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• Mar 01, 2021

e-z way motto?..just ignore!
Like everybody else that has sustained damage to their cars while parked at E-Z Way parking lot in Elizabeth NJ ...I to have been given the typical response of "just ignore all
and every claim that is made" on Feb. 25,2021 I returned from a trip to find my car damaged...I will skip & spare all of you the wasted time I put into of having never returned calls, e-mails, fax's, phone calls to customer service is a joke!...They are the most crooked business you will find anywhere...Their policy is to delay and ignore all claims until you get tired and give up!...that's the game they play!...Don't know why their still allowed to be business of ripping people off after all of these complaints...Fair warning to all !.."NEVER PARK YOUR CAR @ E-Z WAY PARKING in Elizabeth NJ"

We parked our car at E-Z Way Parking's facility on September 5, 2017. It was undamaged at that time. We returned on September 18, 2017 and found damage to the front passenger side fender. Subsequently, all our faxes, phone calls, letters and certified mail were ignored by E-Z Way Parking. We got our car reparied at a cost of over $1,100. Eventually we obtained the information we needed to sue E-Z Way Parking in Small Claims Court. They did not show up for the trial on August 16, 2018. It did not surprise us that they did not show up. The Court entered a default judgment in our favor.

Anyone who wants E-Z Way Parking's contact information can get it, for a small fee, from the following web site: records.
Make sure you enter the name exactly: E-Z- WAY PARKING, INC.

Review: We dropped our car off on April 2, 2015 at E-Z Way Parking (a.k.a. Airport Parking for Liberty-Newark Airport), [redacted] ([redacted] Lot). We were told to leave the car where we had parked by the booth. We transferred bags to the E-Z Way transfer van and were taken to Newark Airport for our flight. On April 10, 2015, after a 10 our return flight we arrived at Newark Airport and called for our pick up, which arrived and we were returned to the E-Z Way Parking lot at about 2PM. Our car was parked near the front of the booth (office) when we arrived. I went into the booth to pay the bill and get my key. When I came out I noticed that the front driver side bumper was heavily and deeply scratched with several deep, parallel, long, straight horizontal gashes. The impact of whatever was hit caused the front bumper cover to pull away from the fender panel (the two parts were no longer connected). I also then noticed the headlight has a long smudge on it. Upon inspection the smudge was paint and the force of the impact had actually dented the lens of the unit in a long horizontal indentation. After photographing the conditions I found my car in I immediately went back into the office and notified the “manager” of the damage. He followed me back out looked at it and said something like “oh this just snaps back together” and he proceeded to push the bumper cover and fender back together. He then photographed it (as noted above I have images before his “fix”). He told me to follow him back into the office to complete and accident report, which I did. He noted on the report “Driver side front corner large scratch on front bumper” and signed it. He provided me with the name of the “Customer Service” person and told me to call her and she would take care of it. After a ten hour flight and several more hours of driving to get home I did not contact the “Customer Service” person until Monday April 13th. I called and she picked up on the second ring. I explained that the manager had told me to call. She stated she had no paperwork on this claim. I told her I could send it and pictures. She said she would appreciate it and that their “Claims Department” would get in touch with me. I sent the material that day and received a cordial reply via email stating again that she would pass the information on to their Claim Department. Since April 13 I have emailed and called more than 20 times with no reply to my emails and no return calls to multiple messages left. It is clear they are screening my calls and simply ignoring my emails. On April 18th I went to an auto body repair shop and had them complete an estimate for the work, which was completed. The damage to my car was estimated at $1,726.69, which does not include car rental during the time the car will be in the shop. I sent the estimate on to the Customer Service contact I had been given and of course no response. It has now been nearly 2 months since E-Z Way Parking, through their negligence caused damage to my car. There is a reasonable expectation of care when a car is left in this type of facility. Furthermore the fact that this company has chosen to block and ignore all my attempts to resolve this issue in a reasonable manner speak to the credibility or lack thereof of this business. I am asking assistance in seeking a reasonable resolution to this issue.Desired Settlement: After trying to be cordial and reasonable and being completely ignored for 2 months by this company, I want E-Z Way Parking to pay for the damage they caused to my 2014 car through their negligence. I am hopeful that your agency might have more luck in getting them to at least respond, I imagine this in not your first contact with this business. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Review: While parked at the EZ Way parking our company car was hit by one of the parking attendants. We dropped it off undamaged and when we came back it had body damage. I have a police report and they will not return any of my phone calls nor process a claim for me. I even sent them pictures of the damage and an estimate for repairsDesired Settlement: I would like money to repair the damage before my lease is up and the car needs to be returned.

!!!!!!!! $3100.00 WORTH OF DAMAGE AND THEY DONT WANT TO PAY !!!!!!
I dropped off my car and went on a trip for 4 days. When I got back my car was rear ended. They never gave me a complete explanation of how it happened so I don't know whether one of the driver backed up into another car or they drove another car into mine. When you drop off the car they are the ones who park it. They don't allow anyone to park their own car in the lot so it is for a fact one of their employees crashed my car. When I call to speak to "[redacted](the person who handles the claims) she is never at her desk or she is always on a call but she is never available. Please help put an end to this and report them to the and New Jersey Department of consumer affairs !!!! The more people report them the sooner we get them shut down!!!! Posted the pictures of the car in front of their office(trailer) when I picked it up .

Review: We parked our car at your lot from July 5-11, 2015. Once in the car and on our way home we noticed a number of things in the car that leads us to believe there is a strong possibility that someone in your company used the car for something other than parking it. With the exception of the seat being slid back if the attendant had long legs, none of the rest of the following things should have been done simply to park the car. We wrote to them to see if they would address the complaint, but two weeks have passed with no response. It appears that not only did they use our car, but they don't possess the responsibility to address the issue.

* Seat was slid back (understandable even to drive across the lot)

* Seat height was adjusted

* Mirrors were adjusted

* Steering wheel position was adjusted

* Radio was tuned to a station that was not a preset

* AC was off but the setting was on HIGH...we dropped the car off at 5am and picked it up at 9:30 pm. There was no reason why this should have been on.

* I keep track of fuel efficiency with the computer in the car. When I dropped it off the current tank had 41 miles per gallon, when we picked it up it was 32 mpg. The only way this could have happened was if the are were used for city driving.Desired Settlement: That the business act faithfully when they park someones car and they NEVER use it without permission. That they refund my money

Review: I paid to leave my car on the parking lot from 09/01/2015 to 09/18/2015. The lot was advertised as secure with lights, gates and valet parking which is the reason I chose the lot over others. When I retrieved my car on 09/18/2015 I was putting my suitcases in the trunk when I noticed a large, deep scrape on the lower rear panel. I went back inside and filled out the necessary paperwork and followed up with a phone call on 09/21/2015 and left a message for the person I was told would be my contact. After 2 more phone calls and no response I spoke to the person who answered the phone and explained my situation. She told me that I would get a response if I sent an e-mail with pictures and an estimate for damage repair which I did on 09/23/2015. on approximately 09/11/2015 I called to ask the status of my claim I was told the e-mail had not been received but then it was found in a spam folder . I was then told that the matter would be expedited and I would get a response by e-mail within a day or 2. It is now 10 e days and several more calls where each time I am given another excuse there is no movement on my claim.Desired Settlement: I would like the business to pay for the work necessary to repair my 2014 Hyundai Sonata to the condition it was in when it was left at the lot. Estimate of repairs from a local body shop used by the Hyundai dealership is $840.16.

Review: I recently parked my car in an off site parking garage E Z Way Parking in Elizabeth NJ. When I arrived to pick up my car it had been damaged.

I filed a complaint and completed a complaint form with the attendant who assured me that she would forward the incident report to the Customer Service Person.

I followed up with two phone calls to this person, left voice messages, and my calls were never returned.

When I was able to speak with a receptionist, she gave me the customer service persons email address

I forwarded the photo of the damage to this person and explained the situation.

She has not returned my phone calls placed on September 7th and 8th. My email with photo was sent on September 9th and I followed up with another email 10 days later on September 19th.. This email has also not been answered. The Customer Service persons name is Joy and the email that I was given is [redacted] The phone number that I was given is[redacted] All my attempts to reach out to rectify this problem have been ignored.Desired Settlement: I would like the courtesy of a return phone call from someone who is able to handle this problem. I would like to speak with someone in this company who may speak with Joy the customer service person and explain that ignoring a customer with a valid complaint is not only disrespectful but also bad business. I also believe that I deserve a phone call from someone to apologize for the negligence at the parking lot and for being ignored when I attempted to contact someone.

I would like my parking fee of $134.62 refunded for the damage and mishandling of my car.

I have had to have repairs to the car to be able to legally drive it in NJ since my license plate and plate bracket was torn off, I have not had the opportunity to take it to the body shop for an estimate on the scratches. So far to replace the plate and the bracket my out of pocket expense has been $30.00 for just the plate and the bracket. I also lost a day at work because I went to DMV and the police dept. to report the plate

Review: On 3/25/14 I picked up my vehicle and documented damage while my car was parked at EZ Way Parking and the supervisor named [redacted] took pictures and had me complete a damage report. Since that date, I reached out by phone, fax and letter to [redacted] (Claims Administrator) and [redacted] (president and owner) and never received any response to have my

car repaired. They simply do not respond to multiple requests. My car will have to be repaired next week (damage about $300) and they will not help me or take any responsibilty for the

damage that occured while in their parking facility. Totally unresponsive to any and all requests for assistance with this matter.Desired Settlement: Pay for the repair that I scheduled for 4/28/14 at [redacted] Auto Body in [redacted] NJ

Review: My car was returned to me after a trip on September 30, 2014 with a dent and scrape on the rear fender. I filled out and faxed in a complaint form as directed and heard nothing. Then I called the owner, [redacted], at [redacted] and was told to call [redacted] at [redacted] who said that my claim would be referred to the "claims department". After hearing nothing, I made repeated calls, and either the voice mailbox was full, or my message was not returned. I still have heard nothing after 2 months.Desired Settlement: Refund of my parking fees, which were approximately $150.

Review: On 12/23/13 I parked my car at E-Z Way parking when I was flying out of [redacted] airport. My car was in perfect condition when I brought it in. When I picked it up on 12/30/13 at 1AM I saw the front grill below the bumper was broken in several places. I immediately showed them the damage and I filed a claim. I was calling them over the course of 4 weeks to find out the disposition of the claim. I told them the car was perfect when I brought it in and damaged when I picked it up, and I said they should have someone walking around the car for the 1 minute that it takes, to assess its condition when it arrives, to avoid any dispute. Their response to me was that they don't have enough employees to do that, which is ridiculous because it only takes 1 minute to do. After 4 weeks, on 1/24/14, I called again and was told that my claim was denied.The estimate I received for the damage is for $702.89. I tried numerous times to get in touch with someone in their claim's dept., but I only get a voicemail and no one returns my call.In this lot they move the car around, it's not a lot where the car remains in the spot I parked it in. There are concrete slabs in many spots and it looks as though someone smashed into one of these slabs because the bumper is ok but the grill below it which is on the same level as the slabs, is broken. This is a gross injustice and I just want them to pay for the repair of the damage that was caused by them.Desired Settlement: I want to be reimbursed for the cost of repairing the damage to my car incurred by them.



[redacted] was informed that after a thorough

investigation the claims department was unable to see how this damage would

have been done at our parking facility. [redacted] was informed from

the beginning that our investigations can take several weeks to complete, as

video surveillance of the facility is processed by an independent security

firm. EZ Way Parking is a valet parking facility, so yes the car was

moved from where she originally parked. [redacted] was dealt with

professionally by all of our staff, at the parking lot and in the office.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

In response to their statement that there is video surveillance, I specifically asked whether EVERY car that is moved is caught on video, and I was told that NOT EVERY car can be videoed. I then asked if my car is not videoed, how can they know that they didn't cause the damage? I told them that I absolutely brought them an undamaged car and it should be their responsibility to check every car that is brought in, for damages, so that if a car is brought in with any damage, they can make note of it. It takes less than a minute to walk around a car to assess it. Their answer to me was that they don't have enough employees to do that, which is ridiculous because whoever is checking the car in, can quickly assess it for any existing damage. It's not like they get ten cars checking in at one time. We were using this parking facility for many years and we never saw more than 2 cars checking in at one time. If my car was previously damaged, as they claim it was (I don't know how they can know this since it wasn't) they would see that upon inspection. Just as they make you sign that there are no valuables left in the car, they should also note whether there are any existing damages. It is negligent on their part not to check a car for prior damages when it is parked there.

In response to their statement that they don't know how the damage could have been caused by them, there are concrete slabs at the front of most parking spots which are on the same exact level as the grill beneath the front bumper that was cracked and broken. It's quite obvious that while moving our car from one spot to another, someone probably bumped into one of these concrete slabs and caused the damage.

In response to their claim that they were always very professional, I don't consider it professional not to return any phone calls. I was leaving at least 3 to 4 messages a day both to [redacted] who is in the consumer department as well as to the claims supervisor, who also never returned any of my phone calls and messages.


Review: on 11/25/12 we returned from a trip and went to pick up our vehicle st their valet parking facility. We were told they were unable to move our truck and they didn't know why.Upon examination ,we found the drive shaft lying in pieces next to the truck. We immediately filed a complaint form. Because the company never contacted us, wye faxed another copy of the complaint 12/12/12 and again on 1/13/13.STILL NO CO NTACT. I called EZ way 4/19/13,5/2/13, and 5/6/13 leaving messages on their voice mail/ I had also faxed the forms again 4/19/13.

STILL NO RESPONSE. On 5/3/13 I sent a registered letter which was receipted by the company( signature indecipherable) 5/15/13. As of today, we have had no contact of any sort from EZ Way Damages to the truck came to $4905.97Desired Settlement: We would like at least acknowledement fromEZ Way that we have filed a claim and that action is being taken to adjudicate the issue

Review: The company runs a long-term parking lot at Newark Airport, advertising a safe and secure lot with video surveillance. We left our car there from 4/21-5/7. Upon our return, our car was damaged, as it had obviously been driven into something, or another car backed into it. The company was immediately notified while we were still there, and a complaint form completed. Over the course of the next month, they did not return any of 10+ messages left. When finally they did, I provided full documentation as requested, and they promptly denied the claim, claiming video evidence despite Consumer Affairs advising that they do NOT have video surveillance. Co. has a very long history of cheating customers, with a record at the Elizabeth Police Dept and Union Co. Consumer Affairs.Desired Settlement: They should pay the cost of repairs. I provided them the estimate, for $1,069, plus $100 rental fee for the two days the car will have to be at the auto body shop.

Review: My vehicle was left at EZ Way for parking while I was on a weeklong business trip. Upon my return to the lot, the vehicle was found damaged and inoperable. Multiple attempts to contact EZ Way have not been responded to. I have both called and faxed a letter. Elizabeth Police filed an investigation as it appeared my vehicle was used in possible criminal activity while I was gone.Desired Settlement: I want a refund of the parking charge of $70.00, transportation to my home from EWR as my vehicle was damaged & inoperable $300.00 and the deductible for my insurance $500.00. Total $870.00

Review: On August 8, 2014 I traveled to Arizona and left my car with EZ Way Parking at its airport valet service lot. When I returned on August 20th the rear bumper had been damaged. The manager of the lot took my complaint, photographed the damage and provided me with a copy of the complaint with instructions. I followed the instructions and forwarded as directed the complaint by fax to the address required. Three telephone calls have gone unanswered. The complaint has not been responded to since August 21st. In checking other complaints against this business it appears that this conduct by them is their methodology of doing business. To this date, there has been no response to my filed complaint and telephone calls.Desired Settlement: Payment for the cost of repair of damage.

Review: I left my vehicle in the care of EZ Way Parking for 3-4 days starting on February 27, 2014. Upon pick up of my vehicle on March 2, 2014, I noticed damage to the front end passenger side fender and door. I alerted the attendant immediately who was rude, and would not provide me with any information as to which employee was the last person to drive my vehicle. I was advised to complete a complaint form, which I provided to the company via fax. I also followed up the fax with an email and voicemail, but no one from the company has contacted me to address the damage on my vehicle. I also asked them to preserve the surveillance video tape to the lot, and have not received a response to that request.Desired Settlement: I would like my vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

Review: Kept my car at ez way while on vacation. Upon return to get car and pay bill, the email confimation print out I had didn't hav ethe amount printed on it, but there was a confirmation nu mber. With this confirmation Ishould have been charged 6.50 a day, but the clerk wouldn't give me that price, and charged me 140.55. The quote on the invoice was for 58. Iv'e been calling their corparate office daily leaving my name and phone number, but they won't return my call.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of 82 dollars.



A refund request has been submitted to accounting for the difference of $82.31. The complaint form was received in our office 3/17/14.

Review: In September, EZWAY Parking ran a promotion that you get a rate of $7/day, reserve it by paying up-front for one day of parking without knowing what dates you would be actually using the parking lot. That you could reserve it then and use it for a future use of the lot. I have the receipts that I paid for 3 future bookings. However there is no way to then reserve a specific time without paying $7.37 (more than the original) and not without paying upfront for another day. I called the lot, and they gave me a number to call ([redacted]) and I should ask for Joy.

I called 4 weeks ago and left a message. She did not return my call. I called again 3 weeks ago and left another message. She did not call back. I tried calling several times last week and this week and now the phone does not even pick up.Desired Settlement: I have paid $21 and have no way to use it for parking. I want my money back immediately.

Review: My car was damaged in the EZ Way Parking Lot on June 15, 2014 resulting in roughly $5500.00 worth of damage, plus $500.00 deductible expense, $1300.00 rental car expense and $12.00 deposit EZ Way Parking during time of car being repaired. I was provided a police report on 6/15/2014 with registration of vehicle and an expired insurance card. The $5500.00 car repair was paid. However, the rest of the money was not. My insurance company, [redacted] is working with a Subrogation company to get me the money owed, of the $500.00 deductible, $1300.00 rental car through [redacted] and a $12.00 deposit through EZ Way Parking. The problem right now, is that EZ Way Parking will not return or work with my Subrogation company and have not tried to pay me the money owed.

I will be speaking with a lawyer next week and filing for small claims court if we do not hear back from EZ Way Parking or their insurance company, etc.

This has been such a hassel for me contacting the subrogation department, my insurance company, ez way parking and their manager [redacted] who is not helpful, taking time off work to do so resulting in me losing money I could be making at work. I also moved out of state, to [redacted] and if small claims court is the only option, I will be losing out on money I could be making at work in ** as well as travel expenses and hotel stay in NJ which I really do not want to do. Please let's settle this quickly so we do not have to go to court.Desired Settlement: All I am asking for is to be paid the money that is owed to me, which is the $500.00 dedutible plus $1300.00 car rental plus $12.00 deposit totaling to $1812.00. I did not ask for my car to be hit while in your parking lot for the 10 days it remained there. The right thing to do is pay me the money that is due. If I am paid the money that is due, I have no problem not filing a small claims court case. However, if my subrogation company hears nothing back from EZ Way parking by next week, my lawyer will be involved as well as small claims court proceedings.

Review: This parking business near Newark Airport is run by dishonest or incompetent people and should be shut down. I left my car there on 3/28/15 and left on a trip. On 3/29/15, the car was found crashed and abandoned at the airport by the Port Authority police. A review on [redacted] of the reviews of this business shows that customers regularly complain of items being taken from their cars, of extra mileage being put on their cars, and of damage to the cars. It is clear that cars are regularly taken from the lot for rides and, if one is lucky, the only thing that results is extra mileage and the loss of change for tolls. I was not so lucky. The person who took my car crashed and totaled it. EZ Way Parking either chooses to let people take cars from its lot or it is not able to prevent it. Either way, they should be investigated and shut down. Please start with my Elizabeth Police complaint, case no. [redacted]. I am out of pocket my $500 car insurance deductible, not to mention the many hours it took to retrieve my personal belongings from the Port Authority impound lot, to make my insurance claim, and to buy a new car.Desired Settlement: I would like to investigate this business and give it the lowest ranking possible. I would also like to be reimbursed for my $500 deductible.

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