you will not do this let me know so I can see what my next step is to resolve this matter.


Seattle, WA XXXXX

XXX-XXX-XXXXDesired Settlement: I want $1750 back less $150 documentation fees.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/10/16) */


Dear [redacted] ,

I have been dealing with Mrs. [redacted] since mid August of this year. She visited our dealership

a few times to check different cars that might fit here needs.

On 9/2/14, she came early in the morning and test drove about 4 different vehicles for about 2 hours

without any pressure to make a decision from our part. After an extensive test drive, she walked back

into my office and expressed that the 2000 Acura 3.2TL was the car she "fell in love with" and that it

meets all of her needs.

I explained the cost of the car to her and printed the contract. At that time, she read the contract very

carefully and signed it. The next day she called to say that she spoke to her Dad and he told her that

she made a "bad deal". Ever since that day Mrs. [redacted] has been extremely rude to us and basically

making up lies about this entire transaction. Furthermore, her check that she wrote to us for $250.00

returned to us as canceled!

We called Mrs. [redacted] a number of times in order for her to avoid repossession for writing "bad

checks" with no response.

She left us with no choice but to reposes her car. I enclosed the contract that we sighed with

Mrs. [redacted] and a copy of her returned check.

Please let us know if you need any additional information.


Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 9, 2014/10/25) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Response from [redacted] to E-Z Buy and [redacted] letter 10/25/14 Case ID XXXXXXXX:

As of today EZ Buy and [redacted] has NOT resolved my issue with them.

I will respond with answers in their letter.

I had not been dealing with E-Z Buy since mid August. I met them once prior to 9/2/14. I was looking for an SUV for me and my 2 70lb dogs. When I went there 9/2/14 I drove 2 vehicles in 30min around the block. I NEVER said I loved the car. That is a lie, one of many. It actually did not meet my needs but I thought I was buying a $5000 car for $50 a week which would allow me to buy a 2nd car for the dogs an SUV.

He NEVER explained the cost of the car. He NEVER printed the contract. He printed it while I was gone to get a deposit of $1500. And when I returned he tricked me into another $500 for a total of $2000 down. The documents he showed me are the order he put them in, with the Bill of Sale Contract at the bottom which I NEVER saw. He just did the talking and then put the papers in front of me and had me sign and initial. I NEVER read in FULL until I left there with the mechanic, another lie.

I came back within 30min on 9/2/14 not the next day. I came back he laughed at me and was verbally mean and rude refused for me to return the vehicle less $150, said the car was mine and already transferred to me and all money had been paid for me I now owed for the car and to leave.

I called 9/3/14 to speak with the owner and went there after going to the Vehicle Registration office and they said the car was NOT in my name in fact they have up to 45 days to transfer. Any reference to my father is another lie. I have not spoken to my father since April 2014. I talked about the car to the mechanic. He said I should return and if they are reputable they would take the car back if it was such a great car to them. I never relayed that to them. I have never been rude to them. I just wanted out of their lied sale. [redacted] told me to return later 9/3/14 and speak with the owner of EZ Buy. I did but he was never there.

I called 9/4/14 and he was in and I returned there. He felt bad said [redacted] bought the car while he was gone out of town and he didn't know anything about it. He felt [redacted] should have allowed me to undo the deal because it was within minutes of me buying the car. The best he would do was provide me an $800 credit. He felt bad he made my pay the additional $500 (2 $250 checks).

I went to my bank after they didn't respond to my certified letter (with no response) [redacted] bank transferred money from my Savings to Checking without my authorization to cover the 1/2 checks. I put a STOP PAYMENT on the 2nd one after they still NEVER responded to my letter.

I saw unknown numbers on my cell detail but NEVER received a message. I did get some restricted calls but no messages left "I do not answer calls if they block their number.

They repossessed the car without contacting me even though I had an $800 credit that was due to me which I was using. That was stated in the Certified mail that was sent to EZ Buy and [redacted], the car contract was signed 9/2/14 and they repossessed the car on 10/10/14 before any payments were due and without even contacting me or informing me.

I feel there is a direct conflict of interest if [redacted] Owner of [redacted] and [redacted]'s son in law is selling me a car on the EZ Buy Car lot owned by [redacted] his company is financing the deals for his father in laws company EZ Buy. No wonder he would not undo the deal when I returned back within 30 min that would directly affect his company.

The only resolution is to be reimbursed $1500 no less. If not I am filing in small claims court. I have contacted 2 Government Agencies in the State of WA about this issue so I will also see how they feel and if they can assist me in this matter.

Sincerely, [redacted]

Final Business Response /* (4000, 12, 2014/10/28) */

To Whom it May Concern,

We do try very hard to make all our customers feel confident with their purchase

and with all decisions in choosing the vehicle of their choice. All our customers that are financing a vehicle here are asked to sign the same paperwork, they are certainly under no pressure to do so, and have every opportunity to ask any questions before signing if they so chose. They all receive copies of every single page that they have signed as well.

Unfortunately with this one particular customer I don't think it should now be about he said, she said... but about the facts.

Yes, it is true this customer purchased the vehicle on Sept 2, 2014 and a couple days later asked to cancel the sale which we were not willing to do. However, we were willing to loose some money on the deal in order to make our customer happier, as stated on the signed paperwork by both parties. Unfortunately, she did declined to live up to any of our agreements that she signed and in so doing bounced a personal check to us. All of which has lead us to the current circumstances.

We do pride ourselves with having a strong business with customers referrals, which I believe speaks volumes for our growing business. It has always been our goal to have happy and satisfied customers but unfortunately this can not be 100% of the time.

Certainly appreciate your time and attention you have given this matter.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 14, 2014/11/01) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I came back within 30 min. AND then had no choice to try and speak with the OWNER who was not available until 2-3 days later. They should have let me out of the contract in the 1st 39 min and we would not be here today. I have complaints with all agencies as well as the Attorney General, [redacted] etc. They took the car without contacting me. The check was stopped because this must be how they operate. Get as much money out of someone then take the car back without contacting them. They owe me $1750 and they can have they key to the vehicle they illegally repossessed. Received car 9/2/14 apparently had an $800 credit then they come and get 10/10/14. Never heard of this before and have NEVER had this happen to me before.

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Address: 401 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98144-2036


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