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EON Clinics - Skokie

5215 Old Orchard Rd #200, Skokie, Illinois, United States, 60077-1035

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On 2/12/2018, I went to EON CLINICS in Skokie to get "All On Fours" teeth implants. At first, after surgery to place the implant posts, I received temporary teeth. During the next months, I had 2 separate tooth breaks. I wasn't worried, because they were temporary. When I got my permanent teeth, I was told they would function like real teeth. I was told I could eat anything, including steak, corn on the cob and apples. Despite what I was told, I have always eaten soft foods. During the time from when I got the permanent teeth, I have had at least 10 teeth break.

EON Clinics - Skokie Response • May 18, 2020

We have supported the patient and intend to continue to support her. In the time since she has received her definitive teeth, we have seen her have several breakages. Checking her bite, and the contact points of her teeth reveal that everything is correct with the prosthesis and the service we provided. Every time we see a break, we check her bite and find that it is correct. Nothing is wrong with her prosthesis - no misalignment, materials and workmanship are right on. Based on this we know that when the prosthesis-es contact correctly and the bite is correct (as it is in this case) that breakages are due to habits or behaviors of the patient (ie. grinding or overly forceful chewing) If there was an issue with our prosthesis we would and will continue to repair at no cost to the patient, however as in this case, when breakages are due to the patients behaviors, we are forced to charge for repair services. To try to alleviate the issues Eon Clinics has even manufactured and provided custom teeth guards to the patient to ensure that if she is grinding her teeth, the clear flexible plastic guard will bear the brunt of damage and not be transferred to her teeth.

EON Clinics - Skokie Response • May 19, 2020

Resolving this issue is important to us at the clinic. I know that you have had a discussion with our prosthodontist regarding next steps. Again, your implants were placed and the prosthesis was made just as it is for every patient that we work with (completely custom with correct bite). Because of the nature of the breakage on the teeth (specifically they are not simply coming unglued) we know that this is not simply related to the manufacture of the prosthesis, in other words, there is something happening that is outside of our control. Again, this is usually from patients behaviors or habits.

In a recent dialog with our doctor, you were given the next steps to alleviating the issues you are having. Specifically, the first thing we want to try is both the most conservative approach and lowest of the cost (to consumer), which is a hard night guard. Our second approach would be to manufacture a new prosthesis from zirconia. Zirconia is much more resilient than acrylic, but it is also more expensive than acrylic.

In our opinion - according to our doctor, we should manufacture the hard night guard first. We do not have the ability to create this 'hard night guard' at our facility, so there is a cost associated with the production from our partner lab but we would gladly provide you with this option at our cost.

After production of the hard night guard, lets see what happens over time with this. If it alleviates the issue of breakage, then we are good, if not, we can consider the option of zirconia. I also understand that this was discussed with you previously by our doctor in the clinic.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Customer Response • May 22, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: Although I gratefully accept EON's offer to make a hard night guard for me at no cost, I still have concerns. Since the breakages occur during the day, I am concerned that the hard night guard may have little effect. I would request that EON continue to repair any breakages at no cost to me. At no time during the process, did personnel at EON tell me that there was a danger of breakage if I grind my teeth or forcibly bite. I was told that the prosthesis would act just like real teeth. Real teeth do not break when you eat. This was a major selling point to me.

In closing, I accept EON's offer to make a hard night for me at no cost, and would also ask that any subsequent breakages be repaired at no cost to me.



It is hard to fully grasp how one feels when they do not need major dental work. My wife used a bridge for many years and “we” got by, the situation came to the point where we had to accept what we we’re avoiding. The staff at Eon clinics where up front, explained the process and made my wife feel very comfortable. How a beautiful set of teeth can light up a persons eyes, the confidence it restores when they smile is priceless. I want to say if you or the one you love needs get it done.

Unfortunately I had to even rate this company 1 star. I called ahead of time informing them I was about 10 late due to weather, they said no worries get here as soon as you can. I walked in, apologized for running late and sat down. As I was waiting to be brought back, Bree made unprofessional comments about me being late to the front desk. FYI if you are going to make ignorant comments about the client make sure they are not sitting right in front of you. This was a very unprofessional experience and I will not be giving my business to Eon Cinics do to the unprofessionalism of Bree your employee. I just wanted to have a good experience and that was not the case. If you are looking for dental implants, I would spend your money elsewhere, somewhere that you are appreciated as a client.

Eon Clinics changed my life!
After suffering with deteriorating teeth and gums after life threatening illness Drs. Pierre and Voit made me happy to smile again....constantly from day 1 .
It’s been 3 years and my smile is still perfect.
The doctors and staff don’t forget about you after surgery... contact is maintained and check ups schefuyto make sure your implants last.
I highly recommend Eon Clinics

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Address: 5215 Old Orchard Rd #200, Skokie, Illinois, United States, 60077-1035


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