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Empire Tractor Atlanta

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We are responding to a complaint from a customer On 10/27/customer originally contacted us regarding repairing his *** tractor Customer originally requested that we replace the water pump, thermostat cover, and to check for leaks with the valve cover and fuel pump For
this original repair the customer provided the water pump and head gasket, which he purchased online We had no way of knowing if they were the correct parts for this repair During this first repair we removed the head and found it need repairs We advised the customer of the condition of the head and recommended having the head sent to a machine shop for repair, to be milled The customer chose not to have the repair done at that time We proceeded with the repairs per the customer's request From the original repair invoice the labor amount totaled $1,392.70, and we then gave him a labor discount of $ The customer paid his bill and brought his tractor home The customer later contacted us again and stated that after running the tractor for a short time it started to produce white smoke The customer brought the tractor to our dealership again, we took the tractor apart again, removed the head and insisted that it be repaired this time, and advised the customer that if the head was not milled that it would only continue to have the same problem We installed new head gasket and head bolts that we the dealer ordered in and made sure were correct for this repair We did our best to help the customer with the repair of his tractor These were not circumstances for repairing his tractor as there were several factors that complicated the repair. 1.) The tractor is a *** tractor and we are not a *** dealer 2.) The tractor had a NON OEM engine in it Some where along it's lifetime someone installed a *** engine in it 3.) The customer provided key parts for the first repair from which he purchased online himself We had no way of knowing if they were correct parts for this repair.After the second repair was completed we discussed the repair with the customer In the discussion with the customer he expressed that he was not happy with the cost of the repair so we severely discounted the work order We gave him a labor discount of $327.30, we also gave him 10% discount off of parts, which totaled $ We the dealer are not at fault of doing poor workmanship We provided a service to the customer and his tractor is now repaired and he is able to use it have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.There is always two sides to the coin, isn't there?  The response from the business was an interesting tale of the basic facts, omitting a few details, and adding a few false ones -  the big one being how I was advised regarding the cylender head on the first repair.  The business has stated that, "The customer chose not to have the repair done at that time" (the repair being to send the head out to be milled).  This is true; I chose not to do this portion of the repair.  But understand also how I was advised:  The business also stated, "We advised the customer of the condition of the head and recommended having the head sent to a machine shop for repair, to be milled".  This is NOT true.  And here you will see the confusion.  I was advised by the service manager that the head looked fine.  They checked it with a straight edge and several of the techs agreed it was fine.  I was told I had the option of sending the head out to be milled for around $4-500 dollars, but "wasn't necessary". So yes, I chose not to have the repair done.  But I was grossly misinformed.  This is the key reason that the first repair failed.I also agree that these "were not normal circumstances":In regards to me providing my own parts,  I had intended on doing the repairs myself.  I found and bought the correct parts for my tractor.  The weather got colder and with no garage of my own, I decided to take it in to a dealership to get the job done right.  Yes, it is a [redacted] tractor with a [redacted] engine.  Thats why I brought it to a [redacted] dealership.  When I first brought my tractor to the dealership, the service manager looked it and the parts over.  He had no problem with taking on the job.  Later on, during the time that the business had my tractor in for the second time, the business told me I had bought the wrong head gasket and that was why it failed.  The first question is how could a tech install the wrong gasket?  Really?  Second, how could a [redacted] dealership not check the correctness of a part for a [redacted] engine?  Really?  By the way,  I later did the research and confirmed that there is only 1 part for the gasket, and it was the right one.Here are some other "not normal circumstances":This same service manager was fired before my second repair was completed. Apparently there were lots of problems with this guy.I was told by an employee at the dealership that the mechanic who did my first repair had already put in his notice and this was his last project.  He left with the job hastily done and others had to wrap it up. This is the mechanic who installed a head gasket but didn't know if it was the right one apparently.Also, the communication with the dealership was horrible.  I was never called when I was told I would be.  I was patient and would let a week go buy and finally I would call to check in, only to hear another excuse about why things were so backed up.  All in all, my tractor was tied up at the dealership for 3 months between the two repairs. Regards,[redacted]

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Address: 5 Cohocton St, Rockville, New York, United States, 14808


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