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Engine Masters Outdoor Power Equipment

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purchase of a Massimo that has turned into a lemon dealOn May 1, 2015 purchased a Massimo side by side UTV, wanted floor model but they said had a new one at service dept. it would take 3 hours to prepare. Came back in pouring rain they loaded very fast and sent me on my way, got home unloaded saw it had 6 hrs and 17 miles on it called back to salesman who was [redacted] told him they had not sold me a new one and how many miles & hours it had and I was not happy with them that was not right but he said he would make it right. we drove it for 1 week on 5-5-15 it started not cranking so [redacted] took it back on 5-8-15 they kept it until 5-15-15 called for us to pick up said it had loose wire connection, brought home and on 5-16-15 it started same not cranking again called [redacted] on 5-18-15 complaining about this lemon he sold and I was not taking off work again to bring it back they could come get it and reminded him he still had not made this right on how many miles and hours were on it, he sent for it to be pickedup 5-18. on 5-22-15 Massimo was brought back said a new starter was put on, but still nothing from [redacted] on he's making this right. On 7-3-15 Massimo started jumping in & out of gear and cutting off.My wife [redacted] called [redacted] for the third time now that something has gone wrong again, he sent service to pick up on 7-3-15 kept until 7-13-15 delivered back again, on 7-15 jumping out of gear once and awhile, on 7-25 started smelling gas bad and engine goes to sputtering looked and found bad crack in exhaust manifold.I clearly know this is a lemon and I was very upset. [redacted] called 7-28-15 talked to [redacted] she said she had no idea all that had gone wrong with this Massimo and if it were her she would be very upset. [redacted] told her we were very mad and this was the fourth time in less than 90 days this machine had broken, they had it in the shop more than we had it and we were having to make payments on something new that clearly was not new and I felt we should get a new one because we were lied to about it being new, we've been patient in trying to wait for someone to make this right. courtney said she was going to see what she could do. They picked Massimo up on 7-30-15 again and [redacted] has called about every 2 days to see what is being done, [redacted] says parts have been ordered but not received yet. On 8-8-15 [redacted] talked to [redacted] agian, she hasn't been able to track down parts company not calling her back, she would call as soon as she knew when parts were there. This is very frustrating [redacted] has put $1000.00 down and still paying full price of a new Massimo when by now it is clear this was a used one whether a demo or what we were done wrong and this is a lemon we do not want. Engine Masters should do the right thing and just pay for this one and give us the down payment back because we do not trust them in the way we have been done. In my line of work I would not be able to get away with this someone would have me in court. Please help us to get this straight. This is a Massimo UTV-400, total loan $7,524.72, $209.02 per month for 36 months plus insurance on it cost $229.00 yearly and I put $1000 down. The longest period we have had the Massimo at home to use is 3 weeks at one time the rest it's in shop. We use this on a small farm less than 10 acres and take very good care of everything we use this for yard work to help us keep from lifting so much and just to enjoy riding.Desired SettlementBecause of no one wanting to admit they used this Massimo somewhere and passing it off to us as new and it constantly being broken week after week, not even offering to get us another one and now it is clear after 4 times being sent back something is wrong with this UTV and it is a lemon just like with a automobile. This company Engine Masters has a advertisement on the radio everyday that they give good old fashioned custmer service, if so then give us our down payment back and pay off the loan. we feel there is something not right with these Massimo's and don't want anymore dealings with them. We have given them every opportunity to do the right thing and it is evident all they want to do is keep fixing the lemon and we are not satisfied with that, but I still have to make all the payments to keep my credit good. This product is not of good quality. Engine Masters is a dealer of Massimo they are responsible for what is done to them once they receive them and the way they have passed a used one off to us makes a bad name for them and Massimo. I hope you can help resolve this issue. The last time I talked to Engine Masters was 8-8-15 around 11:00am and there was still no word on when parts would be there or when it would be fixed. I just want my money back, not a new one or the old one. Thank you [redacted] and [redacted].Business Response /[redacted]/On May 1, 2015, [redacted] purchased a new Massimo MSU 400 utility vehicle and financed same through a third-party who only finances new units. This unit also had an original certificate of origin from the manufacturer, which was assigned to [redacted] and notarized.The initial contact from the Vaughans was made May 2, 2015 to [redacted], the salesperson who sold the [redacted] the Massimo. Their complaint was that they felt they were sold a used unit because it reflected a several of hours of use on the dashboard and had mud on the bottom of the unit. When we received the unit from the manufacturer it had several hours on the meter. This is typical for this brand and is attributed to manufacturer testing. The service center parking and testing area is comprised of gravel, grass, and dirt. The [redacted] were advised that the dirt on the unit came from our facility during the testing and loading phase prior to delivery. They were also assured that this was a brand new unit and not a demo or used vehicle.[redacted], our salesperson, apologized for the dirt on the unit and said that he would make it right by cleaning and detailing their unit for them, free of charge, when Mr. [redacted] brought the unit in for its first oil change.After contacting our staff on May 7, 2015, Mr. [redacted] dropped off his unit the next day stating that he was having issues cranking it. As a result, our technician located a loose wire and corrected same at no cost to the [redacted]On May 17, 2015, Mr. [redacted] made contact with our staff stating that he was having the same issue with the unit not starting. We then sent a truck to pick up the unit for repair. To make sure we had a permanent solution for Mr. [redacted], we installed a brand new starter for this unit which was covered under warranty at no cost to Mr. [redacted]. We also completed a free pickup and delivery which was not covered under warranty.Approximately July 3rd, Mr. [redacted] contacted us stating that the unit was jumping out of gear and shifter lights were blinking. At this time, we pickup the unit at our cost and adjusted the linkage on the transmission which corrected the issue. This repair was covered under warranty at no cost to Mr. [redacted]. On July 29th, Mr. [redacted] contacted our store stating that the unit was jumping out of gear from time to time. At this time, we scheduled a pickup of the unit at no charge to the [redacted] and brought it in for further inspection. During inspection, we found that the linkage needed adjustment once again. To be on the safe side and to have a permanent solution, we requested from Massimo's warranty, an entirely new linkage assembly which they agreed to at no cost to the customer. We also found that the exhaust manifold had a crack in it. To help Mr. [redacted], we also requested a new manifold for this unit at no cost to them.To make sure we did everything in our power to assist the [redacted] on August 18, 2015, we had Massimo's lead technician look at this unit from end to end to make sure we were not missing anything. The technician stated that what we were doing to correct this issue was the right call and the new linkage assembly will correct this. This linkage is currently on backorder and we have been in contact with Massimo multiple times during each week to check on the status of the backordered part. On August 20th, I personally witnessed a phone exchange between Mr. [redacted] and our salesman, [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] was verbally abusive and belligerent. [redacted] told Mr. [redacted] that we were doing everything we could to make sure he was taken care of and we were only waiting on the part to complete this project.Massimo has covered any issues under warranty at no cost to the [redacted] Engine Masters had completed free pickup and deliveries and gone the extra mile to assist the [redacted] As soon as we receive the linkage assembly, we will have this repair completed and the [redacted] will be contacted immediately.

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