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I am a community manager at *** *** *** *** and I have a washer/dryer stack able machine that was provided by E-Z RentalI called the the service line informing them the washing machine stopped workingOn April 05, a technician brought out a replacement machine as the prior machine was unable to be repaired it had to be taken in to be servicedThe technician hooked the machine and went to turn onWhen he tried to turn the machine did not workHe checked the building hoses as no water was entering into the washer, but the building water hose line worked properly it was the machine itself not workingHe called in his company let them know the situationOn Wednesday a different technician comes out to repair or fix the machine that was delivered and not workingAfter checking the machine he found this machine delivered also not working and again has to be replacedThursday April 07, the same driver that delivered the first replacement machine brings

The business fraudulently created a contract which contradicted the original arrangementThe original contract was for a rent-to-own agreement and then the business owner created a different contract which changed the agreement to a straight rental with no ownershipThen the owner sent me a bill which is requesting an additional $in fraudulent charges and even went so far as to send the claim to collectionsI am contesting the fees and charges with the collection agency and attempting to resolve the tactics used to forge documents and create contracts in an attempt to discourage these types of business practices in the future

E-Z rental delievered the washer and dryer on Sunday September 3, I go to use the washer and it smells like mold really badI emailed the email they use to email me previous and use there contact us on their pageI did this times and no responseI finally go through when calling them and I told them the issue they didn't offer to being a new oneThey said "our pick up Tuesday and FridaysIf we pick up you have to pay a $per appliance and pay back the free month we gave you." I haven't had the washer a week when I called I don't believe I should pay for anything when the washer is a health concern

[redacted] has been the manager at this apartment complex since 2008 and has referred E-Z Rental for rentals since that time. We provided her a free Stack washer & dryer for those eight years as a trade for referrals. Since this location is a low income housing nobody ever moves in or out very often...

which resulted in a rare referral of E-Z Rental. Since referrals are very rare we decided that next time she needs service we would require her to sign a contract for a discounted rent rate which was agreed to on 4-5-16. We discounted the rate from $40 per month to $25 per month and gave free delivery and pickup included. In the Standard Rental Agreement contract we ask the customer to take responsibility for water leaks or damage if they want to rent from us since our rates are very low. Please see attached document signed by [redacted] 4-5-16. Although we are very sorry for how the 1st unit did not work and required exchange the second one was working after a tech reviewed that their breaker was not working and was part of the original issue perhaps. Per our notes I see delivery 4-5-16, service 4-7-16 that say's breaker issue resolved, 4-11-16 flooded apartment. Apparently the manufactures water pressure tube detached from the side of the machine which causes a very slow water leak. If [redacted] had stayed home she would have seen this before it went into the downstairs apartment. When [redacted] called to notify us of the leak we had determined that the washer had been used successfully prior to the bad experience. [redacted] agreed that if she had the appliance for a while that she would expect to be responsible for the leak but since it was only a few day's she wants E-Z Rental to consider taking care of the clean up bill. We notified her that we were very sorry for what happened but responsibility still lies in the users hands. She said it's not a problem for her to submit the claim to her insurance as she has rental insurance but just wanted to ask us if we wanted to cover it. She is still renting that unit and is a good customer paid up through 7-4-16 of her monthly contract. We are so sorry for any leak ever and use many precautions like new water hoses at time of install, testing well before leaving the premise, fill, drain, agitate, hot & cold water entry, spin, drain before leaving. Unfortunately all the precautions did not cover this incident and the manufacturer does not use a clamp around the water fill tube attachment at the bottom exterior of the tub. There is no way to predict if this tube will come off on it's own and we see it as an odd method by the manufacture so we sometimes when inside the machine will install a clamp on that attachment or wire tie as a clamp. I'm sorry E-Z Rental did not find a solution for [redacted] that satisfied her and we are surprised by the complaint. Sincerely, [redacted]- CEO
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I disagree as what I am understanding he does not guarantee his work or machinery he rents out. I am not a technician to be opening and checking the mechanical system in washer/dryer unit that I rented out from his company. The machine came out faulty it overflowed and it is EZ Rental responsibility to cover the damage it caused. I am not asking for money, suing, or anything absurd, all I am asking is his company cover the water damage the faulty machine caused.

Review: Lied about the appliance they were selling me. I checked with suppliers and they were selling me a 18 year old machine at the same price as a new one so I decided to just lease it prior to delivery I expressed my disgustat the age of the machine and was told it couldn't be dated blahblahblahso I was told they would bring it out and I could look at it and if I don't like it I could send it back and I told the flake that I would lease it since the repairs were covered. They came out and gave me a contract to buy it only and then installed it then the owner railed and terrorized his poor installer badgering him on and on about how to handle customers and demand a commitment while the machine is still on the truck and that the customer then had to sign the contract. The very nice worker listened to the rude jerk and tried to calm the maniac down. Then I told him I was just leasing it and he demanded 6n personal references and a copy of my social security card and my drivers license and I told him I had not heard this the prior day and had no social security card so I told the man to take it back. Then the owner called and demanded I pay them to deliver the machine and went on and on terrorizing the poor delivery man and then he proceeded to call me to tell me I owed him money. What a complete jerk and liar. Now he says he is sending me to collections even tho there is no contract and he offered to send it over and I could reject it this guy has no business dealing with the public. I think he is highly unstable and should not be in business. There is no doubt he is an abusive personality and very dishonest.Desired Settlement: take this horrible company down, threatening to damage my credit for their lies and deception and devious business practices.. how many people have they hurt????



On 3/5/13 [redacted] called in wanting to buy a washer. She picked out over the phone a Kenmore White faced control panel and white body washer priced $289. She wanted off day delivery so we informed her we have an extra fee for off day delivery. We only handle Fallbrook on our San Diego days which is Tuesday or Friday. She requested Thursday at the additional fee of $25. I emailed her the invoice. Later on she called me and said somebody had told her that the washer I was selling her was 15 years old. I assured her it is not old but very nice and that she will love it. She asked me how old I think it is? I told her that I normally state this condition as 5-10 years old but that the year is not stated on it. I assured her if she did not like it when the truck gets there she could send our driver off. Upon delivery she accepted the washer and had our driver install it upstairs in her house and hook it up in her laundry room placing it inside her drain pan. She was still inside the purchase agreement at this time but had not paid our driver. After he hooked it up [redacted] decided she wanted to rent instead. My driver called it in to me and I spoke with her and began to fill in our order form. When we got to the pesonal info like CDL & SS # she went so fast I had to ask her to repeat it. When we got to her birthdate I asked her to repeat again and she got pissed about it. I asked if I could speak to my driver. I asked him to get her identification and 3 ref's and let me know and I would email the contract. When I did not hear from my driver for a short time I called him back. He said he was on the stairs taking the washer out of the house and that she does not want it. I told him to request only the delivery fee ($25) and stair fee ($10) and off day delivery fee ($25) of her totalling $$65. I told him please don't leave without getting this fee from her or calling me 1st. My driver texted me that he is leaving and her neighbor who is a police has asked him to leave. I tried to call [redacted] and discuss this with her and she would not answer the phone. I left a message that the delivery fee is due since she accepted the washer and had us install it and such. I did indicate that the balance will go to collections if she does not pay it and that I had proof we were at her house with our GPS for at least an hour and 20 minutes. I explained on her voice mail that we were trying to help her and not create enemies. I never yelled at my employee but instructed him what to do next. He now understands that all paperwork and contracts should have been completed before providing any service like going into the home and hooking up the washer. In other words she should have made her decision at the truck and signed our documents or followed our rental order procedure before delivery. We expect customers mostly have good intentions and this washer I estimate at around 4-6 years old or so and has been rebuilt by us and is beautiful. We don't go by age but by appearance and we have 1700 appliances out on rent and 1000 happy customers. I still feel the delivery is due and that her desire not to communicate or pay anything is evidence of her character. I aready knew I was taking a chance with this one when I sent our driver since she was saying things like the washer was 15 years old but I knew she would be happy when she saw she was wrong and the washer showed up. We are sorry to have not been abel to satisfy [redacted] and will pray she stops hurting the people who try to help her.


CEO [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below:

this response is riddled with lies. I had spoken to the sales person who told me the age of the machine could not be determined but only to buy a Kenmore.

He gave me the ID number and I called a Kenmore parts dealer who told me the machine is 17 years old!! I told the seller that I was informed it was a 17 year old machine and he asked me how I knew that. I told him many parts are no longer available for the machine. I then emailed him and said I didn't want the machine at all. I have this email date and time on file. He called me and said he wanted to send it out and I could accept it or reject it and that it was a great machine. I told him I would only feels safe renting it since I didn't want to deal with repairs. I was told it was a so called "rush order" and that all these fees for immediate delivery were to be added. Then later in the day I got a call that their delivery was backed up and could I see them the next day?(ok so no more rush order fees, right?) I said ok. Then the next day they called and asked if I really wanted to see it so I said I would see it. Never was I told I had a demanded delivery fee, and also never was I told that I had to give them my social security card and 6 personal references to rent their stupid machine. Once the delivery guy came he showed me a computer print out to buy it. I told him I wouldnt buy it but I would rent it as I had previously told the sales person.The worker installed it and called the owner who proceeded to tell the poor worker off for the longest time berating him for bringing the machine into my home.

I had to sit there and deal with what seemed to be a highly abusive individual terrorizing his employee. Then the employee told me he needed my social security card, drivers license to rent the machine along the with 6 personal references. I said I do not have a social security card so that was that.I talked to the salesman on the phone and he was very demanding of all my personal information. I told him I had no social security card and that was that!! I honestly sent that machine back but the owner kept harrassing the delivery man to get money from me. I told the delivery man he needs to stop working for that sociopath. Then I got a barrage of phone calls and email threats that they are sending me to collections for the delivery. They never disclosed any mandatory fee if I rejected their merchandise and had no terms of contract.

This is complete fraud. I told them I didn't want the 17 year old machine and then I was told it was so beautiful and Kenmore is so easy to fix and the new ones are junk yada yada yada........pushing me to have it come over to "see" I know that they want a contract and money before anyone even knows if it works. There are no contracts up front to inform any consumer of their terms of agreement or policies whatsoever just a computer screen to sign on the dotted line. No stipulations to the qualifications of a lease agreement....Very shady.

Anyway the company is a fraud and misrepresents their products even to knowing full well that they are scamming people who prefer to rent a machine and have

a warranty. They have another phoney name in which they charge people to pick up their old machines for a fee, and I bet this is where they get these old machines

to turn around and rent to unsuspecting individuals.

I have found that the people who are criminals and violate me continually call me the criminal. Hey I am the customer here and they are supposed to offer a so called service.

They have not learned the rules of doing business.. to them the potential client is the enemy, but they don't let that be known until they think they have them should definately run to the hills on this one.




It's true I forgot to tell you about our criteria for rentals requiring the Identification in advance to coming out and it's true we should have had you sign your agreement at the truck prior to entering your home so let's call this dispute an agreement and I will not charge you for the service we provided that day. In the future we will handle this type of situation differently. Thank you very much for considering E-Z Rental as a source for your appliance needs. Once again we are sorry we could not satisfy you with your washer needs. Please forgive us and God bless!

Review: I was a customer for 5 years and moved to a different city in March so I had them pick up my old washer. I moved to an apartment so I needed a portable washer and dryer. The beginning of June the washer stopped draining and spinning causing it to flood my kitchen. I called about having someone sent out to fix it and all they can say is they want a payment. I told the lady at the front desk I will pay on my next pay day as long as I have a working machine. That never happened ... however, I did receive calls saying I have to pay or its going to collections. It has been a cat and mouse chase when it comes to customer service with E-Z Rental. They are nice at first but once you sign your name all people skills are out the question and as for customer service... what is that?? Also the notes that they leave on your account are not very detailed so when you call about something and would like them to back date through your account... well... it is not very helpful. I spoke with [redacted] today I had asked him to read through the notes supposedly he spoke with me and made a note stating I will pay before I get maintenance ... That never happened because since I had the issue with the washer I have never spoken to [redacted] said "I can't lie about something like that" referring to the "note" that was entered. I told him I refuse to pay for June and July when the machines were not working and I will pay for the first month he said no because I didn't pay when I had the units. OF COURSE NOT they are working and I put in an order for them to be serviced because of this inconvenience now I have to pay to do laundry at a laundry mat. He became very unprofessional saying the argument is going in circles and he is not budging. He said he will not charge me for the next bill ... Thanks for not charging me for a month that I will not even have the machines....really? He said it is my fault I am being charged because I never followed through with getting the machine fixed. I called a hand full of times to have the machine fixed they never sent someone to fix it. I work full time and where I work I don't get service I am not pulling aside to call you another 5 times to request customer service it is E-Z Rentals job to follow through! I told them to pick up the machines as soon as possible because it is taking up space in my living it has been there for 2 months now. Now I am being charge a pick up fee. This is how a loyal customer is treated after 5 years!!! You are better off at your local laundry mat the 1-800's number provide better customer service or buy new machines at a department store and make monthly payments it is worth it trust me! I don't care how petty it is I will file a police report or go to my lawyer.Desired Settlement: To not charge me for June or July or the up and coming month of August because the machine was not working. I don't want this on on my credit. I will pay for March. They are to pick up the machines July 23,2013.



Mrs. [redacted] called in on 6/11/13 and left a message about her washer not working. We called her back and left her a message that day. Then when she called back the same day she got me ([redacted]) and I told her we can repair the washer but we do require any late rent ($115) to be paid at the time. She said she would call back the next day and pay and request service. She never did call back. Then on 6/15 when we were supposed to take her automatic payments the credit card declined and we called her. She answered and said that she is in the hospital right now and that she will call us back. She never did call us back. Then on 7/21 when we were doing billing again we left a message again about the balance and we mailed and emailed a statement with a pink notice. Then on 7/22 Mrs. [redacted] called and spoke to me ([redacted]) and we discussed everything (broken washer/balance due). We offered to repair the washer but still do need payment of past due balance at the time. Mrs. [redacted] just wanted to return the units so we settup a rental return for the 23rd. of July. The next day [redacted] asked if we could pickup the units on Wednesday the 24th instead and told her we would waive July rent for the inconvenience and she agreed. This customer already stated she refuses to pay June or July anyhow. As part of the contract there is always a delivery and pickup fee and yes we cannot waive the pickup fee even though the washer is not working because we are not at fault that the customer did not pay and request service. The balance remains $145 right now with May and June's rent plus the pickup fee. We noticed this customer put a bad review on google and yelp the day after me ([redacted]) talking to her and she settup the rental return. She stated the same bad comments she stated here with the We stick to the contract and sometimes the customer does not like that. Were sorry that we have dissappointed this customer and would have been glad to service it but sometimes a broken appliance is all the leverage we have to get paid. I don't think we have done anything wrong here in this case but maybe we are learning that in order to not get bad reviews online we are to let the customer have their way even when it does not make sense in order to stop them from badmouthing us on social media. Were still learning and have many satisfied customers such as was Mrs. [redacted] for 5 years as she stated. That's all I can say about this. Customers balance is held for 30 day's and then if there is no communication or payments it does go to collections which incurs a fee too. Wer are very sorry this customer has been dissatisfied but feel we have done all we can do.

Sincerely, [redacted]

P.S. Please Mrs. [redacted] call or make payment as soon as possible as I know the will not tell you or I what to do but just act as a middleman.

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