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Eske's A Brew Pub

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Good evening Mr***At the time of your original complaint you asked that we provide you with your registration, which we did accomplishWe are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have causedWe will call the bank your vehicle is financed with and insure that there is no negative reflection on your account standingAdditionally, I will have our office send you a check for the fee that [redacted] charged youI would also like to offer to pay for your first oil change and tire rotation on the Civic you purchasedWe would really like the opportunity to earn your confidence back and show you the type of experience you should have received from day onePlease feel free to contact me personally if you have any further concerns and we will handle them immediately, my direct line is ( [redacted] *Best regards, Mike

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/08/20) */ On 9-30-Mr [redacted] picked up his [redacted] from being winterized at our shopThe winterization was done correctlyWe are a new business, we are not owned by [redacted] we are simply a mom and pop shop doing our best to take care of our customers and build our reputation within the area On 7-7-Mr [redacted] dropped off his [redacted] due to warning lights that were coming onMr [redacted] did not make an appointment with our shop, but was adamant that the [redacted] be worked on ASAPAt that time Mr [redacted] also accused our shop of sabotaging the unit when we worked on it in September According to Mr [redacted] being able to use the PWC was important to his family for recreationWhile, Mr [redacted] is not a loyal customer, in an effort to take care of him and his family, we shifted around other customers during our busiest season of the yearOur [redacted] certified and trained staff used a proprietary [redacted] diagnostic to determine what was causing the warning lightsThis diagnostic system informed us that it was a bad IBRThe retail cost of this part alone is [redacted] Mr [redacted] told our Service Manager that he was experiencing financial hardship and requested that this part be covered by warranty because of the low hours on the year old machineWe submitted the diagnostic code and information to ***, due to the age of the PWC [redacted] denied the warranty claimWe also coordinated with [redacted] over the diagnostic code to confirm the part was in fact faultyIn an effort to assist Mr [redacted] with his financial troubles we also submitted to [redacted] a goodwill warranty claim (this means that [redacted] will cover the part to increase goodwill with the customer)This claim was denied as wellThe repair was completed for Mr [redacted] , our technicians tested the machine and confirmed it was in good working order before it left our shopWe also tested the old IBR to confirm AGAIN, that it was not in working orderTests confirmed it was no longer functioning correctlyDue to the financial hardships Mr [redacted] was facing, his ticket was adjusted, we reduced the labor rate to our cost and we reduced the cost of the part to our cost as wellAs earlier stated the retail part alone was over [redacted] this does not include the labor to diagnose and installMr [redacted] 's bill was [redacted] On August 4th, Mr [redacted] came in, his warning light had come on again over the weekendHe wanted a refund on the IBR module that was installed, however he refused to let our technicians diagnose or inspect the machineHe informed us he would be taking the machine to the dealership where he purchased the machineDue to the good relationship we have with that dealership we offered to call and make the appointment for himHe refusedThe owner of our store contacted the dealership where Mr [redacted] was taking the PWC to let the know he would be bringing the PWC there and that we would be happy to provide any and all information we could regarding the work we did on the [redacted] In another attempt to take care of Mr [redacted] , we contacted [redacted] about a refund on the IBR [redacted] refused due to the fact that their proprietary software showed the IBR that had been removed from the [redacted] was not in working order and needed to be replaced and that the new one was in good working order [redacted] recommended testing the IBR and if it was not working submit a warranty claim on the new part that had just been installedWe relayed this to Mr [redacted] , however since he refused service from our shop we were not able to do thisWe also relayed this information to the other dealership so they knew what options they had to make sure Mr [redacted] was taken care of We have done everything within our power to make sure Mr [redacted] was well taken care ofWe reduced the price of his bill to assist with his current financial hardships, we shifted our shop schedule to address his machine, we went to [redacted] on his behalf many timesMr [redacted] did pay our shop, but it was only for the work that had been completed and nothing moreAs a dealership we are unable to do anything additional for Mr [redacted] aside from recommend that he reach out to [redacted] directly via [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/08/21) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I am not sure who completed this response on behalf of Pitbull Powersports but it is ridiculous and untrueI never told anyone I had financial hardship, I was never told that they would test the part and submit a warranty claim and I never accused them of sabotaging my [redacted] A loyal customer??? This was the first time I used themThey were not a [redacted] dealer when I purchased my Seadoo and when they did become an authorized [redacted] dealer I went to them only to have this type of experience [redacted] the parent company of [redacted] recommended I go to a different [redacted] dealer but unfortunately if was too lateOn August 4th, their service manager did diagnose my [redacted] and did so while I stood there with my maintenance supervisorHe ran a computer scan and told me I either needed a new main computer or they needed to check all my wires to see if one was chaffed but unfortunately they did not have the tool to do soThat is when I made the determination that I needed to go elsewhereI asked the owner of Pitbull Powersports to not call the Lake of the Ozark's dealer on my behalf and he did it without my authority or approvalI did not go there because it was not neededOnce I replaced the battery my problem went awayKeep in mind that this was a hour PWC and I have experienced no issues until thenMost likely the battery went bad over the winter and the original problem was simply a bad batteryHad this been properly diagnosed all this could have been avoidedIt is always interesting to see how a company handles a situation and this has been handled as poorly as I could imagineI still request a refundI will have the old part reinstalled and the new part returned so they can get their refund from [redacted] Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/08/25) */ We diagnosed the machine with a [redacted] proprietary systemWe contacted [redacted] to confirm the diagnosis was correctWe tested the original part which was no longer workingEverything confirmed it was a non-functioning part We showed Mr [redacted] on the computer diagnostic system, at that time Mr [redacted] granted permission to complete the repair We did everything within our power to help Mr [redacted] by submitting the IBR for warranty, multiple timesBased on the data from the diagnostic [redacted] refused each warranty request (we made attempts at a warranty claim.) Mr [redacted] 's unit was out of warranty due to the age of the machine If there are concerns the new IBR is non-functioning, it should be addressed via a warranty claim with ***We are happy to provide support to the dealership Mr [redacted] takes his [redacted] to We delivered what we were asked to do, and what we said we would do at a more than fair price Based on the history of this case [redacted] will not grant a refund on this part, or any used parts We will gladly support Mr [redacted] efforts in escalation with [redacted], XXX-XXX-XXXX or a warranty submission at another dealer Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 11, 2015/08/26) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) The Seadoo was diagnosed while it had a bad battery so it showed fault codes that were inaccurate I did not expect that Pitbull would do anything other than what they have done based on the experience I have had with them To claim that I expressed financial hardship is a complete lie and to deny that they did a second diagnosis when I had someone standing there with me shows the lack of integrity within their organization I believe the service manager wanted to do the right thing but I saw that the owner was opposed to it It would have been easy for Pitbull Powersports to do the right thing and long term it would have been the best thingThank you

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