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Ecoline Windows

155-199A N Leonard St Regina, SK,, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4N 5X5

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• Sep 23, 2021

new windows
Just had new windows installed. They look great. The salesperson told us that the windows would open out far enough so we could clean the outside. this was important as we have a two storey home. this however is not the case. Also
waiting for a call back as there is a seal that is partly broken. This was not noticed upon the final inspection. This looks like it was sent from the factory that way

• Sep 07, 2021

Does not take responsibility!
A company's integrity and how they care should extend beyond just the transaction that earns them money. A few weeks ago, an Ecoline installer drove over my property and wrecked some of my landscaping. Since that time, neither the installer nor Ecoline has taken any responsibility to make it right. I personally would not do business with a company that doesn't take a proactive stance to repair damage caused by one of its drivers as it's an indication of how they'll treat you if there are ever any issues with the work they do for you.

They are the BEST WINDOWS and install crew is awesome. I would recommend this COMPANY over anybody else.

Ecoline Windows Response • Oct 08, 2020

Hello Marie, we just want to tell you that we really appreciate your business. Your feedback means a lot to us as we are passionate about providing the best service possible. We are very happy that you've found our work to be satisfactory. Please keep in mind, we do also offer a referral incentive if you decide to recommend us to friends or neighbours.

Last year I had my 10 windows replaced and I was impressed with the products, pricing and the job they did so I had them installed rest of my 8 windows on Sep 28, 2020. Quality product for affordable pricing. Professional window technician, they know what they are doing and answer any questions without being rude at all. The sales person 'Oleg' is friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Call center representative was respectful.

Ecoline Windows Response • Sep 30, 2020

Hello Dewas, thank you very much for your positive review. It is always a pleasure to read good things about our staff, and that you are satisfied with the product. Please keep in mind, we do also offer a referral incentive if you decide to recommend us to friends or neighbours.

Eco line were the second company I got estimate from .They no there products and never pushed top of the line. I only expected to replace 1 or 2 windows based on other estimate,had four installed in the fall and have been very pleased with them. Installers cleaned up everything .looking forward to getting the rest of my windows done.

Ecoline Windows Response • Feb 12, 2020

Hello Eleanor. We just want to tell you that we really appreciate your business. Your feedback means a lot to us as we are passionate about providing the best service possible. We are very happy that you've found our work to be satisfactory. Thank you and we appreciate you very much!

I choose them because they offered a free estimate and so glad I did. They were professional and even measured twice. Installed when they said they would and finished a day early. Installers were friendly and courteous. Can't wait to feel the difference this winter. I will recommend Ecoline Windows over and over again.

Ecoline Windows Response • Oct 07, 2019

Hello Debbie. Happy your window replacement project went to your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your newly installed windows. Keep in mind also, we offer a referral incentive if you choose to recommend us to any friends or neighbors. Thank you again.

We had decided on Ecoline after reviewing a number of companies on line and decided on Ecoline after their sales rep came to our home. The initial meeting went so well we booked our windows at that time. Every contact we had with this company was very professional and every deadline was met without any problems. Our windows and door was installed on time and with utmost professionalism, we would without a doubt recommend this company to anyone that wants a hassle free installation. We only wish we would have done it sooner. Thank You Ecoline, your company is fantastic.

Ecoline Windows Response • Aug 02, 2019

Hello Patricia, we're glad you were satisfied with all aspects of replacing windows with Ecoline. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions in the future, our Customer Care department is always here to help. Keep in mind, we do also offer a referral incentive if you decide to recommend us to friends or neighbours.

we are very pleased with Ecoline`s service, they came right on time, worked quickly and efficiently, left no mess. Our 9 replacement windows very good value for money and we would not hesitate to use this firm again. The windows look smart and the house is much warmer.

Ecoline Windows Response • Jan 24, 2020

Hello Christine, thank you for your positive review. We value the trust placed in our company. Please keep in mind, we also offer a referral incentive in the event you decide to recommend us to friends or neighbours.

Absolutely amazing to deal with! Great pricing and they were able to provide me with exactly what I wanted (no other company could do that).
Everyone I dealt with was very nice and professional. I would be willing to hire them again!

Ecoline Windows Response • Jan 31, 2019

Hi Claire. We just want to tell you that we really appreciate your business. Your feedback means a lot to us as we are passionate about providing the best service possible. We are very happy that you've found our work to be satisfactory. Thank you and we appreciate you very much!

We had windows installed July 17, 2018. Our windows are bowed from too much spray foam, they are not leveled, the screens are loose and sloppy fitting and a safety concern, cold air is coming through and or around windows, bay window has long scratch in glass between panes. Bay window is not deflecting heat as we paid extra for it to do. It is retaining heat. The windows pop and crack half the day from expanding and contracting. Potentially damaged our property. All of the trim was severely scratched. We have photos. Many photos.

They had inexperienced installers install my windows. One is a massive bay window. They send men who cannot speak nor understand english who denied any problems until we demanded upper management to get involved and send new installers. New installers come only to confirm that all windows need to be removed and reinstalled. Confirmed that air is coming in but they don't know from where. They said they think they "may" know how to fix the popping and cracking. They come with new screens that are damaged and or still fit loose and sloppy. Installer claims they won't get better than that. ***. Once someone calls me back I am told they are waiting for parts. They have not called me once on their own. I have called them every time to see what's going on...this has happened every month since July 2018.

I call them in September, October, November.....

November 2018, after being left hanging, I sent an email to ***, the manager in Regina and also to *** the supposed manager of head office in Toronto. No one replied. It had many pictures and videos of these windows as well my requests. This in not the first time I have sent these. Both men ignored my emails. I tell them cold air is coming in through my windows, I reiterate that during the day the sun is not deflecting heat (something we paid extra money for), not to mention the fact that they all need to be removed and installed again!! Ignored again.

In December I call *** who claims he's in Toronto. I leave messages twice and he does not call me back. I call *** in Regina demanding to speak to him. I ask him why he didn't reply to my email or call me back. He admits he received it and deflects and again says they are waiting for parts. He says that we chose what we chose and that there was nothing he could do for us in regards to the windows not deflecting heat. He kept saying we chose it and I told him that yes we chose it and paid extra for it but they aren't doing what we were told they would do!!! He confirms our windows need to be removed and reinstalled but they won't replace them. He claims there is nothing wrong with their windows even though there is cold draft coming in through the casements/awnings. I told him I wouldn't accept that. He says we will be contacted for a service date.
We still have not heard from them.

January 14, 2019 I call *** in Toronto. ***, he is unavailable. I leave a message and he does not call me back. My husband calls, they give him a different excuse and is told a message will be left for ***. They are told by us that a call is expected today (yesterday) or we would contact the and or our lawyer. In the afternoon, they have their poor secretary in Regina call me to deal with it. She is told that I do not want to speak with her and that I expect a call today from *** and only ***. At the end of the day yesterday, I receive a voicemail from *** (Regina) pretending that he is ***. I know their voices. He left me a Regina area code to call back when *** is supposedly in Toronto. That was the last straw.

Desired Outcome

We want a full refund. They can have their windows. We do not want this horrific product in our house. We have very large windows and we got them replaced to have a warmer home. These windows are less efficient than the 30 year old windows that we replaced. Before, and after these ecoline window were installed we were taking infrared temperature checks of the windows and the rooms. With ecoline's 3 pane, low e coating, the front of our home is the exact same temperature that is was with our previous windows.Not to mention our home is 3-4 degrees cooler when the temperature drops. We have pictures over the entire 2018 summer that shows that these windows did not deflect any heat. We have pictures of this winter where the window were filled with condensation and our rooms very much colder close to the window. They were sent these pictures. We know that this company is not experienced enough nor do they sell quality product to meet our needs, desires and the money we spent. *** *** we do not want them in our home ever again. We do not trust them or their installers. They can save themselves the cost of bringing all these new parts that they have supposedly ordered to try to remedy this situation by refunding us our money in full. We are confident that they will be unable to fix their ginormous errors without making further damage. We are confident that they expect us to settle for this inferior product and we will not. We are confident that there will be no positive resolve with Ecoline. We are prepared to go the media, to social media and to a lawyer. *** To simplify: - Bowed Windows - Scratched glass - Small crack in windows expansion hole - Glue in between the panes of glass - Popping and Cracking Windows from poor install - Loose and sloppy fitting screens (we were told "that's just how they are") - Scratched trim - Cold air coming - Paid extra money for heat deflection and they retain heat - Horrible install that needs to be completely redone!!! - Appauling and deceptive customer service.

Ecoline Windows Response • Feb 12, 2019

The new sealed units are shipping out from the production line on Wednesday, February 13th. Once the service parts arrive to the warehouse, our scheduling department will be in touch to schedule for a service call, weather permitting.

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We do not accept!! We do not want these men or this product in our home. They have damaged our home, the windows have become worse since the cold snap, our furnace has been running non stop. We have been ignored, the was ignored and this shows their lack of couth. Our house has been freezing and loud and we are done. They are inexperienced, unprofessional, and we do not accept this as mentioned in my emails to them, to the and during every phone call. ***. They had numerous chances to right their wrongs and they blew us off. We demand A FULL REFUND a will NOT accept anything less. Thanks.

Ecoline Windows Response • May 29, 2019

We have reordered all of the windows for Ms..

I believe she had come to an agreement with our senior management.

Thank you


Excellent window installation. Quick and professional work. High quality windows at the lowest price. Highly recommended.

Ecoline Windows Response • Jan 16, 2019

Thanks for your review Brandin. We're glad you found our price competitive and we were able to properly address your window replacement needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your new windows

Installation crew were good. Customer Service is brutal. They will stall and try and put off any concerns you have. Out of 3 windows, installation was delayed because one of the windows did not come in. I got conflicting responses on why it didn't show up - manufacturer's fault, Service Rep forgot to order it, etc. Four months later after regular contact on the status of the last window ( I had to initiate the contact, they never contacted us to update anything)and a comment that maybe they should be reported to the, the window suddenly showed up. Again, the installation crew were very accommodating. Now we are having issues with 2 of the windows getting ice in the corners and a cold draft coming in. So they email me directions on how to reduce the humidity in the home. Do they think we're is and what does that have to do with a draft coming in ?
They want us to monitor it for a week and if we are still having an issue they may have to send out a technician. This again is just a stall tactic. Not happy with them at all ! If this is anything like our original problem it will drag on for months. Our old windows were not drafty, so there's no reason the new ones should be. Will be back to update this post when we see what kind of response and progress is made.

Ecoline Windows Response • Jan 08, 2019

Hello Ms. T,
First of all, we would like to take a moment and apologize for the delays you have experienced throughout the window replacement process. In regards to your other concern, slider window is not an air tight window by design (does not have a compression seal) and thus will allow some air penetration. You have mentioned previously that the most condensation happened during the time when an outside temperature was -20C while the relative humidity at home was 40%. As per Natural Resources Canada, during this time of the year, while it is -20C and below the humidity at home should be 10-15% at the very most. We have sent you the condensation information package to review and take appropriate measures., such as decreasing the humidity level. The way it stands right now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the newly replaced windows. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you find condensation moisture in between the panes. Sealed unit failure is under the warranty for 25 years.

Customer Response • Jan 17, 2019

Bottom line is I would not recommend.


Ecoline Windows Installed windows incorrectly. The company, Ecoline Windows, installed windows in the front of my home in September 2016. After installation was completed, I inspected the installation and assumed the windows were installed improperly. I tried to contact Ecoline on multiple occasions to have the windows inspected and never heard back. In July, 2017, we had another window company come to instal our back windows. As this point, the owner of this said company informed us of the improper instal of the front windows done by Ecoline Windows. After this, I continued to try and contact Ecoline Windows. After almost a year of trying to have someone come take a look at the installation we were finally able to file a complain with an employee by the name of ***. He agreed to send out someone to inspect the windows. To my suprise, on the date of the window inspection, the original installers showed up at my door and told me there was nothing wrong with the installation. I then had to contact *** again as they could not/ would not answer any of the concerns that I had about the windows. *** tried to agree with the installers, saying that there is not anything wrong with the windows.I then proceeded to get a written statement from the Company we hired for our back windows, who also stated that the windows were installed incorrectly. I have the statement of incorrect installation as well as photos to go along if needed. As well, I would fully accept a third party inspector, with no ties to Ecoline Windows and that is certified, to come take a look at the windows as well. Down Payment Made: June 20, 2016Installation Date (finished): September 23, 2016Full Payment Made: $7,591.00
Product_Or_Service: Windows/ Window Installation
Account_Number: Invoice #:

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I wish to have the installation and labour cost fully refunded as to have a separate company do the repairs and reinstallation. This outcome is due to the fact that Ecoline Windows has now told us that they believe these windows were installed correctly and I do not believe they are qualified to repeat/ repair this installation.

Ecoline Windows Response • Aug 07, 2018

Ecoline Windows takes all complaints very seriously. Mr. had windows ordered on June 20, 2016, measured on June 26th and installed September 26th, 2016. At the time of measurement, customer was asked if he was planning to replace siding exterior, since this was discussed on the original consultation appointment with project manager. Upon receiving the confirmation that Mr. does want to have the siding done at a later date we have manufactured and installed as per that request. No objections were ever voiced after the actual installation took place. TWO years later, after a different window company (I would like to emphasize that this is a biased party) came out to sell/install windows the concerns was brought up. We have sent the original installer out to explain this matter but customer is refusing to accept it.
Ecoline windows never leaves installation unfinished.

Customer Response • Aug 12, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this reply, due to the fact that siding installation does not add additional support to the window installation. Furthermore, the discussion with the "project manager" (sales individual) about the windows being installed with a winder width to accommodate for future siding and insulation, which has nothing to do with the actual window installation or window support to the framing of the home. The windows being installed inadequately can not be supported by siding! There needs to be a build out as my windows are floating.

As per the original installers coming to my home to explain to me that that are properly installed, could not speak proper english. There was a second individual with him who spoke very little english and the only thing stated by them "It is installed properly". They were not able to explain or answer any further questions or concerns about the windows.

In regards to the "bias" company. As stated in our original complaint, we would happily agree to have a third party inspector, with no links to eco line, to come re- assess the windows.

And reiterating the original complaint, I reached out to Ecoline multiple times after finding out the windows were in properly installed. At the times I reached out, I was either put on hold, or told I would get a call back and nothing.

Ecoline Windows Response • Feb 12, 2019

Thank you for submitting the report. Once again, as stated before, windows were extended towards the outside of the house to make sure that the new exterior of the house (siding/stucco) can be properly installed. This was requested by the home owner on the original consultation appointment with a project manager. Windows are installed correctly as stated in the report.

Ordered in july/2017. Appt to install oct 2, no show no contact. Trailer dropped off in dark, returned at 8:30 am to take trailer but return by11, but they were late. When done asked if ok - no was the reply, 1.75 in of siding removed above window not covered - told unprofessional. Their solution was to cut mdf baseboard to fit. Still not ok but it is 4 pm by now and the kids were coming home. Complained and someone comes 8pm at dark no one who knew about the install was home or called. Head office said they would come oct 16 at 7:30 pm to talk, no show, no call, Same again oct 28, @ 4 pm. Want it fixed properly, 2x2 header with a drip channel. 1400$ was to be paid when finished and its not done. Pictures were sent oct 3 to head office showing before mdf and after mdf. There is also 1" to .5" of caulking on sides so feel this was a poor job.

Desired Outcome

Exterior finished professionally either by them or someone else and a reduction of outstanding owind

Ecoline Windows Response

Thank you for all of your feedback. As far as I understand, all of the outstanding issues are now rectified and compensation for the missed appointments issued.

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Address: 155-199A N Leonard St Regina, SK,, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4N 5X5


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