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We have reached an agreement to resolve this complaint directly with the customerThe customer attempted to find how to remove this complaint and it should not be postedCustomer will confirm this

This response is not from [redacted] but instead from her travel agent [redacted] at [redacted] of the UAE. He now claims [redacted] is his wife, and if so she is clearly entitled to travel insurance claims due the the hospitalization and illness of her father, according to his whatsapp communications. [redacted] and his agency and wife or client who wired funds purchased Emirates miles knowing doing so was in violation of the terms and conditions of the airline, which is legal but against policy of the airlines, and requested by whatsapp that American Express points be converted to Emirates miles and added to his client accounts. [redacted] acknowledged the risks as I have demonstrated to the in his whatsapp messaged, and purchased at wholesale prices and terms and conditions for resale, which is without warranty. We cannot be responsible for his actions, those of the airline, or passengers as our contract is with him and his agency. American Express has confirmed that they know [redacted] is a known travel agency and Emirates has refused to credit miles to his client accounts. The miles and points are forfeit, and sold without warranty, so no refund is due. We have sought advice from council and we are confident in our position on the matter, so this dispute is closed on our side. [redacted] asked me to repeat the names and accounts we requested points and miles be added to, those these names must be removed by the before publication per their rules and agreeements. Based on information and belief these are fake names and he is not able to provide identification to the airline to restore access to the accounts, as they belong to his clients or he used fake names and information the airline cannot verify. These names and accounts can be confirmed with images and text from our whatsapp communications: [redacted] 
[redacted] indicated his wife's father, that is [redacted]'s father the one who he hereby claims is filing this complaint, was in ill health. As [redacted]'s immediate family member is ill she qualifies to file a travel insurance claim as we have pointed out to him repeatedly. If they chose not to buy insurance then they chose to bear this risk directly. [redacted] was offered Etihad miles in settlement of this dispute, which should not be a dispute as he is a travel agency and agreed to our terms and conditions, however once we provided access he claimed he would use the miles, sue us for the full balance, and report the account holder to Etihad. These outrageous statements were legally related to the account holder who terminated access to his airline account. His actions have made it impossible for us to do business with him and have cost us good relationships with our suppliers as well which we must rebuild at great expense. We hereby close this dispute without refund to [redacted] and his agency, as he purchased without warranty and caused damage beyond his purchase as well. However if the insists then we will continue to respond to [redacted]'s responses which he claims are from his client.

The complaint presented simply is not accurate, and travel services were in fact provided and there is no method for him to get his desired cancellation or refund as stated "...I do not wish to contiune with his service. I would like to get my money back...", after changing plans several times and...

our doing our level best to accommodate him. He states "my only concern is to get the funds back as I need to use the funds for my father's kidney failure" which is proof their travel plans are interrupted, and their desire is not to fix any sort of issue with travel service provided but rather to try to force a refund by complaining to the The client, or client of the client, is seeking a refund that is not due to them and they instead have the opportunity to file an insurance claim for illness in the immediately family that has apparently interrupted their travel plans.  He or she is using fictitious names and several of them, so we have not done business with [redacted] of the UAE period, and this case should be closed for that reason, among others. You can easily see it does not match the name of [redacted] used to send the follow up info, or the name on the payment proof they sent which we cannot confirm as we simply receive funds and cannot verify the forms used to send it. The name he had contacted us under is [redacted]. He claims his family member is ill, yet this complaint from a lady with which we have not done business and she claims the same. Payment was made from another name, [redacted], yet it was sent by "[redacted]" as you can see to confirm from his 'additional information' sent, and we have been contacted at least 4 different ways claiming they have not received the travel services provided, and then demanding a refund due to illness of family members, when in fact the travel was for clients as they represented to us and received wholesale or resale pricing as well as the associated terms and conditions, and refunds in either case are not available. Again, they can file a travel insurance claim if they wish, if they chose to purchase such insurance to cover their risks. As we do not provide refunds, and we have delivered travel services, we are not required or able to help with a refund and we have asked them to verify identity and proof of who in fact made the purchase (and would legally be entitled to travel information provided), without response. We have asked them to only communicate in writing, to prove the identity of the purchaser and travelers, and we have not received that information so we cannot provide details to anyone other than the purchaser or confirmed travelers. The customer presented himself as a travel agency for reselling travel to his clients, and per our terms and conditions such purchases are non-refundable, and do not come with insurance or guarantee of any kind, as we are not the travel service providers and their contract of carriage or for travel services is with the provider, and their terms and conditions they are subject to depending on each providers terms. Travel insurance is not a service we offer or resell, and needs to be obtained through insurance providers, and is there for cases of illness, missed or cancelled flights or other travel, etc. The customer's real request is a refund, which we do no provide. We understand they have represented that someone is sick, and their travel plans changed, and that he is fact is wanting to resell as an unlicensed, bonded or insured travel agent in the UAE, as we have asked for the proof and not received it. We have in fact provided travel services to the client, the specifics of which we are not allowed to provide for privacy reasons per our privacy agreement unless required by the courts to be reviewed confidentially and with permission of the confirmed purchaser with a passport provided for proof ([redacted]). Again, the customer is in fact demanding a refund we cannot provide, and is unwilling to confirm his or his clients identity and that of the person who made the payment so we can legally provide information based on our policies to keep information confidential as to buyers, travelers, and travel plans. We are a multi-million dollar company, with few if any consumer complaints, and have had an A+ rating and have been responsive to all complaints. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for as required and provide white glove service to our clients.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:pls share the proof of email from airlines, the Acs which are provided and the miles were fofitted, I will share the report to by day end today, regarding all the 3 ac which you have shared on email. the story which is made up by Mr tim is non sense, Team I would like to request you to look into the stories given by him, and 1 more point to bring in your notice,mr tim claiming again again about insurance, what insurance should I do when there was no miles credit nor ticket issued by him, in can not do a insurance of Air Once Mr tim got the money he never transfer a single miles, the Acs were only made but not even 1 point was credited, bcoz as per mr tim Acs when on audit before even any father or mother or wife illness, before he was saying I issued the ticket, now he is saying some other storiesregarda 

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