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March 28, Dear MrDennis: We are in receipt of the concern filed by [redacted] on February 26, , regarding Envision employee Amy D [redacted] .We were as surprised as [redacted] to learn of MsD [redacted] 's other occupaltional pursuits in ColoradoClearly these do not match with our organizational values as we strive to provide students with skills and experiences to enhance their future success in college and career.Effective February 28, 2014, MsD [redacted] is no longer an employee of Envisition.We place the safety and security of our students and staff as our top priority, to include significant background screening and rigorous training and we emplace the strictest standards and highest expectations on them as they instill critical skills for success in the students who attend our programs.We were notified via [redacted] of [redacted] 's concerns as well and attempted to establish communication with him on February 28, 2014.Should any additional information be required, please let us know how we may assist.Sincerely,Philip MExecutive Vice President, Education Operations

Dear [redacted] , We have reviewed the transcripts of the call [redacted] made to our Call Center last year when he transferred programs We went over our policy that states once transferred he would not be eligible for a refund and he agreed and acknowledged that, at the point he was transferring, he was within the no refund zone of the cancellation policy so he would not get a refund even if he cancelled Additionally, he agreed to the attached Terms & Conditions when he enrolled in the program which includes the cancellation and transfer policy We will not be able to issue a refund Kind regards, [redacted]

MrsSchroeder, I have been reviewing your case regarding [redacted] 's enrollment I was sad to read everything that you an [redacted] have been going through lately and I truly hope that [redacted] is on the road to recovery I apologize that we have not been able to provide a satisfacrory resoolution prior to this point However, given the circumstances, I wanted to inform you that we will be initiating a full refund to the credit card used for [redacted] 's enrollment todayWe do hope that [redacted] improves soon and please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions or concernsSincerely, Carl M [redacted] ###-###-####

We had sent the e-mails to the parent in the original format, letter head and wording in which the parent should have received them, on August 8, We do not have any additional versions or letter head in which the parent is referencing If there is something additional the parent is requesting, we will gladly do our best to accommodate I have attached every e-mail in question that was sent to the e-mail address: [redacted] I have also attached each of the e-mails that were sent to the referenced e-mail address above [redacted]

From: Carl M [redacted] Date: Wed, Aug 5, at 2:PMSubject: CID # [redacted] To: [redacted] < [redacted] >Date Filed: 7/13/Complaint Details: My son is signed up for a program at their school/institution and is having anxiety attacks about being away for a weekHe is having several issues about this and this school will not refund the we paid in installment paymentsEnvision Response: Per the Terms & Conditions that the parent/student agreed to upon enrollment into the program on January 13, 2015, any cancellation requests made on or after April 2, do not allow for a refund of tuition The cancellation request was made on July 13, for the program began on July 19, We would be willing to transfer the students tuition to a program occurring in the summer 2016, but per the agreement, we cannot issue a refund CARL LM [redacted] , PMPDIRECTOR, RETENTION & MARKETING OPERATIONS

I purchased a China Cultural Extension Experience for my daughter in through the International Scholars Laureate Program After making down payment and a few auto payments my daughter informed me that she would be attending another travel program through her college program When I received my reminder of payment I emailed MrDavid M [redacted] and he promptly informed me to call in After calling in to request that they not deduct money from my account the deduction was still made I contacted the office again and they informed me that I could simply transfer the funds to another trip which I agreed to The following year I called to see what destinations were planned but again those dates did not pan out because my daughter again traveled with her college At no time was I told if she does not take the trip within a specific period of time that all funds are forfeited In fact, I was given the Nationwide Insurance phone number and told to initiate a claim for refund since I had travel protection plan coverageMy daughter graduated from undergraduate studies but expressed an interest in utilizing her funds for educational travel When I contacted them this year 2015, the name appears to be changed to Envision EMI and I was told that the funds expired and that I no longer had access to them I requested that she verify that and she returned to the call stating that nothing could be done I expressed my displeasure, obtained the address to request an appeal and stated that I felt that practice to be fraudulent since it was never explained at any time that my funds of over $would expire

Dear [redacted] , We have researched this complaint and will issue a refund in the amount of $ I have attached the release that must be signed by *** [redacted] and returned back to me in order for the refund to be processed Please note the release must be signed by a witness as well The refund will be issued in the form of a credit to the card used to enroll in the program The signed and witnessed release can be emailed directly to me at [redacted] or faxed to me at ###-###-#### We do apologize Kind regards, [redacted]

We have refunded Ms*** $for the cost of the program on 9/17/

Dear [redacted] , Thank you for your response Unfortunately, we still cannot offer a refund at this point I have attached the information that was included in the mail package that was sent regarding the ISLP program, where it states that air fare to and from the program is not included in the cost of tuition The tuition that was already submitted for [redacted] was used to pay for the travel expenses while in Australia The companies we hire to accommodate travel and housing required payment and we expected [redacted] to be in attendence Our cancellation policy is set so that we can confirm attendance and pay our vendors in advanceThe offer to transfer is still on the table, but we cannot offer a refund for a cancellation that occurred less than a week prior to the start of the program Carl M [redacted]

From: Carl M [redacted] Date: Wed, Aug 5, at 2:PMSubject: RE: [redacted] Complaint ( [redacted] )To: [redacted] < [redacted] > ***, Envision response: Envision considers this case to be closed as a full refund was issued on May 13, ThanksCARL *M [redacted] , PMPDIRECTOR, RETENTION & MARKETING OPERATIONS

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was told the money had already been spent on the program that my daughter was unable to attend because she was unable to flySo, if the money was spent how is that my money available to be transferred to a program for next summerWhen I spoke with James I informed him that as a graduating senior next year my daughter would be unable to attend one of the programsI understand if they don't want to refund all my money but I would like for them to refund at least half of it Regards, [redacted] ***

From: [redacted] < [redacted] >Date: Thu, May 14, at 9:AMSubject: Complaint # [redacted] To: "[email protected]" Just writing to let you know that the company has resolved my issue and sent me a refundThanks for your help!

From: Carl M [redacted] < [redacted] >Date: Tue, May 3, at 2:PMSubject: ID # [redacted] To: [redacted] < [redacted] >Ms [redacted] , Thank you for you inquiry regarding ***’s participation in the NYLF: Advance Medicine and Health Care programI am sorry to hear that our emails and phone calls were not making their way to you and I can understand how that could become frustratingI would like to speak with you directly regarding this matter so that we can rectify the situationCan you please confirm that the best contact number for me to reach you at is ###-###-####? In addition, if you could provide me with appropriate times to reach you, I would appreciate that as wellI look forward to speaking with you CARL LM [redacted] , PMPDIRECTOR OF ENROLLMENT ENVISION [redacted] ***Vienna, VA 22182T/F: ###-###-#### [redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It still does not justify the lack of communication in the beginning before I was charged for the full amount Information requested was not provided, situation not handled, but card was charged The automatic charging of the balance before addressing the problem or trying to provide a solution shows it's about the money, not the child I understand we have been in contact and have arranged for a transfer to next year, but that was the only option You still get to keep the money and I am still uncomfortable about trusting you with my child due to the lack of professionalismNo attempt was made to repair the problem before the deadline of the final charges, it didn't matter to you As a mother it makes me feel like my child does not matter to you, just the money That is the recurring problem Regards, [redacted]

[redacted] I am writing today to inform you that per your request, we have issued a refund in the amount of $on March 30, If there is anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach me at that information belowSincerely, Carl M [redacted] ###-###-####

[redacted] ***, Per your request, you will find the nomination certificate provided to us from [redacted] 's school, nominating her for the programPlease feel free to let me know if you require any additional assistanceCarl M [redacted] Director of Enrollment

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I had to go through so many people to get told NO over and over, I'd greatly appreciate some type of refund- if you can reimburse a trip for a trip, I fail to see as to why a reimbursement of some sort can't come to terms? Not that she wouldn't be interested in the trip, however if this is the struggle that has to be gone through in order to get back what we pay for-count us out, we may not find the right people to help us, should it come to that again(hopefully wouldn't) Regards, [redacted] ***

Dear Mr [redacted] , I would like to inform you that we have refunded all monies paid for the four students that you signed up for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference The sum of the refund equates to $8,I apologize for the inconvenience we have caused during this process I appreciate you notifying me of the issues you encountered with our customer service and I will ensure to address these In the event you would reconsider the attendance of the fours students you were sponsoring to the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, I would be more than happy to work with you directly Please consider the $1,scholarships that we can awarded to the four students a standing offer for attendance to this year's Junior National Young Leaders ConferenceSincerely, [redacted] ###-###-####

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

From: [redacted] [redacted] # Date: Thu, Nov 6, at 4:PMSubject: RE: [redacted] To: " [redacted] Good Afternoon [redacted] , We will be refunded the family the requested amount of $2, We have attempted to call the family already this afternoon but were unsuccessful We are verifying the e-mail address on file and will e-mail the family as well, explaining that we will be refunding the requested amount In researching, we can substantiate the claim from Mrs [redacted] , that the information on acceptable airports was provided to her much too late Please do not hesitate to reach back out if you require additional information or have any additional questions [redacted] DIRECTOR, RETENTION & MARKETING OPERATIONS ENVISION Gallows Road, Suite Vienna, VA T/F: (703) 584- [redacted]

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