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Eclinicalworks breached its contract with us. It did not provide billing or electronic records management services as per the contract. In October 2013, we retained eClinicalWorks ("ECW") to provide electronic records management ( "EMR") and billing services ("RCM") for us. Since that time, we have discovered numerous errors and failures in both the EMR and RCM services. We brought these failures to ECW attention over the last four months. However, ECW failed to respond or did not correct the problem. We terminated our contract on 2/1/14. ECW is now seeking to impose cancellation fees for the termination. Our position is that these fees are not applicable since ECW breached its contract with us. ECW was provided with a detailed information regarding its breach via letter dated January 24, 2014. ECW never responded and when ECW management was contacted, they stated that no response was required and further stated that patient information would not be released to us until the balance was paid.ECW breach of contract consists of, but is not limited to the following: its failure to submit no fault claims in compliance with applicable NY state laws and its failure to perform its services in a competent and workmanlike manner as required by contract.ECW did not submit claims in accordance with NY state no fault insurance laws. Specifically ECW failed to submit claims within the 45 day time period mandated by state law. As a result our no fault claims have been denied. Under the contract, ECW agreed that it would submit claims in accordance with all applicable laws. We have lost substantial revenue as a result of this failure and we expect ECW to reimburse us for these losses.ECW has failed to perform contract services in a competent and workmanlike manner as required by contract. First, ECW repeatedly sent bills to the incorrect payers. Bills that should have been were sent to Healthfirst were incorrectly sent to [redacted]; and patient bills that should have been sent to 1199 insurance were sent to [redacted].When this error was pointed out by our offce, ECW responded that it was a mapping problem in the software would be corrected. ECW never corrected the problem. As a result, we have lost income and will have to pay another billing company to resubmit these claims to the correct payer. Second, ECW did not check patient records before submitting bills to payers as any competent biller should do and as ECW agreed to do as part of its workflow. For instance numerous no fault bills were denied by payers because they did not contain the date of the accident. Yet this information was noted in the patient's progress note. ECW should have checked the patient records. Additionally, bills were denied because ECW sent them to the wrong payer id because it failed to check patient insurance cards that were scanned into the system. Third, when bills were denied by payers ECW failed to resubmit them in the contractually provided timeframe. Under the contract ECW agreed to process bills and claims within 96 hours. It did not. Instead, either no action was taken or denied bills sat for more than thirty days before resubmission. Fourth, ECW failed to bill for certain office visits. Fifth, ECW also failed to correct critical technical issues that affected our ability to communicate with ECW. Initially, ECW told us that communications with ECW would be through actions noted on the system. We submitted numerous actions and never got a response. We repeatedly raised this issue with ECW and were told that it would be fixed. After three months passed, we were told that ECW changed its procedure for communications and that the account manager assigned to our office was not aware of the change ! Finally, ECW failed to correct the insurance matrix in the system and as a result of this failure all insurance payers were not accurately reflected making it almost impossible to use the system. We were told that ECW would review the patient's insurance cards on file before submitting claims but it never did. Desired SettlementECW should waive the termination and cancellation fee it is attempting to impose. ECW should reimburse us for the bills that were denied as a result of its failure to submit them in accordance with applicable no fault billing laws. We can provide ECW with a detailed statement of these damages upon request. ECW should reimburse us the costs we incur to resubmit all of the bills that were denied. We can provide ECW with a detailed statement of these costs upon request. Business Response Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Please see the email and attachments sent to Christina Price at [redacted] Final Business Response We are actively working with the customer to resolve this amicably. Final Consumer Response

eCW billing has breached the contract to submit our claims in a timely manner and has failed to provide a report of any kind on billing activity.I contracted with EClinical works (eCW) for electronic medical records, practice management, and billing, starting [redacted] My issue is with the billing services (RCM). Our contract clearly states that RCM is responsible for submitting the claims within 96 hours. However, it was not until [redacted] that we were alerted many claims were not being submitted as they were waiting for errors to be corrected by us. Multiple attempts to identify and correct the errors were met by inadequate knowledge on the part of the billing manager and delays in providing a solution. Email trails are available if needed. Now, 3 months after our Go-live date, and despite eCW promptly charging [redacted] per month (ie [redacted] for 3 months), they have managed to collect merely [redacted] of our claims. I suspect some claims have not yet even been submitted but I cannot get them to produce a report to show me what the status of the individual claims are.I have repeatedly (8 times) asked for a detailed billing report since [redacted] but no such report has been provided. I have asked (11 times) for our fee schedule to be loaded to the system, but despite multiple promises to do so, still the fee schedule is not up.I alerted the RCM team of our desire to terminate this service on [redacted] They requested a phone meeting and an email notification, which was completed on [redacted] The RCM team has failed to communicate with us since then, including acknowledging the termination letter, or discussing the next steps. They have also ignored my followup emails and questions.I am told it can take at least 2 weeks for the team to respond. Since all billing activity including our weekly RCM meetings have been halted since [redacted] I'm afraid eCW is using this silent delay as a tactic to prolong our contract with them, while they are clearly not providing even the substandard services they were attempting to provide before.All email correspondence is available for review if needed.Needless to say, our office is currently experiencing a financial crisis caused by the incompetence of the RCM to collect on our claims as promised by the contract.Desired Settlement1) Immediate termination of our RCM contract as of [redacted] when the termination letter was submitted.2) A detailed billing report including all patients per date of service and the status of their claims.3) Turn over all billing activity to us with an up-to-date status or each claim4) A refund for partial work done on the part of the RCM for the past 3 months.Business Response The practice went live on November 17th, although it was still working with implementation on referring provider details and fees for the fee schedule. There were phone conversations and email communications throughout December and January addressing these. For example, practice enrollment for Medicare was not completed until January 21st. with Medicare information released on January 22nd for all claims through December 31st as per the practice's request. eClinicalWorks provided RCM Ops Reports, which shows all claim details by service date, and gave Dr. Firooz reports training on February 17th where she was shown additional reports that could be run. Regarding the fee schedule, eClinicalWorks repeatedly requested that the practice provide fees for all $0 CPTs in order to complete the schedule. The fee schedule was updated with what was provided as of January 29th. Many delays in billing were related to the practice not providing fees, referring provider NPI's and online enrollment not being completed.Related to the desired outcomes, there were several phone conversations and email communications with the practice regarding the cancellation process. Until there is a signed contract addendum to Remove RCM Services, we are still responsible for providing RCM services.The detailed billing report has already been provided and once we schedule the cutoff date, we will provide the final report at that time. Once the practice provides the signed addendum and the cancellation is processed, eClinicalWorks will turn over all billing activity with an up-to-date status on each claim. The practice will also have access to the RCM Dashboard and RCM EBO Reports for 90 days after the cutoff date.Consumer Response Although our 3-week struggle to enroll with Medicare is a good example of eClinicalWork's refusal to assist us in any way in the process, Medicare reimbursement is not at all among the list of my complains. In fact, the majority of our payers are not Medicare.Yes, we went live on November 17th 2014, and even eClinicalWorks is admitting that it was not until DECEMBER when anybody contacted us to discuss anything about billing. And that was AFTER we inquired about the status of our claims. In the meantime, our claims sat in their "Problem list" bucket waiting for our practice to address questions on the superbill, all while we were not even alerted of these problems until well after a month after the patients' visit. And all while their own contract mandates them to bill the claims within 90 hours of the note being signed. AND, even after they alerted us of the problems, our account manager was not able to properly guide us in solving the problems until the end of JANUARY- ie more than 2 months after we went live. I am not aware of any practice that finds this kind of delay acceptable. Are you?And as far as the Ops reports that eClinicalWorks mentions in their response, let me point out that it took ONE MONTH since my request for this report, and multiple reminders and requests for it before one was generated. The account manager actually admitted that she was instructed NOT to send us the report once we declared our desire to terminate. And once the report was generated, it was incomplete. I would like to thank eClinicalWorks for pointing out that training to generate reports was not provided until February 17- that is 3 MONTHS after our go-live date. Finally, as for the fee schedule, our agreement from the get-go was for all fees to be 150% medicare rate. However eClinicalWorks wants things the way they want, and insisted on us providing an exact fee schedule. This was submitted in early January and promises were made to have it uploaded to the system "as soon as possible". Well, as of March 10, the fee schedule has not yet been uploaded. Multiple emails inquiring about the status of the fee schedule have fallen upon deaf ears (email proof upon request).Bottom line- the RCM services at eClinicalWorks has managed to bankrupt my practice and we are currently thousands of dollars in debt, while we started with a surplus before signing up with eClinicalWorks. I informed eClinicalWorks that I wanted to terminate RCM services IMMEDIATELY on January 29th, 2015. I was very clear in this request and the fact that we found their work unacceptable and did not want to endure one more minute of it. Unfortunately eClinicalWorks has managed for one reason or another to drag out this process for 6 weeks, all while insisting to continue billing for us and withholding the release of our claims so we can proceed with our own billing. On top of the financial crisis we are experiencing, I have had to hire consultants now to clean up the mess they have left behind.They claim "Until there is a signed contract addendum to Remove RCM Services, we are still responsible for providing RCM services." I ask who is deciding that you are responsible for providing the RCM services when the practice has clearly FIRED you weeks ago? You do? Are they allowed to hold on to our claims by use of any delay tactics for as long as THEY see fit? They promise to provide the final report "once we schedule the cutoff date". What they don't mention is that they took a week to respond to my initial request, the sales team took 2 weeks to contact us at all with an addendum, and gave us the runaround and another 5-day delay once they did contact us. Let me tell you when the cutoff date was: the date I fired you.


eClinical Works provided us with a product which failed to meet the advertised and demonstarted features during demo.My company retained eClinical Works for migration of our current Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Pratice Management (PM) software to their latest EHR and PM software. This included migration of our current patient records. The sotware was advertised as being [redacted] 2 [redacted] accredited, stable, flexible and that their engineers would be able to extract all discreet data and import it in a meaningful way in their software. Leading up to [redacted], their engineers repeatedly failed to extract all the data which was picked up by my staff prior to [redacted]. Due to data retention policies by the Federal and State Goverments, I would have exposed myself to great liability. During [redacted], their cloud based software solution was "buggy" and continously crashed. Whenever they fixed one issue, another issue caused their system to crash or give countless error messages. Even by [redacted], key [redacted] information had not yet been appropriately imported. Key features which were of critical importance and discussed prior to signing an agreement, were not available in their software. During demo, they promised that their software provided for a Durable Medical Equipment order entry, yet they could not show it because their sale's person was unfamiliar with the feature. During [redacted] it became apparent that no such feature existed. They used a jerry-rigged work around that they put together by entering medical equipment like walkers as make-believe medications. Existing scanned documents came up at 1/8 size and were unreadable. Interface with e-prescribing was no working. Interface with [redacted] was not working. Notes would not be electronically stamped with date and time, but added as text which can be manually modified. Patient related messages were not electronically tracked and saved to the patients record. These and many more issues were promised to us during demo, but the comapny did not deliver. Our trainer was nice and tried to be helpful. She was not appropriately trained by the vendor. She even requested a letter of recommendation so she could look for another job in her field. Realizing that eClinical would be unable to meet their obligation, I presented them with a Breach of Agreement on [redacted] or three days after [redacted].Desired SettlementeClinical Works (eCW) entered into a contract and was unable to deliver the services they were contracted for. They made promises during presentation which they are unable to meet. The software was continuously crashing even on the 3rd day of [redacted] before we were able to even attempt customization. We incurred great cost by cancelling office hours and loss of revenue, overtime of personel to set up for eCW, and additional hardware which needed to be purchsed specifically for eCW specification. I request a full refund of all money paid to date. We did not cancel our service with them as they alledge, but they were place in Breach of Agreement on [redacted] I have attempted to resolve these issues with them directly, but they hide behind the corporate structure and besides Mrs. [redacted] from the [redacted] Department, nobody else is willing to even speak with me.Businessess Response As part of the eClinicalWorks agreement with [redacted] and [redacted] eClinicalWorks disclosed the services offered through our implementation, costs, a standard implementation timeline and a Hosting Agreement which outlines Compliancy with Laws and Service Levels. As with all software programs, including eClinicalWorks, there are hardware recommendations to ensure optimum performance. The eClinicalWorks application offers a wide variety of options within the core software package. As each practice has different preferences, the software is customizable to each office's needs. With only 40 hours of on-site training requested from the practice, our trainer covered the basics of the software during this time, including how to customize the software. Training for additional services usually requires more training outside of this allotment which can be requested by the practice, both free via online Webinars and at cost. Regarding data migration, all data was migrated from the files that eClinicalWorks received from their prior [redacted] vendor. eClinicalWorks can only migrate the data it's given. This was discussed between the programmer and Dr. [redacted] on [redacted] previous vendor was storing scanned documents with a 3rd party in compressed format. We attempted to download the files, however [redacted] previous [redacted] vendor shut off the external hard drive in the middle of this process, not allowing us to complete. Dr. [redacted] was aware of this and also acknowledged this to our programmer. Services and interfaces in which [redacted] was requesting required interaction with other vendors to ensure setup. [redacted] office manager was informed to contact IMO directly to sign up for this service and shown how to set up their [redacted] for registration. She contacted one of the companies they wanted to sign up with although we are unsure if she signed a contract with them. Another company required response from the team in order to work on this interface. An email was sent to the office manager on [redacted] informing her of this, and our trainer informed Dr. [redacted] in person.The other disputes outlined were either not brought up during training or are a work flow change for [redacted] from their previous vendor. Every software is different, therefore the workflow may not be the same. Separately, the eClinicalWorks contract outlines a cancellation fee. eClinicalWorks refunded a portion of the fees; however, a significant percentage covered contractual upfront fees for work that was completed. We welcomed the opportunity to work with [redacted] and [redacted] and tried to make this relationship work.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)eCW is not addressing the foundation of my issues surrounding their Breach of Contract. eCW was contracted to provide us with working software to be implemented in line with [redacted] criteria set forth by the federal government. The federal government set strict guidelines as to what needs to be met in order to be able to attest under [redacted] stage 1 and stage 2. Not only does the vendor need to attest, but each individual provider needs to do so. This includes specific data to be entered like demographics information, including separate fields for race and ethnicity. eCW software solution, as implemented by their engineers in my office had these 2 fields combined into 1. This by itself would preclude me from attesting for [redacted] Many other such shortcomings were noted. I would not have been able to meet governmental guidelines with the software provided.I did indeed contract for 40 hours of training. Training means to provide education to the user as to the proper utilization of the software and its features. Three days into the training, the software as provided by the vendor continued to crash and provide software errors on all core features. This included scheduling, messaging, ordering, and more. The software solution hosted, installed and maintained on eCW servers was not configured properly prior to their trainer presenting to my office to train my staff. Training of my staff and physicians does not include my need to troubleshoot coding, programming errors and software bugs in the vendor's software. Those programming issues needed to be addressed long before the software was rolled out to me, the client. I was not a beta tester. I contracted for a fully vetted, functional and operational software meeting [redacted] criteria. After patiently attempting to address these issues with the vendor, I resorted to inform them that they were in Breach of Contract by not providing the contracted services. The trainer provided to us was also not trained in all aspects of the software as I indicated in my original complaint. She was for example not trained in the "scribe feature" which we contracted for. This feature would allow us to interact with voice recognition software.No data was given to eCW as they were contracted for data extraction. The data extraction was only partially completed. Extracted data was only published in 1/8 size in eCW software rendering it unusable. The claim that our previous vendor was storing scanned documents with a third vendor is also factually incorrect. It was being stored on an external drive attached to our server by the vendor. The system was fully operational prior to eCW access to our servers. eCW attempted to transfer the data to their servers over the internet which was too time intensive due the vast amount of data. Due to their lack of expertise and planning, I had to purchase an additional external drive so they could extract our existing data to that new external drive. I had to ship it to them overnight. This data extraction was a very rushed, poorly planned and even worse executed affair. After extraction of data from our servers was completed by eCW, one of the existing external drives was turned off and our existing system started to malfunction. I did communicate with their engineer once this issue was identified by our existing vendor. At no point did I say that our current vendor turned off that external drive, as this is also factually incorrect. It was more than likely turned off by eCW engineers (probably accidentally).The issues raised about IMO software was poorly addressed by their project manager. We were originally told that eCW would set this up for us, only to find out during training that this had not occurred. Since we never had a stable software platform, the IMO situation was only an inconvenience and not a full blown problem. We never reached the point where we were able to use the software in a clinical setting, as the software continued to crash during training. Workflow related issues were being addressed during training, but could not be completed as the software continued to malfunction during training.Hardware requirements by eCW were met prior to training and was actually confirmed by eCW engineers. I do not see why they raise this issue as it is irrelevant. The servers were installed, maintained and supervised off site by eCW. eCW management is aware of all issues surrounding this complete fiasco, as it was extensively discussed with them during [redacted], training and in a long follow up conversation. Stating that eCW attempted to make this relationship work is as disingenuous as it can be. I do not talk about customizations issues, but the very core software provided to us was continuously crashing. We tried ongoing training, but even that could not be completed since the software itself kept on crashing during training. Since eCW was placed in Breach of Contract by not meeting the understanding of the agreement, I do not see their ethical or legal standing to discuss cancellation fees. Please also review my original complaint, as most issues have not been addressed by the vendor in their response.Sincerely,[redacted], **for [redacted] and [redacted]Business Response [redacted] and [redacted] was provided with a fully-functional product, an executed contract of which was faxed to the practice. eClinicalWorks software has been certified by [redacted] for both [redacted] Stage 1 and 2 requirements. In fact, eClinicalWorks has more customers achieving meaningful use than most other vendors. During the initial contract phase, [redacted] and [redacted] client had not contracted for [redacted] When the practice inquired about [redacted] they were directed to contact [redacted] directly in order to sign up for the functionality as this is a third party vendor. For data migration, eClinicalWorks migrated all data in accordance to the data evaluation plan, which was agreed upon and signed off on by the clinic. Data was loaded in accordance to the agreed upon charter. Any issues that were mentioned at the time of the test migration were resolved at the time of the final migration. Regarding training, eClinicalWorks software training specialists are fully-certified on the eClinicalWorks software suite. They have to follow a rigorous certification process with involves many weeks of training accompanied with stringent testing. During the week of on-site training with [redacted] and [redacted] a few issues were noted and resolved in accordance with eClinicalWorks SLA. When errors come up, it is our goal to minimize interruptions to the practice and resolve open issues in a timely manner. In [redacted] case, most cases were resolved the same day that they were opened with the exception of a few that aged for one day. Regarding eClinicalWorks Scribe specifically, the trainer answered any specific questions the feature, including process and workflows. Once training was complete, we addressed Dr. [redacted]'s concerns and then processed his cancellation upon his request. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The company is not providing an accurate reflection of the events. They are misrepresenting their interaction with our company. Their product may be certified, yet the implementation of their software on their servers continuously malfunctioned. They were deceitful by mentioning that our hard [redacted] and [redacted] did already attest for [redacted] prior to signing up with eCW. Their engineers did not migrate patient demographic information appropriately and would have made us fail re-attestation. Patient records did also not fully migrate even after identifying the issues with their engineers. As such, the migration did not occur as planned. The data migration issues were NEVER resolved.When I retain a company, it is their job to assure that their software is running as designed. The vendor acknowledges in their answer above that "a few issues were noted and resolved in accordance with eClinicalWorks SLA. When errors come up, it is our goal to minimize interruptions to the practice and resolve open issues in a timely manner." During the week of on-site training by eCW, my staff is to be trained and software solution to be customized. We did not purchase a beta version of software that needs to be fixed. On-site training is just that, training. By the time the on-site trainer left on the 3rd day of [redacted], many issues remained unresolved and my staff lost 3 days of training. The on-site trainer acknowledged that she was not trained on the scribe feature, her words, not mine.In my opinion, eCW management is unprofessional, unethical, misleading and frankly using their size to pressure their customers, even if they are at fault. Prospective customers must be made aware of how they will be treated once an issue arises with the vendor. No resolution was provided by the vendor. Short of some sort of refund, I remain unsatisfied with their response.


Eclinicalworks stopped Automatic Back-Ups of the system data.We have been with Eclinicalworks since then end of 2005 and have always had our system data backed up by them. We recently switched to a new Server and were charged for the installation. Once the new server was up and running, we found that there was no data being backed up. We opened a case with support and they logged into the Server to fix it. Eclinicalworks told us that they could not fix the automatic back-ups and told us that they stopped the service 2 years ago. The company never notified us of this and to this day has never shown us proof that they stopped backing up data. We were told that no such documentation existed and that they would only notify their clients once a problem arose. They have provided us with the manual steps to back up the data, but no normal person could perform them. They would need to be done by a computer programmer, and on a daily basis since the back-ups could not be done automatically. We were told that if we switched to their "Cloud" based Server the data would then be backed up automatically. The additional cost would be $600 per provider a month for a total cost of roughly $23,000 a year. In the event that internet connection was ever lost due to a storm, the entire practice would come to a halt. I have asked for a top supervisor and was refused. I asked for something in writing that stated they no longer back up data and was refused. The installation has not been completed but they want us to pay the bill. We need help and a resolution.Desired SettlementWe are asking Eclinicalworks to fix the problem and get the data backed up on a nightly basis. This has been done since 2005 so we want it fixed. We also want them to remove the late fees from the server installation since they have yet to finish it.Business Response This practice uses the client-server version of our software, meaning the customer has its own servers and hosts its own data. We highly encourage our customers on this model, including this practice, to back up their own data nightly; however, this is not an offering we have for client-server installations. We have expressed this to the customer on multiple occasions. The back-ups referred to above is by a temporary tool used by eClinicalWorks for installation of the product and upgrades. It is not a replacement to the practice's own regular back-ups. The best practices outlined for data back-ups are well documented and utilized, and most IT staff should be able to perform them. We do offer a Cloud model of our software, which we host, and is referred to in the complaint. That model we host, so it does include, among other things, automatic back-ups, disaster recovery, and support & maintenance. The price mentioned in the practice's correspondence is one of the more comprehensive packages, there are lower-priced ones, and would replace most monthly costs for the software, not be in addition to them ([redacted]/). The practice has had calls on several occasions in the past couple weeks with a top supervisor and we are in continuous conversations with members of the practice. We hope these conversations will resolve these matters. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Since we started using this software in 2006 the vendor Eclinicalworks has always provided automatic back-ups. When we recently upgraded our Server, the back-ups failed and Eclinicals never advised us. We found out through our personal computer tech that the back-ups were not taking place. Eclinicals claims that they no longer do automatic back-ups and this supposedly went into effect 2 years prior. Eclinicals to this day has not provided us with anything in writing that stated the above fact. If you are going to stop performing a vital service, then you should have notified us in writing. The company also refuses to put the above documentation on their letterhead. We have been told many things by them and it is well documented in 100 e-mails sent from them where the story goes all over the place. They told us that we should be taking a manual back-up of our system but refuse to give us the rights to do so. We are constantly kicked out of out back-ups because we do not have the permissions to do it. How does the company expect their clients to do a back-up when they refuse to grant the rights to do it. The second part of their response advises that we have had several calls from them explaining the above, but that is false. We have been referred to many people in their organization that refuse to answer telephones or e-mails. We still pay the same amount of money for the use of their software and they keep dropping their level of support.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I don't have any idea who this person is, nor have I ever dealt with him before. The letter is poorly written and grainy, at best. The author has no Job Title on the letter as if he wishes to remain anonymous.As to the content of the letter it states "We have a tool in our system that was designed to be used by our technical support engineers when supporting customers. This tool has never been an alternative solution for a practice's own regular back-ups that should be done on external media using industry standard database tools". This individual clearly doesn't know what is going on here as this is not the basis of our complaint. We have always backed-up our data to external media devices, so that is not the issue. The issue is that the data that is captured by the Eclinicalworks software (our data) is tightly controlled by them. The tool that is referenced is a tool that must be used in order to get any data from their program. We do not have the full rights to that program as their company refuses to release it. [redacted] stated that this tool was designed to be used by our technical engineers when supporting customers, then why are they forcing us to use it? He clearly stated that we were never meant to use it, but that is the only way we can back up our data. So by his own admission their technicians are responsible to do this. If they are claiming that this tool is not required to back-up our data, then show us how it is done? I can provide documentation from them as to the steps they told us to do in order to back-up the data.This was the content from an e-mail sent to me by [redacted] on Thursday, June 04, XXXX X:XXpm:Hi [redacted], Please see below the steps for manual backup: [redacted]open the exe file- Click on Start Backup button.Backup will be saved under D:\backup folder.Notice that the program needed to do this back-up is the ecwMySQLBkpManager, the very same tool that Mark stated that we were not supposed to use. It was designed to be used by their Technical Support Engineers.Final Business Response eclinicalWorksJuly 20, 2015[redacted] XXXXXDear [redacted];As a client server customer of ours, eClinicalWorks does not provide back-ups of your data. We have a tool in our system that was designed to be used by our technical support engineers when supporting customers. This tool has never been an alternative solution for a practice's own regular back-ups that should be done on external media using industry standard database tools. The best practices for data back-ups are well documented by our team and utilized by our client server customers. Your IT team should be able to assist in performing your daily back-ups for your practice.Sincerely,[redacted]


eClinical Works failed to provide new software conversion, upgrade & functionality for [redacted] medical office to provide optimal service to patientsIn [redacted] eClinical Works provided a conversion of it's software in my Medical Office EMR. The conversion caused the functionality of our EMR not to work properly even after out IT worker had installed new hardware according to e Clinical works spec. During the months of [redacted] of 2014 our EMR was not working properly for my practice to take care of patients needs or to properly bill for services which caused a hardship on patients, staff and the practice finances. Our IT person contacted eClinical works staff after many trouble shooting events had failed and asked them to provide a DATA Upgrade on the new conversion. This suggestion by our IT person Mr. [redacted] with the cooperation of the eClinical staff finally resolved the problem toward the end of [redacted] Due to the interruption in optimal patient services and confidence of our patients in our practice, in addition to the frustration of working with a system not running properly. We only asked eClinical Works to discount [redacted] off the quarterly [redacted] software support bills we paid for the period of disruption. I am asking for a discount or refund of [redacted] remove the block from getting software support even though I have paid for every quarter after September 2014 in full since things are running properlyDesired SettlementWe only asked eClinical Works to discount [redacted] off the quarterly [redacted] software support bill we paid for the period of disruption. I am asking for a discount or refund of [redacted] remove the block from getting software support that has been installed in [redacted] 2015, I have paid for every quarter for software support after September 2014 in full since things are running properly.Business Response The practice hosts their own [redacted] environment and had outdated hardware which did not support an [redacted] conversion. eClinicalWorks worked with the practice's IT to provide them exactly what was needed and converted them successfully post which there are no issues. They feel they should be compensated as they feel it was an application related issue. We have let them know that this was something we have been recommending for a long period of time and have sent them documents, which are available upon request, that clearly state if they have not yet been converted to [redacted] they should be reaching out to their account manager to go ahead and schedule the conversion.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Disingenious.Final Business Response This was not an application issue. Performance issues weer due to outdated hardware on the practice side which did not support an [redacted] conversion. We worked with their IT to provide them exactly what was needed and then converted them successfully.

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