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Erickson & Associates, Inc.

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Mr. [redacted] was clearly upset at time of renewal as he thought the increased rent was toohigh and decided to move.  We have since leased the property at higher than the price he was offered to renew.  We do not dispute that Mr. [redacted] was agood tenant during the time we were managing the property.  We unfortunately can’t speak to the entiretenancy since we were not involved from the outset of his lease.The lease does clearly state that notice is to be given on the first of the month toprovide the required 30 day notice.  This is immaterial as the owner allowed his notice as given.  The inventory and condition report was notprovided to us and the owner contends none was completed.  We asked Mr. [redacted] for his copy and he has not provided the documentation to this point. The charges deducted were not related to condition and in fact anything that was likely his damage was not charged based on that fact.Per my phone conversation with Mr. [redacted] the lawn service was his neighbor so I have noknowledge other than that which he provided. That call centered mainly around the leaves that were left in the trashcans that would not have been emptied since utilities and trash service were disconnected.  It doesn’t matter though as whoever he usedregardless of their relationship did not tend to the lawn per the lease requirements even after we brought it to his attention.The security deposit disposition included the invoice for all charges deducted.  In addition Mr. [redacted] was made aware ofthe problems in an effort to get his vendor back out to correct.  Not all vendors are time and materials whichwas the case with the maid service that he agreed to pay for and he also references.  We have replied to Mr. [redacted] request with the exception of providing him with a copy of his lease since he has thelease and the original inventory and condition form which we do not have.  The other items requested included all correspondencebetween our company and the owner related to his tenancy.  We are not at liberty to share that per ourmanagement agreement with our owner.In closing we have suggested on multiple occasions that we stand ready to defend thedisposition but also that we would like to use the mediation process.  Mr. [redacted] has not been willing toparticipate in that process nor has he taken the matter to court.  Personal attacks on me aside, we stand readyto attempt to find a resolution with the owner and their former tenant.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response for several reasons, it is a complete sham.  I was never upset that the owner was trying to raise the lease price.  It pushed me to purchase a home which I should have done once a property management company took over.  I was at this property for over 4 years with no incident until the time of move out.  I have all communications associated with this management company that used no formal inventory report and I followed the lease to the tee.  No where did it state a partial month on the original lease only a 30 day notice which was provided in writing for the move out date of the 21st not the 19th.  The neighbor is not my lawn service per the statement of Mr. [redacted].  I had a professional team that serviced my lawn and landscaping.  I hired a professional carpet cleaning company (K&M) per the order of [redacted] which was not under the terms of the lease with a warranty associated with the cleaning.  I then told [redacted] that I agreed to pay $200 for a professional cleaning crew since my crew did not show up on the 19th or 20th. I agreed to that charge because it was the right thing to do.  However, I did not agree on the additional $300 that was charged to me for no specific breakdown of hours other than a report that it was charged for paint cans in the garage (left by the owner - [redacted]), a shrub that was on the side of the house, which was the same as when I moved in with pictures associated with my inventory report, and lawn care (which I have pictures from the move out) as well as pictures from when I received this bogus charge.  Per the state law, they are responsible to send a breakdown of all charges that were associated per the deposit withholdings.  I have requested 3-4 times for an itemized charge for withholding deposit with no response from Mr. [redacted].  I believe this needs to be accomplished 30 days from the move out date.  Nor have they provided me with a copy of the original documents.  Mr. [redacted] speaks out of both sides of his mouth and with more and more documented lies. I have tried for a reasonable outcome of this on going issue that has consumed more time than necessary.  This is all about principle for a management company to do the responsible action.  I will definitely be filing on the owner and the management company to resolve this dispute.

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Address: 10370 Hemet St # 330, Riverside, California, United States, 92503-4121


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