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Erickson Irrigation

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Had irrigation pump problems that he installed called for service did not fix the problem like he promised

Leaks in irrigation system annually, result in two [redacted] water bills from 2011 to 2014. System unusable.I received a [redacted] plus water bill in 2011. I came home from a vacation to find the entire back yard flooded and immediately [redacted] from Erickson Irrigation to have it replaced, which they did. Cost me I think about [redacted] They have opened and closed my system since I bought the home in 2011. Each year they close the system but it's unclear if they winterize it correctly or not. I have several leaks that they fix for an additional charge every year when the open up in the spring times. In 2014, I received another water bill for [redacted] during the same time period. This is where it really gets interesting.I called at the beginning of [redacted] and his daughter answered the phone. I explained that I got another [redacted] water bill due to the faulty irrigation system. She said she would have [redacted] call me as she knows that they had faulty piping during the 2007 installation of the irrigation system. This was the first I heard about this!!! Now I have faulty pipes. No one called me back. I call [redacted] Irrigation late [redacted] 2014 to [redacted] 2015 leaving a message on several occasions but never speaking with a living person. The messages at the time were very polite and asking for a return phone call. In later [redacted] I left a voice mail telling him I was going to take them to small claims court to address both the faulty irrigation system and the latest [redacted] water bill. I called again in late [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] picked up the call. He told that he and his daughter were talking about this propriety and he really needed to call me back. He indicated that he is so busy in the winter time and forgetful; possible he may be suffering from dizzy spells. Now he works at [redacted] during the winter months. So he couldn't pick up the phone to call me for 5 months? I asked if he could give me an estimate on replacing the heads in 2 weeks thinking this was the problem. He said he would but his forgetfulness must have kicked in because a month later no estimate. He obviously wasn't dizzy to work at [redacted] for a winter job and he wasn't very forgetful because he managed to drive to work so he obviously has a memory. I quote him; I don't want to work with a customer who is threatening a lawsuit. Now granted I did threaten to sue him after 5 months of never hearing from Mr. [redacted]. My system is under no warranty and that I pay him for a service to open and close my irrigation system. Obviously he knows my pipes are bad but continues to open and close the system. Now, I highly suspect he might not have ever properly wintered my system. As a result my pipes cracked. I say that because in [redacted] 2014 when he closed my system he didn't know how many zones I had and I truly believe his incompetency is the root cause of the problem. He then tells us that he told me several years ago that my pipes were bad, really? You think you would have told me this I would of continued using the irrigation system? After several rounds of telling him he is delusional I had it. They never had any intention of working with me to help solve this problem. Problem dates: ~ [redacted] 2011, [redacted] 2012, 2013, 2014, [redacted] 2014. Payment amount ~ [redacted] water bill for [redacted] 2011 and 2014. Heads and crack pipes on 2012, 2013 and 2014.Desired SettlementIrrigation System replaced due to improper winterizing or improper installation. Refund of water bill by half so [redacted] total which I should pay half and Erickson irrigation should pay the remaining [redacted]Business Response Re: Complaint Case #XXXXXX, Mr. [redacted]To: Complaint InvestigatorIn 2011 it came to our attention that some of the pipe from one national supplier pipe we purchased in 2008 for installations had issues with defects. We normally use 3 different national contractors for pipe so it was nearly impossible to identify which installations contained pipe from the one supplier who had an issue.The homeowner at 4 [redacted] in [redacted] experienced no issues since the 2008 installation and sold the home to Mr. [redacted] in 2011. Mr. [redacted] contracted with us to open the system and close the system on an annual basis.In casual conversation in 2012 we informed him that there was an issue with the quality of the piping in 2008 and a few of our customers have experienced minor issues which we had resolved. The national manufacturer of the piping has gone out of business and their insurance company is no longer honoring claims. Fortunately only a small percentage of our customers had issues and most of them have been minor.Mr. [redacted] claims that "Obviously he knows my pipes are bad but continues to open and close the system." That is untrue. We don't KNOW which systems are or will be affected or to what degree. If systems show no indication of problems we open and close when appropriate. We generally find issues during either opening or closing if there are any. We take exception to his claims, we are offended by his threats, and we have no obligation for his water bills. I have tried to be reasonable but the tone and threats by Mr. [redacted] have caused me to want to sever any and all business relationship with this man. It is our feeling that he is trying to take advantage of a couple of minor issues and "shoot for the moon" to get as much as he can from a hard working small businessman who was simply trying to do the right thing for his customer.We respect the work of the and ALWAYS try to do the very best for our customers. Unfortunately there are some customers that will not be pleased or appeased until they get everything at no cost.Respectfully,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Mr. [redacted] claims in his first paragraph that's it' impossible to determine that the piping is bad but he told me in 2012 about it? Mr. [redacted] only claimed the pipes are bad after he answered "by mistake" my calls in [redacted] 2015. There was no casual conversation about the quality of the pipe. The first we knew about the pipe was when I talked to Mr. [redacted] daughter in [redacted] 2014. Mr. [redacted] claims he's being so reasonable but never returned my calls for 5+ months. In fact, I challenge him to prove he called me during that time period. I never threatened any lawsuit until [redacted] 2015 when he refuses to contact me. In regards to his claims of a couple of minor issues, the irrigation system leaked ~ 90,000 gallons of water for the two billing cycles. That's a total of 180,000 gallons of water. This is after he opened the system up for the summer and checked for leaks.His claim is the piping is bad "this is what he told me in [redacted] 2015" and apparently he doesn't back any of his work. Leaks were always at the heads, had I knew that the piping was "bad" as he claims I would have never run the irrigation system. He also claims that the prior resident never had a problem, he fails to tell you that he had to fix leaks during that time period as well when the system was opened. Mr. [redacted] also was supposed to give a proposal for a new system which he agreed to do in a two week period after my phone call with him in [redacted] 2015. I'm still waiting and it's [redacted] 2,2015. His claim of me getting things at no cost are simple a delusional lie. I've done every reasonable way to come to a resolution to this problem but you can't fix something when the other party knows they are 100% at fault and wants nothing to do with their inferior work. He has no excuse for never getting back to me for 5 months. I'm not trying to get anything for free but it's his system that leaked twice resulting in a total of ~ [redacted] in unnecessary water bills and an irrigation system that is 100% useless. Unfortunately there are some small businesses like Erickson's Irrigation that just think they can walk away from a catastrophic failure of the work they have done. They need to understand that consumers have a voice, and a loud one at that. Social media is just one way to vent frustrations, but more aggressive consumers will take their grievances to sites such as [redacted] and so on, which have tremendous influence over consumer purchase.I have chose going through first but it a resolution is not reach I have no choice to pursue a different avenue. Regards,[redacted]

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Description: Tree Service

Address: 17 Michael Lane, Dudley, Massachusetts, United States, 01571


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