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Review: February 26, 2014Department of Professional Occupational & RegulationBoard of Cosmetology[redacted], Virginia [redacted]Dear DPOR:Below is my complaint against a nail salon located in [redacted], Virginia. Your attention and investigation of this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Complaint Against Elite Nail Spa[redacted], VA [redacted]On January 3, 2013, I needed to have my nails done prior to an event for that evening. I drove to my regular nail ([redacted]) salon which is around the corner from my home. They were busy with too many customers ahead of me; therefore, I drove to another nail salon in the community. I visited Elite Nail Spa located at [redacted], VA [redacted] to get a French Manicure done before the 6:00 p.m. event. The operator that did my nails said his name was [redacted]. He was an [redacted] male. I requested French GEL nails. [redacted] proceeded with the procedure using what I thought was Gel based on what I asked for and what he told me. He applied the substance to my nails using at least four coats of what I thought was GEL. After he completed the one hand, I brought to [redacted]'s attention that my nail tips were beginning to feel very heavy and somewhat numb. I asked him if the solution would come off easily when I decided to remove it. [redacted] replied, "yes, but when you return you will have to call and make an appointment".The charge was $45.00; I paid with my [redacted] debit card and left the spa around 5pm. My nails began to bother me by the time I returned home, but I thought I just had to get use to wearing it on my nails. A few days later, I felt more discomfort which forced me to have them removed. My nails felt numb and stiff. I could hardly put pressure on them when I used a pen, button my clothes etc. I visited [redacted] Nail Salon to have the French nails removed. The shop is right around the corner from my home. I asked the operator the cost to remove the gel from my nails? When my nails were examined to give a price quote, the operator told me that it was NOT GEL; he said it was Shellac; and Shellac could NOT be soaked off with acetone nail polish remover. The operator said the only way to remove the substance from my nails was to use an electric file to take it off. The process was long and painful. I could not tolerate the discomfort of the electric device and therefore all the Shellac was not removed. It was too thickly applied and my nails were too sensitive to get it all off. It took almost an hour to file some of the Shellac off of my nails. I left the salon with a layer of Shellac remaining. The operator charged me $20.00 to remove the Shellac whereas had it been GEL as I was told, it would have cost me only $10.00 to soak it off. My nails pained me for days; they were very sore and very sensitive to touch. I soaked my nails in alcohol daily and later purchased Vitamin E oil to apply in order to soothe the tenderness. The Shellac that [redacted] applied caused damaged to my nails. The Shellac left uneven ridges, pumps, and layers on my nails that could not be removed by the electric file at [redacted]. All of my nails are damaged to this date (February 26, 2014). My cuticles are severely cracked and the skin around the cuticles of my nails have actually formed a bubble that has raised the cuticle. It is a very thick bumpy area close to the nail bed. I can hardly use my fingers; they are very tender to touch even now. My nails are very fragile and they are cracked with uneven layers of Shellac. To date, my nails are so soft. They do not grow because they are so soft that they continue to break off. They are bumpy, unattractive and unhealthy from the Shellac that [redacted] applied to my nails at the Elite Nail Spa. [redacted] sat at the very first station on the same side right behind the reception desk. When I left, I picked up his business card to keep. I wish reimbursement of the $45.00 charged for the French nails, I request $20.00 reimbursement paid to [redacted] Nails, and $4.00 reimbursement for the bottle of Vitamin E oil purchased to help soothe my damaged and tender nails.I am a Realtor and its important for me to look polished, groomed, and professional before my customers and clients. My hands are on display when I give listing and buyers consultations. Since this ordeal, I have suffered embarrassment before my customers because I have suffered this nail problem. Polishing my nails is just an unsightly band-aid. The bumps, bubbles, and ridges show through the polish; therefore, I have been forced to just go natural until all the Shellac grows out. I consider this personal harm and damage both mentally and physically. There is no immediate remedy to this problem. It will take time. Since January 3, 2013, my nails have not grown out the Shellac that much. I researched to find that adult nails grow about 0.02 inches a week or 2.3 cm per year. Thats how long it will take before my nails are healthy againmonths. I have months of distress and pain to endure before my nails are strong and healthy again. The suffering that I am currently experiencing is the result malpractice, carelessness, and blatant dishonesty. The nail operator blatantly covered my natural nails with an unwanted damaging material against my will and permission. This Shellac will NOT come off my nails. Request for Reimbursement in Amount of $70.00.$45.00 Elite Nail Spa$20.00 [redacted] Nails$5.00 Vitamin E Oil Sincerely,[redacted], Virginia [redacted]Enclosures: Elite Nail Spa Business CardCopy of Bank Statement for Service Rendered by EliteCopy of Bank Statement for Service Rendered by [redacted]sPhotographs of Nail DamageDesired Settlement: I desire refund in the amount of $70.00 as noted in letter. I am still treating my nails using alcohol, Vitamin E Oil, and nail strengthener by [redacted] As a result of this service by Elite Nails, my nails are very thin and very sensitive to touch and pressure.



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At this time, I have not been contacted by Elite Nail Salon regarding complaint ID [redacted].


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