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I brought my Tosbia computer over to Easy Soft Soultions to be fixed because it crashed. I asked them to call me and tell me what was wrong with it and the cost of it being fixed. The main [redacted] of this business informed me that there was viruses and that supposively that the windows 7 operating system was an illegal system which was put in by the company that I bought it from. I asked the [redacted] if and when it fixed it, he would reinstall the windows 7 he agreed. and to proove that the windows 7 system was illegal. He said to me that he already started to fix the computer so there was no evidence what he was saying was even true.. so I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and still had the fix my computer due to I run my own business and I need and up and running computer. This was on a friday. On July 12, 2013 I recieved a phone call from [redacted] an employee of easy soft asking me for my copy of microsoft office so they could install in for me. At that time I asked [redacted] again that they were going to put in windows 7 and he said yes. On the work order form, it states that the operating system was windows 7. On august 1, 2013 I picked up my computer and brought it home. I realize that easy soft soultions did not reinstall windows 7, they put in windows vista for business. I went back and asked why they did this and they said was the windows 7 operating system was illegal without showing me actually proove of this. To mention [redacted] grabbed me by the shirt and was screaming at me like I was a child when all I was asking was why didnt they install windows 7, when all I got was excuses with no proof. I was told that there was viruses in the computer was is understanable but not prooving that the windows 7 system illegal and then putting something I did not ask for.Product_Or_Service: Toshbia Desired SettlementI would like Easy Soft soultions to install windows 7 for free when that had no hard evidence that the orginal windows 7 system was installed illegally. Business' Initial Response Hello, [redacted]. Thank you for taking the time to let us respond to this claim via e-mail. I have written our account of the situation below. Please let me know if further action is needed on my part to provide any more information, documentation or credentials.- [redacted] Easy-Soft Solutions Ltd. 171 Lincoln St, Worcester, MA XXXXX Office# XXX-XXX-XXXX[redacted]'s claims are inaccurate. She was referred to Easy-Soft by [redacted], her acquaintance, neighbor and the employee who checked-in her laptop for service. When she brought it in her laptop on July 12, 2013 it was in need of repair not because it had crashed, but because it was booting only as far as the Windows 7 startup screen to the desktop. Later that day the [redacted] and A+ certified technician, [redacted], performed the diagnostic service and had [redacted] call her to let her know her system had viruses and spyware that were likely causing the problem. He offered an estimate of $65 for malware removal service and a free data backup (performed for first-time customers before any approved maintenance). He also offered to install a free one-year license of Norton Anti-Virus (at a discount of $40 suggested by [redacted] for this personal referral). [redacted] approved of these services, so [redacted] began to back up her data.Part of the way into the backup and maintenance process [redacted] discovered that the laptop's only hard drive had bad sectors and needed to be replaced entirely (once any intact data was recovered). [redacted] then called [redacted] himself since [redacted] had just gone home for the day. He tried to inform her of this new development and that the services needed would no longer be the standard malware removal but rather a complete HDD replacement with a reinstall of her Windows 7 operating system. He also told her in that call that the cost of those services would include the price of the new hard drive ($40) and labor for the time it would take to install and update Windows 7 ($65). He provided a new estimate of $105 which still included a free backup and 1-year license for Norton Anti-Virus.She did not agree to the new estimate because she did not completely understand what [redacted] told her over the phone. Since [redacted] had just gotten out of work and was already at the apartment building where they both live, [redacted] called him to ask that he follow up with [redacted] in person. They convened outside their building, and [redacted] answered her questions until she felt she understood the situation. Before she gave her approval for the new repairs, however, she stated that she would not be able to afford any services more expensive than the original $65 estimate. She also requested that we install and update her copy of Microsoft Office along with her OS (without incurring any further cost) so it would be ready when she picked it up after she got paid at the beginning of August.[redacted] then called [redacted] back on his own cell phone to relate [redacted]'s request. [redacted] had since found that the copy of Windows 7 installed on the laptop had never been officially activated, and that was why the system wouldn't load the desktop in the first place. Per [redacted]'s request, [redacted] did not report the potentially stolen copy of Windows 7 to the appropriate authorities, assuming that [redacted] simply wasn't computer-literate enough to realize what she'd been sold. There was no product key for Windows 7 anywhere on the laptop, but there was a valid key for Windows Vista for Business. While [redacted] waited on the phone [redacted] told [redacted] she didn't have a disk or product key for Windows 7, and that she had purchased the laptop 3 months prior from a "sketchy" refurbished computer shop in [redacted] Worcester. After further discussion [redacted] agreed to finish the backup, replace the hard drive, install valid copies of Windows Vista for Business, Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus, as well as all updates for the original estimate of $65 (discounted down from the standard price of $150 for all of these services). [redacted] conveyed this to [redacted] and stressed that we need at least a valid key for her copy of Windows 7 in order to install that (since we already have OEM versions of the software itself). She later brought in her copy of Office and gave it to [redacted] along with permission to proceed with the work stating that she would bring the key for Windows 7 once she found it.Three weeks later on August 1, 2013 [redacted] came to the store, looked over her computer, paid the $65 and took her laptop home (along with her legitimate copy of Office). Less than 30 minutes later she stormed back into the store shouting, pounding her fists, stomping her feet and slamming her laptop onto the counter repeatedly as she spewed invectives at [redacted]. She was angry at having just noticed Windows Vista for Business on her laptop after getting it home. She screamed, "I run a business, so I have to have Windows 7!" [redacted] attempted to explain, but she insisted on our oral agreement that Easy-Soft would install Windows 7 for free on her computer, denying that this offer was contingent on her providing a valid key for Windows 7.She refused to listen to any explanation that didn't immediately involve a full refund, a free copy of Windows 7 (minimum $150) and a redo on all of the labor. Even when [redacted] reiterated the offer to do the work again for free once they had the key, she began screaming yet more invectives mere inches from [redacted]'s face while slamming her laptop down on the counter and waiting room chairs. At this point [redacted] raised his voice so as to at least be heard over her wailing and finally threatened to call the police if she did not calm down and stop abusing the furniture. At that point she screamed with rage, threatened to sue and to notify the before charging off with her battered laptop. [redacted] never assaulted or insulted her beyond merely raising his voice.Later that day, [redacted] began texting and calling [redacted] repeatedly on his personal cell phone to demand further technical support with her laptop. Now off the clock and acting on her requests out of the courtesy he offered as a tech-savvy neighbor, he went to her apartment to explain that [redacted] was going to simply reinstall everything once she provided her key anyway, she said, "I don't want that [redacted] boss of yours anywhere near my [redacted] system! He's just a [redacted], and I'm going to sue you criminal [redacted] for everything you're worth." [redacted] then told her she is persona non grata at Easy-Soft, to cease all future contact with him personally, and that she would have to resolve all claims regarding the legitimacy of her laptop's operating system with the store who originally sold her the laptop. She then reared up, [redacted] in his face and screamed at him to leave (which he did immediately).Consumer's Final Response Good Morning [redacted], I still have not heard any thing from easy soft soultions with regards to my computer issue. in a matter of fact, it has gotten worse. My computer crashed (the same one that was fixed by this company). I was told that they put in a brand new hard drive (right out of the box) into the computer. I do not think that they put in a new hard drive at all because why would it crash only after three weeks of getting it back. Now, I would like easy soft soultions to fix whatever is wrong with the computer I want it back in 100% shape and I still want them to install windows 7 in which they promied me in the first place. I have my own business and can not work. I am loosing time and money because of this. right now I am down at the worcester library using the computer. I hope to hear back from you soon. take care[redacted]

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Address: 171 Lincoln St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01605-3743


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