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East Valley Dental Anesthesia, PLLC.

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Charges $for anesthesia work and says you can be reimbursed by your insuranceI s*ent several hours trying to get claim reimbursed with no luck

To Whom It May Concern:In res*onse to com*laint #***, I am saddened and concerned over a com*laint against my com*any and the anesthesia services *rovided&nbs*;I am sorry that Mr* feels that he was, in his angered words over the *hone, 'ri**ed off'&nbs*;In years in *rivate
*ractice and in over 10,anesthetic cases *erformed, this is the first com*laint ever registered against my *ractice&nbs*;I have a dee* commitment to first, *atient safety and second, satisfaction of services *rovided&nbs*;My office and I go to great lengths to communicate and come to treatment *lan agreements well before the dates of service&nbs*; Having said that, in this situation I do not feel that I or those who work on my behalf are in error or misre*resented the *ayment information *rovided, and I won't be bullied into even a *artial refund because someone is angry that their *rivate insurance *lan won't reimburse them&nbs*;I a**reciate the's *osition and I see value in conflict resolution&nbs*;But this resolution will not result in a refund over an agreed and consented and com*leted *rocedure, es*ecially considering the manner in which Mr* went about in demanding a refund.*rior to the date of anesthesia services my office communicates and delineates over the *hone, in detail, the ex*ected anesthesia *rocedure and all *re-o*erative instructions&nbs*;If the *atient is not *art of the Arizona Medicaid welfare *rogram (AHCCCS), that discussion continues with the anesthesia fee requirement, which currently stands at a flat rate of $*er case&nbs*;Once all questions are satisfactorily answered and if *arents are in agreement with this information, a de*osit is secured to hold the a**ointment slot at the res*ective *ediatric dental office&nbs*;The remainder of the anesthesia fee is collected after com*letion of the case&nbs*;This fee, as is ex*lained verbally and in my fee agreement, is in addition to any dental fees, and may be considered elective by insurance carriers&nbs*;Cou*led with this *hone call, all *arents and guardians are *rovided with *a*erwork that reiterates all information, and includes a consent form to read and sign, and the fee agreement to read and sign *rior to the date of service&nbs*;The night before the date of service, another courtesy call is made to assure child is healthy and to address any concerns&nbs*;On the date of service, the *arent(s) are again given the treatment and anesthesia information in a face to face discussion with myself and the *ediatric dentist, and all questions or concerns are addressed&nbs*;Once everyone is satisfied and all *a*erwork is com*leted, we then *roceed with the case&nbs*;It is a very involved *rocess.On the a**ointment date with Mr*'s child, all *re-o*erative ste*s were com*leted as described above, including the fee agreement, which was signed by him&nbs*;The anesthesia and dental services were com*leted, as agreed&nbs*;According to my record, the anesthetic was well tolerated and the child did excellent and recovered without any com*lications&nbs*;During the recovery *eriod, another face to face discussion was had with the family and myself and the *ediatric dentist, and all questions were answered&nbs*;I do not recall any discussion or concern with the anesthesia fee&nbs*;In fact, I recall Mr* and the child's mother were satisfied and *leased with the results and thankful&nbs*;Our interactions with the family on this day were *leasant and res*ectful&nbs*;A statement of anesthesia services was sent via mail to the home address within hours as *roof of *ayment and recei*t of contracted anesthesia serviceDate of Service was 9/29/2016.On 10/31/a very belligerent Mr* called my office manager&nbs*;There was only this one *hone call - no other requests for clarification, no conversations regarding how to seek reimbursement, or request for hel* in the matter&nbs*;Mr* was angered that his *rivate insurance carrier would not reimburse him for the anesthesia fees, and was demanding a full refund&nbs*;He said that he was *romised by my office that his *rivate insurance would reimburse him&nbs*;I can assure that no such statement or *romise was made&nbs*;No such statement or *romise is ever made by my office in this regard to any family that I contract services with&nbs*;My contract for anesthesia service is between myself and the *arent&nbs*;I have no relationshi* or contract with *rivate insurance carriers, and therefore no control over what an individual *olicy will or will not cover&nbs*;We do encourage all families to seek reimbursement from their *rivate carriers on their own&nbs*;When asked if this fee will be reimbursed, we state that occasionally we have heard that some families are reimbursed some or all of the fee, but that it is between the carrier and the family&nbs*;I am sorry that IF Mr* asked that question and was told that some others in the *ast may have obtained reimbursement and that he should try too, that he extra*olated that he would in fact be reimbursed&nbs*;That is not a *romise of reimbursement from us&nbs*;That is sim*ly encouragement to seek it out&nbs*;In addition, during Mr*'s im*atient *hone call, he was not all interested in the fact that *ayment information was ex*lained in detail at least twice *rior to the day of service, or that he signed the financial agreement stating in detail that the anesthesia services are ty*ically considered elective and usually not covered&nbs*;In fact, when these truths were brought u*, he hung u* on my office manager&nbs*;There has been no communication with Mr* since, until the recei*t of the letter today, 11/14/&nbs*;I retain Mr*'s fee agreement, and have the originals with Mr*'s signature in the *atient's chart&nbs*;As a courtesy to this inquiry, i'll attach a co*y of my fee agreement that every family with a *rivate insurance carrier agrees to and signs&nbs*;If a family does not agree to those terms, I do not *roceed&nbs*;Mr* and the child's mother agreed verbally and in written form, and all services were com*leted as agreed.I don't feel any more information is necessary to *rove or clarify that I am, in fact, very truthful and honest in my *rovision of anesthesia services, as my integrity is very im*ortant to me, but I will include a few other thoughts in res*onse to Mr*'s claims.He stated over the *hone he was 'ri**ed off' and received '*oor service' as $is a large sum&nbs*;I agree, it is not chea*&nbs*;If Mr* took the time to research the cost for a 90-minute general anesthetic on a child in a hos*ital or surgi-center, that cost, not including the dentistry, would EASILY exceed $&nbs*;In fact, I've heard of amounts exceeding $10,for anesthesia and recovery fees alone&nbs*;The family received, far and away, more *ersonalized attention *rior to and including the date of serviceIn my estimation, Mr*'s child received excellent anesthetic care for a very reasonable cost while having required dental work com*leted.Over the *hone, Mr* did not wish to talk with me when offered, but wanted a 100% refund from my office manager&nbs*;In this inquiry he is asking for a 50% refund&nbs*;I believe that Mr* sees that his argument is very weak, and is now just trying to raise a fuss and see what he can get just because he is angry and demanding&nbs*;His com*laint is not with me, it is with his *rivate insurance carrier.Lastly, rather than blindsiding me with this issue, if Mr* would of sim*ly called and requested more information or clarification in a calm and res*ectful manner, we would have been ha**y to try and assist in the matter&nbs*;Rather, he was rude from his very first words and not interested in hearing what we had to say&nbs*;I am sorry Mr* felt the need to initiate a com*laint, nonetheless I thank the for their time in this matter, and look toward a quick resolution&nbs*;I ho*e his child continues to enjoy the excellent dental care received on that date of service.*lease contact my office if more information is needed.MTodd C***, DMDCheryl C***, office managerEast Valley Dental Anesthesia*** ***

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