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Equity 4 U, Inc.

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This company is the worse ever, do not do any business with them. When I bought my car 6yrs ago the car dealership recommend that I have my payments with drawled from my checking account, at the time I thought that would be ok. 6 yrs later my car was paid off in June and they are still taking money out, causing over draft fees which they say they will not reimburse because I should have called them to tell them that my car was paid for. In today technical society they don't have a program that knows when a loan is paid. I should have read the huge agreement more carefully, and remembered to call. When I finally did call they were so rude and nasty about everything. If there is a -5 rating that is what I would give them.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/11/21) */
I have personally gone through my representatives' notes and we only have one message from this customer on November 13th and no messages from this weekAll messages received are recordedEquity U, could not stop the debit for November
14th on the November 13th because all debits that are submitted must be done the business day before per NACHA regulations through the Federal ReserveAll debits are processed first thing the business day before and once submitted cannot be stopped***'s account was cancelled on November 20th as the customer was informedOnce the account is cancelled the refund is scheduled, however just like the debits, credits must be initiated the business day before*** received a refund today, posting directly into her bank account for *** The tracking ID of this refund is wXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe reason a debit cannot be automatically refund the next day is because Equity U has to wait a clearing period, as set by the Federal Reserve, to make sure a debit is successful before returningI believe this issue should be resolved as the refund posted to the customer's account today, which we informed the customer of yesterday via email
At this time, I have not been contacted by French Riviera Spa regarding complaint ID 12380814.Sunce the complaint they have charged me 100 dollars to end my contract and 160 dollars to end my training as well. Also they still took out money for the month of...

September and October for both the member ship and the training. This will need to be added to my claim. They should not have the power to continue to take money out of my account. I was not told about the contract time commitment and I do not feel that I should be punished for it. 
At this time, I have not been contacted by French Riviera Spa regarding complaint ID 10816854.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
At this time, I have not been contacted by French Riviera Spa regarding complaint ID...


Here's what the website says:

Is there a penalty for deleting from the program?

There is no penalty if you delete within 30 days of the purchase date. If you delete after 30 days, any funds that have been paid to satisfy the $399 enrollment fee will not be returned.

I am in the process of canceling now. Fingers crossed all goes well. I end up calling them and emailing them. They replied to both and gave me no problems compared to the reviews I have read. I did talk to my bank too and tell them to make sure no more money is debited from this company, just to be safe. I gave 3 stars only because I don't feel I'm out of the woods yet. Once they do what they say they'll do I can come back and write another review with a better star rating. Or if they don't I'll complain. :) 4/4/2018

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/11/25) */
We make every reasonable effort to communicate a customer's entry in our program in the unlikely event there was a lack of understanding at the dealership. Mr. [redacted] was sent multiple notification emails from our company, including one...

welcoming him to the program and one prior to each debit being drafted. Additionally it is irresponsible to state that this company is a "scheme" without even understanding the costs and benefits. Equity 4 U has thousands of satisfied customers who not only enroll one but multiple loans.
Mr. [redacted] truly believes he is entitled to the [redacted] ach fees, for which we incurred a charge from our provider, as such we will refund as soon as possible.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/11/28) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There clearly is a lack of communication between the company and dealership, as the finance department at the dealership was unaware of how benefits worked - I know this because I contacted them in the situation as well and that could not tell me how things were being done.
Clearly I do not understand the "benefits" that were communicated to me twice through the company and explained in the original message. It does not make sense to go through a 3rd party loan service - clearly the middleman is an unnecessary to do the same thing I can do directly through the loan provider for a lesser "cost" and save entirely more money.
Regarding the additional return that apparently I should not feel entitled to for whatever reason - keep it then. I do not wish to feel stressed or annoyed or spend anymore time or energy dealing with the situation or company that believes I am somehow at fault based on their response. I will have no further response in the matter.
Thank you and good riddance.

Took out a loan from a local car dealer they set this up and said I would save money by doing bi monthly payments. I done this be fore no big deal. Except this is a third party company. They were screwing up everything from the beginning. I lost confidence in them almost immediately. They were taking money out of my account before it was due. And not applying it to my loan. I went to my regular credit union to ask about it. Come to find out they hold your money until it's due and were charging me $10 extra on each of my payments or $20 a month more. This was not disclosed. Where I was told making extra payments a month would save me money it was actually costing me more. I'm still waiting for them to return the payment they took out. And I hope they don't take any other payments out they said they would cancel my account. I just hope they send back my payment now.


Your reply Did you get this resolved? I just purchased a car last month and found out this third company is involved. Which I don't understand, the bank my loan is through said they never heard of them and are confused as to why I'm paying Equity 4 U to make my payment plus fees to them? Any advice would be great if you have it? I need out of this third party contract.
At this time, I have not been contacted by French Riviera Spa regarding complaint ID 10772850.

Do not ever let this company into your bank account. My auto lender wrote the wrong bank on the application, and even though I submitted the COMPLETE lender information to a rep via email, she never did anything about it, and supposedly sent the money to the wrong place.
I say supposedly, because it NEVER got there. I asked them to stop taking money out since they failed to make the payments, and I had to pay a late fee and stared making the payments separately out of my bank account. They kept taking it out and I had to threaten legal action before it got corrected (I hope). I asked them to refund my money, and they didn't- lying to me and telling me they sent it all to my lender. The lender has NO RECORD of any payments other than mine I started making separately. In my opinion these guys should be subject to the same laws as banks as they are acting as a fiduciary.
Don't let them in your account. I am at the point now of filing bank fraud and theft charges against them with the State. This service is supposed to save you time and make life easy, but it has been a nightmare and now I am out over a thousand dollars as well. Even if it is just total negligence on their part, and they "lost" my money-- that is just as scary, and I am out just as much.


I just purchased a used vehicle through a dealership and it was brought up during financial processing that we could "save money" by paying bi-weekly on our loan. This sounded great. It wasn't made clear that this would be through a third party though, or how any of it actually got back to our lender. (fault of the dealer). Today my husband got a call from our lender setting up the account and everything so we can monitor what's going on. She said that our first payment would be in May (next month). UMMM, but a payment already pulled. This was NOT posted to our lender obviously, so where did the money go? I look up Equity 4 U online and try to find out more about what this is, and the website doesn't really give much detail. It says that consumer's have 24/7 access to their account, but nowhere does it give you the option to register. I tried to call the company but have yet to reach anyone in regards to my questions. I see on the website also that they are paid by the "extra" payments that you "save" by using their company. That was NOT disclosed, nor did I get a "welcome" anything that was supposed to come to me and potentially help me with some of my questions. Based on reading customer complaints I'm feeling that this is a waste of time and I will be fighting tooth and nail to get out of this. The website should definititely be updated to actually help your customers out, not just give some vague information and a phone number that doesn't seem to reach anybody.

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Description: Payment Processing Service

Address: 109 W 11th St, Lamar, Missouri, United States, 64759-1450


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