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E-Z Wheels Driving School Inc

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Review: I started a driving class for CDL license. I paid for a package that came to 1400.00$. Recently I took driving classes to prepare for the driver's test. I went for approximately 7 days for an equivalent of 14 hours. The last day of my driver class, the instructor asks me if im ready to go on the road. He says this to me at 955am when the class is over with at 10am. I say yo the instructor I wasnt trained. I go to the office in elizabeth where I signed up & told the secretary [redacted]. My last class was on friday sept 12th. I was in the office for 3 hours & [redacted] supposedly called secaucus where u do your driver training. She never told me if she was called back or not. At 4pm I called her & asked did she hear from anyone, she advised she was new to the job. She gave me the number to the main office & I told the secretaries my drivers test is tomorrow which was saturday on sept 13th. They advised someone would call me back, this is at 4pm. I called back at 530p & I spoke to [redacted]. I told her everything that happened, she advised me I shouldve said something earlier, however I explained to her everything the workers did & procrastinated to do. She adv me to take the test even though I wasnt prepared, she advised she couldnt reschedule the drivers test because it wasnt 24-48 hours in advance. Of course I failed the test the next day because I wasnt prepared. She advised me to call her monday sept 15th & she would be able to give me more hours to practice driving on the road. When I finally reach her on sept 16th she tells me she could possibly do 1 more hour & that would be it. I cant understand why a school would send me to a test that they didnt properly train me for. During the whole weekend no one wanted to take responsibility on this error.Desired Settlement: The desired outcome would be for the school to train me for actual driving on the highway, like they were supposed yo or either refund me part the money I gave them. At this point I dont know if this school is replicable or trustworthy on what they promote. It seems like everyone wants to blow me off & ignore what happened. I feel totally bamboozled & taken advantage of. I did everything in my power to try to get this rectified.



I’m sorry for the inconvenience that we may have caused forMr. [redacted] but being that our school has always worked our best for everystudent that has entered our doors and make sure that every student succeededtheir goal and that’s the motive (to help).Mr. [redacted] started in our Elizabeth branch on July 8, 2014bought a package of a total of 15 hours behind the wheel, 10 free classroomvideos and 1 road test plus two free road test that comes with his package withthe written test free of charge this totals to $1,400. [redacted] left a deposit onthe same day of $200 which left him a balance of $1,200. From the day he signedup he started with the written test then videos which prepares the student withair-brake and pre-trip inspection also to aware you we have a total of 15videos which are alley docking (parking), straight line backing, measured rightturn, stop at line, shifting gears, double-clutch, uphill and downhill driving,speed control, braking distance, stop at intersection, turns, lane changes, useof mirrors, rail road tracks, and log book. After the video we prepare him forhis lessons we give students 2 hours or 3 hours a time per day.[redacted] did his first 3 hours behind the wheel on September 5,2014 at 9am and practiced his air brake and pre-trip inspection and failed. Hedid a total of 6 lessons of 2 hours and a 3 hour lesson completing the 15 hoursof training and Mr. [redacted] kept failing the air brake and inspection which isthe very first part of the exam. The exam consist of three parts rules of thedepartment of NJ Motor Vehicle. If they don’t pass the air brake they don’tmove to the second part or third, we offered him 2 free hours and for him topay for 2 more hours that will give him a total of 4 hours he said no, heexpects the school to give him a large amount of hours because he feelsentitled to it. We have tried to accommodate him but there was no cooperationfrom him as to accept our offer. If he changes his mind and decides to acceptour offer we’ll be glad to provide him with it. We are hoping that he would understand that we are stillwilling to honor those two hours free of charge including a road test. Lastly,with this we also wanted to make you aware that the last instructor the day ofthe road test took him driving to the road test area and when they arrived theinstructor spent an hour from 6:30am to 7:30am giving him air brake test andinspection, which [redacted] didn’t do so well in, when the inspector came in andasked him to do an air brake test which is the first step he failed immediatelybecause he forgot to release the parking brakes which we taught to himthroughout all the lessons and videos. We felt as if we even went out of ourway to give him all the help possible, we’re very sorry that he doesn’t feelappreciated with our service but we wish nothing but the best for him toreceive his goal. Thank You for your attention in this matter, if you have anyfurther questions please feel free to contact us.



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I am rejecting this response because:

Im sending this email because im unsatisfied with the business response. The company EZ -Wheels is flat out lying. In one of their responses, they advised [redacted] cancelled the road test. She told me she couldn't reschedule the roadTest because it was less than 24 hours in advance. I also have a friend that was with me who has his CDL license that heard what she was telling me. Also the representatives from ez wheels kept telling me they would call me back & never did. I kept calling them all during the day of sept 12th. [redacted] knew I wasnt ready for the test & advised me to take it anyway. It seems to me ez wheels wanted me to take the test because they knew I would fail, & henceforth they could get more money from me to get extra hours. The reason I took the test is because [redacted] said they would give me more training and work with me because I never got trained on the road




In response to your complaint received from Mr. [redacted], E Z Wheels Driving SchoolHas always taken the following steps to accommodate its clients: We have acknowledge and addressed all clients complaints. We accommodated Mr. [redacted] with all of his complaints from day one starting with his hands-on road training behind a tractor trailer: changing his schedule 4 times because there was a conflict with his schedule at work and also changing it again for him to attend a funeral. Mr. [redacted] was advised in detail about his CDL Training Program when he signed the contract between himself and E Z Wheels Driving School. Our staff is well trained to explain/solve any situation that any of our clients might have. In the case of Mr. [redacted] every time he had an issue, we tried accommodating him.We strongly recent the accusations Mr. [redacted] stated in his complain: “the company E Z Wheels is flat out lying” and “they advised [redacted] to cancel a road test”. [redacted] is the Supervisor of Road Test and Road Training Scheduling. She tried accommodating him by giving him 2 hours of Road Training along with a Road Test at no charge provided he paid for 2 hours of road training. He never responded to this offer.We find it shocking that all of a sudden he also states that a “Friend heard what she was telling him” E Z Wheels Driving School has been in business since 1997, with business offices in Union City, Passaic, Elizabeth and Hopelawn, New Jersey, providing one of the highest top quality “One-on-One” Driving Programs in the State. Our commitment to our client’s is so strong we believe by producing Better and Safer Driver’s we are contributing to a Better and Safer New Jersey.

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