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EastBound Towing

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• Apr 08, 2021

Towed from a lot with NO signage. Was told I could not get my car 'because no one at lot , come back around 10:30pm" I am a 23 year old female and was left stranded in Nashua with no way to get to Pepperell never mind having to wait around until 10:30pm alone. When finally one of their sketchy employees did show up I was treated with rude comments and perverted gestures. Then the biggest con of them all $320 and when asked for a receipt I was told that I could not have one. All for being towed from a lot with NO signs. This is not over - the police have been notified. I want to know who hired these people to tow from this lot and that they hired a crook to do their dirty work.

So where do I start. Apparently I was parked in a lot that was private and i'm not even upset that I got hooked up to the wrecker and had to pay. Its the way I was treated from that point on. So I was told that it was gonna cost me $250 cash to get my car off the wrecker. When I explained to him that I didn't have that kind of cash he quickly changed his story to if I went to the ATM and grabbed $200 cash "we could just forget about what had happened. As I had said that wasn't possible. So I had to call someone to bring me cash. He said he would wait but by the time they got there the PRICE HAD GONE UP TO $300 dollars just to get my car unhooked. Mind you he never towed it anywhere just hooked it up. So Monday morning comes and I call the office and get some guy Tm that hung up on me when I told him I had an issue with one of his drivers he asked me if I was with the police I said no and the next thing I know he had hung up. Called back a little while later same guy answered and told me he was the owner. I told him the whole story and that I wasn't looking for a refund. Just wanted him to know who was representing his business... He started yelling and calling me all these name like some thing a child would do. I asked him to calm down this is not the way to treat customers (or anyone for that matter) but he didn't. I told him to have a good day and I hung up... Now I am here out $300 and a horrible impression of a locale business owner...

I have utilized EastBound Towing on three separate occasions and found them to be responsive, timely and pricing far less than anticipated. Curious and helpful.

I would like to file a complaint about Eastbound Transport they are located at 41 Lomar Park Pepperell mass their phone number is 978-302-0052. I gave them 1star because it wouldn’t let me leave 0 stars.. On 12/30/17 I needed my vehicle towed a Mercedes C300, AAA called Eastbound Transport. They arrived at 2:30am. On my Mercedes there’s a tab in the rear bumper that comes off so you can screw the supplied tow hook into the bumper so the tow truck can hook to it and drag your vehicle up onto the bed. The driver did this then towed my vehicle to the garage. I asked the driver what about the tab and he said it will be fine it just hangs there. When I picked up my vehicle the tow hook was still in the bumper but the tab was gone ( missing ). I called Eastbound Transport and asked them were the tab was and why didn’t you take the hook out? Their representative told me maybe the garage took it and we were busy. Then he said to me that part is probably only $20-30 dollars just go buy another one. I said what’s the difference of the cost you guys lost it you should get me another one . He told me No. I said you guys screwed up and now I have to pay. His answer was yes. This company is the absolute worst, they are rude and disrespectful to their customers. The owner of this company should reimburse me. Please tell everyone about this company and check out the reviews on google, you’ll be shocked.. Maybe with enough people finding out about them it will put them out of business.
Thank you

I would like to file a complaint about Eastbound Transport. They are located at 86 Lowell Rd in Pepperell MA 01463-1710. Their phone number is 978-302-0052. They are contracted through [redacted] to do tows and other auto services. This letter is NOT a complaint about [redacted] My first experience with this company was on [redacted] I called [redacted] to get my car jumped, a seemingly simple task. After about an hour the driver shows up and comes over to my car to open the hood of it. While doing this, he manages to rip off the grill of my car. When I asked him what his company was planning to do about this, he laughed in my face and told me they wouldn't do anything about the damage, that it was in fact MY fault that HE ripped off the grill due to it having a minor dent on it. I was shocked by the rude manor in which the driver handled the situation, so naturally I called [redacted] and filed a damage claim with the hopes of getting the situation resolved. I thought that would be my last bad experience with Eastbound Transport; that was until I needed my car jumped again.Today [redacted] I was heading off to work at about 8:45am and my car wouldn't start. I called [redacted] to get it towed to a local auto shop. After about an hour a driver shows up, who just so happens to be the owner of Eastbound Transport. Everything was going ok until he walked over to my car and noticed that my grill was missing. He asked me if I was the person who filed damage complain about the grill, and I said yes. He then went on to say I was lying about his employee damaging my grill, and refused to tow me. I had to call [redacted] back and wait another hour before someone could come and help me. I couldn't believe this was how the owner of the company chose to represent his brand. I've lost out on an entire days pay trying to get this resolved; they have actively cost me money when it is supposed to be a free service included with the [redacted] membership.Desired SettlementThe reason for this letter is to warn any future customers of Eastbound Transport about their shoddy roadside service. The owner should have apologized to me about his employee destroying my grill, and should have been grateful that I would even consider giving his company a second chance, be it my choice or not. They conducted themselves in a wildly unprofessional manor, they lost me money, and they didn't even have the decency to apologize for any inconveniences they caused me. I would like the owner to reimburse me fora whole days pay, though I know that isn't going to happen, so the next best thing I can do is get the word out about this atrocity of a company.Thank you for your time, [redacted]

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Address: 41-9 Lomar Park,, Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States, 01463


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