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Eco Roof Service

17903 Bothell Everett Hwy STE E-101, Bothell, Washington, United States, 98012-6318

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• Sep 29, 2020

What a Fantastic experience! They called me ahead of time to confirm the appointment. Best bit, they actually climbed up on my roof and checked out the issue, every other firm sent a salesman ( Jeff ) that gave me a quote, without really looking at the issue. These guys had the best price of the four we got. I almost want to have another roof issue again, just to prove customer service in the construction industry exists.

• Sep 28, 2020

I interviewed several companies to replace the flat roof at the back of my house. The were all knowledgeable and professional, but I went with ECO Home Services because they gave me the most competitive price. Little did I know I would also receive the best customer service. Sam kept me informed throughout the process on the progress of my permit and who would be at my house when. After they finished, the team accidentally took one of my old tarps with them when they cleaned up, but they made good-buying me a brand new tarp to replace it! The experience from beginning to end was very easy and positive. I highly recommend CO Home Services.

• Sep 25, 2020

Great company. Lovely man answered the phone and was so kind. Jeff was great, smart young man. Figured out my leak and the repair men did the job a few days later. Happy with this company!

• Apr 28, 2020

Eco Roof agent signed me to get roof replaced for 14K. I changed my mind the next day and send a mail requesting the cancellation of my contract. see attached confirmation mail that I had signed and I also got a confirmation email. In this link***7 you will see the "Notice of Right to cancel" that I followed and now they are claiming that I just canceled one part, I did not cancel the other part, so I still owe them 30% cancellation fees. I am a single mother and I cannot afford 30% cancellation fees. This company seems to be scamming and looting consumers. I had also emailed and texted that I needed to cancel and they did not indicate the various things that now they are calling out.
Please HELP! I am worried that this company is wrongly accusing consumers like me and I am just feeling stressed about it.

Eco Roof Service Response time May 21, 2020

The contract stipulates the cancellation policy on line 20 of the contract. The contract stipulates strictly that cancellation must be made in writing prior to midnight of the third business day, to date the customer has not done so. She has only sent a copy of a cancellation to the financing company to cancel her financing. We have reached out to the customer and addressed the issue and have explained to her and in fact directed her how to cancel more than once and she has still not followed the directions to do so. There are many, many email threads to support this too many to post but it need be it will support Eco and will discredit the consumers defense of cancellation. She failed to cancel and it is a simple case of buyers remorse.

*** Tue, Apr 28, 8:46 AMto meHi Jodi,Please see this email confirming my cancellation.Let me know if you have any questions.Thanks,***

Jodi A <***> Tue, Apr 28, 9:46 AM

to ***Hello,This is a cancellation of financing, not your roofing contract. In regards to your contract with Eco per the contract terms line 20. states how to cancel.It further states emails, text, and any form of electronic communication messages and phone calls are not honored cancellations.Feel free to read the contract specifically to line 20 in regards to cancellation.To date we have not received your cancellation via US Mail or in person.Thank you

*** Tue, Apr 28, 1:44 PM

to me, ***Jodi,I will not be paying any cancellation fees. I don’t mind going to the Post office and sending you a cancellation notice. Do let me know if that is acceptable.-***Jodi A <***> Tue, Apr 28, 1:53 PM to ***Hello,I do not determine the contract terms they are as stated in the contract. I am simply sending to you and pointing out how to cancel.Thank youJodi A <***> Tue, Apr 28, 2:22 PM to Aaron, ***Because we have not received the cancellation and you don't want to pay the cancellation fee you always have the option to move forward with your contract. The contract terms are very clear as well as cancellation policies.If you would rather proceed than be charged the fee per the contract terms please let us know and we can have you taken care of through production.Thank you

These are just some of the email communication. After this she never responds and still to date does not send in the cancellation as requested. She was emailed a copy of her contract as requested as well. The customer simply is not abiding by the terms of the contract and ignoring the fact that she has a legal binding contract that she has with Eco.

Customer Response time May 21, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: A - Please take a look at their contract - it is so confusing. I already sent out my cancellation and when I was checking with them within the 3 day window that I had to cancel, they were not clear, that there were 2 places to cancel the contract, one was with the finance company and 2nd was with the Eco Roof. This should have been clearly stated.

Also seems like if I send out the cancellation of the contract now, they are going to charge me a hefty cancellation fees of 30% that comes to $5K - this is too much. Once I get an assurance from them that they will not charge me the cancellation fees, I am more than happy to send out a Postal mail cancelling my contract with them.

I also don't understand why there are so limited options to cancel. In this day and age, one should be able to cancel the contract by Phone/email/Text. Given the Covid19 situation, it is risky for me and my family that I go to Post Office to send them a cancellation letter or go to their office in Person and I am sure that their office is closed now.

Please let me know what the next steps are.


Eco Roof Service Response time May 28, 2020

We have been asked to upload a copy of the contract however the site is not allowing us to do so. I am emailing it through this channel and attaching it here. Please note in the terms and conditions section Line 203. Accompanying Right to Cancel specifically instructs the customer how to cancel and lists the physical address as to where the cancellation must be received and in the manner and time frame. This specific line item is very clear, not to mention the many emails we have sent to the customer over and over directing her how to cancel, to date 5/27/2020 she has yet to cancel, in fact she responded to the on 5/26/2020 stating

"Tuesday, May 26, 2020 I need to cancel my contract without paying 30% fine - please help. I can send my cancellation today itself if business agrees that they will not charge me 30% fine. The business has multiple places where they call out "Cancellation terms" and I did not know that there were multiple places that I had to cancel. I think they should explicitly call that out. Also I had texted and emailed the business that I wanted to cancel, they should honor that. This Eco Roof is just scamming consumers. No point in paying $5000 for piece of work that they have not even started. They did not order the materials or do anything in regards to my roof. what are they charging 30% for?

The consumer is stating she will only send in the required cancellation if she is let out of the legal binding contract so she acknowledges she has yet to send it, she is aware of the cancellation fees and she states she did not know she had to cancel multiple places? It states in line 20 1 place to cancel and lists the address. She was also told that text and email do not count for cancellation and the contract stipulates the contract terms as well. The contract is just that, a contract and she has to abide by the conditions set forth. She has not been scammed, I have uploaded many emails where she was told over and over again how to cancel. It's like buying a house or a car, signing the papers then saying never mind I changed my mind just kidding and refusing to follow the proper cancellation channels. A contract is a contract and whether she likes it or not she can't just write fake complaints because she to date has refused and failed to follow cancellation instructions. It's easy to send in the cancellation! Ms. P please send in your cancellation if you intend to cancel the line. 20 lists how to cancel and where to send the cancellation.


Customer Response time May 28, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


• Jan 09, 2020

Website advertises roof repairs, but this is not true, they only do new roofs or replacements of roofs.

Eco Roof Service Response time Jan 10, 2020

The associate in our call center is a new employee who was unaware that we are in fact offering these services. He attempted to call the consumer back, in fact leaving three messages to tell him he was misinformed and that we in fact are offering repairs. The consumer did not return the messages and is not answering his phone. Although the employee attempted to correct this immediately the consumer has been unresponsive.Tell us why here...

Customer Response time Jan 10, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. The calls were made to my home phone and I am at the office, was informed of the messages but that they were cut off at the point of sharing the numbers to call back. I will try to contact the main business number again to have Eco come out and do a quote for our repair.


When it comes to roofing projects, I always call these roofers for help. They are very easy to deal with, and will always inform you of major developments in the roofing project.

I was really happy with the result of the roof replacement on my old house. It seems like the property is brand new. Thank you Eco Home, for a job well done.

liked them, they did good! Will most likely hire them again or refer them! I am a stickler for perfection,! Hence the 4 rating.

Were not happy , would not use them again ,and would not recommend them.

My experience with ECO Home Services was exceptional from start to finish. My roof looks great and I have actually had neighbors ask me who did it, as they were impressed on the detail. It is so nice to do business with a company that honestly cares about their customers. I would recommend them to anyone!

I was extremely happy with my new roof and how quickly the project took

Eco Roof Service Response time Dec 13, 2018

Thanks for the business

I loved working with Aaron and the girl in the office made everything so easy.
The roofers we clean and made sure everything was picked up everyday.
They upgrade me to a better underlayment for their promotion, and even helped me with my financing.
My sister is now getting her roof done as well.

Eco Roof Service Response time Dec 13, 2018

Thanks for the business

Very happy with my Windows--my house has been cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They were installed correctly and look great!

I would definitely not recommend this company. The office manager is awful, rude and VERY unprofessional. I would go with a company that CARES about their customers and not just money. ANY company that would treat customer's the way this office manager did does not deserve to have a business.

Eco Roof Service Response

We are sorry that the customer feels the way that she does but it is only fair that the whole situation is honestly told.

When this job was sold on 8/28 the customer was sending the deposit via mail. On 9/6 the customer called our office wanting to get on the production schedule. At this point the call center informed her we had not received the deposit and once received she would be put on the schedule.
On 9/7 the following day the Office was called again, he was asking about getting on the schedule, he was informed once again the deposit they had mailed had yet to be received. He asked to speak to the manager who was out of the office at the time and was told she would return their call the next business day. He was upset about not being put on the schedule immediately despite explaining payment had not been paid to secure a production date. This is required to be able to start the job.

The following day they were put on the production schedule with a tentative date of 9/21 so as long as payment was received in the form of a secure deposit before the project could start.As the date approached the payment still had not been received so no down payment is why the date could not be secured.

On 9/20 She called the office wanting to know when production would start and she was told it was on the schedule to start on 9/21.
When the project was completed and the final was done and payment was due it was then that they informed us that they did not have the money and the bank would be sending it.

On 9/25 we had not heard from or received payment from the customer or bank. We called and spoke with the customer and requested who we could contact or speak with at the bank as he did not know why we did not have payment.

On 9/25 we received a call from the customer and she supplied the name of the lender and their contact information. I’m calling the lender they were not aware the project was complete and stated they would send payment the following business day via mail.

On 9/26 the following day the customer called wanting to know when the dumpster would be removed. The customer was informed it had been called in. The customer called in again asking about the dumpster and was again informed that the dumpster had been called in and it’s a third party company and could take 3-5 days to pick up. The customers spouse then called the following day with the same question and we explained the same once again.

All of these calls are recorded and archived in our activities system which tells us dates and times and even shows when customers open our emails. It logs what customer service rep spoke with them and the outcome of the call or email.

The point here is in these logs several office employees spoke with both husband and wife on multiple occasions, the communication between the spouses was lacking.

We of course as a business need to collect funds on projects we have supplied to customers. It is clearly noted in our contract that final payment is due upon completion of the project.

Our communication was nothing short of constant as you can see with the extensive notes and dates provided. The wife became upset when she was told we had already spoke to the husband the day before with the same info and it is still the same answer. She became angry when not hearing what she preferred. We are sorry but it’s hard when someone has to chase down money to get paid on projects despite cobtractual agreements and unfortunately that leaves management to be blamed on trying to do their job and close out accounts.

This project was in September and the customer has gone on a review rampage several months later.

We would invite the customer to review their account of events because it may have been a communication issue when understanding requirements, payments, and the project as a whole.

We are truly sorry that their account of the situation is short on facts but non the less we do care about our customers beyond money. This is why we waited paitirntky for both the down payment and final despite the contract clearly stating the requirements.

Hopefully rather than be upset you can understand why as a company who provided upfront materials, labor, and customer support why we would need to get paid, the business has overhead that needs to be paid and this was supplied upfront for your project.

Customer Response

The salesman that came to our home did not write the mailing address on the contract to send in the deposit for the project. My spouse called twice and spoke to someone and left a message attempting to verify the address. He called a third time and reach the sales rep to complete the transaction hence the delay in payment. Eco was supposed to send the financing company the final invoice to process final payment. The reason we waited so long because was we were expecting a call back from project supervisor to have the warp tiles on the roof repaired. The material was stacked on my roof in the heavy rain and not covered which caused the material to warp. YES, we are still waiting for the project supervisor to return our call after my spouse went in person and called twice asking when the roof would be corrected. The project supervisor came out and inspected the roof upon completion and took pictures and assured us that he would take care of this if it did not improve within two weeks. We have the picture and call log if you would like to see them. The dumpster was left in our driveway for 7 days, which was very unprofessional because as soon as the payment was received the dumpster was picked up the same day. You have received our payment, but you have not fulfilled your end of the agreement based on what your supervisor stated in your office with my spouse.

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Address: 17903 Bothell Everett Hwy STE E-101, Bothell, Washington, United States, 98012-6318


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