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Electric Boarding Company

10212 Altavista Ave Apt 308, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33647-3105

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• Jun 09, 2021

Regretting using this company so far.
Ordered a helmet from them 5 days ago. A UPS tracking number was sent to me, but states, UPS has not received the item yet. I emailed their support email several times with no response. I used the chat on their site, in which someone said I should receive it in the next week. Finally, I emailed support through the online portal, someone responded and said that the helmet was being shipped today...yet there is still no UPS update. I wish I would have read all the bad reviews here first before choosing to order from them. Next time, I will use a more reputable company. If the helmet is not shipped in the next day, I will put a stop payment on the item. I will keep you all posted.

• Aug 25, 2020

Just wanted to say how easy it was
to deal with you. I ordered my electric bike and received it within 5 days.
Every time I ride it people ask where
I got it. Thank you so much for making
this a fun summer and being so easy
and efficient to deal with.

• Aug 17, 2020

Problems with amount charged and product was not delivered.
I ordered a board and before they could ship the next day I changed the model it was a $100 cheaper they said I would have it within 25 to 35 days it has been 2 months and I still do not have a delivery tracking number not only that when I called my credit card company they had never lowered the charge amount they were still trying to charge me $829 when they should have been charging me $639.

Desired Outcome

At this point I just want my money back and I will never do business with this company again they lied about their delivery times they did not adjust my billing amount in their customer service is garbage.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Aug 18, 2020

hey there,
Thanks for contacting us. the product you ordered comes from overseas and the "standard" shipping process you ordered is the same across all brands that come from China by sea. Products are boarded the ship and have to transit across the pacific before clearing customs in CA, at which point the board will be picked up by the courier. Once the board is in transit we cannot return it, per legal policy. We do encourage buyers to ask us what boards are shipping faster to help them make a better decision. I can see your product is scheduled to arrive on your doorstep inn a couple days.

Customer Response • Aug 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Their advertisements at 25 to 35 days it has been over 2 months now I am tired of waiting I want my money refunded. And they did not even addressed the problem of charging me $829 when it was supposed to be $639. If you look through the files I attached you should see the one with the billing statement I'm sorry about the other files I was not quite sure what I was doing. This company has been giving me the run around they will not answer my emails and only when I contacted the did they start to respond this is unacceptable I have spent the whole summer waiting for this board.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Aug 19, 2020

Hey there,
Please find attached a file with the evidence to suggest we have refunded you the correct amount a while ago and you were charged the amount of the board you switched to as we mentioned previously. The product does ship from overseas and the delays can be found on our COVID 19 and also shipping disclaimer page, with. all the information you need to verify the process.

Customer Response • Aug 19, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I still have not received the board I would like a full refund.

• Aug 06, 2020

order a bike $649 never received the item. Item ordered 6/11/20 received a ups tracking number like it was sent then they tell me no it wasn't shipped
ordered bike on 6/11/2020. Order *** They emailed a tracking number 7/11/2020. I contacted them Friday 7/31/2020 asked for a refund and got a simple email stating that they can not give me a refund. They have had my money for almost 2 months and no bike all I have is a tracking number from ups. I called ups they say bike wasn't picked up from the company. Ups tracking number 1ZA6FXXXXXXXXXXXXX. No body can give me a day it will be shipped or delivery date. I'm starting to feel like it is never coming and very upset to loose this money during difficult times

Desired Outcome

I want my bike I paid for.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Aug 07, 2020

Hello there! Your bike is currently in transit and on route as you can see by the tracking number you were issued. Please use the tracker as guidance so you know you'll be at home when it arrives. thanks

• Aug 03, 2020

I would like to either get the longboard that I ordered or a full refund.
I ordered an electric longboard 7/10/2020 and have only received a tracking number for FedEx and I contacted them about my issue and they said that they haven't received the package yet and after I ordered the longboard off the site it said it was sold out. The tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXX. On the app shop it shows a fake address for the company address.

Desired Outcome

All I would like to do is receive package or get a full refund from them for failure to deliver the package

Electric Boarding Company Response • Aug 03, 2020

hello there,
It looks like you ordered on July 10th and the package is scheduled for standard shipping which is 25-35 days before ay delays subject to the issues surrounding COVID 19 at customs clearance, once the board is picked up by fedex it changes to "in transit." Sadly there's no refunds once it's been sent to the forwarder.

• Jul 30, 2020

I ordered a Meepo NLS Pro and they could not get it. But then wanted to charge me 10% for cancelling the order they couldn't fulfill.
Last week, I ordered a Meepo NLS Pro from "Electric Boarding Company" who showed the item in stock on their website. A few days later, there was no update on the order and then it showed as sold out on their website. The manufacturer website was sold out or not available at their level. When I contacted the company with this info, I asked how were they were going to be able to fulfill my order. After that contact, they processed my payment with and billed me knowing they couldn't fill my order. I was trying to work it out with them on sending me something comparable but not having much luck. I can't get anybody by phone and the on-line chat is the only quick way to speak with anyone.

I tried to work with them and find another comparable board but they are all more expensive and not what I wanted to order. When I cancel this order, they want to keep 10% of my refund for a board they cannot get on an order they cannot fulfill! The invoiced me for difference on the "comparable" board that was $100 more than I could order it myself but want to keep 10% fee for cancelling. At this point I'm laughing because what 10% amount were they wanting to keep, the original $694 or $785 upsale? Order direct and get real customer service, not scammed.

This "company" is a third-party with nothing in stock. It is a shell game business that orders for you. They can't even match the price of boards you can order direct from the manufacturer. I want ALL of my money back and warn others to never do business with this guy.

Desired Outcome

Refund all my money because I am within your cancellation policy and you haven't ordered or built anything for me.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Jul 31, 2020

Hello there! Thanks for choosing EBC! We have issued a full. refund as per your request and will be processing it now. Should come through in 3-5 business days.

Customer Response • Jul 31, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Refund granted but others should beware of these business practices. Trying to keep 10% of every order, even when you cannot fulfill it, is not good business. You should not have processed the order in the first place if you knew you could not provide the item ordered. I guess this is the problem when your business is in the middle and you have to drop ship everything. I'd rather deal with businesses that stock the items and ship direct.

• Jul 28, 2020

Im trying to contact them for help and they are not responding every way I try to get help I get zero response
Well iv been waiting for my package for. More than the required time my package was put on exception today so that means I need to contact the electric boarding company so I can verify its my address but they are not responding to me I could get my board today if they did iv been waiting 3 weeks over the required time its almost been a month since I have ordered it and im thinking of taking legal action if I don't get any responses because this is ridiculous I can't even get in contact with someone in the phone because they never call back iv sent 3 voicemails.

Desired Outcome

I would just like to talk to a real person from the company on the phone so i can get the 400 dollar item iv ordered so i never have to order from here again

Electric Boarding Company Response • Aug 11, 2020

Hey there,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue, we do apologize but due to the affects of COVID 19 we are working remotely, as you can see on the disclaimer page on the website, and if you contact us via email we can get back to you. Our phone lines are operational but limited due to volume, next week we will have a higher capacity of calls available to answer. Your product is currently in transit and is on route to your location.

Customer Response • Aug 11, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you so much for responding and I will be giving you guys a call next week im sorry for being rash its jist iv been waiting way more than the required time and im just a little stressed out

• Jul 28, 2020

12 weeks after order placed and paid for I still have not received item. requested cancellation and refund of money, have not received refund.
Ordered a "Nakto City Camel Electric Bike", order # *** on May 1, 2020, paid in full,$649.00 with debit card. Delivery date was promised to be 2-3 weeks. Called Electric Boarding company every 3 weeks for the last 12 weeks. kept getting told bike would ship in next 2-3 weeks. I requested an order cancellation and full refund via email as instructed by EBC. I received an email that money would be refunded. July 20, 2020 I sent another email requesting an order cancellation and full refund. To date (July 27, 2020) I have still not received a response to my e mail or a refund. I have called EBC every day for the last 4 days only to get a voice message saying leave a message. I have not received a call back and no response to my e mail request. I know that currently overseas shipments are problematic( bike is made in China) but after waiting 4 months I feel EBC has had ample time to resolve shipping issues or just admit they can not deliver the product.and refund my money.

Desired Outcome

Cancellation of Electric Boarding Company order # *** and a full refund of $649.00 paid to

Customer Response • Aug 03, 2020

My complaint with the Electric Boarding Company( #***) has been resolved. The EBC has cancelled my order and refunded my money.
Thank you so much for your help in resolving this issue. Keep up the good work.

Customer Response • Aug 03, 2020

My complaint with the Electric Boarding Company( #***) has been resolved. The EBC has cancelled my order and refunded my money.
Thank you so much for your help in resolving this issue. Keep up the good work.

• Jul 28, 2020

I paid $649.00 for an Exway Flex electric longboard on 06/02/2020. I still haven't received the board, tracking number, or the requested refund.
I paid $649.00 with *** Card on 06/02/2020 for an electric board from their website. The board was an Exway Flex, and the order number I received from them is 4767. As of 07/28/2020, they are still responding, via email, saying that the board has already shipped and can't issue a refund. According to an email on July 3rd, the board was shipped already, and should receive tracking number in 7-14 days. It's been 25 days since, and still no tracking number. After emailing them the morning of 07/28/2020, they responded saying they would have tracking number within 24 hours.

Desired Outcome

I would like to receive the board, or a refund. I don't feel I can trust their word at this point.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Jul 29, 2020

Hello there. Please note ur order was not sent due to high risk of fraud. That would be the reason for the delay, clearsale our fraud detection software did not approve of the order after numerous attempts to call you and contact you. What we can do is ask them to reverse their diagnostic or if you could provide me with more information on why or if there's a disconnection with you shipping address or phone number, that would help this happen. In light of this your board will be shipped on the next batch if approved, although we can issue a refund if requested.

Customer Response • Jul 30, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accept the response, and would like a refund of $649.00.

• Jul 25, 2020

Do not do business with these people. They are nothing more than a middle person selling a link. They will not provide you with any customer service. As stated by another review, Andrew is quick to pull money from you account, guarantee a delivery date, and charge you for expedited shipping. You will not get your product within that time frame. If you order an upgraded part, you will be charged for the part, you won't receive the upgrade. When a problem occurs with a product Andrew will deflect to the manufacturer who will then never respond to any issues. One star is far to giving for these thieves.

• Jul 24, 2020

Lies. Lies. Misleading info. Don't know how to communicate

• Jul 14, 2020

This company has had since May to deliver our $900.00 electric bike. Its always the same person who response and its always its coming.
No tracking has been given foe pur purchase and its always the manufacture has it delivering soon.

Desired Outcome

Refund or i will be suing

Electric Boarding Company Response • Jul 24, 2020

Hey there,
Thanks for contacting us. All electric bikes almost are pre-order and when you ordered the product above our add to cart button we have the waiting time listed. The bike has been delivered according to the pre-order status. If there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask!

• Jul 08, 2020

I ordered and paid for an electric longboard on 5/21/20. It is 7/7/20 and I have not received the product.
On 5/21/20 I purchased a $649 Exway Flex Electric Longboard for my son. On May 30 I asked for a status on the order and was told "it shipped last week" and that it would take 7-12 days to get the tracking numbers. Nothing. Every few weeks I am told the same thing except sometimes it was just shipped from China and sometimes it was just shipped from the U.S. Each time I am asked to wait another 7-12 days for tracking numbers that never come. Upbeat emails. Deadbeat service.

Desired Outcome

A refund w/ no restocking fee.

Electric Boarding Company Response • Jul 24, 2020

Hello there!
We do apologize for any inconvenience for what it has caused. All meepo boards and boards coming from overseas had hold ups at customs clearing due to the lockdown in CA. However you were issued a tracking number which indicated it had shipped, and we do not issue refunds once the products are on their way to your doorstep. I believe the product arrived and we hope you like it!

Customer Response • Jul 24, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1) I never received the shipment.

2) Please see my documentation showing that they have falsely claimed four different times that they have shipped the product, from California, then China, then California, then China and now California again.

3)I received the exact opposite response in an email from "Erin" saying that a refund was processed, followed by receipt for the refund.

I expect we will be playing games about the refund next?

Customer Response • Aug 11, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I finally figured what the problem is: there are no actual humans in their customer service department. I still do not accept their nonsensical automated response to this claim on 7/24/20. Fortunately, I had already received an email asking me if I wanted a refund or if I wanted them to ship the product tomorrow (that supposedly already shipped 4 times.) I asked for a refund. I am happy to report that I finally received it. Thanks to, persistence and good records.

We ordered this "Electric" bike from this company on 05/18/2020. They were very quick taking the money out my account right away. I emailed the next day to ask what's the ETA and this guy named "Andrew Watson" replied quickly and said that the bike is scheduled to be deliver within couple days. At this time, we were very happy that they've been very responsive every time we have a question. On 05/22/2020, we received the bike and assembled it later in the afternoon. The instruction was not the best but we managed to figured it all out. After initially assembling the bike and charging the battery for the recommended time period, the bike ran under power and pedal assist for approximately 5 minutes until it shut off. Assuming the battery needed to be charged again it was put on the charger overnight. In the morning after the battery was reinstalled and the ignition was turned on the bike ran under pedal assist for 30 seconds before shutting off. After recycling the key, the bike was tried throttle only, and the same thing happened. I recycled the key and rode to work on pedal power only, and the display showed that the bike was on the entire 10 minute ride to work, but when tried again would shut off under any sort of power. This only happens when the bike is underload (with a rider on the road). If the drive tire is held off the ground it will throttle just fine, but the second someone hops on the bike and attempts to use the throttle or pedal assist the power turns off until the ignition is cycled.

We informed them that we are having issue with the bike on 05/23 and ask for assistance. Andrew Watson CC'd their Customer Care Department till Dawn from that department reached out to us immediately and said that she will schedule their tech to contact us as soon as possible. I emailed them almost everyday because we would really like to have this bike get fixed since we paid so much for this. I was being reasonable and explaining to them that "I just want this bike to work!" The last time I remembered, I ordered an "Electric" bike and not just regular bike. If that was the case then we could of just bought way cheaper ones.

It's been 19 days and no tech has called us yet, no update, no nothing. The last time someone replied to us was 5 days ago, This person name "Erin Davis" basically just forward us to Customer Care again and said "Can you please respond to the customer?" and since then no one replies to us anymore. I emailed Dawn a while back and said we would just take her offer to send us a new battery. And again, no response. At this point we are pretty desperate. We paid for something not even working right. It's sad and frustrating. *THIS PEOPLE COULD NOT BE TRUSTED. 0 CUSTOMER SERVICE, UGLY REPUTATION! YEAH MAYBE SOME OF YOU GET THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE/BEST PRODUCT FROM THIS GUYS BUT UNFORTUNATELY, NOT EVERYONE WOULD.

Ordered a product and after almost a month have yet to receive the product or shipping confirmation
I made a purchase of a product the Lycaon GR electronic skateboard from the website in early May 2020 and I still have not received the product. I reached out to the company at their sales email address and received a reply back from someone named *** who claims to be Co-Founder & Managing Director of this bogus company. He told me that I would receive a tracker after 7-10 days. It has now been over 20 days and while I did receive a tracking number from FedEx, it has the product listed as being in Hawthorn, CA, and does not appear to be a valid tracking number as it has not updated at all in more than a week. I looked up the address of this fake online company, which is: XXXXX *** XXXXX-XXXX on Google Maps and it displays the address as being that of a residential property, and not a commercial business. So it appears that whoever set up this bogus company is running it out of their home. I wasted $429 by foolishly making a purchase from this horrible so-called "business" and I would STRONGLY caution you to NOT trust them with your hard earned money. Also, if you look at all of the reviews on their website, ever single review has a 5-star rating, and is from the last few months, which is HIGHLY suspicious and clearly you can tell the reviews for this website are fake. Again, I urge all potential online buyers to avoid this bogus website at all costs.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund.

Electric Boarding Company Response • May 26, 2020

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your complaint was filed at the 25 day mark, and ask you can see on the product pages when you purchased it has a 35 day delivery policy, with contingencies dependent on the impact of COVID 19 as seen in our FAQs. If shipping is the main concern I understand the urgency, and as online retails we go directly through the brand themselves. As for shipping, customs clearing in the US is where the hold up is located as every container is sprayed checked and funneled through "dangerous goods" right now. Please find your tracking number will change to "in transit" once the board is picked up by the courier.

Before place an order I have spoke with Aron trough chat and he promised me my order will delivered on date I was need. After I spend 3week for waiting and ask them about my order they told me my order not will be delivered on time and cancellation fee will be 15%!!!
I spent time and additional they tried to earn on me.
Please be careful with this company. They are cheaters.

I have ordered a electronic skateboard with them on May 2nd that stated a guaranteed delivery between 7-14 days. After not hearing anything back after a week I contacted them and they told me I have to wait another week for it to ship. One week past and I still got no shipping confirmation. Now 18 days after purchase I reached put again just for them to tell me that they will send it out in the next 10 days. I had to reach out to the company everytime since I never got an update from them. Instead of 7-14 days shipping Im waiting already 18 days and they haven't even shipped it.
The worst online purchase experience I have made in a while

I order The Meepo NLS Pro Electric Longboard from the website *** on the 6th of February they accepted my payment and the same day they said that the skateboard had been shipped.the next day I call/email to see if they had a tracking number for me so I can track my package due to me working most of the day and not having transportation my goal was to intercept the package as soon as I send that email they message saying that my order has been canceled and my money has been sent to my account I check no refund at this point I panic a bit I had been saving for this product for several months and I needed it. I ask for the company to call me and they did aron one of the associates told me that their merchant service provider marked my purchase as fraud (mind you this is a whole business day after purchase) I asked how and he told me oh it happens all the time I told him how ridiculous it was for me to be notified the next day and he agreed with me I asked when I would get my money and he assured me that same day the funds would be in my account it wasn't. I emailed the sale team and demanded that my refund gets returned immediately the co-owner of the company Andrew W. emailed me and said
I do apologize for the inconvenience, the refund has gone through our end (please see the picture, it will come through on *** ending *** in 2-5 business days). Please check tomorrow morning as it's a working day for banks. However I know you spoke with Aron and the whole fraud thing is a big inconvenience in our legal department and we have fixed the issue now in our system, entirely our fault and the issue has been resolved. We would love to send you out a board regardless and we are happy to even offer you a $40 off I said okay come today (Monday, Feb 10th) and the said we can't hold the board you must pay or the invoice will be canceled.. so now I'm here without my board my money or a promise of getting said board from company due to inconveniences out of my control...
Product_Or_Service: Meepo NLS Pro Electric Longboard - Standard Warran

Desired Outcome

Contact by the Business still no refund as of today (Monday feb 10th 2020)

Electric Boarding Company Response • Feb 11, 2020

Mr *** ordered a board with us that was flagged by our fraud system (Clearsale), so the board was cancelled as per our policy to avoid fraudulent cases. We had refunded him immediately (see attachment) However after reviewing his case further we decided that the case was not fraudulent and we could send him board at a discount. Today we sent him a board and a customized invoice offering him $100 off the original price and sent the board out to his address via UPS and apologized for the inconvenience. Refunds can take 2-5 days to process as we explained to Mr *** via email. The issue has been resolved and we have sent out a new board to his address.

Customer Response • Feb 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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Address: 10212 Altavista Ave Apt 308, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33647-3105


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