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E-Z Floors, Inc.

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To whom it may concern:The agreement in the above stated comment was signed contract on February 19th, they were well aware of our schedule that we were installing the materials and beginning construction on March of we did tell customers it would proximally take two weeks to finish
the project and the better part of the *** project has been completed the wood floors for project were also completed in a timely manner the question at hand is the *** that was to be installed in the entry foyer of their formal living areaon many occasions there has been issues with the quality of product that has arrived at their home This is something that ez floors or the sales team or the Installer could've not preventedThe first batch of materials that the customer agreed to except came in with a manufacture defect and the lines were not squared, installation would've done poorly and the Installer made a great judgment call to not install the material because lack of poor qualityThe second batch of materials was denied all of good quality denied by the customer for the appearance of the natural *** had too much variation or filled and hold areas that they did not approve ofThe third batch of materials was given to EZ floors by a second party vendor and unfortunately came up also poor QualityNow for the last few weeks sales team have given samples to the customer to approve which they have denied time and time again the last approval of materials that they saw individual sample pieces of *** and approved materialEz floors special ordered and shipped their approve *** from *** to the *** distributor and Once arrived customer and sales team went out to verify the approval of the *** which then then again the customer denied We have now found a product that they have approved and will install as soon as possible to accommodate customers and ez floors working schedule

To whom it may concern:EZ Floors has contacted the customer & went to his house & saw the issues he has. EZ Floors will take care of all the issue & the problem that the customer has mentioned with installation. When the customer contacted EZ Floors the 1st time regarding the wood near...

the kitchen, EZ Floors took care of it right away. These issues the customer didn't call the salesman or the store before he sent the claim. The customer should have called us before submitting the claim. EZ Floors will stand by his warranty

To whom it may concern. We contacted [redacted] and agreed to replace all of his floor at no cost to them installation should take place on May 22 and we will be using the installation process he requested. [redacted] had moisture problem in his house prior to us doing anything to his...

floors. His floor will be replaced with the exact [redacted]e item he wanted does he has already installed. [redacted] has a foundation problem in the moisture in it is higher than usual that's what created the problem first. We will request from [redacted] to send an update once the floors are all done. Thanks in advanceEZ Floors management.

Review: I had EZ Floors to install laminate flooring in my home approximately 2 1/2 years ago. The laminate that was installed is under warranty for 10 years. The flooring is currently appearing to be scratched and it warped in certain areas. I contacted EZ Floors in [redacted] and spoke with [redacted]. He promised me a phone call back 2 or 3 times; however, each time I had to contact him, he never returned my call. He finally agreed to come out to take a look at the floor in [redacted]. When he came out to look at the floor he said that he could see the damage; however, he would have to speak with some other man at his job and figure out what could be done. Within a week, I had not received a call, so I called him. He said that he had not forgotten about me that he had my name on his desk, he was still waiting to speak to "the man". I called a couple of weeks later, same story. I feel like I am getting the run around because they do not want to help me.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that they replace the flooring and/or refund the cost of the flooring so that I can have it replaced by another contractor.



To whom it may concern:

After doing the inspection on the laminate, the customer has been using a cleaner that build a residue on the top of the laminate. This residue showed that there are scratches on the laminate but actually there are none. There is nothing wrong with the laminate finish or the installation. Customer misunderstood the warranty of the product. EZ Floors will clean the laminate in her house as customer service on [redacted] & this complain should be removed because there is nothing wrong with the laminate or installation.

Review: I purchased hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet from [redacted] and contracted with them to remove the existing flooring in a house I purchased and install all prior to moving in to the house with my family. The installation took approximately * weeks and allowed for painting contractors to prep and paint the entire house including all trim, doors, ceiling and walls. I also had the AC ducts and house professionally cleaned prior to moving in. The reason for this was in our prior house we had all of the flooring removed and new installed while we were living in the house. During the install my wife came down with a respitory infection which required her to be hospitalized for * days with effects for another * months. Shortly after move in we contacted [redacted] and complained about glue left on the flooring from the install and a haze present throughout the hardwoods. [redacted] sent multiple cleaning crews out to address the issue, but none would touch due to the haze that was present and concern over creating more damage. Due to our continued desire to address, [redacted] and the manufacturer of the hardwoods sent out multiple inspectors and staff and we subsequently hired our own [redacted] to identify the responsible party. Our [redacted] did find that roughly [redacted] of the hardwoods to be defective, but also found the installer to be responsible since they have the final review prior to install. The cost of the entire job exceeded $[redacted]. I have been trying to make a cash settlement with [redacted] for the past couple months. The only other option is to remove and reinstall the hardwoods, paint, and professionally clean the house and ac ducts while our family is displaced with also the concern of my wife contracting another respitory infection.Desired Settlement: The cost of the contract exceeded $[redacted] and the cost to remove the hardwoods, cost of the new flooring, leveling, reinstall, paint, cleaning of house and ac ducts, storage for furniture, hotels room/incidentals, and inconvenience, I project would exceed $[redacted]. I have offered to settle for $[redacted].



Dear Sir & Madam

[redacted] went to the customer house to clean up the wood floor from glue that was over the wood as the customer mentioned.Then later, the customer called back and complained about the same problem. [redacted] sent a different crew to clean up the wood to see if it comes out. However, the hazy look did not go away and it wasn’t because of the glue as we thought (because the floor was cleaned twice) ,it was coming from the wood itself (the finish that manufacture applied to the wood).

As a courtesy to the customer, [redacted] sent a certified [redacted] to inspect the floor for the customer (at [redacted] cost) . The report from the [redacted] stated that it is a manufacture problem with the finish. Then We contacted the vendor (manufacturer) and filed a claim on behalf of the customer. The vendor replied by rejecting the claim. We contacted the customer and told him about the outcome of the claim. we also told him that we will back him up if he is going to file a claim on the vender (manufacturer) .

The customer wrote that his [redacted] found about [redacted] of the wood to be defective. And he also said that our installer to be responsible for not detecting the problem of the wood prior to install .ok.. The first part about the wood…. we agree with but the second part about the installer we disagree with. The finish problem with the wood cannot be detected easily by just looking at it. it takes more just the naked eye to find. it takes a certified [redacted] to find the problem with the finish.

Our contract with the customer says the flowing “[redacted] MAKES NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED ON ANY MERCHCHANDISE SOLD.ALL WARRANTIES ON MATERIAL COME FROM MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY”.The issue the customer has is with the wood (material).

Both our [redacted] and the customer [redacted] agreed on the finish problem, but the real problem is the manufacturer denies the fact that the wood has a problem and honoring the claim .The customer wants [redacted] to settle the problem with him by paying him $20,000 and he will live with the defective wood floor but the settlement should be with him and the manufacture .if he wishes to file a claim against the manufacturer we will support him.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.]


Dispute Resolution Team,

I would like my

complaint against EZ Floors re-opened. The business responded that per

the contract they do not rep or warrant the products they sell and that I would

have to resolve the issue with the manufacturer. When this issue was

brought up to the [redacted] of the store that I purchased the flooring from, he

stated "that the manufacturer will not rep or warrant the flooring as they

are a foreign firm and they would just close their doors if a claim was

brought against them". I also heard this same comment from one of

the inspectors that were hired to inspect my floors.

To sell products,

knowing that if an issue is presented is not warrantied by the

manufacturer, and try to cover yourself by adding a sentence is the purchase

agreement, that is not reviewed fully while signing, is an unfair and

deceptive practice.

I will be sending a

letter to [redacted]and all three local TV stations.

Thank you for your

anticipated cooperation.



Review: EZ Floors was contracted to install tile floor, granite countertop and backsplash in my kitchen. Floor and countertop are satisfactory. Unfortunately, the backsplash was installed with NO real grout line (just look like they are stacked one on top of the other - very ugly). Also, small inserts were ordered to be placed at equal intervals on the backsplash. The incorrect inserts were delivered and the interval the insets were to be placed were cut out very unevenly - ranging from 9.5 inches apart to 19.5 inches apart. Some of them are to be placed directly next to an electrical outlet - very ugly. The backsplash looks nothing like what I was shown in the store - there are no variations in the color. I have spoken with the store numerous times and tried to get this taken care of and have changes made. I am being told it will cost me $250 to take the mess that has been installed off the wall and another $1200 to install different tile on the backsplash. All the while, I have been billed and am paying for incomplete work that is not acceptable.Desired Settlement: I would like to have the present tile on the backsplash removed, at no additional charge. I would like a full refund on the price of the existing tile backsplash and this refund amount applied to a more appropriate tile with installation done at no additional charge to me.



to whom it may concern:

The [redacted] signed the contract with EZ Floors for tile, granite & backsplash. tile & Granite has no issue. backsplash is 4*4 travertine which is natural stone. natural stones always have a lot of variation. the material was delivered to the customer house couple of days before installation. the inserts that were given to the installer from the distributor were wrong & the Manager took the sample boards to verify the material @ customer house & we refused to install since they are the wrong materials. however we installed the backsplash without the inserts instead leaving the backsplash with dry wall. the beauty about this travertine to be installed without grout joint just butt together. after installing the backsplash, customer doesn't like the travertine color & wants more variation to the stone. she selected material that is 5/8*5/8 that comes in a mesh which cost almost triple of the cost of the 4*4. customer agreed to pay half of the cost of material cost & EZ Floors will pay the labor & the other half of the material as customer service. the material will arrive here on Wednesday & EZ Floors will install the job on Thursday & Friday



From: [redacted]

Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 6:54 PM

To: drteam

Subject: Complaint ID: [redacted]

This email is in response to the letter dated June 24 from you regarding the above referenced complaint.

In response to the information provided by EZ Floors, it should be noted that the backsplash shown to me in the showroom was not the same color variation as what was subsequently placed in my kitchen. Beside the fact that there was no variation from tile to tile, I was also not told by my [redacted]esperson [redacted] that all materials in the showroom are treated with enhancer and sealer so the color I was looking at would look different if I did not pay extra for this service. It was certainly not my responsibility to dig through materials delivered to my home prior to having it installed. Again, when it was installed there was no grout line - I did not authorize this type of installation - and was not told until it was complete that this was how it would look. After much discussion with [redacted] first (who was absolutely no help and took no responsibility for anything, including ordering the wrong tile inserts for the initial installation) and later [redacted] it was agreed that we would pay $400 extra for the change in tile I selected. [redacted] called my husband and set up a date to have the installation take place. He then called back later to tell us that the installation would have to be postponed. My husband indicated that we were not happy with continued delays and wanted to installation to take place ASAP. At that point [redacted] said he would have someone out on Thursday & Friday (June 26 & 27). The entire installation would be complete by Friday or he would waive the additional $400 fee. Removal of the first tile took place on Thursday. The tile installer arrived on Friday and told me that he would have to come back on Saturday to grout everything. On Saturday, after installation was complete, the installer asked us for a check or $400. We informed him that [redacted] was waiving the fee because it took longer than he stated for the complete installation. When we spoke with [redacted] about this later in the day, he was not happy about this and tried to have us pay the fee anyway. We refused.

It should be noted that, when the installer pulled the new tile out for me to look at I was somewhat dismayed because it AGAIN looked nothing like what I selected in the store. It was at that point that he told me I would have to have it enhanced and sealed in order to get the same color as I selected in the store. When we asked [redacted] about this he said it would cost us an additional $285 to have the enhancer done. While the installers did a good job in my opinion, I am totally dissatisfied in the customer service from EZ Floors ([redacted] and [redacted]) and would never recommend them to anyone. It seemed they just wanted to throw whatever in my home and, when I asked why things looked different that what I picked in the store, they told me it would cost extra to get that. When I asked why they didn't tell me this up front, they had nothing to say.

At this point, I just want them to go away. I don't want them in my home anymore. I will now have to find someone else who can put enhancer and sealer on my tile because I feel like I am getting totally taken advantage of by EZ Floors.

Review: We purchased a [redacted], asking for it NOT to be installed directly onto the [redacted] foundation. They told us their company always glues it to the foundation. Within two months, our $8,500 [redacted] was buckling. They began working with us, telling us that they would take care of us in January 2013. They cut a hole in the [redacted] to release tension. Since Jan 2013, we have been living with a hole in the floor going directly to the [redacted] foundation. They keep promising they'll take care of it, and will take care of us, yet specifically on two occasions we were told that they would only fix it if we paid them a little over $6,000 for new material. They knew the condition of my home BEFORE they installed the [redacted], they told me that in [redacted] they were SUPPOSED to glue it directly to the foundation, they installed it KNOWING the condition of my home, they always tell me they'll check with the manager, [redacted], and then fail to call back (telling me that they thought the $6,000 offer for them to fix our floor was fair and they were waiting for us to pay them), they CUT THE HOLE in my floor, they have made promises, they have not kept any promise that they have made. On several occasions, several different employees of EZ FLOORS have told us that they SHOULD NOT have laid this floor in the manner that they laid it.Incidentally, before they installed the [redacted], the previous [redacted] was pulled up. As it was removed, the [redacted] was wet under the old wood. They tried to dry the floor, but had to wait 10 days, with fans going, till it measured acceptable water content percentage for [redacted], and laid the [redacted] the very day that the moisture level met acceptable levels. They have since told us that they should NOT have laid that floor without placing a sealant on the [redacted] foundation to ensure moisture would not return. OOOPS, how could they have made such a big mistake, i.e. waiting 10 days to install the floor while it dried, then NOT adding a moisture barrier?Desired Settlement: After more than two years dealing with this company, we no longer trust them to fix it or to do the job. At this point, it appears that they should reimburse us the cost of the installation and we'll hire someone else to fix it. We have spent many, many hours trying to get this taken care of. As well, we have been living with a hole in our floor, going to the [redacted] foundation, for well over two-years. This is way too long to live with a hole in the floor. Might consider them fixing it.



To whom it may concern.

Review: EZ floor and I entered in agreement on February 19, 2015 that they will start working on my home floors ( [redacted] ) on March 23 2015. They told us it is going to take 2 weeks to finish this project. But it has been 4 weeks and our formal living room floor is still not finished ( they have finished rest of floors though ). EZ floor showed us tiles in their showroom/shop that we chose to be installed. But at time of installation they didn't have tiles we chose to install in our bathroom, so we have to choose a different product. Their installer ( [redacted] ) thought tiles we have chosen for our formal living room were defective ( not cut right ), so we had to chose another tile but their supplier ( [redacted] ) did not have enough in stock. Now they told us they have ordered tiles from [redacted]. We are still waiting for these tiles to arrive and install. I am living in a construction zone with my 3 young children. We are not getting a date from them when are they going to finish this project.Desired Settlement: Get our floor finished promptly.



To whom it may concern:

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