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In response to your letter Dated March 29th 2016, Let me start by saying that Econoburn boilers is a very reputable company with thousands of satisfied customers in the US and CanadaOur Boilers are of the highest quality and we stand behind our boilers and its quality 100%. Our
relationship with Mr*** has been a very long and interesting situationWe have offered to replace the door handles and associated hardware with Mr*** previouslyHe said he was not interested, and just wanted his money backSince this is part of his written complaint to you, we have taken it upon ourselves to send these parts to him even though It would be extremely rare for both doors to have handle issuesAll door handles are made from 3/8" plate steel, that have a cam lock built into themIt is my guess that the handles are not being pushed beyond the cam lock far enoughIf the doors need adjusting it is covered in a technical data sheet that is sent with each boiler and normally done by a professional installerI have instructed Mr*** he should have a qualified contractor install the replacement parts. We have sent replacement door handles and door bearings, along with gaskets with complete instructions to completely replace *** *** issues concerning his doorsI also wrote *** *** a letter claiming that Econoburn would allow $towards the install of these replacement itemsIt should not cost more than this to have a qualified contractor completeHowever, the last time I spoke to Mr***, He didn't want the replacement parts, he said he just wanted his money back due to the two-hour burn times he's gettingHis complaint has not been so much about the door issue, but about the burn times that he is getting with his boilerDoor issues are easily solved through adjustments. These are two completely different issuesBurn time is not related to the boiler quality, but more so related to bad installs and/or under sizing of the boiler for the homes BTU requirementsThis assessment is typically done by an HVAC professional. Here is some history of communications with Mr***Our records show that on 10-12-15, Mark Oour Vice President of sales logged into our system that he has had approximately calls with ***, he has forced air LP furnaces, that he has yet to give us a BTU output forGetting the Btu output of the current system is a good indicator of the size wood boiler that will be needed to heat the houseIt also states that he is replacing an old *** boiler which has 1" line sets to and from the houseIt also states that we received the order despite the sizing not being verified by a heating professional*** asked for a specific model and claimed this is what he neededWe sold him the model he requested. Since the boiler was put into service, I Dale Fhave had numerous phone conversations with ***It is very hard to get to the bottom of his problem due to the fact that he has no HVAC experience and is little help to no help answering my questions about his installI also have had eight (8) e-mails that I have sent to him trying to get information from him so I can help him (see attached). He has sent to me e-mails all replies were in the subject columnI did receive multiple pictures (see attached) that show nothing other than an amateur did his installNo one in the HVAC trade would use bed sheets for pipe insulation and no one would use PVC pipe on a closed hydronic systemEconoburn boilers are required to be installed by a qualified HVAC ContractorOur owner's manual specifically states this and we provide a separate installation manual for the contractorWe do not believe that *** had a qualified contractor install the boilerA qualified contractor would have addressed these issues in the beginning. His complaint each time on the phone is that he's only getting two hours of burn timeEach time I told him that burn time is based upon Total BTU drawI asked him what his BTU draw was and each time his answer was he didn't knowI finally told him that He needs to have a qualified contractor do a heat loss calculation so we can get to the bottom of the issueAfter I had that discussion with him, he had an installer call me to ask some questionsI told the installer that before we go any further or waste any more time that *** needed to get a heat loss calculationThis will help us determine the problem he is havingHe either has serious problems with his installation or the size boiler he insisted on buying is too small for his Btu drawQuite possibly it is bothWe have heard nothing since. As far as the claim that the doors will not shut, causing an unsafe situationI would suggest that a HVAC professional call me so I can discuss how to inspect and adjust the door to seal properlyIf *** has a warranty issue I will be more than happy to help, But I would suggest that someone with a mechanical background do the adjustingThis is very rare that doors would need adjusting on a brand new boiler but if the contractor were to call us we gladly provide assistance to make adjustmentsPer page one of this response, since this is part of his complaint still, we have sent him everything he needs and are giving him an allowance to have it done by a contractor. As far as the UL listing, *** didn't tell the truth, our boilers are safety certified by *** ***, through ***No-where on our boiler or safety listing does it says U L*** does not know what he is talking about and we have no idea where he would come up with this untrue statement. I have had discussions with *** and he claimed that he was told that Econoburn would start charging him for technical service calls, this is not true, we have never charged for technical service phone callsI have complaints from *** about his burn times on 10-21-15, but his warranty card states that the boiler wasn't installed until 1-7-How is this possible? Something else that is strange to us. In conclusion, it is in our opinion that *** has some serious problems with his install and his complete hydronic system, which was not in our opinion done by a professional but by himWe reached out to the contractor he claims did the install based on his warranty card and have not heard back from themHe also may have purchased a boiler too small for his house which is unfortunateIf he would have provided the current BTU that is heating the house and or hired a professional contractor to make that assessment, we could have offered him a larger boiler if necessaryWe asked for this information up front and he would not provide it but just told us what he wanted which was the *** *** he purchasedAt this point there is no reason to go any further with it until a qualified contractor contacts usIn our opinion there I s not an issue with the boiler itselfHowever if there was, we as a company would take care of any issues*** is taking a stance of he just wants his money back to make up for the fact he may have bought a boiler that was probably not sized correctly for his house and /or is not installed in a properly designed hydronic system which only makes the situation worse. We as a manufacturer do not do installsWe simply manufacture various high efficiency wood boilers that are now EPA Certified with different Btu outputs and sell themOur company has a very good reputation all around the US and CanadaWe have gone out of our way to try and help *** with his situation (even though we typically only work with contractors) but he is not providing any assistance to us to be able to help himWhen he gets a qualified HVAC contractor to contact us we will gladly assist in helping him determine what the issues are withMr***'s hydronic set up even though this is not our responsibility as a manufacturer of the boiler*** is getting low burn times for reasons not associated with the quality of the boiler he purchased from usA qualified contractor assessment would verify thisHowever, in the unlikely event that anything at all needed to be done to the boiler itself, there would be no charge to Mr***. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any timeIt is always our goal to have every customer a satisfied customerHowever, we cannot justify Mr***'s claims that there are any issues with the boiler and refund his moneyHe needs to get a qualified HVAC contractor involved to resolve thisWe will gladly assist if needed at that timeRegards Dale FTechnical Director Econoburn Boilers

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