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eBay Motors Financial Department

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Review: I search the webstie for cars I came across a white toyota [redacted] XLE that I like vin# [redacted] for $1,500 I was instructed by ebay motors to purchase only [redacted] I purchase 3 [redacted] cards (1)[redacted] , (2)[redacted] ,(3)[redacted] each card was $500 + $4.95 service fee I recieved an email from ebay motors on Oct.3rd stating my payment has been received and ebay motors will instruct [redacted] to ship the car to me I will be getting a confirmation the next day which didn't happen , I then received a email from [redacted] stating she needed me to help her pay $1,000 for shipping ,ebay motors stated in a email to me if the item is not received a full refund will be return to me , I email ebay motors and [redacted] I was instructed by [redacted] to sent copies of [redacted] cards front and back and the address I purchase the cards I requested a refund each time [redacted] has instucted me to [redacted] ,[redacted] ,[redacted].com these are these are all the different departments I have been emailing since reguesting a refund .Oct.28 I received a call from supervisor [redacted] stating there's nothing they can do she referred me to file a claim to the police department I stated to [redacted] this matter was handled poorly and I will report this matter to the better At 4:34pm on Oct.28 I received another call from [redacted] very rude stating this problem was my fault and I'm blaming [redacted] then he hung upDesired Settlement: I would like a refund and no one should ever experince what I did with [redacted] or ebay motors and [redacted] should go to jail

Review: I had an issue with the shipping practices for this company so I called customer service to have it resolved. Not only did the lady I spoke with on the phone give me an attitude, but she also gave me instructions to email some information to a certain email address, but when I tried to send the information, I received an error message saying that the email could not be sent because the email address was full and the message couldn't be received. How is customer support supposed to help me resolve this simple issue when they send my email to a spam email address that will never get answered? More importantly, how are they still in business if they give out bogus information to "help the customer"?Desired Settlement: I want Ebay to stick to their word. If they say my item will be delivered by Friday the 30, I want it delivered by Friday the 30. Don't wait until I check out and pay for an item and then change the delivery date to Monday the 4. I needed my item by Friday the 30, that's I why I chose to order from that supplier. Now I'll have to wait around for 4 days, and lose money. Also, don't request information through a spam email address. You could have just apologized for being wrong and corrected it.

Review: On 2/13/2015 I contacted a [redacted] about a vehicle he has for sale we chatted back and forth via email 2/13/2015 - 2/17/2015 working out the details of the car meanwhile on 2/15/2015 I was sent a invoice from eBay financial department with the detail of the car and how the transaction was supposed to take place. I then followed the instructions from the eBay email and wired the money to what was supposed to be one of their dealers. I then called the customer rep number that was in the email and notified them that the transaction is complete. I was told that the money would be held until I receive the vehicle and had it inspected. during all this time me and Mr [redacted] sent numerous emails back and forth about this vehicle. when the vehicle did not arrive yesterday I started calling the customer rep number I was given the customer rep then told me to give it until to day.I then call to day which is 2/21/2015 and spoke with a rep once again who then took it upon his self to hang up on me I then called the regular eBay customer service that I found via [redacted] and they informed me that I was the sixth person to call them about this exact same listing and that it was a scam. I then called western union which is the company the wire transfer was sent through and they informed me to contact this site and that the money had be picked up on 2/17/2015 at 11:15 am western time and that they will be opening a fraud case and to call them back on 3/3/2015 for the results and that they will contact meas soon as they find out any information. they then told me to go file a local report also at the college park police department so they can work with you guys to help the investigation. I will also be calling the Wichita KS police department and the Omaha Nebraska police departments to notify themDesired Settlement: I would like my money refunded

Review: I found a car for sale on [redacted] & the seller was only able to be reached by email at [redacted].I got in contact with the seller via email & told me the car was for sale for $1,500.00 & that she needed the money immediately because she was in the Off it Air Force Branch in Nebraska & she was moving to Alaska.She then asked for my contact information & she emailed me back stating that she registered me as a buyer for her 2005 Nissan Maxima SE through eBay Motors& I that I would be contacted by them regarding the transaction of payment for the vehicle.I received an invoice from eBay Motors with an order #[redacted] & it had the 5 easy steps to make the purchase along with a fax # [redacted] to send a copy of the 3 x $500 each [redacted]ash cards & the receipt for purchase.I was also to send the same information via email with the 10 digit pin numbers off the back of the cards.I sent the total payment on Thursday 6/11/15 & on Friday 6/12/15 another email was sent to me stating that I needed to pay an additional $1,000 for the insurance protection of the vehicle for the 5 day test drive & also that it was confirmed that the shipping delivery for the vehicle was set for Sunday 6/14/15 between 3-4 pm.So I sent an email back stating my invoice didn't show that I owed $1,000 for insurance & that the shipping was $0 on the invoice.I never received the vehicle at all & I sent eBay Motors an email for the status of my delivery & I was told that they couldn't release the vehicle to me until I paid the $1,000 insurance so I told eBay Motors I would like to cancel my order & get my money back & speak with the supervisor.I received no response back from the seller or eBay Motors & I want my money back the customer service with them is horrible as well.I never received a tracking or viewable confirmation from eBay Motors.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of the $1,500.00 I paid for the vehicle I never received on the confirmed delivery date 6/14/15

Review: The ebay company was selling a 2003 nissan altima on waco creigslist for $1090. I had emailed the lady about buying the car. She said it was her dead husbands car and she was just trying to get ruid of it. I bought the car for $950. She had ebay finfinancial department email me on where to send the moneygram. At the time I didnt know it was all a scam. They ask for $1000 more to ship the car to me within 2t2to3 business days and that will cover the insurance but they havent sent the car nor gave me my money back.Desired Settlement: I just want me money back

Review: Hello , my complaint with eBay is very simple they have closed my perfect account meaning in the years I have never had even one bad feed back buying or selling , they claim they closed my account because of what they call a threat message like where is my parts to the seller that took weeks to arrive and I should shut your eBay account down if your scamming me , what else could I say I felt that one of e bays sellers was scamming me like they have had in the past now 4 weeks after I have 2 front struts put in my car that where ordered on e bays site they are so bad ready to break that if they do it will cause a major accident or worse , I can not even get a warranty on the parts because they shut down my account while there seller is still selling these horrible parts. I have about 130 perfect buying and selling record with eBay I am a single mother , and this is what I get I can not see how eBay can do this to people. thank youDesired Settlement: eBay would have to reopen my account back to normal as a buyer and seller and they would also have to pay me back in full for the brand new front struts on my car that are horrible clunking and falling apart this was about $180.00 dollars thank you

Review: I found a car/vehicle advertised on Craigslist, that the "seller" "[redacted]" said she was in desperate situation. She said she had a very sick-ill daughter, was recently divorced and in need of the cash now. She said she was using Ebay Motors Purchase Protection Program, as the safest way to sell and deliver the vehicle. I was told to buy 5 Greendot Moneypak cards; in total I LOST $2500.00!!! The car/vehicle was never delivered from Chico, CA to San Diego...the "Ebay Motors" number never answered the calls...and "[redacted]" has mysteriously vanished!I want a full refund of my $2500.00...I want this SCAM company "Ebay Motors Financial Department" completely prosecuted and shut-down!!!Desired Settlement: My entire $2500.00!!!

Review: You must pay the insurance of $1,000.00 using PayPower REloadit Card, exactly as you did the first time. Amount will be fully refunded after the 10 days period of inspection is ended, the same way it was sent to us.You have to pay for the insurance this way we can protect you from any unknown damage to the vehicle.To get full protection and receive the insurance documents you must sent the amount until the car arrives to your location.We must inform you can not drop out this transaction now because the account is blocked, so the deposit will remain blocked until the transaction is completed (the item arrives to your place). Please follow the payment instructions listed below.For your insurance you need to buy 2 PayPower REloadit Card vouchers of $500. Please be very careful to buy PayPower REloadit Card, and NOT the VISA or MASTERCARD Prepaid cards.Once you bought the PayPower REloadit Card and loaded the debit, you have to confirm the payment to us replying to our support email : [email protected] with the PayPower REloadit Card (10 Digits Number on the back of your PayPower REloadit Card) This transaction is in progress in our database for the vehicle below:Vehicle name: 2007 HONDA ACCORD EXVehicle price: $1.900.00Insurance: $1.000.00Shipping & Handling costs: Included Delivery time: Provided by SellerPayment method accepted: PayPower REloadit Card After the vehicle is received, the buyer has a 10 Days Inspection Period to value the purchase. The Inspection Period begins at 12:01 on the working day (Monday - Friday) after the vehicle has been delivered, and finishes after the 10 days are completed. The delivery day is considered to be that which is indicated on the consignment receipt of the transport and/or shipping service. Even if eBay is able to know, via the tracking number or reference number on the consignment receipt, when the vehicle is delivered, eBay will only pay the seller after the buyer approves the acquisition AND after the InspectionDesired Settlement: Getting a refund of my money ($1900.00) from the reloadit cards that I purchased because the information that they gave me was false advertisement.

Review: I saw a 2007 Honda accord for sale on craigslist for 2,000 I told the lady that I was interested and if she can do a payment plan with me. she then told me that her husband passed away and she didn`t want it because it has to many memories and that she was moving to montana & she will send me a email I have to include my name, address, and phone number in the email and I have to purchase the vehicle through e-bay motors for protection reasons and that they will tell me what I need to do. I get the email from e-bay motors saying that I need to go buy pay pal cards at family dollar, walgreens,cvs, & load them each with $500 and to send them the numbers to the card and the receipt for confirmation of purchase and the pins to each code. that`s when a light went off in my head and I told myself to do some research just to be on the safe side because I don`t know how many miles on the car or its history. so I found out that many websites have this same information as the story she told me about her dead husband but with different vehicles to get people to buy so I asked my dad about he told me it was a scam because they asking for money first. so I havn`t sent them any money but they are still emailing me to a payment til this day but I ignore the email. so people please do research before sending any money.Desired Settlement: I would like people to watch out for scammers and do research before sending any money to anybody first. ecspeacially if its not physically in front of you where you can test drive it. Good luck I hop this helps someone

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Description: Auto Dealers - Online, Escrow Service

Address: 5536 Mable Ave, Berkeley, Missouri, United States, 63140-1433

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