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Enhance Mind IQ

3201 W. Hillsborough Ave #153201-1144, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33684

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Never ordered regular shipment of Rejuva Brain - Amazin.......told company not to send anything else to me after "free trial"..... Just received and being invoiced on my credit card for $111.00 Not this lady. Returning to company and requesting proper void of charge.

I ordered this produc) in 2016. I did not like so I cancelled in 2016. Then in July of 2019 I get this product again
I ordered this product (eye cream) in 2016 and I cancelled it in 2016.
Then they send me this product again in July of 2019, did not order.
I have been calling them for months. They will not refund me my $92.62 put
on my credit card.. Every time I call I ask for a manager and they tell me
they are not available and they will call me. I haven't talked to one yet or
have had a voice mail left. At one point they even told me it was an unauthorized
purchase. ?? I did not order this and they will not give me my credit.
They offered to give me 70%!! I said no. They should give me the whole amount
This is wrong. I wonder if this is done on purpose. Its not right
Thank you for your consideration

Desired Outcome

Full refund of $92.62

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Feb 19, 2020

This response was taken verbally by the

At this time we have not been able to located a account for the consumer by name or email. Please provide additional information to located.

Customer Response • Feb 24, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have called them at least four times. I even have a ref number. XXXXXXXXPLDX56K9L. Every time I called they had no problem finding info. They even offered me a percentage
Of a credit, I said NO. I did not order this item.
At one point they even said it was " an unauthorized purchase ". ??? Ok. Give me my money back. Ask for managers,
They are never there and never call me back.
This is the info on shipping slip

Never ordered product. Called help desk and they said I submitted a purchase order on June 29. I never did. This is a scamcl
Claimed I ordered product June 29th. I NEVER ORDERED THIS PRODUCT. THIS IS A SCAM.

Desired Outcome

I want this to end i never ordered product

Sent me 2 supplements = 170$ on my credit card.

Had canceled this supplement 8 months to a year prior.
Shipped me 2 supplements I had not ordered and charged approx. 170$ to my credit card. I had this same issue a year - 8 months ago and I canceled it then. Shipping date 7/3/19 SLSORD XXXXXX
Shipper: Enhanced Mind IQ

I did not pay this. I talked to my bank about declining payment. I sent the product back certified mail at a cost of 8.03$ On 7/23/2019.
No further communication as of this writing

Desired Outcome

Company should never send me anything again. They should also pay for the shipping not that I expect that.

Customer Response • Aug 22, 2019

I received my bank statement today. My money for the 2 supplements has been credited as merchandise return.

Sent from my iPhone

I ordered product & tried to cancel next shipment. They would not cancel or refund. They shipped again 2 yrs later without authorization & won't refun
Visa was charged 2 years later without authorization. I called Alex on 7-12-19 to get authorization number to return product the same day. He said we don't give refunds or take product back. I said I didn't order it. Cancelled account 2 years ago. He said your account has been pending for 2 years so the product was sent out. I called bank they said product was ordered at a few minutes before 9am. I said I start work at 9 so no way would I be giving out my credit card driving to work. Alex would not give me the amount of purchase. He said I interrupted him. I told him he had to tell me how much I was charged and finally he said 67. 44 and I assume taxes and shipping were added. I looked online and there were numerous complaints about this company and people being billed by the same company under a few different names and people unable to get their money back. Also people paying different amounts for the same product.

Desired Outcome

Whatever you feel is best. I don't want other people taken advantage of.

Customer Response • Aug 08, 2019

I had the bank cancel my debit card. They are investigating the matter and have so refunded my monies. I have not heard back from the company. Shen I called them they said I will not get a refund. Even though I say I did not order the product they have my information from almost 2 years ago. I told them then I was on a blood thinner so could not use the product per their instructions.


We have tried cancelling our account numerous times and they keep sending product and debiting our account!
My husband signed up for this Enhanced Mind product over two years ago and after a couple months we knew it was a scam so he contacted them several times to cancel our account and finally we thought it was cancelled because we stopped receiving product. Then after a year later all of the sudden we get a charge for $92.47 out of our account and I receive one bottle of Enhanced Mind IQ in the mail. Just out of nowhere they took money WITHOUT our authorization and sent us product of which we cancelled more than a year ago. I have filed a fraud report with my bank because the 866 number listed on the receipt is DISCONNECTED! This company is a complete fraud! I am sending the product back certified mail return receipt requested!

Desired Outcome


I keep receiving this product that I did not order, have no idea what I'm paying and can not cancel. Please help.
Ship date 2019/07/01
Shipper: enhanced mind IQ
Shpord# XXXXX

I did not order this product and do not know how to cancel it. I don't want to cancel my credit card because of this.

Desired Outcome

I don't want anymore product from them. I should also like the money they are stealing from me but I doubt that's possible.

I was mailed a bottle of Flawless /complexion under eye serum by Enhanced Mind IQ. I did not purchase/order this product.

Today July 5th I received a package from Enhanced MInd IG product It contained Flawless Complexion Under eye serum. I did not order this product. When I called customer service they claimed I ordered two products on June 28th on my credit card ending in ***. I do not have any card with those last four numbers. They would not refund costs fully but only 50% and I would have to verify the credit card number for refund. I did not give them a correct number. They did however, have my name and address to send the product. I do not want to keep receiving products nor be billed for any nonorder.

Desired Outcome

No more mailing or contact from them and no charge on any credit card i my have.

I have been trying to cancel this enhance omega they keep sending me this stuff. please help with canceling this. tx *** XXXXXXXXXX
The order number is XXXXXX the ref number is XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX. their customer service number which I have called twice 18665120453 please help me. thank you in advance for your time and assistance in this matter.

Desired Outcome

I am asking to delete my account and stoop sending me this fish oil.

I am being charged for items that I do not want and did not order.They appear on credit card statement each month under multiple names.
These are the products I have received on my credit card statements since January. they have come under 7 different names. I tried calling to return and stop the products from being shipped to me to no avail. Even after 1st credit card was compromised, they were able to put it on the new card.

1/04/2018 WAI*WISEFOCUS 855-982-3089Az $94.87
2/03/2018 FOCUSENHANCE 866482-8277Il $94.87
2/08/2018 FOCUSENHANCE 866-482-8277 Il $94.87
3/05/2018 Focus Enhance 866-482-8277 Il $94.87
3/10/2018 Focus Enhance 866482-8277 Il $92.62
4/03/2018 Pure Focus 855-601-7958 IL $94.87
4/11/2018 Try Golden Focus 855-860-9600 Fl $92.62

Desired Outcome

1/4/2018 WAI*Wise Focus XXX-XXX-XXXXAz 94.87 2/3/2018 Focus Enhance XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 94.87 2/8/2018 Focus Enhance XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 94.87 3/5/2018 Focus Enhance XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 94.87 3/10/2018 Focus Enhance XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 92.62 4/3/2018 Pure Focus XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 94.87 4/11/2018 TryGoldenFocus XXX-XXX-XXXXFl 92.62 5/3/2018 Pure FocusXXX-XXX-XXXXIL 94.87 5/11/2018 Try Golden Beauty XXX-XXX-XXXX XX.62 6/17/2018 XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 92.62 6/23/2018 TryGoldenFocus XXX-XXX-XXXXFl 72.39 *THE ABOVE LISTED WERE ON CREDIT CARD ENDING-7228 THE FOLLOWING ARE ON CREDIT CARD ENDING *** 7/25/2018 XXX-XXX-XXXX XX.62 7/26/2018 XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 94.87 8/2/2018 BuyGoldenFocus XXX-XXX-XXXXFl 92.62 8/18/2018 BRM-Brain-SS-Transfirst XXX-XXX- XXXXIl 92.62 8/25/2018 92.62 9/7/2018 92.62 9/20/2018 92.62 10/10/2018 92.62 THESE ARE ALL THE SAME AS 8/18/2018 BRM-Brain-SS-Transfirst XXX-XXX-XXXX XX.62 We also were charged in 2017 7/26/2017 MCL*Intensefocus XXX-XXX-XXXXIl 1.99 7/26/2017 MCL*Intensefocus 4.95 8/10/2017 Enhance Cognitive XXX-XXX-XXXXFl 87.63 I would like reimbursement for all of these charges. As you can see, they change names of the products,phone numbers and states.

Customer Response • Nov 01, 2018

On 10/29/2018 received shipment notification from Customer Service (***
Omega Enhance Upsell Renewal- Shipping Confirmation
Order Number:XXXXXX
Tracking Number:XXXXXXXX
Items in shipment
Omega Enhance Upsell Renewal(***
These are call center numbers and have no account for ***. Spoke to supervisors to no avail. Even called 411 to get a number and got another call center. I need to stop being billed for these items.
Other numbers called on 10/31 and 11/01/2018 are
They are all call centers and they don't carry this product or have an account for ***

This fulfillment operator for Enhance Omega at my urging - found 3 duplicate charges @ $92.62 on my credit card for last 3 months. SCAM! thks!

The fulfillment operator was cordial but it took my repeated requests to look at product order paperwork to find THREE
DUPLICATED CHAGES in last three months since I purchased ( free trial 15 days in March).

I thinkl they need to be shut down as I would have no idea unless I scrutinized credit card statement.

On researching via I saw the complaint warning and therefore pushed the operator repeatedly to give me billing figgures.

I think fulfillment company needs a sanction also., as they have no complaint process and are participating in the scam it seems .

Desired Outcome

a required refund would work. I have bottles to return .

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Sep 13, 2018

Our Customer Service Department reached out to the customer and was able to come to a resolution. The customer is being issued a refund of all charges in question, and stated they are satisfied with that resolution. Please close the complaint.

Customer Response • Sep 14, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Refund was extended. I did not agree to remove the complaint as they asked me to do, but am glad to state that they agree to refund the entire order plus the multiple duplicated charges I found were billed.

This company is a TOTAL SCAM. Like other reviewers, I fell for their line and ended up with over $300 of unauthorized charges to my account even though I returned all their product. When I disputed the charges with my credit card company, the company claimed I had not returned the product and ACCUSED ME OF THEFT. Fortunately I had sent the return via certified mail and had the company's signature evidencing their receipt and eventually got my money back. But it took several months and a lot of work. DO NOT do business with these crooks.

I've returned the merchandise and they claim that they've refunded my money into my bank account and it was never put in.
I placed an order of buy 3 get 2 free. I read it that it was $39.99 for all 5 bottles. When I placed the order my card was declined. I knew it had to be a mistake so I tried it again and it was again declined so I assumed that it was a scam and my bank blocked it. The next morning I saw that I had two charges from this company, one amount was $189.99 and the other was $149.99. I placed this order on March 22, 2018. I returned the order and they received it on April 4th. I called them on April 18th to check on my refund and they claimed to have sent the refund to my bank right then but it could take up to 3 days and they could only help me with one order and I'd have to call back about the second order. He said that he refunded it back into my account right then but it could take up to 3 days. It was never refunded! I called back on May 9th to inquire about my refund on my second order and question why my first refund never went thru. She said that she refunded my account right then. It was never in my account either! I was told that I would have to do a 3-way call with my bank and their supervisor to verify that I never received either refund. On June 8th I went to my bank and had a teller (Linda) confirm to Jackie (customer service) that neither refund was in my account. I was told that they were going to look into it. I never heard back. I called on July 6th to inquire about my refunds and was told that she could only assist me on one order and that it was refunded into my account on June 8th. I explained again that it was never put in my account and once again they want my bank to to verify on the phone that it's not in there. My bank will not do a 3-way call so I'd have to go back into the bank and ask them to take time off of their job to verify what they have already verified to them. Apparently this is a scam that this company performs! I want them to send me a paper check for both orders! The refund amount for order#XXXXXX is $149.99 and order# XXXXXX is $129.99.

Desired Outcome

I want them to send me a paper check for both orders for a total of $279.98!

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jul 11, 2018

The customer has been refunded for the charge(s) in question. We double checked the system and were able to confirm that the refunds were successfully processed. If the customer cannot locate the refunds on their statement, they will need to contact their financial institution for help in locating the refund. Please have them call us back if they need any further assistance.

I was not refunded for the product returned to company within the 60-day money back guarantee period.
On March 16, 2018 at 11.44 pm, I ordered a 3-bottle pack of EnhanceMind IQ for $129.99. The order, # XXXXXX, was placed from their website with my credit card. Their ad on the website stated a 60-day money back guarantee. The receipt for my order noted the product as: "(220) EnhanceMind IQ 3 Bottle Pack $129.99," with no shipping charge and no sales tax (NH does not have a sales tax). The package was delivered to my mailbox, at *** Hollis, NH 03049, on March 23, 2018.

When I discovered the product was not doing anything for me, I called to get information on how to return the bottles for refund. I can't remember if I called the phone number listed on the order (866-482-8277) or on the shipping confirmation (877-674-2561), but I obtained the information as to where to address the return of these items. I brought the package to my local Post Office (Hollis, NH) on April 20, 2018 - well within the 60-day guarantee money back period. I have a receipt and tracking number (XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX) from the Post Office for this package. The receipt noted the estimated delivery date as April 23, 2018. When I checked the tracking number online, I found that my package was indeed delivered on April 23, 2018, at 10:49 am, to an agent of the company.

This is the last I have heard. I no longer have the product and I have not received a refund. I also have not been able to find a phone number where I can speak to someone about this. Is there any way to rectify this situation and get me a refund? (Note: I am a disabled senior citizen and cannot afford not to receive this refund.)

Desired Outcome

I am seeking to have the full $129.00 refunded to me as their ad promised.

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jul 05, 2018

Our Customer Service Department reached out and resolved this with the customer. Customer has been issued a full refund for the charge(s) in question. Please remove the complaint since it was resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

Received product from this company and a couple of partial refunds. Then the last two refunds never showed up in my bank.
Purchased product from this company on Feb 24, 2018 for 189.99 of 5 bottles. Tried to return but they said I had to keep for 60 days to try. They gave a partial refund of 47.49 on 2/27/2018 and then 28.51 on 3/15. On 5/14/2018 they said they issued a 88.99 refund and then on 5/17/2018 another 25.00. The 88.99 and 25.00 never showed up in my bank, although on several occasions the company said they had refunded them. I returned the product to them on 423/2018 and they received it at 10:57 AM on the 24th. I contacted my bank to file a dispute and they say that after 60 days they could not help me (after the 2/24 date).

Desired Outcome

Have the 88.99 and 25.00 refunded to me so I can see it in my bank statement

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 19, 2018

According to our records, the customer has been successfully issued a full refund on the transaction in questions. If the customer is unable to locate the refund(s) on their account statement, please have them contact their financial institution.

Customer Response • Jun 20, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company contacted me and said as far as they were concerned, they show that they issued me both returns and that there was nothing further that they could do. I have contacted my bank and they can not see either of the two returns in their system.
I would like for the company to issue to send me a check in the amount of $113.99, the total of the two refunds that I did not receive to set this matter straight.
I did read that a lot of other individuals have had the same kind of problems with this company, the this company has an "F" rating with the and that it has been doing this to a lot of people.

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 27, 2018

We reconfirmed that the our records show the customer's refunds were successfully issued. Since the refunds have been issued, we cannot send out a check at this time. We advise that the customer to reaches out to their financial institution to see if they can assist in locating the refunds in their system.

I was sent advertisement to try Enhance pills for $4.95. Nothing was said if you did not like or want
To call in or return. I was occupied for the next 60 to 90 days. I lost my card. I was told that this company took my money without my authorization.
I never received any pills after the first bottle.
I called and they were to refund my money. But they has not. I never authorized any thing with this company. They took money for may and june off my old card. And I need it return to pay my bills.

Desired Outcome

Refund Could they please return all my money back to my Card. Total is 185.00 that i am missing from my card.

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 15, 2018

Our Customer Service Department reached out to the customer and realized that the customer placed the complaint against the wrong company. We have no record of this customer. Please remove the complaint and place it with the correct company.

returned product and was issued a refund #
never received refund with refund conformation #
returned product for refund never received refund

Desired Outcome

refund of returned product

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 14, 2018

Out Customer Service Department reached out to the customer and explained that their refunds have already been issued. If the customer needs any further assistance, please have them call us back.

Customer Response • Jun 15, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have not received a refund from Ehance IQ
They gave me a refund conformation number that can't be traced to anything or anywhere can/ will they trace where the refund was refunded

Customer Response • Jun 20, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have contacted my financial institution and there is NO record of this refund. The only record is my initial payment to them of $149.99
I would think it's their responsibility to follow and give me information as to WHERE/WHEN this refund was sent

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 27, 2018

We reconfirmed that the our records show the customer's refunds were successfully issued. We advise that the customer to reaches out to their financial institution to see if they can assist in locating the refunds in their system.

DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR SCAM!! I am a saavy internet user and I fell for the BS. Guess what? It actually says in their terms of service that you will be charged $91 14 days after your initial order unless you call their 1800 number. Stupid me, I didn't read the terms of service. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO READ THE TERMS!! So the $91 charge showed up on my bank account and I called the bank and filed a fraud charge, cancelled my debit card and everything. THEN later figured out what it was! I feel so stupid for falling for their BS. When I called the company to cancel any future orders, the FIRST thing the lady asked me is "Where did you get this phone number?" Wow! Scam Alert right there! Let me know if someone files a class action against them, because I'm all in!

I signed up for one bottle, received 5 bottles and was charged $189.99. Then I asked to return unwanted package. Missed deadline due to illness.
3/3/2018 ordered a bottle of Enhance Mind IQ. Shpord# XXXXXX
Charged my account $189.99. Requested refund. Due to upper respiratory illness grieving Daughter's 10th Memorial of murder,
I missed the 60 day grace period. Upon waiting to speak to supervisor, I was disconnected after being refused any consideration nor refund. This is a scam. There was no noticeable memory improvement when I tried taking the first bottle, only a few pills.
The rest are still in the package but was told that I would have to pay for the shipping to return it. I have lost $189.99 and am throwing the package into the garbage now. Believe I was speaking to a phone house of representatives-Jessie. Feel ripped off but wiser regarding checking first on google and with Expensive lesson!

Desired Outcome

I want my refund and a RMA# to return the bottles. I will wait until I get confirmation on how to proceed with getting rid of the bottles and hold on to the package.

Enhance Mind IQ Response • May 18, 2018

In an effort to resolve this matter, the customer has been issues a refund for the charge in question. Please have the customer contact our Customer Service Department if they need any further assistance.

Customer Response • May 20, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I am awaiting my refund with surprised relief and gratitude that
my request was heard and acknowledged. Once I deposit my check,
I will post a more positive response here. Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter.

Customer Response • May 21, 2018

Please have the business send me a RMA# to return the bottles.
Thank you.
P.S. Still awaiting refund.

Enhance Mind IQ Response • Jun 14, 2018

Customer called our Customer Service Department today. We explained that their refund has already been issued, but customer is claiming they do not see it on their end. Customer was advised to contact their financial institution and to call us back if they still don't see the refund.

This is one of the biggest scams ever. I ordered a trial bottle for 4.95 shipping and got 5 bottles with a charge on my credit card for $189. I returned the 5 bottles (4 never ordered or opened) and was told I would be charged a $5 stocking fee per bottle and shipping. Don't try the trial or you will get stuck with a $189 bill you can't get out of.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Enhance Mind IQ, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Enhance Mind IQ, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Enhance Mind IQ, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This website was reported to be associated with Enhance Mind IQ.

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