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Complaint: ***
Good Morning ***
I am rejecting this response because: I do not have faith in what Tom states. I would be agreeable to Tom giving the $to to be held in trust until a vendor invoice shows that the stump grinding has been paid in full @ ** *** *** The reason I do not have faith in what Tom states is: 1) He told me that he broke the blades on the job next door when he attempted to grind down two (2) stumps on a stone patio2.) As the image provided shows he did not complete the job. 3.) The image also shows that there are no rocks in the area and only the unground tree stump. 3.) Tom did not call the "Call Before You Dig" line. It is a state law and mandatory as of January 2016. 4.) When I cleaned up the wood chips (Sat., March 19th) I discovered that the work had not been completed5.) He never stated to the year old widow that he broke any blades/teeth or that he was doing the cleanup for free. Why didn't he state the facts at this time? Tom could have been truthful & explained what happened. But no, Tom took the $and went straight to the bank to cash the check. 5.) On checking the small claims court I found that Tom has had unsatisfied customers in the past. 6.) There were no loud voices except on Tom's part when I explained that I would be going to the, CT Deptof Consumer Affairs, Call Before You Dig, and small claims court so that in the future other homeowners would not be put in a difficult position. As for Tom's statement that I want something done for free I am not sure what he means? Tom is the vendor who didn't do the job he was hired to do and has $in his bank account. Sincerely,
** ***

On March 17, 2016  I did stump grinding at [redacted]  I quoted $150 to  grind the stump withoutAny cleanup.  I was hired to do the job and upon completion of the stump grinding I did the cleanup For free because I felt that because of the age of the customer she would not be...

able to do it.  While grinding the stump I broke 6 teeth out of 18 teeth on a 6" rock that was embedded in the stump so I did not go as deep as I normally would. If the rest of the chips were cleaned up and topsoil was put down grass would grow there.  I Checked to see that cable and electric wereOverhead and water and sewer are minimum 4' deep in the ground so there was no need to call Before you dig. I told the daughter who made the complaint that I would refund the money untilI spoke with someone who said not to do it because she wanted work done for free.  I told herThat I would pay someone else who she selected to grind the stump to her satisfaction. I will still do that but I will not give money to her.  I had emailed her about paying other stump grinder but sheDid not reply to email.   She called me a few weeks later threatening me.  I would appreciate your Advise on how to handle this without giving her the money. I have been doing work  for free for charitable organizations for years but never for customers Thank you,Thomas k[redacted]

I have decided that rather than give you  back $150 you paided me to grind a stump at your home that I will pay the money to whoever you call to grind the stump to your satisfaction.  The $150 I charged was for stump grinding only.  The cleanup was done for free.  Once you  select someone to do the job give them my phone number and I will pay them the $150. I worked for 90 minutes and stopped after teeth were ruined by rocks

Review: Contract states the following:-Clear brush along rock walls-Harley rake and hydro seed-Remove 3 loads of brush.None of these were performed. Extensive explanation and examples were provided to the contractor before the job and after the job while trying to get resolution. Although, the work was agreed upon, the contractor was not willing to perform any work that would require manual labor. He insisted that the work could be completed with heavy equipment. Because of this, the final product looked worse when 'completed' then it did prior to starting. Some brush was raked up with Harley rake and shoved against the rock wall. Seeding was done in some areas, but not all areas and after extensive rains, most washed away. Brush was not removed and during his latest visit brush was dumped on my lawn.Contractor asked me to buy paint and spray areas in need of service. I did this, but he didn't show up as agreed upon. I had to repeatedly call him to come over. Contractor came over a second time with his own paint and again we reviewed the services. Finally, contractor came to finish the service, but ignored all areas highlighted with our paint. He just drove his tractor around causing deep ruts and tractor paths. The brush remains pushed against the rock wall and will require another contractor to fix the problem. Other areas along other rock walls on the property were not serviced at all.I have extensive pictures of before and after, including the brush that was removed and dumped on my lawn.

Product_Or_Service: Clear brush along rock walls, rake, seed, remove b

Order_Number: N/A

Account_Number: I can provide a copy

Desired Settlement: I would like a total refund of $3000 which will provide funds to hire another contractor to perform the job initially agreed upon in the contract.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/07/27) */

This response is in reference to a complaint made by [redacted].

The complaint made by the consumer is very contradictory. She first states we didn't do any work and further in her complaint she says we did some work. All work was performed and we were paid for the job. Not only was all work completed, but many extras were performed at the request of the customer, which Ms. [redacted] neglects to mention. We have yet to be paid for these extras.

I am always happy to work with a customer. When I responded to her last call, she was yelling and it was hard for me to talk to her. I was finally able to come to terms with her and agreed to meet her the following day, which I did. The areas in question were again marked.I came out the following day with my equipment and after about 1/2 of work, Ms. [redacted] went on a rampage telling me how to do my job and she became enraged.She stated that she had a doctor's appt.,would be gone for a few hours, and if it didn't look like an area whereby she hand clipped roots, she would see me in court. My job was to clear and remove brush, harley rake, and seed,as defined in my contract,which I clearly did.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/07/30) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Response is inaccurate and untrue. I have the before and after photos to show that the work listed in the contract was not completed.

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Address: 33 Volpi Rd, Bolton, Connecticut, United States, 06043-7548


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