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Our office had a washer leak onto the floorI called EMEand they responded within the hourThey had their equipment set up immediately to mitigate the damageThey explained the process and were very genuineThroughout the process of dealing with the insurance, they kept a open line of communicationI can honestly say they went above an beyond, and I feel that they did an awesome job along the wayIf anything happens in the future, I will not hesitate to call them immediately

Our office had a washer leak onto the floor. I called EMERG-NC and they responded within the hour. They had their equipment set up immediately to mitigate the damage. They explained the process and were very genuine. Throughout the process of dealing with the insurance, they kept a open line of communication. I can honestly say they went above an beyond, and I feel that they did an awesome job along the way. If anything happens in the future, I will not hesitate to call them immediately.

Damaged personal item returned by company.I had suffered a flood in my house which resulted in mold buildup. Emerg-NC was contacted to remove the mold. My wife, four children and myself were placed in a hotel immedietly after the mold was discovered and we were told the house was uninhabitable. The company took everything from my house and boxed it up and it was all taken to their warehouse. Once we were able to return to our house, which took two months, the company brought back all of our boxes and furniture. My wife then proceded to unpack boxes when she discovered our laptop computer was damaged and the legs to our dining room table were missing. I called [redacted] right away and told him the situation. We did locate the legs to our table but the screen to our computer was cracked. I sent him a picture and he said he would resolve it. I was told to go to their office and they gave me a computer that was apparently in the office. I was fine with that since I need the computer for my kids to do school work. I have a daughter who is a sophmore in high school who needs it on a daily basis for school work. The problem is that the computer that was given to me is basically nonworking. He shuts off in the middle of her doing her work and does not hold a charge from the battery. I called the company again and told them the issue. My original computer was only a year old when I purchases it from best buy. I told them I had the receipt and I would like it replaced with another of equal value or with one that actually worked. Now they said they are not responsible and for me to call my home insurance and have them replace it. I don't understand how they took responsibility in the beginning and now its as if they dont care. I need it replaced for my children. The manager of the company was rude with me and showed no consideration for something that was their mistake.Desired SettlementI need my computer replaced.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@emerg-nc.comThis was a very large, complex water damage mitigation and mold remediation (clean up) job that we did in June 2014. [redacted] also needed significant dwelling repair services after our services were completed. The dwelling repair services were provided by another contractor which took another two months to complete once we were done with our portion of the needed services. [redacted] and his father [redacted] (which we believe to be his fiduciary) provided a GLOWING Excellent Service Endorsement - Certificate of Satisfaction statement written in their personal handwriting, which we have attached to this response as a separate file.This work performed proceeded flawlessly and was verified to be clear of microbial growth by an independent third party microbiologist (indoor air quality professional). The work was paid in full and quickly without dispute by their insurance carrier after our portion of the work was completed. We had not heard a word about from Mr. [redacted] until recently.The damaged item pointed out by Mr. [redacted] was left at his premises so the chain of possession was not ours to control. He is now choosing to blame our business for this problem, when in fact it could have been damaged by other individuals (i.e. family member or other contractors) that were involved over the last 2.5 months.From our observation, this is an unfortunate case of a customer with a perceived substance abuse, psychological and related personal issues. Our perspective on this is not a question of money, as the item in question has only an approximate $300 value. The issue here is rather one of fundamental principle. The work that we do is obviously complex, but as well trained and properly insured insurance claim experts we are always able to handle it properly and expeditiously. We sometimes have to work for challenging customers and this at times creates the toughest problems to professionally address. Consumer Response /[redacted]/The job was completed and paid by the insurance company however my personal items and furniture were not delivered until later. What I don't understand is how they actually replaced my computer with another one that was in there office which I was fine with however it is not working properly and now they don't want to take responsibility. What I was told by [redacted] was to make a claim to my insurance company so that he would not have to pay his deductible of $5000 that his company has. As for the slandering of my name, which is very unprofessional and untrue, I am disgusted. I am a father of four children and I run a youth athletic program which currently has 400 kids involved. As far as saying a substance abuse problem is unthinkable. I have never met this man who is saying these false accusation. If its coming from his employee [redacted] he himself saw me with my family and he stated that he was part owner of the company and he also disclosed many bad activities that he was involved in. So I feel this is where these false accusations are coming from. I also recived several text from [redacted] which read "your review will require us to respond by exposing aspects of your personal disorders to the public. Are you sure you want to take this path. The choice is yours." As you can see I do not have anything to hide and I think it is absured that a company could go ahead and lie and also send threatning texts when all I asked very nicely was for them to replace an item that is needed by my children for schoolwork. An item that was under their care and taken to their facility and later returned back damaged. I do have witnesses that will write staments that the computer was packed and taken by [redacted] to their facilty. I also have witnesses that saw the computer come out of their truck in a box broken.Final Business Response /[redacted]/We continue to be sorry that Mr. [redacted] is upset. We are also similarly upset for "slander-related" reasons. We reiterate that his PC never leave his premises. Although many of Mr. [redacted]'s possessions were removed for storage and restoration reasons because of this event, personal valuables (i.e. jewelry, electronics, etc.) are very rarely removed from property damage events of this type. In this particular case, Mr. [redacted]'s computer remained on site and it was specifically placed in a small properly padded box with and left on the floor next to the same location where it was initially found. Regarding our Project Manager, he felt very empathetic about Mr. [redacted]'s issue and offered to give him a PC of his own to help, which Mr. [redacted] accepted. Clearly we were attempting to make sure that Mr. [redacted]'s accusations would end up being a two sided public exchange and that he should be advised accordingly. At this time, it appears that an ongoing exchange on this subject will be largely non-productive. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all, do they have documentation and pictures of this supposed padded box where my computer was In. Please have this company provide their facts as I will provide mine. Like I said, they should have a c omplete inventory of all the items that wre taken. Also, [redacted] was taking pictures of the items so therefore he should have the picture of the pc in a padded box. I know this will never show up since like I said the pc came in a non padded box along with other items from their warehouse.

We retained the initial services of EMERG+NC effective October 15, 2014 and tentative Restoration/Rebuild services weren't concluded until January 12, 2015. Now when we agreed to hire the company, we was informed by the project manager, [redacted] that EMERG+NC will be working directly for us not our insurance company. So therefore it was EMERG+NC and his primary goal to ensure that we were not only well informed on all the findings from the actual damage that was done to our home, but also to explain the appropriate next steps in the process, generate the accurate estimates based upon the damages and work that was completed for our insurance claim and working directly with our assigned insurance adjuster, [redacted] until our insurance company approves the agreed upon amount that's submitted to them for a check to be issued. Also, [redacted] agreed his responsibilities as our assigned project manager was to constantly communicate the status of the project especially if there was a deviation from the budget parameters and if he was planning to submit a Supplemental Estimate for whatever reason. When I questioned [redacted] to explain if, when or why this process would have to be use, he stated the following on 10/15/14: "Since we cannot determine the extent of the damage until we start working and what the additional work that needs to be completed may be that why there is what we call a Supplemental Estimate. The supplemental will need to be submitted just as the Restoration Estimate was to the adjuster for review and approval. Once the estimate is approved by your insurance company, the check is issued and at least 50% would be required in order for that work to be started'. [redacted] also confirmed that after he completed the estimates you reviewed and signed off on them and submitted them to the designated insurance adjuster. [redacted] exact words to my husband and I was, "It's Mr. [redacted] job to keep the money flowing from our insurance company to cover the cost of the damages to our home as you have a lot of experience of dealing with insurance companies". Since [redacted] authorized for the Water Mitigation Services to proceed and we agree to retain EMERG+NC for the Restoration/Rebuild portion as well, [redacted] confirmed that he would get started on the Restoration/Rebuild Estimate right away to have it submitted to [redacted] for review & approval. When questioned about the next steps I will list a few examples below for the sake of my time.Summary of Restoration/Rebuild Services:________________________________________$13,114.29 (Amount of Restoration/Rebuild) -$6,557.15 (Already paid (Difference leftover was $6,557.14))+$1,124.95(Credit (Within your notes, you have we agreed to $60 for the red wall & $100 for the front porch repair damages, but that's not accurate. We agreed to accept a credit in lieu to your company not completing the work, but you or [redacted] was supposed to provide us with an amount to review first before anything was agreed upon. I have asked you & him to provide a justification on how you came up with these amounts, but the both of you continue to ignore my request. So therefore this is still outstanding and the $60 and $100 needs to increase.)$5432.14 (Pending final decrease amount after all credits received from EMERG+NC)When you arrived at my home on December 30, 2014 along with [redacted] I made the both of you aware the invoices that I have been receiving are incorrect and constantly stating we're behind. First of all, we were not behind because your company already received full payment for the completed Water Mitigation services, 50% towards the unfinished Restoration/Rebuild services and money for our deductible at this point. You told my husband and me that you would make sure to resolve it, but it's obvious by the follow up correspondence we received from you that was not the case as you only looked to increase it. Even though I didn't have direcDesired Settlement-At no given time during this entire process was it ever agreed by my husband or me to deviate from the amount that was approved by our insurance company. For the owner to attempt to come at the end & try to take advantage of us by charging us for an amount that our insurance adjuster clearly documented that NC [redacted] wasn't going to approve is wrong. We would have chosen a Restoration company that would have been more than willing to stay within our budget parameter and met a reasonable turnaround timeline. -As you will see from what I list below from the original estimate dated 11/05/14 in which [redacted] generated that [redacted] did approved, the main line items that wasn't approved were directly related to a pack-out, pack-in and off-site storage in which the adjuster reiterated several times why this insurance claim didn't warrant this type of request. So that's why it was rejected.Original Estimate $15,197.88* Pack-out $2,249.58* Pack-in $1,410.23* Storage $510.00$4,169.81Revised Estimate $15,007.47 (This estimate was submitted on 12/15/14 after the meeting I had with [redacted] on 12/01/14 when he stated, "since they wasn't going to pay for storage and moving the furniture he would find some way to build back up the budget. He also stated that they normally go in on the higher end of the price point as they expect the insurance adjusters to negotiate it down anyway. Again, it's he stated it's nothing for me to concern myself with as the work that being currently is already taken care of. Billed for same items that was already rejected or already paid in the $13,114.29 approved by the insurance adjuster. Documentation already by [redacted]-As I still waiting on EMERG+NC to provide me with receipt, invoices, any supporting billing documenting, quotes from contractors that worked on my home, documentation of warranties covering the work performed on my home, the type of material, etc., I had no choice but to reference the estimates for the following when I spoke to my insurance adjuster. So I do expect to receive credit for the following items as well. Please see below:Items That Needs to be credited:*Dumpster Load 1-3 tons of debris: $378.43*Electrical- Bid Item Diagnostic: $1,316.45(Per [redacted] comment entered on estimate that it took 8 hours for the electricians to trouble shoot & to correct, but estimated time was about 4 hours. So please advise what would be the difference then based on the number of hours actually worked? Also explained why the information wasn't correct?)*Floor Protection- Plastic and tape (Downstairs): $278.69 (When I asked [redacted] why was this being listed on the estimated because my downstairs floors wasn't protected especially my hardwood floors. I informed him the only thing that was utilized was some painter's drop clothes. I have numerous of pictures before, during and after which clearly reveals what my floors look like. We are in agreement this amount needs to be credited to my account.) [redacted] and I had detailed conversations throughout this process. I did my part as the homeowner to ensure that [redacted] as the Insurance Adjuster and my insurance company, [redacted] Insurance Company, maintained constant contact and their turnaround time was within reason for issuing payments. The grand total payment in which my insurance company has agreed to pay off for this insurance claim based on the current information that has been submitted to them per [redacted] is $13,797.39 and what is released to EMERG+NC is contingent upon the actual work you completed and the credit you own back to us for what you didn't complete and/or fail to complete to our satisfaction.-Please have them to forward me all the previous requested documents in which I requested from them along with any additional documents associated with my insurance claim such as any contracts, bills of sale, bills of sale, the warranties and the list of sub-contractors &/Business Response /[redacted]/It is important to understand that we will not perform any services without an authorization agreement on file and has been signed by the customer. We are submitting this customer authorization agreement for reference. The insurance claim process is detailed, complicated and confusing to everyone involved. Furthermore, the three party communications process related to insurance claims are very challenging. In this case, all three parties (customer, coinsurances claim adjuster and restoration contractor) need to be on the same page for all of this work well. With this customer, we may have made some communication errors, but also there may have been communication errors made by the adjuster and the customer respectively. Regardless, all of this is a process that our business is constant trying to improve and we have been working through it with this customer albeit slowly which is somewhat related to the holidays and protracted communications by all parties involved. We actually now have the adjuster - restoration contractor (our business) side of this situation under control and have accepted all of their adjuster's revisions without further constructive argument. This should also address the customer line items and the various "cited differences" regaring "what was done" vs. what was instated in our estimates and revisions, etc.We have informed the customer that we desire to have all of these issues cleared up as much as they do. We are now having the entire accounting of our services audited by a third party CPA. In house accounting errors related to your billing process are always possible and this should clear them up if present. We will advise via a clarified spreadsheet from the auditor. We are suspending all "balance due billing requests" until this process is completed and presented to all parties, including the This should be completed within 2 business days.Consumer Response /[redacted]/Good Morning [redacted]: I have previously stated that I am a very busy person and so is my husband. This burden that you and your staff have attempted to place on us by falsely stating incorrect amounts, implying that we didn't understand what was going on, trying to justify the significant delays due to the holidays or the the approvals of our insurance company is definitely a misdirect on your part. I wanted to make it clear that we are not in agreement with you nor the third party CPA that your hired to audit the transaction process for your internal records concerning our claim resulting there is a balance owed by us in the amount of $1,401.52. Even though we appreciate your additional apology for the errors that were already pointed out, that doesn't give you permission to continuous ignore our questions and intentionally state that our original approved Restoration/Rebuild Estimate wasn't $13,114.29. [redacted] which is our assigned insurance adjuster for our claim and I have endlessly discussed, reviewed and confirmed not only each of the lines items but especially the agreed upon Restoration/Rebuild Estimate amount of $13,114.29. Now to reiterate for you, the only reason, [redacted] even was able to get the initial Restoration/Rebuild estimate he submitted at $15,197.88 (dated 11/05/2014) was due to the following: Pack-out $2,249.58 Pack-in $1,410.23 Storage $510.00$4,1691Note, this was captured in the attached document. Pasted here as a relevant point as I know you are trying to take advantage of us. This is just a mere example of one of the several.Revised Estimate of $15,007.47 was submitted on 12/15/14 after the meeting I had with [redacted] on 12/01/14 when he stated, "since they wasn't going to pay for storage and moving the furniture he would find some way to build back up the budget. He also stated that they normally go in on the higher end of the price point as they expect the insurance adjusters to negotiate it down anyway. Again, he stated it's nothing for me to concern myself with as the work that being currently done is already taken care of. Billed for same items that was already rejected or already paid in the $13,114.29 approved by the insurance adjuster. Documentation already by [redacted]Again, this was rejected by [redacted] rationale was provided to all parties involved by him. Mr. [redacted] who was our assigned assigned project manager from your company verified his directly to me. In addition, Mr. Anderson, confirmed that everything that he listed would be covered by the initial Restoration/Rebuild amount approved by our insurance company (via our insurance adjuster).To address the comments from your e-mail (comments below that are highlighted in yellow ): At no given time during this entire process was it ever agreed by my husband or me to deviate from the amount that was approved by our insurance company. We never agreed for EMERG+NC nor your sub-contractors to perform any scope of work that would exceed outside the parameters of the allotted Restoration/Rebuild Budget approved by our insurance company.There was nothing EMERG+NC from the original findings that warranted or was actually performed that we owe you or the sub-contractors. In facPer your e-mailed comments on 2/03/15:"The work associated with the third party CPA hired to audit this entire transaction process is now complete. Some internal bookkeeping were discovered and corrected. We would like to apologize for these errors. We also received a payment from the customer today in the amount of $5,200, leaving a remaining balance due of $ 1,401.52. 3 separate documents are being submitted to the Customer: 1. [redacted] Invoice Reconciliation - CPA Audited 2-3-15; 2. Certification of Completion - Conditional Waiver of Lien Report - J [redacted]; J [redacted] Clm XXXXX STATEMENT - CPA Audited 2-3-15. Please advise further regarding payment of $ 1,401.52 balance due on receipt."I have attached the document that accompanied the remaining payment that provided a summary for the $5200 that you mentioned and also was an addition to the previous e-mails I sent to you and conversations I had with EMERG+NC. Furthermore, I have copied the people that I have quoted in this e-mailed as well and I welcome them to feel free add their dialogue. Being present for this entire process, I want to remain fair to everyone to speak for yourself as I have continuously emphasized what has transpired. Mr. [redacted], whether you choose to continue your method of indirectly responding to us, inaccurate invoicing us and submitting fraudulent claims against us, please note that I have provided you with key factors why we don't owe you no balance and a balance due us you refused to ignore me.Please add this to your priority list, we need the warranty information for the work that was completed as we are still have issues concerning our bathroom upstairs, the work the was performed on the ceiling downstairs and the specific areas of the carpet. Thank you in advance.Warm Regards,[redacted], RMA, CCRCFinal Business Response /[redacted]/Not sure why this is being resubmitted to Ms [redacted] is not paying for anything more then what we have agreed to accept from her insurance claim.From: [redacted] mailto:[redacted] Sent: Monday, February 23, XXXX XX:XX AMTo: '[redacted]'; '[redacted]'Cc: '[redacted]'; [redacted] '[redacted]'Subject: FW: NC [redacted] Claim #XXXXX - Assistance RequestMr. [redacted]Please help Ms [redacted] to understand that the total amount that [redacted] Insurance has agreed to pay toward Claim #XXXXX is: $13,114.29 + $683.10 = $13,797.39, which is exactly what have agreed to accept. If these payment have indeed been sent to the [redacted] family, based on the attached audit of services provided, accepted amounts by our company payment received to date, her balance is as we have documented her remaining balance is $1,401.52. For some reason the [redacted] believe we are billing them for more than what we have expected to be compensated for by your reimbursement to them as related to Claim #XXXXX. We are not billing them for anything more than that at all...Their remaining balance to us remains: $1,401.52. This is just the difference between the $13,797.39 that we have agreed to, and the sum of payments we have received from the [redacted] to date.You assistance is appreciated. Thank you.Very truly yours,EMERG+NC PROPERTY RESCUERS[redacted] C. [redacted], CRMRCEO/OwnerGeneral Manager/Owner (919)EMERG+NC(XXX)XXX-XXXX[redacted] + @EMERG_NC + EMERG+NC on FaceBookFrom: [redacted] mailto:[redacted] Sent: Thursday, January 22, XXXX XX:XX PMTo: '[redacted]'; [redacted]@gmail.comCc: [redacted]Subject: RE: [redacted] Claim #XXXXX Attached is a copy of approved supplement which totals $683.10. I have furnished supplement to [redacted] Insurance Company for their review and approval. Total approved repairs are $13,797.39 as outlined in the attached estimate with supplement. Prior payment has being made in the amount of $13,114.29 for supplement of $683.10. Supplement payment will follow from North Carolina [redacted] Insurance Company after review and approval. This is final payment consideration to conclude the above caption water damage claim.Thanks, [redacted] AdjusterPO Box 525Clayton, NC XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX-XXXX fax[redacted]

receiving continued invoices after certificate of completion and final payment submitted. 3 months later received another invoice un-agreed charges. On May 17 2014 there was a kitchen fire in my house. I met with this company EMERG+NC property Rescuers. The owner [redacted] his son [redacted] and his contractor. We agreed that he would restore my home and repair and replace what was damaged from the fire and the smoke. An Estimate was submitted to ** and after some concern from the adjuster were corrected it was accepted and ** submitted payments. Dealing with this company was very challenging from week three of the project. I did not receive updates until I called a meeting siting my concern with the lack of progress. There were issue from start to finish. So after several month we are in July and they are still working in my home on cabinets and window treatment. The cabinets were not restored well so there was dispute over this, I did get the owner to agree to remove them from the final invoice and I sought another company to reface the cabinets. This left the window treatment for the kitchen to complete. There was supposed to be shutters ordered as early as July so October I get a call that the HD is coming to install shutter. I was given no notice and the Owner [redacted] was very rude when he called. I had to leave work the shutters were being installed and I stated they were the wrong length. The installer calls [redacted] the owner and he states he will get this corrected. So the next feedback I received was this e-mail. Thank you for your $20,000 payment. An updated statement for the original claim is attached for your reference. Following up on our conversation on Monday, and knowing that you had made it clear to me in the past that at least "some of the problems" you have had with our services were "not about the money", I still want you to be well informed about the costs associated with the shutters vs. just having me ordering full window shutters up front. You will then be able to make the best informed decision about how to proceed. Please review your original claim agreed upon with State Farm line #205 (as highlighted on the second attachment). Your original blinds were given a $430.42 replacement value by State Farm. [redacted] agreed to order your customer shutters specifically customized for your windows and has provided documentation to me that he said he would do this with you only having to pay for the upgrade difference (+$519.58). [redacted] states that he also explained to you that the shutters were not sold to you "full height shutters" from the beginning and that "you seemed" to understand this fact. I wasn't there so I can't back up that communication, but I do know from the paperwork that he ordered what was delivered to you. If you did not understand this, this now real situation is certainly problematic. To compound this situation, there is no restocking fee in this case (as I thought previously). There is however a total 100% loss... Home Depot does not want them back, they cannot be "re-sold or re-configured and resold" as they are specifically made for your home. There is only one option... First: since these are customized for you all we can do is "eat the full $950.00 cost" of your now delivered "half height" shutters. Second: we will need to reorder "full height" shutters at the cost of $1,450.00 to provide these to you in return with an expected 4-5 week turn-around ETA. So the financials of replacing half-height for full height are: $519.58 + $950.00 + $1,450.00 = $2,919.58, so you see why I did not just order these for you without your approval. Please think about this and feel free to propose anything you wish to propose. I am willing to listen unconditionally. Thank you. Very truly yours, EMERG+NC PROPERTY SERVICES [redacted] General Manager/Owner (919)EMERG+NC (XXX)XXX-XXXX [redacted] So why is it I have received and invoice for $950.00 I am unclear. I did state that the café shutter were not want I wanted but I will work with them.Desired SettlementI am seeking for [redacted] to Honor what [redacted] said to me about not having to cover anything on the shutter do to the many complaints regarding the work and timeliness of the entire project. [redacted] is the contractor that EMERG+NC works with. I had become so very frustrated with the poor quality of work , the lack of updates and timeliness that July 29 I sent and e-mail stating that if all of the work is not completed by August 1, 2014 I will end the job and pay out what is completed and seek services with someone else. I received a call from Preston requesting me to give him the opportunity to complete the job and unfortunately the cabinet doors would not be in by Aug 1. He stated I spoke with [redacted] and they were going to write off the portion I would need to pay. I am very frustrated and he has threatened to put a lien on my home. I am asking for help to deal with this company. Why am I received this I do not understand. +NC PROPERTY RESCUERSFederal Tax ID: XX-XXXXXXX XXXX E. Broad St., Suite 324 Fuquay-Varina, NC XXXXX (XXX)XXX-XXXX[redacted]@emerg-nc.com Bill To: [redacted] Raleigh, NC XXXXX Invoice #: RFXXXXXX Invoice Date: 05/29/2014 Due Date: 06/01/2014 Terms: Due on receipt Amount Due: $950.00 Date Service Activity Amount 05/19/2014 Fire/Smoke Mitigation of Fire/Smoke Related Property Damage as per XM8 Report: S [redacted] St Fm Clm 334JXXXXX FIRE RESTORATION DWELLING [redacted] Draft XXXXX.94 05/19/2014 Fire/Smoke Mitigation of Fire/Smoke Related Property Damage as per XM8 Report: S [redacted] St Fm Clm 334JXXXXX FIRE RESTORATION CONTENTS [redacted] Draft XXXXX.27 09/10/2014 Credit Credited line items from Estimate: S [redacted] St Fm Clm 334JXXXXX FIRE RESTORATION DWELLING [redacted] Draft to include lines XXX-XXX and 206 -3995.37 06/23/2014 Fire/Smoke Mitigation of Fire/Smoke Related Property Damage as per XM8 Report: S [redacted] St Fm Clm 334JXXXXX XXXX [redacted] XXXXXX 2545.65 10/13/2014 Credit Credit Reduction line items :18,20,33,89,95-98&162. -309.07 10/13/2014 Supplement Charge for half-height shutters currently installed. This charge will be credited 100% when shutters are returned undamaged. We will arrange to removed at a mutually agreeable time. Please advise. 950.00 Total: $46,231.42 Amount Due: $950.00 So If he will not honor the agreement [redacted] made I was not notified. He sent an invoice with certificate of completion and I paid it. So what is this about.Sincerely Ms. [redacted]Business Response /[redacted]/All of Ms. [redacted]'s previous issues were resolved and credited per mutual agreement. Her final issue was to ask us to order her "custom shutters" which by the "customized" nature cannot be returned to our vendor because they are made specifically for her home and window measurements. When they were received and installed she did not like the half height style which she specifically knew about in advance of our order. Why would we order these without her knowledge in advance knowing we would have been in the exact situation we eventually got ourselves into? When installed, when was unhappy with them and requested them to be changed. We explained that they cannot be credited and the best we could do was to perhaps resell then to some future customer. We made it clear on the 10/13/14 statement she uploaded that as stated:10/13/2014 Supplement Charge for half-height shutters currently installed. This charge will be credited 100% $950 when shutters are returned undamaged. We will arrange to remove at a mutually agreeable time. Please advice. The expectation was that she would go out and find acceptable shutters from a third party, order them and have them installed by the same third party. We gave her three months to accomplish this. We even state we would remove the unacceptable shutters at no additional cost at her convenience. When this was done we would credit her for the unacceptable shutters and give her 100% credit.Apparently she now has grown to "like these shutters" and now does not want to pay for them stating we should give them to her because she effectively complained about everything we did up to that point in time. This makes no business sense whatsoever. Giving a customer something for free means in this case a $950 loss to our business unless we can recoup some of this cost via a Craigslist resale, and to do so because of a chronic complaining customer makes even less sense.We have billed for this $950 cost to our business, which we will credit 100% upon receipt of the original shutters undamaged. This process was made very clear in writing on 10/13/14. Consumer Response /[redacted]/This is partially correct I did state initially that I would not like to keep the shutter however after they sent me the e-mail that I previously attached. I sent him an e-mail stating I would keep the shutter and that was exactly three week later not three month. So Mr. [redacted] received 426 from State farm for the shutter how is it I have to pay 950.00 when the shutter are partially paid for? I fail to understand his reasoning for not honoring [redacted] agreement, however if that is indeed his feeling I would truly only owe for the part that exceed what state farm allotted which he received. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)this is the first that I have seen of a 1380.42. There has never been anything to inform me of a cost until I would not allow them to come and take them out of my home. It seems his practices are unethical and unprofessional. I would like to see this cost reciept and I would like to see where this was agreed upon by me. It does not seem professional that a company could just go about creating expenses that have not been presented to the customer. I will agree to pay the 510+ as previously stated. We can also try another method of resolution.[redacted]Final Business Response /[redacted]/Subcontractor services bills to general contractors are costs that are typically not disclosed to end customers. This is why as a layperson she has not seen this cost invoice in the past. We typically add 10% overhead & 10% profit to all subcontractor services bills to cover our internal business O&P requirements. Under normal circumstances the price sold to the end user would have been 20% higher. We chose to forego the 20% O&P under the circumstances because we were interested in moving this customer's previous complaints off the table and settling. The net price after the insurance allotment toward here window treatments is $950. I am sending our subcontractor invoice to as requested (actual cost: $1,380.00). We are now asking's advice on this subject matter as a whole; "Do you believe it would be good business practice to still offer Ms. [redacted] 100% for the return of these undamaged shutters considering the protracted complaint process that she has been waging?" Other than this question and the above answers, I am considering this complaint to be completely unsubstantiated and frankly an annoying nuisance.

EMERG+NC offered bad service with high prices. Poor communication resulted in poor workmanship, and the president was condescending and rude. Hiring EMERG NC was an expensive mistake. We had water damage from an overflowing washing machine, and the mitigation process was prompt. However, the restoration process was a nightmare almost from the beginning. We were actually told at least twice that our job (over $30,000) was "small" and "nothing" and they had bigger, more expensive projects to focus on. During our initial consult, the contractor did not write anything down, which began repeated miscommunication and unsatisfactory work - for example, we asked for our flood-damaged floor cabinets to be rebuilt 1.5 inches taller, but the contractor "forgot" and had to add height post-installation, which is obvious and looks awful. The cabinets will need to be replaced yet again. From the very beginning, we asked for tile under the dishwasher, but they also forgot to add that into their calculations and tried to talk us into vinyl to make their job less complicated. We asked for a wood or marble floor transition, and they tried to install aluminum. And so on. There were multiple times we would schedule a meeting with the contractor or subcontractor at our home and they would not show, or came hours late with no notice until we contacted them. The contractor incorrectly measured both the carpet and countertop space, causing delays and a countertop that is already separating from the wall. The latter will need to be replaced before we can think about putting our house on the market in the future. Additionally, the tile floor they installed in the bathroom started cracking down the center of the floor within a month of installation. A contractor we hired after EMERG+NC stated they did not consider the extra weight on the foundation, which is a problem that could have been prevented by a more experienced professional. Their workers also neglected to put down floor protection on our hardwoods, only adding it when we pointed out gauges from their equipment. EMERG+NC originally quoted us 3-5 weeks to completion, but it instead took them over 3 months and the job still is not done, as they abandoned the project after a series of problems that were a direct result of their incorrect measuring and poor communication. We are paying other professionals significant amounts of money to repair and complete what they were either unable or unwilling to do, yet we were charged the full amount for EMERG+NC's inadequate services. The contractors we have recently met with for repairs have even remarked about the poor workmanship. An insurance adjuster who visited our home stated they had also heard negative comments from customers and would not recommend EMERG+NC. We asked for a meeting with the president and our contractor to address our concerns early in the process. The president told us EMERG+NC was a "young company" that was "still learning". We received empty assurances and ultimately nothing changed as a result of our conversation. We sincerely invited him to our home to verify our claims, but we were met with condescension and an unprofessional attitude. The bottom line is EMERG+NC took advantage of us and our insurance company during a difficult time. Their communication and workmanship were subpar, especially considering their high prices for services. Their focus seems to be on profit over quality and customer service, and we want to share our experience wherever we can to prevent others from losing hard-earned money with this company.Desired SettlementWe are seeking restitution for the bloated charges from unsatisfactory work. We have and will have to hire professionals to repair EMERG+NC's work. We are requesting a refund at minimum of $3000. Business Response /[redacted]/Business Perspective: This review/complaint has taken us completely by surprise coming now 5 months after the work was completed and 3.5 months since the customer agreed to pay our documented credit-adjusted and mutually negotiated bill in full. We have not had any written or verbal communications with the customer since first documenting the completion of the projects on April 16, 2015 when we requested that they provide us a list of items they wished to have credited (which they did), and then our business responded in turn with a long written list of itemized credits for things we agreed they were owed totaling: $2,566.62 on 6/2/15. On 6/3/15 the customer agreed to pay their then credit adjusted balance in full. During the preceding 1.5 months when we first submitted our bills, and they submitted their responses, the customer had ample time to communicate with us further as needed to allow us to further address their concerns. The fact is, that they agreed to pay our credit-adjusted bill during that 1.5 months period.Regardless, we are now reaching out to this customer and are completely willing to open up the subject and appropriately review any matters that have surfaced or even previously considered matters in a fair and equitable business-like manner. They will be receiving a written communication from us very soon.To summarize: our business was authorized in writing by the customer on January 17, 2015. The customer's projects were neither small nor simple by any stretch of the imagination nor did the tasks fall under the category of "get it done inexpensively by a friend" in nature. The services we provided were actually multiple projects (5), most of which were covered by detailed standard insurance claim reimbursements to include: One "insurance claim covered" water damage mitigation project. One uncovered water damage mitigation project. One "insurance claim covered" asbestos abatement project. One insurance claim dwelling restoration project. One kitchen upgrade project that was done in association with the other projects. We found them to be very challenging customers for us to communicate with, as they did not communicate very well with each other related to decisions made while the other party was not present. This indecisiveness, which literally took place daily, resulted in multiple change orders all requiring building material re-orders, cost overruns and complicated managing of subcontractors. Because we work in the insurance claim industry, all of the prices for our service are pre-established and nothing we do is speculative or based on non-objective opinions. On April 16, all 5 projects were itemized, accounted for and submitted to the customer for their feedback. Their response yielded a long list of "measurable credits" that were issued to the customer without any argument from our side. We even added a general "unspecified credit line item" just in case something was missed. The customer then paid their fully "credit-reduced" bill one day after our final detailed credit summary report was submitted to them. We are a regimented business, completely unlike the services typically obtained from non-insurance claim handyman-type businesses. The projects that were covered by an insurance claim (not their personal funds) were accepted without a single comment or mention of dissatisfaction. The projects that were out of their own personal pocket were picked apart unmercifully, even though the same individuals worked on both the "claim covered" and "non-claim covered" aspects of all 5 projects. This customer had unrealistic expectations and impractical requests; an example of one of their complaints, some saw dust fell onto a stack of firewood on their back porch and they stated it could not be burnt in that condition. We offered to remove the dust with high pressure air. They wanted us to pay them for their loss of use? We did our very best to communicate on multiple occasions and we even met with the husband and wife here at our office. This 2 hours Q&A meeting was both two-sided and cordial with them appearing to be smiling and visibly satisfied as they left our office. At this point, I am quite perplexed. This customer has provided many one-sided, incorrect and mistaken assertions in this blind-sided review/complaint. Mitigation and repairs of a single project "standard/average insurance claim" by nature are not quick turn-around projects because of the auditing of details and costs needed when third party insurance companies are paying the bills. One of this customer's 5-phase projects required outsourcing asbestos abatement and pollution disposal specialists. The many assertions in this review/complaint were generally caused by the multiple communication breakdowns between the husband and wife, their daily indecisiveness and several resultant change orders. We are happy to clarify anything requested of us from any representing party in writing for the sake of avoiding future erroneous interpretations of the actual facts related to any of the projects and/or services we provided both fairly and reasonably under the conditions we were hired to work under.In spite of both the disparaging negative personal comments and the ones that will likely cause great harm to our business, we are now reaching out to this customer in writing and we are still willing to discuss and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.Consumer Response /[redacted]/Our response below addresses each paragraph of your reply to our complaint. After consulting with contractors and other professionals, we are now faced with additional expenses incurred by using your company. We must replace the bathroom tile floor, the kitchen cabinets, and countertops that were installed by your workers, and the poor quality of work has become even more apparent in recent months. "Mutually negotiated bill" is a misnomer, as only measurable items were considered in your negotiation, despite our repeated expressed concerns to both you and our assigned contractor regarding the quality of the work being done during the restoration. We responded immediately to all correspondence with your company. On April 14, your contractor (at your direction per the email) attempted to abandon the job prior to completion. In a conversation at our home following that correspondence, your contractor stated this job did not go as planned in many ways and he said he understood it was not a good reflection of the company. He also stated they are expected to perform at a specified financial point and he would be personally responsible for any difference in profit expectations. Then, despite our agreement to complete the work, your contractor left the job with the work incomplete. We attempted to negotiate the final bill with you, with no compromise on your end regarding the quality of your company's work. The adjustments were primarily due to overbilling for products and services you charged but we did not receive. The exception was for the appliances your workers damaged while in your storage, and the credit was a pittance compared to the cost of replacement.We invited you to our home to verify our claims with no response from you, and the poor work is still evident in the projects that we have yet to repair. The tile in the bathroom has cracked down the center of the floor. The paint is peeling from the cabinets your company painted, and they missed an entire section of paint under the exhaust hood. The new countertop is separating from the wall. The quarter round is uneven and uncaulked in places. An electrician must repair the outlets that no longer work, but worked prior to the restoration. And these are just the projects we have not fixed. This is information we tried repeatedly to express, but received no response from you until it became a public complaint. We were open from the beginning about our restoration requests. During the water damage mitigation project, your contractor stated our requests were simple and straightforward, and it would take approximately 3-5 weeks to complete, including the asbestos removal and bathroom project. The "kitchen upgrade" project is a misnomer: we chose to replace the vinyl flooring with tile in the kitchen. That is the only difference from the original to the end result. The contractor stated they could not replicate our wood stain from the upper to lower cabinets, so we agreed to paint the cabinets so they would match. That was the only way to make it "as good or better than it was before", as you stated multiple times during our meeting was the purpose of the restoration process. Not the renovation process. Unfortunately, the restoration left our kitchen in a worse state than the original. As stated earlier, we were told by your workers- both in the mitigation and restoration phases- that our project was "small" and "nothing" and they were working larger scale, more complicated projects elsewhere. The asbestos removal portion was done by a separate company and took one day to complete. If the project was so complicated, it should have been communicated to us when your workers realized they were unable to handle the workload, not after the majority of the work was poorly completed. The miscommunication you reference stemmed from your contractor neglecting to write down the restoration plan during our initial meeting. We did not change our original requests; on a few occasions, we asked for information (such as pricing and timelines) about other options, but we were consistent about our plan. Like we stated in the original complaint, the height of the cabinets and the tile under the dishwasher were expectations from the very beginning, and the material for the floor transitions was discussed at the very first meeting. He did not write anything down and did not email us to confirm the details of our conversation. Now we know that is a red flag, but unfortunately, we were inexperienced and did not know to document in writing our requests at the time. In fact, nothing was specified in writing; our vague contract simply listed "restoration". The estimate only listed prices for flooring materials and did not have specific information about our original conversation with the contractor. Additionally, your workers did not communicate effectively with us, especially regarding the multiple times they did not show or were over an hour late to scheduled meetings at our home. We asked to be updated when other companies would be onsite to no avail. We asked to be updated on the progress on at least a weekly basis, but instead we had to reach out for information week after week. They admitted numerous times that they had many projects going on and felt overworked. Blaming your workers' lack of communication on our relationship is not only untrue, it is unfair and inappropriate in a professional response.You stated clearly in our correspondence about the final bill that you were unwilling to consider adjusting the price based on the quality of work completed. In addition to the examples we have already listed, the final clean was abhorrent. They were 2.5 hours late due to a flat tire and spent less than 90 minutes cleaning, leaving handfuls of sawdust and insects in our cabinets, yet we were charged the full amount. We immediately alerted the contractor regarding the incomplete cleaning with no response. If you recall in our final bill correspondence, you wrote that the charges had been adjusted to only what you considered measurable and the bill had been sent to your collection department. Again, we were new to this experience, so we were not aware we could further contest the final bill. Now we know differently, but at the time, we believed we had no choice but to pay the bloated fees for services with which we were utterly dissatisfied. Your statement, "The projects that were covered by an insurance claim (not their personal funds) were accepted without a single comment or mention of dissatisfaction. The projects that were out of their own personal pocket were picked apart unmercifully, even though the same individuals worked on both the "claim covered" and "non-claim covered" aspects of all 5 projects" is frankly false and ungrounded. We reached out via phone and through email correspondence regarding concerns throughout our entire experience with your company following the mitigation. We requested a meeting with you after repeated frustrations with our contractor. We left the meeting hopeful that our experience would improve, but unfortunately nothing changed as a result of that conversation. Instead, we continued to experience poor communication and subpar work. Regarding the wood pile: The wood pile is not on the back porch, it is under the carport where the workers were mixing mud, paint, and other chemicals that splattered onto the exposed wood. We were concerned about burning wood with chemicals in our home; therefore, we asked the contractor to dispose of approximately 30 pieces of wood during their construction cleanup. It was not an unreasonable request, especially considering they could have made efforts to protect the wood from the chemicals by covering it. Using high pressure air was a disparate offer to resolve the issue. Due to the ridicule from your workers following our request for removal during the site cleanup, we did not pursue the matter. Our requests did not change during this project. If it was too complicated for EMERG+NC, we would have appreciated that information up front so we could hire a company that could competently meet our needs. We were told many times that it was a simple project and would just be "a few weeks", but ultimately turned into 3 months and the job was not completed. We are likewise willing to clarify any additional concerns, specifically providing photos to verify our claims if necessary. While we also hope to negotiate a fair and equitable compromise, we feel it necessary to alert vulnerable consumers to our experience with your company.Final Business Response /[redacted]/We have sent a letter directly to the [redacted]'s and have asked them to propose a "fair and equitable compromise" in writing, and then to return this back to us for consideration. We have done this to help get beyond any conjecture about the status of the situation and compromise. We are awaiting this direct communication from the [redacted]'s at the moment. This is where things stand...Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/We have not received any personal correspondence from EMERG-NC. We feel the $3,000 is a fair and equitable request considering the charge for the "renovation" O&P, the full charge for the partially completed commercial cleaning, and the subsequent professionals we have hired to repair their work. This request is less than 10% of the final amount they received for the subpar services we received from their company.

We had a water loss the day after we moved into our brand new house! Emerg+NC was there quickly to dry everything and make the necessary repairs. Without Emerg+NC's fast response, we could have had a serious disaster on our hands. They were fast, courteous, and professional and got the job done so that we could get settled in our new home. I definitely recommend them if you're ever in the unfortunate circumstance to need their services.

Our office had a washer leak onto the floor. I called EMERG-NC and they responded within the hour. They had their equipment set up immediately to mitigate the damage. They explained the process and were very genuine. Throughout the process of dealing with the insurance, they kept a open line of communication. I can honestly say they went above an beyond, and I feel that they did an awesome job along the way. If anything happens in the future, I will not hesitate to call them immediately.

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