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Elevated Management Group, LLC

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Elevated Management has fully complied with all terms of the management agreementWe stand behind out service and have tried to reconcile terms with the ownerThey have been unruly to deal with on multiple occasionsIt is unfortunate that we were not able to work through any misunderstandingsWe
will be terminating our contract with the owner on April 26th per their day noticeI have clear documentation that every invoice was sent to the ownerI have clear documentation that the owner approved every penny that was spent on the repairsI have attached as many documents as possible. Please feel free to contact me for more documents

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Good morning ***, I
read a reply from Karie that she longer manages the *** *** where I stayed at and for that reason she won't refund me my moneyI made the deal with Elevated Management Group and she still owns that business, so I would think she's still responsible for it. I paid my prorated rent of$413.33 that covered from Sept 23, to Sept 30, I had a credit of$186.67 for the remaining rent owed for Oct to Oct 23, as they took my Sept prorated rent from my$600 security deposit. I paid the remains balance of$950 for a total of$1550 which is what the rent for one month wasShe told me that I needed to pay the entire month of October as they couldn't prorate the rent and that when I moved out that would be returned to me. So I paid the additional $413.33, making it a total of $1,963.33 and She only refunded me$307.91 from the additional rent I paid her, so she shorted me$105.42 from the additional rent I paid. I don't know if I'm doing my math correctly here, but that means I paid$1,655.42 for the one month I stayed at the apartment and not the$1,550 we had agreed on the lease I signed. Now that I didn't leave the apartment cleanedThat apartment was given to me stinky, dirty and full of cat hairs everywhereI have all the pictures if needed, she even gave me a$10 Starbucks card as an apology for the way the apartment was given to meWhen we did the final walk-through with Brooke, her assistant, she said the place was spotless and there would be no charges and again apologized for the way we found the apartment. Then when I received the security deposit and over paid rent check from them, there's$53.75 cleaning fee, Really! After I cleaned up the place with my family for like four hours and left it spotless they still charge me a cleaning fee! I should've charge them a cleaning fee! Then on top of that she has the audacity of accusing me of stealing the mattress and box spring and when I tried reaching her to clear up the accusation, she never answers my calls or replies to any of my texts where I asked her to please call meI've attached the screen shot of my texts to her asking to please call me and nothing. I feel she should be held responsible for this and write me an apology letter and refund me the $100, when it really is$159.17, but I'll leave it at$100, she can't be doing this to people and simply say I no longer manage that place and wash her hands off her responsibilitiesShe's still Elevated Management Group with whom I made the deal with and needs to be held responsible for this and her rating change due to her unprofessionalism in conducting business with clients.Thank you for your time *** and hope to hear from you soon.
*** ***[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:These invoices were not previously provided and have never been available in the Elevated Owner’s PortalAfter the complaint was filed thevinvouces suddenly appearedI’m not sure why they were withheld previously if the company’s monertary practices are legitimateThe property management was unprofessional in management practice, failing to respond in a timely manner, sending mixed messages and contradicting informationThe property manager was rude, aggressive and argumentative, failing to return phone callsThe property manager instructed us that they did not provide estimates for repairs per her repair people even though she had previouslyShe sent an invoice for another homes carpet repair with an incorrect addressed labeled, stating it was easier for her to send invoices in the way that allowed the errorWe cannot continue the contract in good faith, the propert manager has not acted as a professional and has not upheld her end of the contractWe are out of state, I am deployed overseas and this woman saw it fit to take advantage of a military familyThis is dispicable!
*** ***[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

The tenant did not clean the unit in the proper manner and a cleaning fee was charged. I no longer manage this unit and will not be able to give any money back to the tenant. Please find the attached invoice.

The lease requires the tenant to pay for the entire month upfront and be refunded upon move out. The tenant paid rent on the 5th of the month, which is 2 days late. Elevated Management even waived the 10% late fee as a courtesy. The tenant vacated the unit on 10/23/17. The month rent is $1550 per month, divide by 30days is $51.66 per day, multiple that by 23 days is $1188.33 due. Tenant paid $1550. Subtract $1550-$1188.33 is $361.66 due to tenant for refund. $361.566 Subtract $53.75 is $307.91 plus the Deposit of $600 leaves $907.91 due back to the tenant. This is what was paid to him. A detailed break down is included. Per the tenant ledger the tenant DID NOT pay an additional $413.33 for rent. The $413.33 was the pro-rated rent to move into the unit on 9/23/17. Elevated Management's Employees do not have the ability to tell a tenant what they will and will not get back. They only conduct move out walk through. My employees never tell tenants that the unit is clean or unclean. The tenant is not entitled to a refund of any additional funds because the property was not left in move in condition. At the time of move in and lease signing the tenant was provided with 2 copies of a move in walk through sheet. This gives the tenant the ability to document the condition of the unit. The tenant did not fill one out. Regardless of how the unit was turned over to the tenant it MUST be returned in a clean move in ready condition. The lease also states the tenant most clean the carpets upon move out and provide a receipt. This was not done by the tenant nor was he charged for any additional cleaning. Elevated Management feels they conducted themselves in a professional and fair manner and the tenant is not entitled to any additional funds.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: This is not true, I did pay an additional $413.33, please see attached texts sent to Karie telling her I had made that payment and that I needed something from her in writing that I would get that money back when I moved out, which of course I never did. I gave her a security deposit of $600 dollars on 8/30 please see ledger, as I was going to move in on Sept 15th but my travel plans changed and we had to move in on Sept 23rd. She used the $600 to prorate my rent from Sept 23 to Sept 30, which was $413.33 it's on the ledger. Leaving a credit of $186.67, it's also on the ledger. I paid her another security deposit of $600 when I arrived at the place, as it was needed and couldn't rent the place without it. In October, when my remaining rent was due, I subtracted the $413.33 that had already been taken from my security deposit plus the $186.67 leaving a glance of $950, which I paid, it's also on the ledger. But she said I needed to pay the entire month of October as they could not prorate the rent, so I paid the additional $413.33 on October 5th, also on the ledger. If you subtract $950 and $186.67 that I paid in October from the rent of the entire month of October, that leaves you a balance of exactly $413.33, which is what I paid, please see attached text to Karie on Oct 5th, just as the ledger says, telling her I made the payment and to please make sure I get it all back when I vacate the apartment on October 23rd. and about me not filling out the forms about how I found the place, I did and gave them to her and because of everything I wrote about how dirty and stinky I found the apartment, she gave me the $10 Starbucks gift card. Unfortunately I did not make a copy of that form  and everything I wrote on it and of course she won't provide it as it's not in her best interest to do so. She even lied to you at that she had no record of them ever dealing with me, think she'll provide that, of course not. If I didn't have the  evidence that I have, she would straight out stand firm to her lie that they never dealt with me but since I do she is trying her best to sweep this under the rug and not refund my money. 
[redacted][To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

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