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Equine Keepsakes

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I placed an order for horse hair jewelry in October 2019 and the vendor charged my card. I have attempted to contact the vendor several times and have not received a response since January 2. I want my horse hair returned and my account credited.

Equine Keepsakes Response time Feb 12, 2020

Hi ***,Your order was delayed because there was not enough hair sent in to complete the items. I emailed you about this on 10/29, and resent again in January because I still had not heard from you. Per your response on January 2nd I did create them with as much of your horse hair as possible, with matching hair supplemented in to fill the remainder as needed. Unfortunately your order was not able to be started until I heard from you January 2nd. I have an estimated 6 week production time at this moment, which is why your order has not been shipped yet. I apologize for the delay. Tracking for your completed order and all remaining horse hair was sent out this morning. Your tracking number for USPS will be 92055902416755000085897375. USPS tracking typically updates in the evenings, so you can expect to see that begin updating later tonight.If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

I ordered my product on 04/24/19. I sent in my horse hair as directed after I paid for my order. I originally ordered a bracelet. I was emailed on 05/18/19 that my bracelet was braided and waiting for the sterling silver to be placed on it awaiting ends to be attached and was told the sterling supplier was backed up. I then receive an email on 05/23/19 that my hair is not enough to make the bracelet after being told it was braided. I then proceeded to ask her if she could make me a ring and specifically specified and gave her ALL details of what type of ring (I screenshotted it) and size I wanted and asked if she could make it instead. My emails were ignored for multiple days. She asked me twice about ring information. I was told it would take another 10-14 days to receive the ring on 05/31/19 and that she ordered the ring based on my specifications. I emailed her on 06/18/19 to check on status. Of course another excuse as to why the ring hadn’t gotten there yet. She refunded my money but told me she would still make my ring. I just emailed her a few days ago as she still has my dead horse’s hair and then she tells me she never got my ring specifications on her records. Her phone numbers aren’t legit. They are voicemails. You can email her all day and she won’t answer till days later or give you excuses. As far as I’m concerned this lady is a pathological liar and should be shut down. This is people’s sentimental items like hair from their deceased animal and she just jerks people around and lies. She needs to be shut down. It’s 5 months and I’ve had to blow her up to even get my horse’s hair back. If she would have made my ring I would be happy, instead she made me VERY angry and wasted my time while keeping what I had left of my deceased horse. Don’t waste your time. She will probably make up lies to try to justify this, but she consistently made up excuses and lies when I clearly provided her with everything as a customer that she needed. I just needed her to make what I asked for and she couldn’t do anything but make up lies.

Equine Keepsakes Response time Sep 03, 2019

As the client noted, we had braided the longest portion of horse hair available from the sample she sent us. We were waiting for the sterling hardware to be delivered, but it was delayed, hence why we emailed her with the update. Unfortunately, once it arrived, we were able to see that even with the longest hardware available to us the length of hair she sent was not long enough to create the completed bracelet length she had requested.As she stated, we contacted her to discuss this. Her email response was received late evening Thursday, May 23rd. I was out of office for the night. I did not ignore her messages, but rather (as I informed her) I took a holiday weekend (Friday - Monday) off and massive storms in our area knocked out power at my home and office. Without power, my office is unable to be open. I responded to her the same day I was able to be back in office, Thursday May 30th.Her order was refunded entirely since we were unable to create the design she originally requested, and the ring base she requested was delayed longer than usual. In attempting to ensure the client was happy, I offered to create the ring she asked for instead at no cost.The client did send in ring information via email as requested, but unfortunately it seems I made a mistake and did not update her order file with the details for her free ring. This caused the free ring to not be finished with her horse hair, despite me having the base created, due to my mistake of failing to notate the order.The client messaged me on 8/28. Her initial message requested that her horse hair be returned. The hour or so that followed consisted of vulgar, threatening emails from her. She proceeded to post these vulgar, threatening messages on our Instagram page also.I responded only once, to apologize for the mistake made. I informed her that her horse hair was being returned to her immediately, as she requested. Our automated system sent out the tracking number for this package to confirm the details. She did proceed to respond repeatedly, but again the messages were very vulgar in nature. I will not respond to such harassment, especially when I am doing my best to make right on a mistake. I understand her frustration entirely, as I would be frustrated too. The context of her messages were uncalled for though, so no I did not respond to them.Her horse hair is anticipated to be delivered today via USPS. It was shipped out as she requested. A direct link to tracking is:***The tracking number is ***Sincerely,Aimee CEquine Keepsakes

Customer Response time Sep 04, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This lady is a con artist at being able to lie and make the things she did wrong look prettier and acceptable I never asked for a refund, I wanted my ring. 5 months seems pretty patient to me. Until I got tired of bein f ignored and put on the back burner as she took on more orders and abandoned mine after refund that SHE offered because it had been 3 months since 8I places my order, paid her, and sent my hair in. She states I sent her my ring specifications on here to, in an email I have she tells me she did not receive them. Not only is she lying to me, she is lying to have documentation of multiple emails asking for updates. It was like pulling teeth to get a response. Terrible business. She ruined the one thing I really wanted from my deceased horse and she has no remorse. There have been two months she has sat there with my hair and no email or anything. Her mistake or not, what kind of business lets an order go on unresolved for 5 months? It is sad I, and others who have complained on here trusted this lady with something very sentimental to us, paid her in full first hand and then have to consistently ask in many ways to get it back. She claims to care and love what she does, but she hurts people’s hearts in the process of making money. She didn’t try to make it right or she would have been following up with me, instead I had to consistently harass her to even get my hair back. She realized she screwed up. She knows what she did. She was also posting on her Facebook while my emails kept being unanswered. This woman is a liar, she is inconsistent, and terrible at taking care of her customers.


Do not purchase from this business. I sent in my order in August, 2018. The website stated it would take about 6 weeks. By October, I sent a message about my order as there is no phone number listed. An automatic reply indicated that there was a medical emergency and orders were delayed. After another inquiry in November, I got the same auto reply. I finally did get a response once I mentioned reporting to the It was stated orders were delayed and that she hired and trained more people to help finish the orders. I asked for a completion date which she couldn't give me one. I then asked for my money back and my horse hair. She sent it back. 3 Months and the order wasn't even started on. Doesn't deserve the one star rating, but it wouldn't allow me to leave no stars.

Equine Keepsakes Response time Sep 03, 2019

I sincerely apologize that this occurred. I underwent major lifesaving surgery and was unable to be in office for a period of time. This type of delay was certainly unexpected, and unavoidable. I do sincerely understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience this caused you.

I ordered the items of jewelry on 8-4-18. I sent in my horses mane and tail as directed. I have not received the products. I have emailed and sent Facebook messages for weeks and have not received a response. I want my product, but even more importantly I want my horses tail back as she is dead and I can no longer get her tail to include in my memory jewelry! I expect communication soon and most certainly a return of my money and my horses (Daisy and Bandit) tails as soon as possible!

I ordered and prepaid for 2 bracelets on June 29, 2018. The estimated time of delivery was 4-6 weeks. I have since attempted 3 email and one face book message correspondence, 1 letter to the address listed for the business and left a message on a phone number listed for the business. I have received no response what so ever.

Ordered custom horsehair product from Equine Keepsakes on December 28 2017. Order number ***. Order total was $207.00. We redeemed a $40 gift certificate issued by the business and used a credit card for the balance of $167.00. Credit card was charged for the order within a week of the order (early January 2018). Sent in our horsehair to be made into various custom products. Have received no product nor any reply to our inquiries. Emails sent

My credit card was charged on 3/13/2018 for 2 items I ordered, a bracelet and a bead, I confirmed with Aimee that my horsehair was received by her on 3/23/2018. I was told the estimated ship date could be up to six weeks. We are now in week 7 and I have made several attempts to contact Aimee via email as there is no phone number listed. Her website claims to give 24-48 hours for a response and after sending emails for the past 5 days I have received zero response. I also sent her a direct message via Instagram and no response. I am very upset that as a business owner she doesn't have the courtesy to let me know what's going on because my several emails are questioning why did I get an email from her on 4-26-18 with the title that items had shipped! That was a blatant lie. Her site claims that you will receive email the day before it ships with tracking number, however I have been tracking it for the past 5 business days since she claims it was shipped and it hasn't gone anywhere, a label was created over a week ago and my items are clearly still in her possession but yet I cant even get an explanation from her! I even called USPS to be sure website was current. I have requested that she overnight ship to me for the huge inconvenience as I have given her the benefit of the doubt for too long. Her site says to allow extra time during Christmas and it is far from the holidays. This is unfair treatment and I noticed she's had plenty of time to post on Instagram in the past few days so why can't she ship my items that ive waited patiently for 7 weeks and the nerve to send an email that they shipped when they haven't! The fact that ive made several attempts to contact her with no response is beyond frustrating.

Equine Keepsakes Response time May 08, 2018

Estimated production times for all items I offer are currently set at approxiamtely 6 weeks from the date of horse hair arrival. This is listed several times on my website as well as directly on the screen during checkout. Based on this, the estimated shipment date would have been 5/4 since, as mentioned, the client's horse's hair was received on 3/23. An unfortunate technical glitch in my system caused several orders to receive tracking numbers prior to their actual shipment date. This client received two emails from me on 3/23 confirming horse hair delivery, a follow up email on 4/6, five email responses on 4/26 (the day the technical glitch occurred), seven email responses on 5/3, and one email response on 5/7. This complaint was received via postal mail today, 5/7. The desired settlement requested by the client is that the items should be overnighted to her, yet the order did in fact ship on 5/4, as originally estimated. It is expected to arrive today, 5/7, via USPS. Given that the items were in fact shipped on the date promised, I am unsure what "huge inconvenience" has occurred, nor am I unsure how I am supposed to resolve this since the items were, in fact, shipped on the date they were originally expected to ship.Sent on: 5/7/2018 3:04:18 PM

Customer Response time May 09, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


There are many discrepancies in the response that I have received. I never once was given a tracking number for my package and I asked for one when this whole ordeal came up. The seller could not provide it to me so therefore I cannot accept this resolution. I never received some of the emails she references and she claimed that maybe we were having issues between email but I find it odd that our emails had no issues communicating when there was a complaint made and a refund issued. I would be willing to accept this if I could get my dogs' hair back, but that will never happen and that is very disappointing and heart breaking at the same time. This was not about the money so the fact that my money was refunded is null to me. I lost precious memories that I will never get back.

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