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Ernest Auto & A/C Repair

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meHowever I would like for the check to be in a cashier check
*** ***

*** Auto Repair Responding to complaint ID# ***The costumer brought me in a Ford Explorer odometer 192961, motor is a litercustomer asked for an estimate to remove and replace valve cover gasket the labor estimate was $costumer complaint noise coming from right rear
axel-wheelI quoted him $to do a diagnosis- troubleshooting, we were done with the estimate and costumer was leaving when he got into his vehicle would not start or runCustomer decided to leave the vehicle the date 11-13-he told me that he was going to be on vacation starting on 11-16-I called the costumer up on the 11-14-15, and gave him a list of the parts that he would have to bring to me (p.sI let customers buy their own parts) The parts that he needed to buy was a valve cover gasket set and a complete set of valve cover boltsNow this vehicle was exposed to salt water, the valve covered bolts were rusted and I could not reused them, this bolts you cannot but at a hardware store or an auto part storeI recommend that he would have to go to a salvage yard and pull this bolts off of another engine of the same year, make and model that was on the 11-14-15, from that day forward I repeatedly tried to get through my customer to find out what was the status of the partsThe parts that I needed plus the wheel lock to removed the right rear wheel to do the diagnosis trouble shoot on the noiseNow on the 11-17-I was able to get through and asked him for a down payment on the work that had already been done, which was removing the valve covers with the rusted boltsI asked for a down payment or for him to come and pick up his vehicle if he could not find the time to get partsThen he told me that he was still working and could not find the time to get the parts neededOn the no start and the extra gasoline was necessary to diagnosis the fuel pump with turn out to be low fuel pressureThe costumer complains on the 11-18-15, I thought he was bringing the parts and the down payment I asked him what were his plans he decided to take the vehicle to another repair shopI asked to be paid $in cash for the valve cover plus diagnosis on the no start on the fuel pump which is fair labor rateI don't see why I should refund a total of $170.00, which means that the removal of the valve covers plus diagnosis is worth only $Sincerely*** ***

When the customer brought in the vehicle, it was for an A/C diagnosisUpon receiving the vehicle the refrigerant as nearly all goneUpon pressure testing the system for leaks we found, at the time; no leaks other than the standard service port valve coresWe quoted her the price for the
replacement of the cores and standard vacuum and recharge serviceCustomer returned about months later saying that the a/c system hasn't been cooling as it was beforeCustomer didn't inform us if the system hadn't been cooling upon several days or weeks.We checked the pressure levels of the refrigerant and found out that just enough refrigerant had escaped to loose its ability to cool properlyWe informed the customer that it is quite possible that since our initial a/c diagnosis that a smaller leak may have occurred which is quite possible given that the system was fully charged when customer first left with the vehicle(Technicians Note: Anything that is under any pressure or vacuum has the potential to leak, its only a matter of when and where it will leak as many a/c systems has many connections and ends for potential leaksIt's impossible to determine if any leak will happen in the foreseeable future once a customers vehicle leaves our shop.) We rechecked the service port valve cores as they are under warranty and found that they are perfectly fine, we even went as far as to allow the customer to visibly see that the service port valves weren't leakingWe informed the customer that we can install some a/c stop leak and possibly any additional cans of refrigerant, if needed, for a service charge of $per each can if they went to the store and purchased it.It is unknown at this time if the repairs of the other shop were legitimate as not enough time has passed (i.emonths) to validate if the service port valve cores were in fact faulty or another leak has developed since the service port valve cores had been replaced

Initially, Mr*** brought the vehicle to us because the engine was overheating and had a misfire on 2-9-(See invoice, Image1) We notified him that it needed a radiator as the radiator had been leaking for quite some time.However, he forgo the repair on the radiator and instead wanted a tune
up, he had brought us all the parts needed for that job, you can see that we sold no parts to him on the invoice (image1)There was no misfire after the tuhad been done.We made sure we noted on the invoice (image1) that the radiator was leaking and told the owner that he must not drive the vehicle or else other damage can occur.On 5-6-(nearly three months later) Mr*** returned the vehicle to replace the radiator, we did replace the radiator that he had brought to usAs standard procedure upon finishing the replacement of the radiator, we pressure test the cooling system to ensure there are no more leaks that where not visible before; we do this because big leaks will always show up first (iethe leaking radiator) and smaller leaks, if any, can not be seen until bigger leaks are repaired.Upon pressure testing we noticed pressure was not holdingWe inspected the new radiator, hoses, and any external coolant passages and found no external leaksThe only logical place that any coolant would be leaking from would be from a failed cylinder head gasketWe informed the customer that the radiator had been replaced but it was still not holding any coolant pressure and informed him that the cylinder head gaskets have possibly failed potentially causing the misfire that the vehicle is now experiencing.The customer obviously was upset saying that he had parked the car since we told him on 2-9-16, however if you see the second invoice (image2) the vehicle has nearly 100miles added since it was last brought to our shop, during which time we have absolute no control over.Concerning the center console, the console had been broken when receiving the vehicle for the radiator replacement

It's our sincere apologies on the workmanship on the vehicle, we will gladly refund half if the $640 which will be for the amount of $320 by company check upon signing a release that will consider this matter closed and inert of any other type of complaint, review or legal matter.

Me and my husband went to Ernest Auto and A/C Repair to get my air conditioner serviced. My husband told the two gentlemen that I was in need of a new compressor, I was told I would have to pay $60.00 for a diagnostic test which was fine, after the diagnostic test, I was told I did not need a compressor and that I had leaks which need to be sealed and was quoted a price of $300.00. I paid the $300.00 and after driving my truck 1 hour later it was blowing hot air; I took my truck back to the repair shop and was told that I need a new compressor. I told the man that I had just paid $300.00 and if he would deduct the $300.00 for the price of a new compressor and he said no. I told the two gentlemen in person that I was going to report their business to the and one of them said go right on ahead; and we left the building.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service

Address: 107 Edalyn St, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78219-1007


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