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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2016/08/05) */
Contact Name and Title: *** ***
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
This customer had multiple profiles in our system and all of them had not been flagged as "do not call"All of these profiles
have been merged and had the status of "do not call" addedThe customer was called on 8/and informed of these actions by the Customer Retention Manager at Grote AutomotiveIt was never our intention to call and make our customers upset.She will not be called again

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 13, 2015/10/20) */
We Grote Automotive have been working with the customers on resolution to this problemWe have replaced the motor and resolved the issueWe have also spoken to Mr*** to ensure his satisfaction
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000,
15, 2015/10/20) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
They did change the motor.So far things seem to be fineWe are very disapointed with Grote due to the fact, we had to file a complaint with the before anything would be done with our issue'sThis will be our one and only experience with Grote Auto.We were told they put a motor in the truckWe only have their word for thatWe are paying for a truck but who knows what we haveAgain, very disapointed with Grote

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/10/20) */
Contact Name and Title: Kim *** General Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
Our apologize if the repairs were not to the expectation of the customerOften times squeaks can be a tough item to properly
diagnoseAs well as we feel returning a car with dirt or grease as the customer states are unacceptableIf the customer would supply us with a detail bill from a reputable company would gladly reimburse the customer for thatJust a clarification on the customer's service agreement (warranty) that agreement is usable at any dealership that by using the toll free number supplied on the contractThey are a national carrier and would be happy to assist them both locally and in the continental united states
Reimbursement for full interior detail on the customers vehicle when they have supplied an invoice from a established businessup to $
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 12, 2015/10/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Well I told the salesman (adam) that sold me the car that I had heard a noise BEFORE I had even purchased it and that if I bought it that it needed to be fixedHe wrote it on the paperwork and told me that they would take care of it for me, no problemHe was the one who thought it was a belt, I am not a mechanic and didnt even attempt to diagnose the noiseIf I would have known it would be such a hassle to fix I would have looked at a different car that ran to my liking, not bought a broken one that I then had to trust you to 'fix.'
I took my car in for your mechanics to fix this problem atleast different times and the car is still making the same exact noiseIt squeeks/chirps when it is cold and now that winter is coming it is doing it more and moreI do not think that me asking for you to pay for the repairs to be done at a reputable place is asking too muchEach and every time I took my car to your mechanics I got it back with the same, if not more problems then I took it in with
Sidenote: I had also told grote mechanics about a shudder that happened when going 20-40mphThey had my car all day, used over a quarter tank of gas, and then told me it was just the wheels needing to be balancedOf course when they returned the car it still shudderedSo I took it to a different place and they tell me it is the torque converter and that any experienced mechanic should have been able to feel that right away
I also understand that I can use my warranty elsewhere but that requires me to pay a deductible whereas if I took it to grote it would have been free
I'm asking for you to pay for the repairs that your salesman told me you would take care of and the interior detail would also be fair
Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 24, 2016/01/13) */
I have tried to contact Kim at grote to figure out how to handle this and every time I call they play the game that he isn't there or is in a meetingafter putting me on hold
I believe that FULL reimbursement for diagnoses and fixing the car at a place of my choice is fairBecause you said you would fix it from the beginning and because you are playing gamesI've had the car almost months now and it is still squeeling
I do not know how to get this company to pay up what they say they will payOnce the is out of the picture they don't even want to talk let alone pay to fix the broken car they sold me
Is there anything that you can do or do I need to take this a step further?
I'm not going to pay to get my car diagnosed and fixed when grote is promising me this money that I know they are not going to pay
Final Business Response /* (4000, 26, 2016/01/13) */
Company contacted our office indicating the check was ready for the consumer to pick it up since OctoberMr*** will mail it today

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/07/20) */
Contact Name and Title: Kim *** General Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
We Grote Automotive would offer the customer $towards the repair bill to satisfy the customer given that a connection can
come loose at any given time
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 9, 2015/07/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I would accept the offer for the ac repair because I have evidence I have told them that my ac was not working right after they replace the blower which they ignored my emails,voice messages and on their website my complaintThey can send me a check to my resident address
Final Business Response /* (4000, 17, 2015/07/30) */
Contact Name and Title: fred *** president
Sorry did not see her response that this would satisfy this claim will send check out today
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 20, 2015/08/05) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I accept the check in the mail but as of 08/05/I did not accept Grote going on DearlerRate website and slandering me today on thereStated untrue comments about me as a customer and stated untrue and statement as me as a customer and lied said I purchased my van years ago and I did not purchased no warranty with my purchasedIt hasn't been a year yet since a purchased my van.I put my review on there six months ago and now they going to respond back with lies and untrue statement today 08/05/It has my email address on there and my name is my email addressI can prove this is slander because the van is not years old since I purchased the vehicle I did purchased a warranty,the salesman sold me he told me it cover all but no it only coverage transmission and enginePlus he said he try to fix the problem and I was unhappy personNo they never try to fix they ignored meI don't know what happen to Bob the salesman but he not working there no moreI don't know what other complaint I can file with or Indiana Attorney General on them putting on Dealer Rate website my name and email address with untrue statement of my purchases and my as a customer

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/10/27) */
Mr*** was contacted on 10/to discuss the complaintHe stated he did not understand that he was on the loan (purchased april of 2015) first and his girlfriend was listed as a "co-signer"We explained that there is no difference
between a co-buyer and a co-signer and that he had signed a "notice to co-signer" at the time of saleHe was also notified that his loan is a simple interest loan that can be refinanced with no penalty, trade the vehicle in or pay it offHis loan documents are in order and he acknowledged that he agreed to be the co-buyer on the loanHe was advised that his girlfriend could attempt to refinance the loan into her name only, at this pointThey would need to contact the lender (Kitch Acceptance) and begin the process as this is not something that Grote Automotive can do
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/10/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This was only part of discussion that happened during the callNot only did the call not satisfy my issues they also promised to look into the matter more and call backI have never received a second call and still no issues have been addressed

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2018/01/10) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]/CRM
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
[redacted] Automotive Service Department has reviewed the camera footage of Ms. [redacted]'s vehicle while on premises and has determined that...

at no time did any person remove anything from the vehicle.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2017/05/10) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]/CRM
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
Customer [redacted] purchased a vehicle from us 10/26/16 (2013 Ford C-Max) that was totaled in an accident in April 2017.Ms. [redacted]...

stated that Progressive insurance had paid off that vehicle loan with Flagship. She notified us that she needed to close out the outstanding balance on the gap/warranty so we asked her to sign an official cancellation form so we may forward to Zurich (Flagship had already done this on 4/3). She purchased a another vehicle from us on 4/22/2017 (2012 toyota prius). The lender for this vehicle required proof of residency for the co-buyer that we did not receive after repeated requests and the lender did initially ask that both buyers open a joint bank account but we worked with them to have that stipulation waived. We will continually ask our customers for the stipulations that the bank requests so that the loan can be completed and funded within a reasonable amount of time. On 5/3 we received communication from the customer that the lender on the totaled vehicle had seen that the "dealership" had closed the warranty on 4/11 and that they (Flagship) would need the refund check from the warranty to keep her from having to make last month's payment (on the totaled vehicle)and this month's payment. We investigated and found that her lender (Flagship) is capable of cancelling the warranty with Zurich directly and does not need us as the seller to intercede. We were able to confirm that Flagship did indeed process the cancellation themselves on 4/3/17, 16 days before Ms. [redacted] contacted us to let us know that the vehicle had been totaled. We were also able to confirm that the Gap contract had also had a claim paid on it which would have gone to Flagship (Ms. [redacted]'s lender). We also discovered that her insurer, Progressive, did indeed pay (to her lender, Flagship)a significant portion of her loan off on 4/10. This process has nothing to do with Grote Automotive and any payoff discrepancy or dispute is between her insurance company, [redacted] her lender, [redacted] and her Gap insurance provider, [redacted] We always advise customers to make their payments that are due so as not to incur any late charges or affect their credit - any over-payment can always be refunded. She then told our Finance assistant [redacted] that she could not afford the new vehicle and would be returning the car. We worked very diligently to provide Ms. [redacted] with financing options for a vehicle. When she stated that she wanted to return the vehicle she also stated that there was an issue with the transmission. Our GSM told her we would happily take care of any issues with the vehicle but she did not want to entertain that idea and insisted that we just take the vehicle back. Ms. [redacted]. stated that her salesperson had told her we have a 30-day return policy and we do not nor have we ever had any such policy. She may have been thinking of our 30-day warranty that we have on all of our vehicles. At this point she had been driving the vehicle for 12 days (5/3) and our ultimate goal is to help our customers keep the vehicles that they purchased. In this same conversation Ms. [redacted] stated she would be filing bankruptcy due to not being able to afford the payment. We have compassion for our customers but there is a contract that all customers sign when purchasing a vehicle anywhere, not just at Grote Automotive. At this point we had not received the required proof of residency, required by the new lender, for the co-buyer. It was determined that it was best for both parties that the customer return the vehicle. We attempted to contact Ms. [redacted] and have her contact us but she stated that she could not call again. As of 5/6 she had been in the vehicle for 14 days and we requested that she bring the vehicle back by 4:00pm that day and that if she did not then we would need to contact the authorities. The Customer Retention Manager spoke with Ms. [redacted] on 5/10 to discuss the desired resolution as stated in the complaint. The customer wanted to bring the vehicle back and did on 5/6. She stated that she did not want her down payment of [redacted] returned. She stated that she did not know the new lien holder but she received all of the documents that she signed that had the lender's name and information located on them. These documents were given to her the day of sale. Again, we have nothing to do with the lender/insurance company/gap insurance issues from her accident that totaled her previous vehicle. It is always our goal for our customers to be happy and enjoy their vehicles but we also know there are situations where that does not happen.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2017/05/11) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have asked them to return my deposit at which time I was that they could not return it intill they had permission from the Our phone call was interrupted for the 5th time that day. I called rightback and was given voicemail. I then called the and relaid the information I was told by [redacted] at Groty. The said that it was not true. That Groty is more than capable to release my down payment if they wanted to. I did not receive any paper work. I was told by [redacted] that once paper work was ready I could come pick it up and at that timr get the plates which she even advised me to ask for my old plates to be transfered. The dealer plate I was given Was even good till June 6th. I do not understand why this "professional" company is being so unprofessional. I still have all of their text messages that as I told them and the I am more than happy to share. On the phone May 10th I even tried to settle amicably with [redacted] by stating I'd be happy with just half of my deposit but instead she decided to tell another untruth that she couldnt agree to that without permission from the Also, when the manager spoke to me on the phone when I last called them he called me a liar. No word play on that he straight up said I was lying that no salesperson ever told me I had 30 days. He based that on a statement he said no other customer had ever told him that. He loudly and sternly told me to keep that car and he didnt care what I did with it. Multiple co-workers heard him and it was at their urging I even filed the complaint with So yes days later..when I was sent a text message telling me to call them I replied that I would not because I felt they were intimidating me. So they sent a message back day after saying they would report the car stolen. When I returned thr car they were just happy to take the key from me and send me on my way. I had to ask for a paper stating that I returned the car at which the salesman asked me what it should say?? He then said he would have to go talk to his bosses. After waiting some time he handed me the letter and said my down payment would be mailed to me or I could pick it up on monday. I asked if my daughter could pick it up for me as I'd be working. He said of course and theyd call me monday when it was ready. Monday came and went with no communication from them. I called tuesday and left a voicemail. I then had to call back wednesday the 10th. I feel and belive this company just plays games with people. They are unprofessional. Intimidating and yes I feel I was harrassed. I feel im entitled to my [redacted] down payment back. one more thing. I learned from the that when I returned the car I was self repo'ing and that it should have been explained to me and paper work provided because I could still be held responsible for this loan with the lender (whome I do not know). Nothing was said to me about that. As I said they were happy to send me out the door. Had I not asked for the letter of proof that I returned the car I would have nothing.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 18, 2017/05/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am still waiting on that refund.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 16, 2017/05/15) */
The had no idea where the customer was in the process and she had not been funded by the lender and therefore the customer was not "self-repo'ing". The customer had not provided the lender with all of the stipulations to complete the deal. At the time of the last communication with the customer there had not been a response to the complaint filed. It is our policy to follow the customer's desired resolution and agree to those terms and acknowledge them through the The customer and her co-buyer signed all of the loan documents that had the lender named on them and were given to them at the time of sale. At this time we have not heard from the co-buyer in this matter. We are happy to refund her the [redacted] back to her card, as she stated in the last communication with us.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2017/11/29) */
Explanation of Customer Interaction:
On 10/19, Ms. [redacted] submitted an internet lead from our website and our business development team reached out to ascertain how we could her. Ms. [redacted] stated that she was looking for a decent vehicle that...

was dependable with payments below $200. She also shared that she was separated from her husband, staying with her parents and saddled with a lot of debt. An appointment was set for Ms. [redacted] for that day at 7:15pm. She was greeted by Anthony [redacted] and entered our showroom at that time. Mr. [redacted] explained our sales process and they discussed Ms. [redacted]'s vehicle needs and financing concerns. Mr. [redacted] along with our finance director reviewed the vehicle options that were available that best fit Ms. [redacted]'s monthly payment needs. It was determined that the 2013 Ford Fiesta would fit the financing and payment requirements that Ms. [redacted] outlined. During the test drive, it was discovered that there was a hubcap missing from the vehicle. The hubcap was ordered during the vehicle recon process but had not yet been installed. At 9:06pm Ms. [redacted] entered our Finance and Insurance office to complete her purchase of her new vehicle. Ms. [redacted] entered the office smiling and calm. Mr. John [redacted] took his time in reviewing every document in the sales packet. He explained the Credit Application, the Convenience Fee Disclosure, the monthly payment and conditional delivery conditions, the Dealer Affidavit, Arbitration Agreement, the Warranty options, Application for Title, Buyer's Guide, Odometer Statement, the Auto Check, POA, Insurance Agreement, Warranty agreement, Gap Insurance information (there are 3 forms) and finally explained the entire finance contract. Ms. [redacted] was engaged, nodding and appeared in good spirits and happy to be purchasing the vehicle. Mr. [redacted] explained each signature line and further offered his assistance by providing her with his personal cell phone number on the back of his business card. Mr. [redacted] and Ms. [redacted] had agreed to meet the next morning (Saturday 10/20) to ascertain vehicle insurance and take delivery of the vehicle. She arrived at 9:15am with her parents excited to take delivery. Mr. [redacted] helped Ms. [redacted]'s father with his walker and proceeded to help Ms. [redacted] purchase car insurance. This took approximately a little over an hour with the insurance company faxing a declaration page to Grote Automotive at 10:46am. Ms. [redacted]'s parents thanked Mr. [redacted] for all of his help in getting their daughter what she needed.
Ms. [redacted] had an issue with the vehicle the following day and we worked to get it solved. Our service department identified that there was a service bulletin that needed to be completed on the vehicle. We provided an Enterprise rental car for Ms. [redacted] while her vehicle was having the necessary maintenance completed at the local Ford Dealership. Ms. [redacted] became concerned that the Auto Check and a CarFax she had obtained had mention of structure damage. This designation was entered into the vehicle record by the auction after a cursory visual inspection with no accidents reported. [redacted] Automotive is an open information dealership and do not withhold any vehicle information as evidenced by the Auto Check and the requirement that the customer review and sign the Auto Check print out. It was explained to Ms. [redacted] that there were no reports of accidents with the vehicle.
Ms. [redacted] stated that she was under the impression that the Warranty that she purchased was given to her and included with the vehicle. The closing process with Mr. [redacted] is a very reciprocal process and he explains every aspect of the warranty offerings along with price. Ms. [redacted] was presented with a Warranty and Gap Insurance form that shows her exactly what she decided to purchase and the costs associated with them and signs and initializes.
Ms. [redacted] cancelled her warranty and the lender has put the cost of the warranty towards her loan.
On 11/10 Ms. [redacted] was informed that her vehicle was ready for pick-up.
On 11/15 Ms. [redacted] came in to pick up her vehicle and bring back her Enterprise rental. She spent 3 hours with our Customer Retention Manager discussing all of the items listed in the complaint and was going to drive her vehicle home. The hubcap was in need of replacing and was scheduled for onsite installation at her convenience the next day at her job address. The next day, Ms. [redacted] refused installation and stopped by at the end of the day to pick up her garage opener that had been left in her rental car. She also refused to have the installation completed at the time as well.
On 11/20 Ms. [redacted] stated that her tire pressure was on and that her tires were all low and one was almost flat. She also states there is a noise coming from the front, like a rubbing or scraping. We are happy to take care of any items on her vehicle and the tire pressure issue would have been addressed had she allowed our service center access to the vehicle.
Ms. [redacted] never produced her trade-in vehicle nor the title for the trade-in as stipulated in her contract.
Ms. [redacted] never provided her $200 down payment as stipulated in her contract.
Conclusion & Actions for Resolution:
It is our contention that this vehicle and the $188 monthly payment, through Midwest America Federal Credit Union is a positive purchase for the customer and will benefit her financial situation.
Grote Automotive will offer necessary Service diagnostics and/or repair for six months from purchase date pertaining to any issues reported through December 10th, 2017.
We are also in the process of providing this same information to the Indiana Office of the Attorney General in response to File no. XX-XXXXX.
Ms. [redacted] currently has possession of her vehicle purchased from [redacted] Automotive and the trade-in vehicle that was required for her financing/deal.
We have not been in contact with her since we began the response process to her complaints.
The customer has been made aware that her vehicle is in very good mechanical condition and we offered to provide increased service maintenance diagnoses for 6 months to make her feel at ease.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 13, 2017/11/30) */
I just read [redacted] Automotive's response to my complaint, in which there are several lies to make themselves look good.
First of all, I did not get an internet lead from their website.
Second of all, it was dark when I test drove the vehicle, and it was NOT realized at that point that the hubcap was missing. It was two mornings later when I picked up the car, and went to leave, and as we walked by the car, my Dad said, "I hope you are going to replace that hubcap for her." And Anthony said "Oh, it is missing a hubcap, we will take care of that." Anthony told me to come in the following week and they would put the hubcap on. Before the following week came, I had the transmission issues. And not one person told me the hubcaps had to ordered, and that it would take a month to get. I was told to come in the next week and it would be taken care of.
Thirdly, I did spend 3 hours with the retention manager, and told her I was very upset with the whole ordeal. After having my car two days, I couldn't drive it, and it took a week for them to offer me a rental vehicle and to bring the car there to have it looked at. I had originally been told to take it to any Ford Dealer, So I scheduled an appointment with another dealer until [redacted] reached out to me and told me to come there. [redacted] originally told me they could buy back the car, and told me she would let me have the rental car one more day, and I should go home and relax, take a shower, have a glass of wine, and let her know the next day what I wanted to do. Then as we talked further, she said they couldn't buy the car back, but I could have another vehicle from their lot. Then she told me a few minutes later that there wasn't another vehicle in my price range. Then she told me to drive my car home, that she wouldn't pay for the rental vehicle another day, and to let her know the next day what I wanted to do, and she would look at what they could do for me. I called her back the next day and told her I did not want the vehicle. She said they had the hubcap for me and wanted to bring it to my work, I told her not to bother because I did not want the car with all of it's issues, and waited for her to let me know how they were going to handle the buy back. She never responded. I texted again, and at the point she said they were talking with the Attorney General because of the complaint I filed with them. It has been over two weeks now and I have not heard a word from Grote.
As far as me refusing to let them install anything when I stopped in there to pick up the garage door opener, I had an appointment, and did not have time to stay there and wait on them I had told [redacted] that the day we were texting about them coming to my work to install. They make it sound like the installation was scheduled, but I knew nothing about it until the day they said they were coming, and they gave me no notice, and just said they were coming. Again, the reason I refused is because I was planning on taking the car back because [redacted] left me the impression they would work with me on it.
And as far as the tire pressure goes, when I was at the dealership talking with [redacted] for that 3 hours, and she told me to drive my car home, when she brought it around for me to take it, she said when she came back in the office that the tire pressure light was on. SHE TOLD ME THAT!! SHE ALSO SAID THAT SHE CHECKED THEM AND THEY WERE FINE, BUT THE LIGHT CAME ON BECAUSE THE TEMPERATURE HAD DROPPED. I know that can happen, but the light never went off. It didn't drive right going home and the next day at work I pulled it into our garage and one of the biologists checked all the tires and they were all low and one was almost flat. After having air put in the tires, I pulled out of the garage, and the tire pressure light went off immediately. That tells me she never put any air in the tires, she just said they were fine!! Their response states they would have been happy to take care of the tire pressure issue if I would have let them have access to the vehicle. THEY HAD THE VEHICLE AND [redacted] IS THE ONE WHO SAID THE LIGHT WAS ON BUT THE TIRES WERE FINE!!!!!! HOW DID I NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS WHEN THEY HAD THE VEHICLE FOR A WEEK WORKING ON THE TRANSMISSION ISSUES!!!!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THE VEHICLE BEFORE LETTING ME DRIVE IT HOME, THEN TRY TO BLAME ME BECAUSE OF THEIR DISHONESTY!!!!
And yes, I do still have the trade in vehicle because on the second day of having the car I purchased from them, I couldn't drive it, and it was one thing after another with them, so I told them I wouldn't give them the trade in or down payment until the car was fixed and running properly.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 15, 2017/12/06) */
We want our customers to be happy with the nicer, newer vehicle they purchase and the financing we are able to provide through our lender relationships. We are open and honest at every point in the process and Ms. [redacted] was informed, at the time of sale, all of the options available to her. By the time Ms. [redacted] completed her discussion with our Customer Retention Manager [redacted], our Service Department was closed (they close at 5pm each day). Ms. [redacted] noticed the tire light was on and had a Team Leader check and was advised that the tire light was on due to the extreme change in cold temperature change that had occurred that evening. Our service department was scheduled to replace all 4 hubcaps the next day and the tire light could have been addressed at that time but the customer refused to have us complete the maintenance. Additionally, she came by the dealership the next evening for a brief period and again did not allow our service department to complete the installation.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/11/22) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]/CRM
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
The customer purchased a vehicle On October 5th. Our finance department had the first bank approval for the customer but they...

decided not to provide the loan due their mortgage being 60 days past due. The second lender that our finance department sent the application to decided to take a risk but would need some information first. The customer would not return phone calls or texts for request for information that the bank needed. It took 2 1/2 weeks to receive pay stubs for both buyers. The bank also required proof of residence that took extra effort to retain from customer. The pay stubs led to the need for more information regarding job gaps. It took a number of weeks to ascertain the job dates and times for both co-buyers. On November 9th, I reached out to [redacted] via text to gather more information about job time and employers. [redacted] had indicated that she no longer wanted to speak with anyone else at the dealership. After texting back and forth for two days we were able to gather all of the information for the bank regarding job history. On November 15th, [redacted] was notified that her title processing was complete and that she could go to the BMV to purchase her plates. it was at this time that she indicated that they wanted to bring the car back and get their down payment back. I explained to her that the loan had funded and we could not advise them to let the car go back to the bank due to it being detrimental to their credit. I explained that it is a decision they have to make themselves. I inquired into what had made them change their mind on the purchase and let them know that there could possible be other alternatives to giving the vehicle back to the bank. She stated that she has been battling medical issues and she will probably have to "drop down to part time or quit my job entirely because my medical issues." The customer contacted me again on November 17th to tell me that she had not received the title to take to the license branch. I explained to her again that she would not need anything to take to the BMV due to us having already processed the paperwork for her and that it was complete and all they had to do was head to their local bmv location. She said she would call the bmv on tuesday 11/22 and it appears she had not done so. I even provided her the time they were open on saturdays as well. We have done everything possible to help this customer .

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/01/04) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted] General Manager
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
First, we would like to tell you how much we appreciate your business. Thank you for purchasing a second vehicle from us. It is...

always our goal to make a lifelong customer. We understand the frustration that you feel regarding the issues surrounding the 2006 Infiniti QX56 purchase. It is our goal to take care of these issues in the best way possible. It will be our pleasure to cover the cost of replacing the digital odometer cluster. We have found that Fort Wayne Infiniti quoted approximately [redacted] for the repair on the display cluster. In addition to the digital cluster we will cover the cost for the issue with the rear wheel bearings with a documented quote. We have attempted to contact the service center phone number provided by Mr. [redacted] to inquire into the status of the repair quote and have received no response. Fort Wayne Infiniti has indicated that the work necessary to complete repairs would cost less than [redacted] and not anywhere near the [redacted] as stated by Mr. [redacted],in his complaint. That is why it is crucial we have documentation from Mr. [redacted]'s service center. In regards to the finance documentation that is necessary to complete the purchase of the vehicle, we have reviewed the finance office camera footage and it does indicate that the documents are indeed in the customer's possession. Two of the three necessary documents are held in the completed deal file here at the Dealership and the third document is the title application that will allow you to gain tags and have your vehicle titled in Ohio. We understand that with all of the finance paperwork that is created during an auto purchase something can get overlooked. We will need those documents either resigned or returned whichever is most convenient. If there are other ways to contact the other service center to gather the proper repair documentation please let us know.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2017/01/23) */
We did not notice our complaint had posted until this past Friday the 20th of January 2000 we have also figured out that the dealership sold the new truck to us over [redacted] more than the vehicle was listed for an effort to manipulate our trade-in value. The price listed on the vehicle that we purchased was [redacted] but the price they sold us the car for on our contract was over [redacted] who is the general manager for Grote Automotive refuses to acknowledge that the list price for our new purchase was [redacted] and says there's no way of confirming that. We were supposed to get $6,500 for our trade in we ended up getting [redacted] instead. We have recorded phone calls with Brody Representatives from [redacted] and the finance department who is the gentleman who did our paperwork and he has stated that this is accurate we also have print off of the original listing for the 2006 Infiniti QX56 showing that it was in fact on sale for [redacted] also confirmed that we did not receive [redacted] for our trade-in or anywhere near that. [redacted] from Grote Automotive has offered to send us a check in the amount of our repair from the original complaint but has not offered to do anything else for the extreme missepresentations and manipulation of our contract. The check that [redacted] has offered to us has not arrived yet. My husband and I have spoke to the bank that our loan is through they have everything that they need for the new loan and it is in effect but the general manager from Grote Automotive will not send our reimbursement until additional paperwork is signed and sent back. If the deal is done and our sale is final then why do we need to sign any more paperwork. These forms do not include any waiver type of documentation in regards to the reimbursement. This whole situation is just a huge screwjob they have taken every opportunity to overcharge and under service us in this.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 13, 2017/01/23) */
Ms. [redacted] - [redacted] and your husband spoke last week and resolved all of the issues. In addition, your husband will be coming in to the dealership today to pick up the check and bring in the signed documents.
If there any other outstanding issues you may have please give us a call directly (XXX) XXX-XXXX.
Thank you.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 15, 2017/01/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We were completely screwed over on our trade in. We were told that we were getting [redacted] or our trade in and we only got [redacted] It wasn't until afterwards that I realized what they did in order two take advantage of us. I spoke to [redacted] about this and he told me there was no way to figure out what the list price was for the vehicle because they do not keep that information. I showed him the ad from Grote Automotive that showed the vehicle sales price at [redacted] and also explained the difference in our trade in compared to what we were supposed to actually get. [redacted] had us sign new paperwork but the new paperwork had nothing to do with our financing and showed no dollar amounts. The check that [redacted] gave to us just seems like a payoff to keep us quiet. This is not acceptable, we will not put up with this. We have every detail that we need to take a different route making this all right ! We want to give Grote the opportunity to make this right on their own but we are not happy with their decision. If they do not take care of us like they should we will be taking all of our information to our attorney and possibly the news with all of the lies that took place between the sales rep, his manager and us, we can't accept such a small response with such big issues. Grote Automotive response will most likely be about how they have taken care of us the best they can because they fixed an instrument cluster that they said they would and they replaced wheel bearings which was a safety issue that needed to be done in order to sell the vehicle.

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