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Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

1976 N Nova Rd, Holly Hill, Florida, United States, 32117-1442

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Cabinets are poor quality and faulty. Ours have cracks and splits, and the lazy Susan broke when we put four cans on it. Granite seam is terrible to the point of embarrassing. Didn't run granite up the wall behind the range top like they were supposed to. My twelve year old grandson could have done a better job on the trim work. After they get your deposit, you have to about beg them to come do the work and then most of what they do has to be redone. They lie. They won't answer the phone and won't call you back either. Fired them before the job was finished because they don't possess the skills required to build a doghouse. Just a waste of time and money--- this place scams good customers. It's sad that we had to find out the hard way. Honestly, stock Home Depot cabinets are better quality than the cabinets this place sells and an unskilled homeowner could do a better job with the install! If granite is their expertise, that's really scary!

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • Sep 14, 2020

You call yourself a good customer. You ran to the without trying to txt or call or come by to come to a resolution. You say you fired me without giving me the owner a chance to see what the issues are. You really think you did the best for this situation. Here's a great idea. Let's pull everything out and give u back your money. Since your job is so bad why cry on internet. Let's come to a agreement.

Customer Response • Sep 14, 2020

I left two messages to you, Chuck, to please call me. These were sent to you via text per your daughter, Kayla's, instruction. You didn't call or even text back. Again, left several messages for CJ to please call. These messages were left on voicemail and with Kayla. No return calls from either of you and y'all NEVER answer your business phone. Lastly, I've been to your establishment on several occasions and have never seen you there. The only time I have ever spoke with you was the day you came to my property and gave me an estimate. If you gave a crap about your customers, you'd follow up on the jobs that you hand off to your kids and you'd return calls to customers. You do neither. I've already replaced a lot of the crap you stuck me with so it's a little late to come to an agreement. If you really cared, you'd of called me when I fired y'all instead of waiting until you got a bad review.

VERY cheaply made cabinets. They split apart, the Lazy Susan collapsed after we put 4 cans on it! Granite was cut wrong, bad seam work and it sags. Never installed granite behind range top as promised. Trim work is horrible. They NEVER answer the phone, and Chuck and CJ do not return calls! They are nice folks until they get your down payment, then it's downhill from there. Caught them in several lies and discrepancies. Nearly had to beg them to do any work and the work they do is awful craftsmanship. Fired them prior to completion as they aren't worthy of any more of our time or money. Would NOT recommend!

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • Sep 10, 2020

Our cabinets are no different then any cabinet being sold from any other company. They are assembled cabinets from China for cheap customers who don't want to spend the money and buy pre built custom cabinets. U fired us before we could finish and didn't allow us to finish mostl likely because u owes us money.
I don't understand why u wouldn't allow us to complete the job but u will run to the internet to complain

Customer Response • Sep 10, 2020

We fired you because your work is well below standard and your product is extremely low grade and faulty. Your expertise is supposed to be granite but you screwed that up too. Had to beg you to do any work after you received your second payment draw. What little you did do is being redone because your craftsmanship skills are null and product is bad. We don't owe you a cent. It's costing us to fix all that you screwed up. You were overpaid for the mess you made of our kitchen. Other contractors have inspected your work and can't believe that you can even be licensed... Yes, you got fired--- that happens when your work is bad, you don't follow through as promised, then don't answer your phone or return calls after several requests. Prospective customers need to be warned!

I am extremely happy with the work and overall experience done by East Coast Countertops, all wood white shaker cabinets with beautiful gold bar handles & white exotic granite. I am super satisfied.

I can't thank East Coast Countertops and Chuck enough for my new Quartz countertops, in my whole house! They are absolutely stunning and the color is perfect. The entire process was flawless and easy. We are still remodeling the bathrooms, which I can't wait to post photos of, but look at this amazing Galley Kitchen. These countertops are solid, stain resistant and durable. Exactly what I envisioned and wanted for my small kitchen. I highly recommend Chuck and his team for whatever project you may be planning or ready to do. They returned every call and text in a timely manner and were professional from start to finish.

Some of these reviews are not adequate, nor reflect my personal experience. From pricing to the final product, everything transitioned perfectly. You can thank me later... I know you will love this company and what they offer in quality and service!!

We hired Charles D O, owner of East Coast Countertops to replace the house tile and put in a new kitchen. Now, this is important, we have paid $43,000 of the $44,400 job leaving a balance of $1,400. He demanded that small balance before he would finish the job. We have no working kitchen, no kitchen water, no $8,000 counter tops, missing 3 pullouts, kick boards, ETC. Please see pics, spreadsheet, etc. We have a quote of $22,900 to finish and make necessary repairs so there's no way we'll throw good money (only $1,400) after bad when just the counter tops are $8,000.

He's been sued so many times, he told me "Your taking this way too far. In court a judgment could be placed against me and you'll never see any money. Just pay me and I'll finish. If not see u in court".
He's hiding behind an empty LLC.

We had hired an attorney and will attach her last letter to Charles but she gets $350/hr. We are already in the hole another aprox. $3k into her.

If you look into this company and owner, you'll see that he just goes bankrupt, changes name and address'.
Product_Or_Service: New kitchen and new floor tiles

Desired Outcome

Refund Restitution for the $23,900 to finish and repair this mess. This was supposed to fun and exciting for our last house but has turned into a 7 month nightmare.

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • Mar 20, 2019

This customer promised to give a draw so that additional materials could be bought in order to finish his job. He refuses to pay the funds of 2500 and we refuse to finish the job. He's a liar and pulled a gun on my tile guy twice and now he's threatening me. I have proof of everything. He's hired a lawyer and isn't going to pay his promised agreement. He's a liar and has over 40k worth of work done to his house. I'm submitting a picture of him in his kitchen. Doesn't he look happy

Customer Response • Mar 21, 2019

Document Attached***

The owner's response with 2 pics of me smiling was before the crown molding was installed incorrectly (which I sent many pics of the problems) and there are still no $8,000 countertops. We loved the cabinets themselves but then the nightmare began.

I still don't know if we need to have the electrical inspected because Chuck used a guy that isn't licensed to put in new lighting and outlets.

Also, see attached for a 2 page copy of the contract.

Thank you

Customer Response • Mar 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Well, please review all the pics and documents I've sent. You'll see we are $22,900 toe put in the &8,000 counter tops, sink, plumbing. It is not believable that the last $1,405 will pay for all that. Now, as far as the crown molding goes, you have many close up pics and they glued them to the cabinets so they may need to be replaced if the finish gets ruined of the $16,000 cabinets.

He has an established track record of trying to tear down everyone he has not delivered on. There is an attachment to the contract which you have that states balance due upon customer satisfaction. I was a fool to only hold $1,405 of a $44,405 job. We haven't had a kitchen for 7 months. The owner of this company has no conscience and we can't afford to finish this job.

Here is an email he sent me last night:

From: Charles O
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2019 8:10 PM

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • Apr 02, 2019

I've already answered the response. I'm a grown man and don't have time for little boy children stuff. *** can for fill his agreement or take me to court. either way I'm good.

Terrible. Never use these people. Took forever For him to get my countertop. Said they guy he ordered from forgot to order my countertop. Finally comes in. One edge was ensured wrong. Half the countertop wasn't sealed. Now a bubble had formed by the sink ( we had only had this counter top 8 months). Kept calling and getting put off. Finally I got in touch with him and he said he couldn't find any contract with me. I emailed him a copy of the contract. Again I wait. Finally emails me back and says he will come over after the holidays. Guess what, don't hear from him. I call and talk to the secretary. She makes me an apt for the following Friday. Aaannnd, he doesn't show up. Imagine that. Husband calls him and leaves a message. He calls back and says the bubble is OUR fault and he isn't coming out. After some arguing, he says if it will make us feel better, he will come out and hit it a couple times with a hammer. Smh. We just hung up, we were not going to get anywhere with him. What a piece of work. Never again. ALL my friends and family are aware of this company now. Be smart. DO NOT use this company.

Paid in full prior to work being done. Many issues not addressed. Very shoddy workmanship.
On February 20, 2018,I wrote a check for $20,000.00 payment in full prior to work being done. They tore out old kitchen a couple weeks after payment. I had no kitchen for several months. The owner Charles O sends his son to do the work and repairs and has not been out to assess any damages as of today 9/21/2018. Cabinets were supposed to be custom cabinets. They were smaller than the original cabinets leaving all kinds of flaws. Workers ripped the wallpaper when teaaring out kitchen. They put down shoe moulding to cover some of the flaws but did not mitre the edges and it looks horrible. Plus most of the moulding was just left sitting on the floor not attached. Lazy susan was supposed to be wood but they installed flimsy metal. Open space between cabinet and crown moulding that you can see right through. Knobs or handles never installed on two drawers. spice rack installed wrong. too many other issues to list

Desired Outcome

Make my kitchen whole with no problems showing. If not, A full refund or replacement..

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • Oct 09, 2018

I fully filled the contract and have proof of her job being completely done. There's no work left to be done at this time.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESES PEOPLE. We had them install new kitchen cabinets and countertops. We paid too much. Shame on us. But their customer service is the worst we have ever had from a contractor. Shame on them. I believe they forgot to order one of our cabinets and then lied about it. Cabinets installed without necessary hardware to hang shelves. Repeated calls to indifferent owner for help. Finally had to go to office just to get what we needed. Sink installed but they forgot to send faucet. Even their installers were negative towards owner. It took a month to finally get last cabinet installed.

poor quality/execution/installation of vanity base, top with sink and wall cabinets including delay and damage to walls, pocketdoor, power outlet
3/29/18 met with Chuck per verbal contract I contracted for purchase and installation of one base vanity, one remnant quartz for fabrication 51"x 21.5" top (custom dimensions due to older home and it is built in alcove with a pocket door on one side not aligned with a regular door on other side), sink and cut out for sink/faucet; install and 2 wall cabinets with crown and install; and 6 cabinet pulls ( 2 drawer/4 for doors- all matching);for $1398, it was an additional $500 for two 30" x 12" wall cabinets, so I initially paid $1898. I was told it would be about one week possibly a bit longer as the base was being ordered.
4/3/18 visited store, met with Chuck to select alternate remnant- chose this confirmed end of week install unless cabinets not received.
4/6/18 After install of base by CJ and Shane, I was told I had to wait for the vanity top to be measured/cut as it was not standard. The vanity top fabrication and ordering of different cabinets was supposed to take a few days likely til the following Tuesday and instead of the 30" wall cabinets I was offered the chance to upgrade to 42" cabinet with crown molding for an additional $400 for a total of $2298. I agreed and paid this at the store on 4/7/18.
On 4/12/18 I called twice to confirm about the vanity and cabinets.
On 4/13 they ( CJ and another young man) installed vanity top and sink but it was not straight and I had to call to get this addressed.
On 4/17 called about status reiterating the need for completion of job.
On 4/21/18 called twice for update on status
On 4/24 upper cabinets installed by CJ and Shane- not straight, not equal distance no filler done, they improperly pulled cover off electrical outlet, fixed to cabinet side and actually had it about 1.5 inches out of wall with no box. the sink was adjusted to be more straight. Hardware was not brought and I was told I had to pick it out again as they had a new display. When I examined the work after they left I noted that neither the drawer glides were secure, sink was missing one of the 4 support clips, cabinet on the pocket door side could not open as it was hitting wall, other was not square at all and both were coming apart at back and the outlet was unusable safely, crown was coming apart on side by pocket door at corner seam. Also I could not fully retract the pocket door and I immediately called the company leaving detailed urgent message.
4/25 left another message asking for assistance/correction
4/27 went into store and met with CJ asking why no call back after my urgent messages, listing deficiencies and asking for immediate correction- was told it would be done Tuesday 5/1/18. Picked the same hardware out again.
5/1/18 shane came out- removed upper cabinets but this damaged walls a bit and electrical outlet which had been improperly handled on install was worsened- breaker blown twice etc ; CJ did come out as well, I had to provide thin putty knives when I repeatedly asked them not to use utility/razor knives to cut out the silicon caulk as it was digging into the wallboard. I examined the wall cabinets and we could all see they were not square, not completely together (slots for back to slide into did not have the back in it uniformly distorting/torqueing the cabinet). CJ did look at and fix the drawer glides. They then looked at vanity top and shoved it around thus damaging the wallboard/pocket door further including CJ deliberately chiseling away/damaging the inner trim when I stepped away to answer my work phone. given. I asked what options were for vanity he said his father would call me later in day with time for granite fabricator to fix- I stated I needed it urgently as we were at a month now. I asked them to take the broken/non functional cabinets with them and CJ refused, he also brought in hardware that was not what I ordered the first time with Chuck nor the second time with CJ and when I noted that he insisted on leaving it anyway. No call back yet.

Desired Outcome

refund for wall cabinets and discount for base cabinet/vanity top/sink or a full refund and they pick up the damaged items and remove them, as i will now have to repair pocket door, electrical outlet, walls, and try to find a replacement or repair option for this situation. I would like this to be expedited as it has been over a month without use of my bathroom sink/vanity area and original timeframe was one week since i paid up front by credit card(s).

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • May 03, 2018

Contact Name and Title: Chuck owner
Contact Phone: 386-233-0599
Contact Email: [email protected]
I've posted a picture of her job on this complaint. Hopefully all you normal people will see it.

Customer Response • May 04, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
my issues are with the delivery and execution of the products and services. I will not address inappropriate comments other than to say perhaps focus on the true concern- a complaint is being brought concerning work product- nothing more nothing less. the design idea offered by the owners son was good and functional,(i still would like that and would want that); however the actual construction/installation of the cabinets and vanity top are the issues.

The countertop space is not an issue it has been the same the whole time I have owned this home- the vanity is in an alcove 51" x 21.5"- one side is a wall housing a pocket door the other is regular door however they are not aligned so the pocket door side is notably shorter depth, this was original to when house was built in 1979.

The cabinets are not put together properly- not square boxes for wall cabinets- unable to use upper cabinets as not constructed properly in first place ( not aligned for slide in back, not secured properly- they both have a variance of 0.5 to more than 0.75 inches from top to bottom indicating not square). Additionally the cabinet on the pocket door side would not open fully- rubbing on wall- both might have been saved with use of a filler /spacer to allow doors to move properly however they did not offer this and when I asked they said it could not be done at timeof install and again on 5/1/18 when they returned and removed the cabinets.

base cabinet drawer glides were not finished/secured initially; hardware I selected 2x was not delivered and they insisted on leaving the wrong set. one of the sink support clips was not installed. base cabinet corners are not block supported nor are there cross supports inside cabinet box, which may be an issue with the weight of a quartz counter top and sink.

The quartz vanity top was not cut to fit the alcove, I asked for specific custom top as it has to fit in alcove- not executed. They did the measurements when installing base cabinet. ON install date they notched it at front corner as a fix although I wanted it trimmed across the back to keep a smooth front appearance. also it hits the pocket door casing as well a digging into opposing wall corner.

I did not want them to touch the electrical box/outlet-all that was to be done initially was to have a square hole cut in cabinet side to allow access to existing outlet that wall cabinet would cover- they did not do this properly at install - cutting 2 round holes, uncovering the outlet and pulling the fixture thru the gap so it stuck out of box completely this was worsened when taking it down and in fact Shane blew the breaker several times trying to put it back on 5/1/18 when he removed the cabinets).

They refused to take the hardware and cabinets back with them at removal on 5/1/18 saying legally they can't - no idea why this would be as they are not correct/complete.

they do not return calls to fix/resolve the issues and have not called as promised after the last visit on 5/1/18. I was willing to try and work something out however feel that at present based on owner response this may not be possible. Please advise on next step options. Thank you

Eastcoast Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Response • May 07, 2018

Shouldn't have wo explain myself to a crazy lady who has made such a huge issue out of nothing. I completed her job and I have plenty of pictures to show. We were only paid to install her cabinets once. Not tear them out and put them back in. I'm not giving her anything else due to we did nothing wrong. She got her cabinets. She got her countertop. She got her sink. She got her two upper cabinets. She got her crown molding. And everything was installed properly according to my pictures and employees. This lady has nothing better to do with her life but to make others around her miserable. Don't know what happened in her head but something isn't working properly. She cried when my guy was done and said how she wished her husband could of been here to see it. She was extremely happy and only thing we had to do was bring back handles and install them. A few days later I get a call from her telling me how the job is all wrong. That I had to come out there and look at it. I sent my guys out there with the handles that she choose and 2 hours later she's got them tearing the whole job apart. Then she claims she don't want the upper cabinets and wants us to take them back. We do not take cabinets back.
Not once has she called me since that day. I've gotten no calls from her and I refuse to go back and reinstall her job after she had them take everything down.
Good luck crazy lady. Go find someone else to bother. You are truly a piece of work.

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Address: 1976 N Nova Rd, Holly Hill, Florida, United States, 32117-1442


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