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• Feb 23, 2021

Over a 33% Price Jump in One Year??
I made a spread sheet (below) ONE year ago with the Houses we were considering from elog homes and the info below each model was Copied and Pasted onto Sheet.

Stories: 1, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1344, Porch SqFt: 128, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $67,186/Silver Built: $106,464
Gold Pkg: $78,538/Gold Built: $122,460
Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1694, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes
Silver Pkg: $76,954/Silver Built: $128,006
Gold Pkg: $96,168/Gold Built: $153,260

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 3, Heated SqFt: 1995, Porch SqFt: 420, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $105,248/Silver Built: $171,410
Gold Pkg: $127,560/Gold Built: $201,546

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1655, Porch SqFt: 168, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes
Silver Pkg: $86,172/Silver Built: $140,492
Gold Pkg: $104,326/Gold Built: $165,072

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1567, Porch SqFt: 918, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $90,650/Silver Built: $151,722
Gold Pkg: $106,076/Gold Built: $174,372

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1743, Porch SqFt: 648, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes
Silver Pkg: $86,838/Silver Built: $145,370
Gold Pkg: $107,134/Gold Built: $172,590

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1398, Porch SqFt: 128, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $67,416/Silver Built: $108,188
Gold Pkg: $84,074/Gold Built: $129,668

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2, Heated SqFt: 1658, Porch SqFt: 320, Interior Balcony: Yes
Silver Pkg: $76,090/Silver Built: $127,146
Gold Pkg: $92,994/Gold Built: $150,090

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 3, Heated SqFt: 2027, Porch SqFt: 80, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $95,634/Silver Built: $159,962
Gold Pkg: $117,622/Gold Built: $189,560

Stories: 1.5, Bedrooms: 4, Baths: 3, Heated SqFt: 2166, Interior Balcony: Yes, Cathedral Ceiling: Yes, 1st Floor Master: Yes
Silver Pkg: $101,496/Silver Built: $165,196
Gold Pkg: $125,536/Gold Built: $196,772

• Apr 04, 2021

Lumber prices are so high that many builders are holding back on construction. Lumber costs have skyrocketed by almost 200% since the pandemic began. After factories shut down last year due to the pandemic, the demand for new houses outstripped supply.Mar 26, 2021

• Feb 14, 2021

Horrible Company
We built a 3300 square ft ranch log home with this company. They told us they were sending their top carpenters for the job, they mentioned the crew would be 5-7 men. Sent us 3 subcontractors from Florida, no equipment to set beams with, just 3 men and their tools that fit in the truck. Only one had a drivers license due to past problems with the law. They told us the shell would take 6-8 weeks to complete, we ran into problems almost immediately, the facia didn’t line up and was different at every corner of house. When we mentioned the problem they became confrontational with us and tried convincing us that this was just how the house had to be built. Then 2 of 3 of the subcontractors were arrested and detained for 90 days for drunk and disorderly, and destroying the hotel they were staying at. This of course through the building process in a tailspin. I begged them to send a new crew, but they said they didn’t have one. So we scrounged up a few local carpenters to help the one remaining subcontractors and did our best to try and finish the job, however then he bailed on us and never returned. So we had to buy all tools necessary and finish on our own to get the house dried in before winter. We are in Michigan so it was a scramble. Once we got into the work we found many extremely difficult to correct issues that had to be fixed. These corrections costed us a lot more money and time that we didn’t have to spare. Elog still refused to send us a new crew. This was a complete nightmare. We have since been in negotiations through our lawyer to recoup the money we were out, we had settled on the amount, and then they changed their mind and we are going to have to file a lawsuit now. I can’t say anything good about this company, they completely abandoned us.

• Apr 16, 2021

I was considering to check out Eloghomes, but after this review I will look elsewhere !

Eloghomes is an established company with an A+ Accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau. We appreciate the fact that customers have a right to discuss their issues. We certainly would appreciate being contacted first and being given the opportunity to resolve any issues that any of our customers may feel they have. After reviewing posted material, these issues written out do not match or ring familiar to anything we have heard in the past. Please feel free to contact us about issues as it helps us to help customers if we know who they are and if they address their issues directly to us. We thank all of our great, happy customers and strive to keep it that way. - ElogHomes

Iam unable to secure a FHA new construction and the president ([redacted] refuses to give us all or partial refund from our log home contract.I cannot secure a FHA NEW CONSTRUCTION LOAN. ELOG HOMES refuses to give us all or part of our depositDesired Settlement4,316.00 minus blue print costs. Business Response /[redacted]/August 8, 2014RE: [redacted], your case no.: XXXXXXXXDear [redacted]If we received your earlier (July 8, 2014; July 23, 2014) notifications, neither was routed to me (and all here understand that's the proper route). Nonetheless please accept my apologies.On November 8, 2013 we received a signed Sales Agreement from Mr [redacted] together with his deposit in the amount of $4,361.19. That Sales Agreement was signed by Mr [redacted] on October 13, 2013 directly beneath the following phrase: "The foregoing is accepted subject to the terms and conditions attached hereto as pages 2 and 3 of 3, signed by Buyer/Co-Buyer and made fully part of this Agreement." Page 2 of 3, included the following paragraph (#12) under the Terms and Conditions:12. In the event that, prior to confirmation of delivery, Buyer cancels this Agreement, or in the event that, prior to confirmation of delivery, Seller cancels this Agreement because Buyer fails to make any payment under this Agreement when due or otherwise breaches this Agreement, Seller shall retain from any deposits or payments paid by Buyer the sum of $5,000.00 as liquidated damages. These liquidated damages are assessed herein to cover Seller's usual and customary expenses including, but not limited to, its processing costs, contractor's fees and commissions, communication, marketing, production, storage and/or transportation expenses in addition to the value of any benefits received by Buyer directly or indirectly by reason of this Agreement (such as standard or custom plans or blueprints, design services and/or specially ordered or manufactured materials). It is hereby agreed that these liquidated damages are reasonable in light of the actual or anticipated damages and harm caused by cancellation or breach by Buyer and in light of the difficulty of proof of loss by Seller and the inconvenience of Seller in otherwise obtaining an adequate remedy. For purposes of this paragraph, confirmation of delivery shall be defined as Buyer's payment to Seller of monies greater than 10% of the contract price (the pre-manufacturing payment, in whole or part).When Mr [redacted] contacted me on January 15, 2014, stating that "We can not find a lender to do the construction to permanent mortgage loan. We were also looking for an F.H.A. lender as well. Could you please possibly help us out as far as finding us one in the state of Iowa that will do this please?" I referred him to Wells Fargo nationwide log/timber financing division. After some continuing conversations, none of which related to any particular lender, Mr [redacted] contacted me on March 17, 2014 and informed me that he was unable to obtain financing and needed to cancel the order, I reminded him of the terms of paragraph 12 in the terms and conditions and advised him that, per the terms of our agreement with him, there would be no refund. If you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,[redacted]eLogHomes[redacted]@gmail.comXXX-XXX-XXXX

We need a contractor to come finish our work as promised or a refund of money already paid for the unfinished work.We paid for the Gold labor package and were told many times that the shell of our house would be completed in 6-8 weeks. Here it is a year later after materials were delivered in July 2014, and some contractual work that we paid for has yet to be completed. Contractors for the company, 2 males, will not return our phone calls. However, 2 people that work for the company will talk, but keep stringing us along with no set dates for a contractor to come. We just want to put this nightmare behind us. We were told we would have a professional crew. In fact, it is advertised that they have professional labor crews. But that is far from the case. We would just like this matter resolved so we can move on with our lives. We have logs that still need to be put up, and shoddy work to be corrected from the first homeless, lying, theif of a "contractor" they first sent us. We feel like this is not how customers should be treated who purchased a Gold Labor package.Desired SettlementEither send us competent Contractors or refund us some money.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@gmail.comOur Buyer, [redacted], signed off on the completed Shell Erection as completed to his satisfaction. Reportedly the Buyer and/or Co-Buyer ([redacted]) contracted separately with our sub-contractors for additional work but did not contract with, or otherwise go through eLogHomes, for these additional services. eLogHomes received no deposit or other monies from the Buyer or Co-Buyer for these additional services, none of which were originally part of our Shell Erection contract with the Buyer/Co-Buyer. We do understand that the sub-contractor with whom they contracted with does intend to return to the site as soon as his schedule allows.Consumer Response /[redacted]/This is for unfinished work on Eloghomes contract, not a separate contract with their subcontractor, although he does still owe us money, but that is a separate matter. We would like to know a date??? We have been given several dates since March 31st only to have a contractor lie to us and not show up. Contractors do not communicate with us. So Eloghomes, it's almost August, when will our contracted shell work that we already paid for be complete?, I will be glad to send you all pictures and copies of texts,emails,and contractFinal Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The porch rail bases were on site several days while your contractor was still here. I am sick of yalls lies! I have text message proof they were here between me and your Contractor, [redacted]! I am attaching pictures of what the unfinished, shoddy logs look like on the porte coche, that were promised to be finished! Also a log on the front porch that was miscut by an incompetent contractor you first sent was suppose to be replaced. The contract was in both mine and my husband's names. My husband signed off, not me, because he felt pressured to sign because the contractors needed money to go back home and come back. They lied to us and told us a lot of sob stories we believed. They promised us that they would be back to finish what they needed to do if we would just go ahead and sign off. Please post a copy of the paper he signed. I would like to know if it was for a basic labor package or Gold labor package as we paid for.. This has been one big con artist nightmare from the beginning. I can't believe we fell for it. Pictures are coming. And we would love for your contractors [redacted] or [redacted] to show back up here because they owe us money from 4 months ago. Thank God that Mississippi has laws in place to protect us with the Home Repair Fraud Law because we definitely had to file charges against [redacted] for flat out stealing from us! Final Business Response /[redacted]/As cited earlier, the customer signed off on the shell erection as completed to his satisfaction. The unfinished work mentioned was for the installation of post bases, which were the customer's responsibility to provide, below exterior porch rail posts. During the entire course of the shell erection, the customer failed to provide those post bases and they were still not on site when the customer signed off on the job as completed and the crew departed. Since the crew, or part of it, is apparently returning to the site under its separate contract with the customer, it is our understanding that they agreed to install those post bases at that time. That's an arrangement the customer made with the particular crew member(s) and not an obligation eLogHomes has under its contract with the customer.

Applied for a lay away plan for a log home to elog homes, sent contract and subsequent payments to Sweetwater TN address; I entered a lay a way plan for the Compton home in May 2015. I sent monthly payments by money order to the Sweetwater TN address for elog homes; Yesterday I received a returned payment stating no forwarding address; the Sweetwater TN address did not exist; I contacted the company (Sales Rep [redacted]) and they claim they did not receive any payments since May 2015; I was able to locate receipts except for the July and August payments; beyond this Elog Homes claims they did not receive any payment; I forwarded receipts (except for unlocated July 2015 and August 2015) and worked out an arrangement with the company where the lay away plan would be reinstated and my account would be credited; the same day in the afternoon I began receiving derogatory emails from the sales rep how he could not locate certain payments and insisted I was 3 payments behind.I am not arguing with the company anymore and am demanding a refund of $387.00. This excudes (because I can not locate the receipts) the $198.00 the company claims it can not find and will not take steps to locate.I am not dealing with the company any further. I am writing to the to receive an immediate refund from the company. I would like my complaint noted by the for other consumers to know what I have experienced; I lost money, was refused a refund, was treated poorly, and will not be getting the log home I had planned for.Desired Settlementas above a refund of $398.00; Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@gmail.comDear Sir/Madam:Ms. [redacted] is correct in stating that she entered into a Sales Agreement with us in May, 2015 (we received on May 12, 2015) and, at that time, both made a deposit in the amount of $90.00 and agreed to begin monthly payments in the amount of $99.00 beginning May 10, 2015 and extending through to October 10, 2017.We never received any of those payments at our headquarters in Battleboro NC (the only address on the agreements referenced above) and two email communications to Ms. [redacted] went unanswered (she has stated that she did not receive one, or both, of those emails). Ms. [redacted] is also correct in stating that she communicated with our office, and with me directly on December 22, 2015. Subsequent to that conversation, Ms. [redacted] provided me with postal money order receipts showing that she obtained Money Orders as follows:$90.00 on May 7, 2015;$99.00 on June 17, 2015;$99.00 on October 20, 2015; $99.00 on November 17, 2015.The $90.00 money order was, as noted above, received with the Sales Agreement on May 12, 2015. None of the others were received at our headquarters, either directly from Ms. [redacted] or as a forward from our then active facility in Sweetwater TN. Further, Ms. [redacted] provided me with a copy of the envelope used to mail her October, 2015 payment to that Tennessee address, that mailing having been returned to her marked "Unable To Forward". Presumably, the same will occur, or has occurred, with respect to the November, 2015 payment.Despite the fact that it's reasonably clear that but one $99.00 payment was made that was not returned to Ms. [redacted] as undeliverable, we agreed to credit her with three (3) $99.00 payments as if, indeed, they had been made and received. And, at the same time, offered to credit the November, 2015 payment if that was not returned to her. Ms. [redacted] has now, more recently, objected to the fact that, even with those credits applied, her account is still currently in arrears (as the calendar itself supports).We're happy to credit further claimed payments (we'd agreed to the June, August, and September payments she'd claimed were made, even though documentation of only one of those was provided). But the Sales Agreement Ms. [redacted] signed stated clearly that all payments made were non-refundable and we are not willing to refund either the $90.00 we did receive, or any part of the additional $297.00 we credited, but did not receive.[redacted]eLogHomesXXX-XXX-XXXXConsumer Response He didn't agree to anything and changes his story multiple times.....If he didn't like where I sent the payments then he should have communicated that instead he was quick to say the money went in someone's pocket....he then denied he ever received a contract from me until I questioned him on that...he then agreed he received a contract...He wasn't willing to look into where my payments sent to the TN office had been posted.....he stated "just because [redacted] said to look into this does not mean I will without copy's of the receipts;" extremely arrogant and condescending.... he received copies and as stated he changes his story to suit himself and his company. For that reason I wouldn't have anything more to do with him or E Log Homes; All further payments are cancelled....His above response is muddled and designed to confuse to suit his own greed; from speaking with him he has no interest in the customerHe will be returning my money and if he does not I want this posted on the site as a complaint on the above business and will escalate the matter to another source.....Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)As stated he changes his story so that he is excused from refunding what I have spentHe had a business in Tenessee where he received payments from me on a log home on a consistent basis and for which he conveniently provides no receipts to camouflage his misconduct. He claims payments are sent to the wrong address when he had 3 business address. He should have been grateful for the business what an arrogant person he is....His customer service is the worst and I am not the only customer he has taken advantage of.As stated I won't be doing any business with him and want every penny that ever went to him that he does not deserve.He thinks he is entitled under the umbrella of a contractHe is just a contractor who will get away with what he thinks he can get away with.He is not in the log home business he is in the take the money and run business .....any further business with him from future payments to log delivery would have been a disaster...too many red flags with [redacted]....If he does not refund as mentioned this escalates and I am asking for this complaint to stay on file as a complaint for all consumers to be aware of Toms greed and his attitude.....Final Business Response Dear Sir/Madam:I have little desire to respond to Ms. [redacted]'s mischaracterizations of what I said during our phone conversations (there were two) or her attempts at character assassination (mine). However, it appears that I have little choice. I have been completely consistent in all communications with Ms. [redacted]. Ms. [redacted], on the other hand, has made three different claims as to when, and how many, and for what month(s), concerning the monthly payments she claims she made (while still providing documentation of but two). Additionally, she both agreed with and thanked me for our decision to credit her three payments, none of which we ever received - and then filed her complaint. And, of course, there's the inconsistency involved in her complaint itself, whereby she seeks a $387.00 refund on the one hand and a $398.00 on the other. At any rate, our Agreement with Ms. [redacted], executed by both she and I, speaks for itself. Any and all payments, it was agreed, were non-refundable.[redacted]eLogHomes

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